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  1. So Hughes and Thames play the same position. Combo guard or maybe small forward. If SLU can take one, who would you take? Seems Thames might be the better player from all I have read. By the way, this article has an evaluation by Kelly Thames of his son Kellen's talents. See last few paragraphs of the article. https://missouri.rivals.com/news/catching-up-with-kelly-thames
  2. Ford said 80% of the players had covid-19 coming out of lockdown at different times.
  3. There are just so many minutes to share. Bell is playing less because Linnson is just a better player at this time. With SLU playing 4 guards/wings, he is just slotted down in the pecking order. Linnson clearly is the first big off the bench. Same with Hargrove. Jimerson is just the better shooter and more polished player. And Thatch is back fighting for playing time. Hargrove will have his time, but for now he is fighting Thatch to be that second or third guard/wing off the bench. Jacobs is clearly the first guard/wing off the bench. That leaves Thatch and Hargrove fighting
  4. My bad. Maybe got him mixed up with his teammate. So why has this guy been trending down? I keep reading DeSmet doesn't have the guards to feed him. But an athletic guy his size, the coach would push his guards to feed the "monster" near the basket. Just seems odd ..... but other than highlight tape, never seen the kid play.
  5. Anyone know the status of Sekou Gassama injury wise? Is SLU still interested or have they backed off due to his injury status? Reports a year ago had Sekou as the higher level prospect of the two DeSmet bigs ..... well at least until his injury. Beyond Sekou Gassama, is there any prospect on Pistol's 2021 recruiting list that anyone thinks is still a possibility? I've not heard any name on Pistol's list as a target anymore, but God knows, I'm not in the know. I get the impression based on board postings that recruiting is wide open and that immediately eligible transfers and possib
  6. Hoping SLU is ranked ..... but believe neither team will be ranked.
  7. No issues in WV. Both games cast to my 65 inch TV. Zero issues.
  8. For all the hype over Vashon players, few have panned out as college basketball "difference makers/stars" in the last 25 years.https://basketball.realgm.com/highschool/teams/1171/Vashon-High-School
  9. Let's see. Does he want to play at home in front of family and friends with a stacked, winning team in an awesome facility? Or 600 or 800 miles away, one school that never plays a game anywhere close to his home and another that is in the same conference but gets to St. Louis only once every two years. Or he could play for a perennial bottom feeder, DePaul. Seems like an easy decision (hopefully).
  10. Likely he has kids who have already told him they are going pro early. Or he is planning to push a kid or two out. And all coaches do it. How do you think Ford got Okoro?
  11. Any word from Ford on André Lorentsson's availability? Really interested in his progress.
  12. McKinney would be a PG, but also is big enough and experienced enough to play the off guard. And as much as I am thrilled that Russell is on the team, remember, he is a walkon. He was mostly not rated by the recruiting services for a reason. He had just a few low D1 offers. I am rooting for him to be a big success. But would not be surprised if he plays one season at SLU, then moves on for more playing time if he proves himself as a serviceable PG. Time will tell.
  13. Way to early to say Russell should be anything but a walk on. Perhaps hold one scholly for Spring. If Russell plays like a strong role player and possible senior replacement for Collins, then perhaps Ford gives the scholly to him, who knows. If not, SLU can do better giving that scholly to a grad transfer, a high level transfer, or JC player like Mario McKinney. I know McKinney was listed as a shooting guard but at 6'2" it would be interesting to see if John Logan College uses him as a PG. Love to see him in a Billiken uniform if his "head is on straight".
  14. French was top 100 in the final ratings for at least one rating site.
  15. It ain't over till it's over ..... Yogi Berra
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