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  1. Idk, French is high up there in many categories on the record book and Okoro is trending in a great direction. It's also real hard to fantasize what the two would do on the court together but I think they'd compete in #s with Bonner and Gray. We'd average like 8 blocked shots per game
  2. Do you remember how often French ran the offense from the free throw line? He could even put the ball on the floor a bit. I think Ford could build an offense around that duo. Especially if we ran a set with Yuri/Goodwin at the 1 and Jimerson and Perkins on the wings. That's plenty of stretch.
  3. That's a wet dream We could sub 5-in 5-out and our second 5 would still be a top-4 team in the A10
  4. Imagine, if you will, a world in which we have a Has at the 4 and an Okoro at the 5. Would that be the best Billiken front court of all time?
  5. +100000 Lot of slander going on here and none of it is well founded. Anyone that saw that play as Yuri quitting saw it that way because that's how they wanted to see it. Any sense tells us it was a designed foul a bad free throw shooter play.
  6. Muscle is inevitable, the 3-pt shooting is TBD but because it's an obvious weakness the coaching staff will surely target it as an area for improvement. Wishful thinking and that alone developed my hypothesis. Fair point.
  7. I'm not worried about it. That can be taught, look at guys like Yuri and TJ who came in without great 3pt shots and have improved drastically. I'm more concerned with can Thames GUARD the perimeter?? Side bar - I wonder how long Thames was taught to be a front court player due to his size. Given his dad maybe never, but a kid that grows up tall is 9 times out of 10 going to be pressured into a forward position, and if that happened here it could've delayed some parts of his game like a 3pt shot.
  8. I sure hope you are lol. To dumb it down as much as possible, he is already a 6'7" primary ball handler. Markhi is neither of those things.
  9. And Collins? His year-over-year 3pt progression trend is looking good
  10. As his immediate expectations but lord I think the ceiling is floors higher than that, right?
  11. He was in a sense of urgency and made a bad hustle play. He got ball, then fouled. If he manages to poke that ball away he's a hero, but what we're NOT going to do is question his heart because he didn't manage to poke it away. We've never once seen anything from Yuri that leads us to believe he'd quit like that.
  12. I agree. The first half was one of Yuri's worst ever as a Billiken IMO. It's at least a hell of a lot closer, and in a close game between those two teams I trust ours to pull it off more often than not.
  13. Frustrated that we didn't go full-auto from deep last night. Just cross half court and let 'em fly. Clearly our inside offense wasn't going to get the job done so if we were going to die why not at least die trying?
  14. For much of the game, yes, but the way Dayton was playing was very similar to us and many of the fouls I saw in the 2nd half called on us were happening on both ends of the court. Felt as if the refs read our scouting report and wanted to avoid putting us on the FT line.
  15. Usage rate is an important variable. People compare Yuri's TO rate to other PGs without comparing other PGs roles to Yuri's. It isn't apples to apples. That being said, no I don't want to play devil's advocate for 7 turnovers but sometimes you have to. Of those 7 turnovers I'd say 3 of them weren't Yuri's fault, can specifically remember being furious at a low-post entry pass to Okoro who just big-man fumbled the ball and it led to a transition layup on the other end. When complaining about turnovers we owe it to one of the best PGs SLU has ever seen to acknowledge when guilty by association.
  16. RUBillsFan was born with glass bones and paper skin. Every morning he fabricates racial insensitivity and every afternoon he feigns victim to anti-maskers. Every night he cries himself to sleep over the evils of capitalism.
  17. He's referring to the whipping boy comment. RU, you've really got to grow some thicker skin - your bones are showing.
  18. Ain't there still one warning before it's a technical? Free flop per game, might as well use it. And those are others' words, because in my eyes it isn't a flop. Surely he has to bust his a$s just to not find the floor on every possession because of the bumping, holding, groping....if he gives a little less effort he will be knocked to the floor and without selling anything. His "flopping" won us the Boise St. game. We're not wrong to want to see more of that.
  19. I'd bet it's the coaching staff telling him not to. He's such a pure shooter that he has to feel comfortable taking those, so the fact that he isn't is likely because he's being prevented from doing so.
  20. That's the issuw - the fouls shouldn't have been anywhere near close. They could've had 40 team fouls themselves the way they play basketball. In a way I loved it but lord were they annoying. And he beat Rick Pitino on a day's notice. That goes underappreciated.
  21. No wonder I couldn't find any information on the game, I too wanted to go.
  22. I got a blown 2nd half lead against UAB for my birthday - hoping for better for yours.
  23. I don't see why it would? I imagine Chaifetz Arena staff has been prepped for the possibility of hosting since the St.B cancellation and is more than capable of hosting fans on a few days notice. Then again I don't know.
  24. Stu rumoring Iona @ Chaifetz tomorrow. Would be huge.
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