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  1. Loved Goodwin as a Billiken, but after watching him for 4 years, I do not see much of a chance his 3 or shot will improve even to a mediocre level by NBA standards. Some things you just can't teach, you got it or you don't. He's going to make it or not on his other skills.
  2. Disagree. I expect Lorentsson to play as Big #3. 10 minutes or so a game. He came in last year really late. So learning the system, the defensive and offensive schemes, had to be learned DURING the season. One season, a workout Summer, and he should be comfortable with the team, plays, his surroundings, etc. You can't teach 6'8". Hargroves tried playing the 4 at times last year and was exposed on defense because of his size. Can see Lorentsson taking some of those minutes if he can adequately defend.
  3. In that Twitter post from Hargrove dunking, looks like he has put on some good weight and muscle this off-season. Could be a game-changer for TJ.
  4. Way too early for the coaches to put out a projected top 5 or 6 ..... they are mixing it up.
  5. Well, if both Linnsen and Okoro both have a good mid-range game, and if Okoro can also put the ball on the floor and go to the basket like French ..... spacing will not be an issue. Linnsen has a good mid-range game for sure. Now does that mean SLU will play them at the same time? Probably not unless Traore surprises and can play some quality minutes.
  6. Raw eggs and that's it. Just like Rocky Balboa.
  7. That one pic tells me that he looks like a well conditioned plus athlete. Raw, probably, but appears to be blessed with the physical tools needed to succeed. Could be a big plus for SLU. Just finished this book. Could use a "Sooley" without the sad ending. Ya never know. https://www.inquirer.com/arts/books/john-grisham-sooley-book-review-20210505.html
  8. So, you are saying his covid year in JC counts as a year of his eligibility while if you were at the 4 year college level it doesn't? Seems wrong to me. Seems he should have 3 years left.
  9. Lorentsson can fill that slot. Next year after two years in the program, with with maturity and weight training, I can see him being a huge factor as a big with 3pt range. The roster SLU published has him at 6'8" and 240 lbs. SLU could also go (like many of the great Villanova teams) with a big and several very athletic 6'-4" to 6'6" slashers/shooters. Love that style of play.
  10. Okoro. Only averaged 3 pts/3 rebs per game during his injury prone stay with Oregon. Think he goes about 10 pts/10 rebs for the Billikens. Add a couple of blocks a game and he is a game changer for the team.
  11. Okoro will be the second leading scorer. Mark it down. Ford likes to feed a skilled big and so does Yuri ... so feed him the ball!
  12. So, is he 6'9" or less than advertised.
  13. That's just silly. There are many great coaches who have never played the game at a high level that can develop all types of players. I do not buy it at all that you have to be a big to develop a big. The hardest position to recruit if you are a mid-major like SLU are bigs. Sure there are lots of big bodies out there but very few of them are big and great athletes. And those guys go to the power teams. Name several mid-major teams that have developed a diamond in the rough big that turned out to be a top of the rotation player. Maybe you can, but it will not be easy. Scarcity of quality big athletes is the problem, not development skills of our staff IMO. Our new big looks like he might be a higher level athlete than Bell, Diarra, etc. Let's see what happens. And I am sure Ford is smart enough to call in some favors and get some development advice from past players and connections.
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