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  1. Kid really looks good. Seems though SLU is not involved? And surprised he appears not to have any power conference offers? Looks like a good shooter although shot looks a bit awkward, athletic, can handle the ball for a big, appears to have decent hops. What am I missing???? Looks like an A10 prospect at least to me.
  2. Great list and I know it must involve a LOT of work. Do not know how you are accumulating your list, but would neat to see a view of it showing players available whose home is within a 100 or 150 mile radius from SLU. Guessing like Nesbitt, there are other players who are transferring in part to get closer to home and family. Are there any more of these type of players out there?
  3. Yep, bad memory. But I remember both. Decent players both .....
  4. Like this change. One time opportunity to transfer. Good for players and might help things to be more stable for programs than this year's madness. https://amp.usatoday.com/amp/7226633002
  5. Landed Francis Okoro in the transfer market. Landed Linnson. No reason at all, that SLU can't lure a PF. Oh, and that combo guard. The question, who is SLU pursuing currently besides Madsen for the two open slots?
  6. Out of HS, he was considered a PG. So you would assume, he has reasonably good ball handling skills. https://247sports.com/Player/Rashad-Williams-45573193/
  7. That one year everybody can transfer and be immediately eligible rule is for this year only. Going forward the old transfer rules will apply. Now will the NCAA grant more immediately eligible waivers than in the past? .... very likely.
  8. Passing may not of been the coach's instructions to him. He was on weak teams that needed scoring. If you are the team's first option for offense, you shoot the ball. And one assist per game also may not be an indication of his play making skills. After all, after passing, the receiving player still has to put the ball in the basket.
  9. Do not see the fascination among some fans who want Ford to put Russell on scholarship. He did nothing on the floor last year to convince me that he is anything but an emergency plugin for Collins. The kid looked out of his league to me when he played. I hope if he wants playing time Ford helps to link him up with a program that he might succeed in. Better yet, he gets the needed financial aid to enable him to stay at SLU, get a degree, and enables him to continue his walk on status. As to the last two scholarships ...... a PG, or a combo guard that can effectively play PG, and an athleti
  10. Agree 100%. But would like to see the last 2 scholarships to a high potential point guard that can give a productive 10 to 15 minutes immediately. Believe Collins would be more productive if he plays less minutes and had a talented point guard pushing him for playing time. Now if Nesbitt can play an effective PG, then maybe a combo guard Mason Manson would be a nice get. You never have too many shooters. Then, intrigued with Sekue Gassama for that last scholarship. Athletic bigs, 6"10", sure don't grow on trees. But needs a year in the program before contributing.
  11. That's what fans do. They think they know more than a 20 year, successful coach knows. LOL. There is so much we the fans don't know but think we do. Nobody but the inner SLU coaching and player circle truly know what the injuries and after effects of covid-19 did to the team after the pause. Those who think they know better ..... don't. I for one am not for coaching changes. I think Ford is the long term answer SLU needs. Great programs tend to have stability, not continual coaching and other disruptive change for the sake of change. You are just "chasing your tail" if you do that.
  12. Also, Williams is a proven scorer, but yes, needs to adjust to a new program.
  13. Well, not sure of that opinion. Still think most coaches do not recruit mediocrity. You might have all 4 star players so it would seem all the players have comparable talent. But in fact once on campus, some will outshine others, some will develop, some won't. Those things always tend to sort out. Even with all 4 stars, there will still likely end up being a clear 11, 12 and 13 player IMO.
  14. Now I don't know what Ford tells players when he recruits them to SLU. I hope he says he recruits the very best players he can then lets the competition in practice determine who plays. Good players want to play, but the best want to compete against the best to see who plays. Disagree with both of you. - Yes, you recruit the very best players. Recruiting over players??? If you are straight with kids from day 1, they know Ford is going to bring the best players he can. Competition decides who plays. Not recruiting the best you can get is the recipe for mediocrity. - Equivolent
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