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  1. I think Pearl is a good coach and I like his enthusiasm . I think the coaching field is full of cheaters. For whatever reason Pearl gets vilified {not saying he didn't break rules] and others get a free pass. Frank Haith and Eddie Sutton would be examples of coaches who cheated but were treated with kid gloves.
  2. Just because Illinois wasn't found guilty of cash payments to Thomas doesn't mean it wasn't offered or didn't happen. All Capone went to jail for income tax evasion . Martha Steward went to jail for lying not insider trading. Dave may be correct in Pearl's presentation of the recording but I also believe Illinois/Collins was in the business of buying players.
  3. Sounds like another Illinois fan. I read several on-line articles on this. Illinois and Henson were penalized for several violations. Illinois was accused of trying to buy other players at this time. Pearl was obviously not a saint but I think his reputation as a cheat is greatly exaggerated. I don’t believe he was ever accused of buying players which in my mind the ultimate sin. PS From an Illinois student manager you are going to get their spin.
  4. Sounds to me like an Illinois fan. Don’t remember it as a lie.
  5. I actually like the fact that Pearl did this. Don’t exactly remember the circumstances but Illinois was offering Deon Thomas a Ford Bronco. Pearl taped a conversation and reported it to the NCAA. Something like this. Pearl took heat for being a snitch. His recruiting violations at Auburn were nothing compared to the Pitino’s of the world.
  6. 1976 Indiana basketball doesn't agree.
  7. Damn. I would bump into him at almost every game last year. Was told he had cancer.
  8. If Thatch comes back somebodies minutes are going to be cut. Weaver is my guess.
  9. He does have a green light. You don't stop and shoot a 3 on a fast break unless you have freedom. Obviously his scoring is important but just as important is that he opens up the floor for others.
  10. We're on the Friday morning train.
  11. Not sure of my timeline but Skip Irwin did the games for awhile. At one time Buck and Harry Carey did games. Before that Buddy Blatner.
  12. Mike Clayborn worked with Ramsey at the start. Used that connection to represent Bonner. He also had some kind of connection to Leon Lett.
  13. While I concede Bell is not ready for heavy minutes I think he has the size and talent to be one of SLU's best centers. {yes I know we haven't had many}
  14. Yes. But But the attack was attributed to an electrolyte imbalance.
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