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  1. Looks likely to break into the top-90 before the New Year.
  2. *2nd. Avery Johnson is 1st and 2nd with 13.3 and 10.74.
  3. We do have enough shooters, the issue is that the 2nd and 3rd are going through the process of discovering and rediscovering their D1 games. One looked like he took a big step in figuring that out last night and the other is hopefully not far behind.
  4. Most frustrating part of that game is the gap should've been way wider. Kendric Davis should've fouled out about 5 times in that game, hung around way longer than good officiating would've allowed IMO. Maybe they were scared to eject him because they heard he's a "bad motherf*cker"?
  5. I die on many hills, this is one of my proudest. As long as he keeps making the argument easier I'll keep yelling it louder.
  6. He is 3rd on the team in scoring and still shooting over 40%, even after averaging just 5.3PPG in the last three. I want to emphasize that you are a
  7. "Yuri had 20 assists but he could've had more points, and he did have one turnover. He could cut that down to zero. In the post-game presser he said he thought he could've had 25 or 26 assists...he shouldn't talk bad about his teammates missing shots like that. A good team leader would take responsibility and not publicly pass the blame on others. There were a number of possessions tonight where he didn't even get past half court on offense - lazy!"
  8. Department Chair Job Responsibilities: -Upholding MBM Expectations and Demands
  9. I did another one last night comparing Yuri's 20:1 A/TO ratio game last night to all the other 20+ assist performances in NCAA history. Looks like one other guy ever, Brandon Brooks from Alabama State, had a 20:1 performance in '08. Fun fact is that Brandon Brooks then played James Harden in the NIT later that year.
  10. The easy solution is to have the SLU STEM departments cooperate to clone a coach that is equal parts Ford's recruiting and Majerus' in-game coaching with Ford's in-game tendency to verbalize his feelings and Majerus' Billiken-esque appearance. All problems solved.
  11. In case any of y'all are real bored and want to read a long thread that I worked too hard to put together. Yuri was named the 21st ranked player (all positions) in the nation to this point in the season. I compared him to the other guards ranked above him on the list - spoiler alert, he compares well.
  12. I don't catch this (assumed) reference but I'm fully behind it. Those war dogs are barkin'
  13. Not to mention missing at least two games in 2020 and, what, 10 in 2021-22? Very impressive for such a terrible coach.
  14. I have possibly never in my life heard a more hypocritical statement. Get a grip old dude.
  15. I don't see his minutes increasing much this year, hopefully he settles around 15-17 or gets hyper-efficient and figures out how to average 10+ PPG in the 13 minutes he's getting now. I don't think that's out of the question.
  16. Agreed. I predict >11.5 losses in conference play. I'd take that at -500.
  17. I'd say losing by 4 in OT means they gave 'em a run for their money. The most frustrating part of that game was how often their PG turned the ball over in the high post trying to dribble through two defenders. I bet he did it five times in the first half alone.
  18. We might've watched different games, I thought they looked like a ~75-100 team. Real ref job towards the end of the 2nd to take all the momentum away from Wichita with the half court mystery foul that should've been WSU ball and instead was 2 Mizzou free throws, a no-call on an egregious offensive push-off 7ft from the hoop that led to a bucket, and then next trip down the court a questionable and-one call that gave a free throw. Ultimately WSU's free throw shooting was the crutch but that was a real bad sequence of events designed to protect the P5 school, then the wheels fell off.
  19. The second goal wasn't offsides in my opinion either. Thought we was even when the ball was played but I get why it was called in real time, just wish the review went our way.
  20. The point where it was in his imagination.
  21. I hope I can never relate to your pain in those years but I can assure you that if it comes to that I will stick it out. Being a Billiken basketball fan is a top 3 personality trait at this point.
  22. You seem to not remember anything that goes against your ridiculous narrative, and when anything does go against it you spin it faster than a Tilt-A-Whirl. You're impossible.
  23. !!!!! I'd only say that his three-point shooting is only secondary to those abilities so far. They'll grow closer to even when he finds his groove, at least they should.
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