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  1. 18 - 13 A10 tourney win 1 Finsl record 19 - 14
  2. Been to Brussels many times, nice city to visit and outstanding restaurants. But expensive.
  3. The Big East is high profile. Two National Championships the past few years. The Pac 10 and Big Ten, been awhile.
  4. The college 3 point line moves back just about 17 inches. That is not insignificant and in my estimation. It will move the 3 point shot out of range for some, and lower the percentage for many others. I see a move to more mid, and inside game, and fast breaks for many teams. SLU has the roster to benefit from this. Defense coming out further out helps slashers and quick to the basket guards. And may create longer rebounds and more fast breaks. SLU has the guards and small forwards who can benefits from this.
  5. No real disagreement with Pistol's numbers except both Jimerson and Thatch should be at 5 or 6 points a game. These seem to be the two player Ford seems to have really raved about from the get go. That would move total team scoring to just below 70 a game, about what I expect. Heck, Thatch was at 4.5 points a game last year. So expect him to beat that.
  6. A chance I'd say. Seems a lot of very good foreign kids do not go with the big conference schools for whatever reason.
  7. Do not believe Raboin has the last scholarship until announced by Ford. Could just be an error by Verbal Commits that he is not shown as a walkon on the depth chart listing.
  8. Some kids just want to go to school out of town. That is how he ends up at Loyola or a hell hole like Manhattan, KS .........
  9. Here's hoping he is the long term SLU coach. Has done an awesome job recruiting AND COACHING.
  10. Well, Bess was playing on a talent rich Michigan State roster and that may of taken playing time from him ..... apples to oranges comparison. Just an opinion.
  11. Looking forward to seeing Bell. Saw in an article that he had the football bluebloods looking at him early in HS when he was focusing on football. Since he was an offensive lineman that tells me had obviously had the strength for the position but also quickness and excellent athleticism given who was recruiting him. Fast forward to now with that in mind. Sure he was not a main player at his last HS stop for basketball, but he was what, 100lbs overweight and just starting to really focus on basketball? Now he is at playing weight or close to it. He is obviously ripped given the pics we've seen on Billikens.com. Likely he has plenty of athleticism and enough quickness. Do not expect him to be a big offensive threat. But believe he will be a big defensive and rebounding plus. And even if his offense lags, expecting some nice putbacks and throwdowns. Yes drinking that blue Kool-Aid.
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