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  1. You will feel differently when our first 11 takes the pitch and wins the match.
  2. I think Doc has been overly bullish for the most part but has given us good info in the past. Along with Billikenswin keep your sightings coming.
  3. I think this is a good post but I do disagree with your comment on Isabell.(me first) Isabell in my opinion started the year trying to fit in. Later in the year he started playing with the me first attitude and we became a much better team. Like you I do think if the pieces fit we can compete for the top of theA-10.
  4. Thanks. Just googled his stats. Played in 9 games 6 for Denver. Averaged 2.6 points per game. One of my all-time favorite Billikens.
  5. Not saying you are wrong but I don't remember this.
  6. We in St. Louis will obviously pay these higher prices. As of a couple years ago Busch Stadium had the second most expensive beer in baseball behind Boston. Chaifetz prices are similar. I think both use Delaware North as food distributor.
  7. Just giving you a hard time. Want to make sure it passes the 4 way test.
  8. Do we need a lie detector on this?
  9. Updated non-conference schedule: Florida Gulf Coast - 11/5 Valpo - (possibly between Christmas and New Years?) Eastern Washington - 11/13 Seton Hall - 11/17 High Point - 11/20 Belmont - 11/23 Boston College - 11/27 SIUC - 12/1 Tulane - 12/8 Auburn - 12/14 K State - 12/21 This is the best non-conference schedule I can remember in a long time. Just need to win some of them.
  10. Just have everyone read the little train that could.
  11. Decent name recognition. Hopefully a win. Need a few of those.
  12. I think there is a good chance the NCAA will start to limit the transfer market in the future.
  13. Sorry for my ignorance but who in the hell is Jon Gordon?
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