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  1. The article only said play all or second half next season. Did not say he is considering sitting a year.
  2. Guessing minutes is a useless thing at this point. Plus, still have 2 players to add.
  3. Almost no 4 stars go NBA shortly. And only about half the 5 stars come out after freshman year.
  4. And another possible issue pointed out in the "A10 Talk" article posted on Billikens.com. Quote from article......"Due to his time in Nevada, it is unlikely that Lewis will have to sit the two years that A-10 players transferring to another A-10 school typically would". Here's hoping the author is correct with his "unlikely" comment.
  5. I think Ford tries to get the waiver and he is counting on it. If not, I think Lewis plays just the second semester so the scholarship is available for 2020. He still would play two-thirds+ of the season. My gut feel, with zero insight, is that may be the condition for the scholarship. Just seems to be the most logical thing for Ford to do.
  6. Okay, that sucks. So hope he gets a waiver to play immediately.
  7. So looks like he played two and a half seasons at Duquesne. So seems he starts playing second semester next year and has a year and a half eligibility???? Ready for conference play.
  8. Only way this makes sense to me is if he plays next year, second semester. Why tie up a scholarship for two years to get one year? And denies use of the scholarship for class of 2020 which SLU does not have any at the moment
  9. I can buy the Dayton valuation. Top 25 in NCAA in attendance every year and likely a big revenue boost for the city. Rabid fans .......
  10. Miracle? Assume Perkins is as good as he appears, a couple of frosh step up like Thatch did, a couple of good grad transfers ..... and SLU can dance.
  11. 247's list looks the same as it did 3 or 4 months ago. Looks like no consideration of what was done this season.
  12. Was a 4 star out of HS. Bigs do take longer sometimes. Maybe ready to blossom? https://247sports.com/player/joey-brunk-32048/
  13. Well, based on 247 ..... not much interest. https://247sports.com/player/mickey-pearson-46035661/
  14. I see Thatch as a 6th man again unless he can consistently hit the outside shot and handle the ball, not like a PG, but nearly like a PG. Maybe the 6th man even if he improves in those areas. And I think his height and the competition keeps him from being a 3, SF. But he will get plenty of minutes if he comes off the bench. And that may be his most valuable role for the team. Kind of like Jett was in his sophomore and junior years. But it also depends who Ford brings in with the final 3 scholarships. If he brings in a talented graduate transfer at the shooting guard position that might seal the deal for Thatch as the 6th man. And that may be his most valuable position .... just an opinion.
  15. There are four open scholarships (includes Bell commit). French, Goodwin and Thatch are a given for 25 plus minutes a game. Beyond that it is silly to speculate at this point in time.
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