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  1. Can the board moderator or somebody take down the political tweets? Need to keep politics off of this site. This is a sports board right? Get enough of this political stuff elsewhere and I find it very offensive for this venue.
  2. No, Bonner was like French, a muscled athlete. Stud. Was at many games.
  3. Heights are always suspicious. Every recruiting site I have seen lists Nesbitt as being about an inch taller than Kern. But this interview says Kern is taller. For those who have seen these guys ..... what do you think their actual heights are, say compared to current Billiken players. Taller than Hargrove or Jimerson or as tall as Perkins???
  4. Yeah, more like clueless and not sports fans. I live 500 miles from St. Louis and get comments all the time when I have Billiken gear on. They know the Billikens, they know they were recently in the NCAA tournament, they know that they are pretty good.
  5. 247 has him at 6'6", 215. Rivals at 6'7", 215. You won't really know until he signs.
  6. Saying his son is better than him ..... quite a burden to carry considering Larry was a five star one and done.
  7. So how does Ford stack up as a coach that gets more out of a team because he coaches players up? When he arrived many posters said he was not a good bench coach but that he sure can recruit. They pointed out he hasn't won an NCCA Tourney game. Well, now four years in, what do you say? Especially want to hear from those of you who were down on Ford as a coach when he was hired. I think the year he lost several from the squad due to situation 2, he did an incredible job. He's gotten even better the past two years. He coaches recognizing the talent he has on the team. He adjusts to losses like last year when his top shooter goes down. He adjusts within a game. He gets players to buy in and play defense with intensity. Maybe not at RM's level, but I say he's a damn good bench coach.
  8. Maybe, but much of defense is intensity, desire and effort. If he has the athletic ability and can quickly grasp the concepts, could come around to it quickly.
  9. No defensive intensity, just no defense.
  10. Agree. Seems like a terrific kid. But given where he likely stands on the depth chart for next year, and Okoro in the wings, good time to move on. He maybe wants to play. Hope he has much success at his new school.
  11. NBA. No press, restricted defenses, lack of defensive intensity, lack of team spirit, lack of defense, predictable, competitiveness of the league not good, one on one mentality ..... in a word BORING.
  12. And most of all, he can complete his college degree. Sure he can make some bucks playing pro b-ball, but the degree will pay him dividends for his future beyond hoops. I think he comes back. Professional ball, at whatever level will still be there. Sure, go pro if he has round 1 NBA potential. But .....
  13. This Spring's signing period runs to 5/20/20.
  14. Has to help with our 2021 targets. Kids want to play with winning programs.
  15. "I would not simply give 32 mpg to a player who does not score" ........ Collins plays 30 minutes even if he does not improve on his 5.4 points a game he had as a freshman. There is way, way more to basketball than scoring (see perennial loser Carmelo Anthony). Collins handles the ball like a wizard, passes and sees the floor like no player SLU has had for a long time. He plays tough defense. He plays with passion. Some of the skills he has, well, nobody else on the squad has them. For me, scoring baskets is not at the top of my wish list for Collins. First, he needs to lower his turnovers. As great as he played, he had 99 turnovers, they seemed to come in spurts. Would like to see that lowered. Maybe slightly fewer minutes, or healthy thumbs takes care of that. His FT shooting at 56% needs to improve. Heck, take that to 70-75% and his scoring goes up a point a game. He shot 36.7% from 3 pt land, not bad at all. His 2 pt shooting was south of 40%. Lots of missed close in shots. That could improve just by having Jimerson and more 3 pt shooting opening up the floor. But even without improvement, put Collins down down for 30 minutes a game. He makes everyone on the floor better .....
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