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  1. But Hargrove is not Donnie Dobbs. Yes, Donnie was a tough dude, saw him play many times. Hargrove has shown his deficiencies as a power forward pretty much every time he has faced a true PF. SLU needs a PFwho can deal with 6'8", 230lb PF types IMO. But, yes, a solid backup center is the #1 need followed by PF and PG.
  2. Hargrove is NOT a power forward! He's 6'4" at best and maybe 210 lbs. He isn't even shooting forward size. Love him on the team but he is by no means the PF answer. To advance to and in the NCAA's SLU needs a solid backup center and a true power forward. A backup point guard seems to be a need as well.
  3. Looks like WSU is already loaded with bigs ..... hopefully a good sign for SLU. Oh, and got commitment from a big a few days ago, 7 foot, 4-star recruit Adrame Diongue.
  4. No hard feelings here. Wake Forest is a great academic school, certainly top 50, and is on the East Coast, one of Carr's wants. Very understandable decision. Now Coach Ford, let's get a Big who is better or equivalent to Carr.
  5. As we all know, any minutes prediction will be wrong. Heck, we have spots to fill. An impact signing or two could drastically change the minutes outlook. I think Jimerson's minutes drop a bit given the talent level and multiple scoring options this team will be able to employ.. Last year Ford HAD to play him lots of minutes, and it showed at times. Five or so less minutes a game could make Jimerson a better player. Thatch would be best off the bench as the 6th man given his versatility IMO. And Pickett isn't playing his last year figuring to get 15 minutes a game. He averaged 32 minutes for Mizzou and he most definitely could start instead of Thatch or Jimerson. And would love to see two more bigs signed so SLU could play big several times a game.
  6. Or maybe he just wanted to check out other opportunities. If he didn't go into the portal he would never of known if he was doing the right thing staying at SLU. He couldn't have made the trips and have the open discussions with other schools to tell him SLU was indeed the right place. Perhaps now he knows he is at the right place.
  7. Says he can't believe the NIL numbers he's hearing. BS. He's likely right in the middle of all of it. No mention of Yuri. https://www.yahoo.com/news/rick-barnes-reloading-tennessee-basketball-225302535.html
  8. Agree. Do not know Yuri's background. Given the HS he went to I am assuming he comes from a financially modest background. If he is really getting the dollars being kicked around, I think it would be difficult for him to turn it down. Not life changing dollars, but a lot, especially if you have little. Posters need to walk in his shoes. I hate that he is or might be leaving (some portal players return). But I totally understand his decision if he goes.
  9. What is weird, big NIL (name,image, likeness) money is being thrown around (apparently) but I have yet to see one college level athlete's likeness, endorsement, advertisement or the like yet. What the heck are they doing to earn this money given what NIL means? Seems like nothing but bribes to go to the "college" of choice of big money bag fans.
  10. Agree. Stopped following almost all sports. I rather go cycling. NCAA basketball is the last sport I still actively follow. But I've about had it. Perhaps the NCAA should have just paid the athletes, same amount across the board for the high revenue sports. What the NCAA has created is pure craziness Most of the NIL money is nothing but bribes. Most of these athletes could not legitimately earn much off their fame.
  11. Dang, just hoping for a recruit evaluation since I cannot find any recent or detailed recruit analysis on Larry Jr online. Everybody wants to post about everything but that. Forget it ......
  12. A couple of years ago he was touted as a top 100 prospect, now a walk-on. Given that, looking for some insight on his abilities and future potential.
  13. So, guessing Larry Jr's recruiting cooled down because ....... ? He is rated a solid 3 star but based on recruiting sites I have seen he does not have much of a list of colleges recruiting him, not even a mid-majors. Something seems amiss here. 247 has him as the #6 recruit in Missouri. Rated on potential or because Dad was a long time NBA player? I have seen height range from 6'4" up to 6'6". I suspect the former is closer to his true height. His weight seems to be about 165 lbs. Seems he needs a lot of time in the weight room. Of course Dad was a real wiry guy in his day, so "chip off the old block" I guess. So, can someone in the know, who has seen him play, give us out of towner grads a realistic evaluation of Larry Jr ...... his strengths, improvement needs, and potential? Is he a rotation player in two years, a star, or still on the bench?
  14. Are there any other Hughes kids in the pipeline?
  15. My gut says he goes for a prep year, not to SLU next year. And do we really need another shooting guard?!?!
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