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  1. willie

    Recruiting - 2019

    I don't think Santos's spot has opened. I do think if Welmer gave it up for medical reasons his scholarship could be appealed.
  2. willie

    GDT - Bills dam up the Beavers

    Yes but he is in grad school. Could have different schedule or maybe no exams.
  3. willie

    Signed Recruit Thread 2018-19

    Unfortunately this seems to be true.
  4. Obviously it depends on the player. The Robinson kid for Missouri last year was fabulous.
  5. willie

    2018-19 season

    I said this before. I’m willing to bet the A-10 gets 2.
  6. willie

    We Need to Talk About Our Fast Break

    It just so happens I saw Mo Saturday. He is an assistant coach at U City High. I was there watching my grandson play in a kids tournament. Introduced myself and told one of his colleagues that Mo had one of the greatest dunks I had seen in person. He immediately said It was against the Bonnies. Very nice man.
  7. willie

    GDT vs Buttler

    For what it's worth I think his shot looks pretty good. Shots seem to be a little strong. Maybe excitement. He will be alright.
  8. I agree about zoning us all the time. I’m not sure what our zone offense is. Never seemed to try to put someone in the middle. Fortunately we hit a couple of contested shots over the top. Lots of things to work on but that’s what exciting. So much room to get better.
  9. willie

    Fieldhouse: Saturday at 2pm

    The Shoes will be there.
  10. willie

    GDT vs Buttler

    Watching the trainer work with him on the sideline this makes sense. He was on crutches after the game.
  11. willie

    MLS 4 the Lou

    I doubt that. Just something they threw in and we were stupid enough to agree to.
  12. willie

    West Pine Jim

    Hey Jim if you still read this board the “first family of Billiken basketball ball “ misses your In put. Go Bills.
  13. willie

    MLS 4 the Lou

    Typical politician. Just make any deal and take credit.
  14. willie

    2018-2019 #25 Rankings

    I’m a huge fan of Nate and five thirty eight.