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  1. Here's hoping he is the long term SLU coach. Has done an awesome job recruiting AND COACHING.
  2. Well, Bess was playing on a talent rich Michigan State roster and that may of taken playing time from him ..... apples to oranges comparison. Just an opinion.
  3. Looking forward to seeing Bell. Saw in an article that he had the football bluebloods looking at him early in HS when he was focusing on football. Since he was an offensive lineman that tells me had obviously had the strength for the position but also quickness and excellent athleticism given who was recruiting him. Fast forward to now with that in mind. Sure he was not a main player at his last HS stop for basketball, but he was what, 100lbs overweight and just starting to really focus on basketball? Now he is at playing weight or close to it. He is obviously ripped given the pics we've seen on Billikens.com. Likely he has plenty of athleticism and enough quickness. Do not expect him to be a big offensive threat. But believe he will be a big defensive and rebounding plus. And even if his offense lags, expecting some nice putbacks and throwdowns. Yes drinking that blue Kool-Aid.
  4. That's Perkins in the first pic on the SLU's Men Twitter feed right? Next to French. If so, good news. New Grad transfer not there.
  5. Well, lucky the Billiken Board doesn't decide this. I think SLU has a highly professional coaching staff that gets paid to make these player decisions. Have not been impressed with Hankton. Maybe he blossoms this year. But if last year is what we get this season, then the Bills have problems. Prefer a one and done big though, not a sophomore.
  6. The 3 point line has moved from 20 feet, 9 inches to 22-1¾. Any projection for next season is nuts given the line is moving back over 16 inches. And for a HS kid it is moving from 19'9". That is over 28 inches. Big change for college kids, huge change for HS kids.
  7. Tried looking it up, but could not find, but isn't the signing or commitment process different since the Spring signing period ended in mid-May? Maybe that is the reason no announcement on Weaver yet???
  8. Best comment of the day. I think Ford and his coaches know what is best for the team and program. My opinion is fill those last two spots with one year players. Could really use a big and a shooter.....but damn, I am just a poster, what do I know?
  9. Diarra played last spring in HS, granted with a knee brace after his ACL/Kneecap Fracture. I have to believe that he is pretty much physically ready now and for the season. Figure the brace was largely precautionary.
  10. Saw these 2 very tall kids at the local YMCA. Turns out they are sophomores to be at a local HS. Being helped this Summer by a local guy who once played NBA D league. Kids are 15 and 16 and stand 7'2" and 6'10". Will definitely go to a few games with my SLU shirt on.
  11. Rules are made to be broken. Especially when basketball news is winding down until the late Summer AAU/recruiting period. I say, break the unwritten so-called rule. LOL.
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