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  1. WVBilliken

    OT: Buzzer bearers.

    But experience of a lifetime for a walk-on ....
  2. WVBilliken

    Recruiting - 2019

    Live 5 minutes from TVC. Did not know they had upped their ambitions so much. School has been around for decades. Just a little Christian school of maybe 125 kids in the HS. For years just a small school with virtually no notable athletics. Can't believe they play much of a schedule so the kid is getting very, very little competition.
  3. WVBilliken

    Recruiting - 2019

    Having had a son who played AAU, it is not always about playing the most talented player. Often lots of favoritism and coaches playing his "boy".
  4. WVBilliken

    OT: Ford’s seat getting warm

    The kid was over 3000 miles from home. You have zero idea why he left.
  5. WVBilliken

    OT: Ford’s seat getting warm

    Agree, the man had no talent here when he arrived. Just 2 recruiting classes. Love what he has done. Coaching continuity will pay off.
  6. WVBilliken

    OT: Ford’s seat getting warm

    Think you are wrong. Are you forgetting Javonte Perkins? Perkins looks like a big time player. Goodwin, French will be better. Often frosh make big improvement and love Thatch especially. And Jacobs, going to be a player. Have high hope for all 3 of our incoming frosh. And at least one or two of them will contribute a lot. And, SLU still have scholarships to give. Hate losing Bess, the others should be replaceable. SLU should be as good or better.
  7. WVBilliken

    OT: Ford’s seat getting warm

    Ford arrived with an "empty" roster. He has essentially two recruiting classes given the fact he came in too late the year he was hired to have much of an impact. Give the man some time. He has done just fine given the state of the program when he took over. Here's a fan hoping he is in for the long haul. Virtually all successful mid-major programs have one thing in common ....... coaching continuity.
  8. WVBilliken

    Conference Tourney or Bust

    Good points, but with just average shooting the Bill's likely have only 1, maybe 2 losses.
  9. WVBilliken

    Conference Tourney or Bust

    As of today 235 out of 351 teams at 13.9 per game. To be in the top 100 they would need to be at 12.5 per game, about 1.4 fewer turnovers per game. The stat was hurt mostly by the early season games when Goodwin was not the primary ball hander. It has improved since Goodwin is back running the offense. Execution is good. Ford made the adjustment by going back to Goodwin. Shooting sucks from the 3, from in close and oh my .... from the FT line. But good execution is resulting in good shots.
  10. WVBilliken

    Conference Tourney or Bust

    Disagree that execution is poor,. This team is well coached and overall has good execution, especially on D. The bulk of the problem is shooting and sometimes turnovers. But the shooting, , , ,WOW.
  11. WVBilliken

    We are an NIT team... I hope.

    Watched SLU get in the tourney as a 9 seed while in Conference USA. This team has as good a chance to win the A10 tourney as any team in the conference. But need a top 4 finish for a bye.
  12. WVBilliken

    Signed Recruit Thread 2018-19

    You don't limit your recruiting because members of the team might be worried about the competition.
  13. Game on FOXSports Pittsburgh tonight.