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  1. WVBilliken

    GDT Rename them the Slukies

    ESPN+ ...... great deal at $4.95 a month. Excellent quality and can cancel after the season is over.
  2. WVBilliken

    Welcome Javonte Perkins!

    Seems to me Ford and company must believe Javonte is a steal. They could of waited until the Spring signing period and very likely have gotten another high profile grad transfer for the position he plays. But they committed to a juco who has played only a few games so far this season. Now assuming Welmer is not back, Ford still has two recruits to go. Obviously one needs to be a big. I am hoping for Jason Jitoboh to be one of the remaining commits. The other, another big or PG. PG ------- Goodwin, Jacobs, Collins SG ------- Thatch, Jimerson, Gudmundsson SF -------- Hargroves, Perkins, Hankton PF/C ---- French, Gordon
  3. WVBilliken

    Welcome Javonte Perkins!

    Check out this site, has him at 140 lbs and 6'5" in HS. http://www.ny2lasports.com/player_details.aspx?playerid=7736
  4. WVBilliken

    Welcome Javonte Perkins!

    He was REALLY skinny in HS, not a college ready body which may have been a factor in his rating. The more recent photos look like he has really filled out nicely. And the sites I saw had him at 6'5" as a HS senior. So appears he put on height & weight. Pretty much a different player size wise.
  5. WVBilliken

    The Bills over Pitt by 1

    Three frosh playing in the top six. Young team, first game on the road. SLU by a six-pack or more.
  6. At $4.95 a month during b-ball season, the ESPN plus is a deal. Cancel it after the season.
  7. WVBilliken

    S Hall over the Bills by 21

    SLU's defense is too good to lose by 21. Bills will win or lose by no more than 9.
  8. WVBilliken

    Recruiting - 2019

    His nut case Dad says he did not take money ......🤓
  9. WVBilliken

    The Bills over N Ala by 23

    Or maybe they are a team getting to know each others' tendencies, strengths and weaknesses. Impressed with the unselfishness of the players at this point. Good sign. Let's hope that it is a team that plays up to its competition.
  10. WVBilliken

    Signed Recruit Thread 2018-19

    Agree; Hargrove looks to be a 3. Even if he grows and comes in at 6'7" or more. Love having a tall athletic guy who can hit the 3 or take it to the rim.
  11. Looking forward to Wednesday to welcome SLU's new recruits. Need a big. Any chance at all SLU signs four this week?
  12. WVBilliken

    2018-2019 Season Prediction Contest

    Regular Season: 24 - 7 Conference: 15 - 3 A10 Tourney: Make Finals
  13. WVBilliken

    Recruiting - 2019

    This article is about football but assume it is the same for basketball. Bottom line, seems that tape of the athlete is by far the #1 factor. So easy to see how some very good kids can be overlooked. https://www.google.com/amp/www.al.com/articles/15116920/how_are_recruiting_rankings_de.amp
  14. WVBilliken

    Recruiting - 2019

    Or maybe he is not a high flier. A good, not great athlete, with a very big body. He looks like he has a college ready body.
  15. WVBilliken

    2018-19 season

    Looking forward to seeing Jacobs play now that he has cleared. The backcourt looks a bit crowded but since Jacobs can play at the point expect him to get some minutes. But the potential is there, as they say, "freak athlete".