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  1. I would like to see your numbers. I don’t believe most of these teams are shooting over 70%.
  2. I don’t buy your premise. Coaches recruit athletes. There are many top college players who are mediocre or poor free throw shooters.
  3. I have totally given up on the NFL. Haven't watched a game other then the Super Bowl in 2 years. That said I would love to have a team.
  4. Just looked at the envelope. It was US priority mail.
  5. What’s wrong with our athletic department? Just received my tickets via UPS. Don’t they know they are supposed to wait to the last week.
  6. I am pretty sure the NCAA limits the number of people that can go.
  7. I think you are living in the past. Biondi was the nickel and dimer. I don't believe our basketball team lacks anything. As proof count the suits on the bench. I think Fred is a fan who understands that a good basketball program is good for the university.
  8. It seems illogical to me that with the leadership of the Board of Trustees avid basketball or should I say rabbit basketball fans that they don't care about billiken athletics. I assume your criticism goes back to the situations. Without knowing what the workings are at a university I just don't believe that was something that would get to a board level. Could Fred have done something Maybe. ? And I am a fan of Fred.
  9. Not to be negative but I would think the fact that he didn't play in a blow out is not a good sign. Just hope that it was predetermined what subs would play that night.
  10. I go to a lot of games. The poorly attended games are about 75% full. The weekend and big games are close to 100%. Yes ticket sold and attendance are not the same but nowhere close to 50%.
  11. I said this earlier, we did not see enough of Jacobs to form an opinion of his play. Maybe there is good reason for that but until he plays saying what he can or can't do is pure speculation. And if he doesn't play that tells you he isn't good enough for this level.
  12. My eye test says he has a good looking shot and release.
  13. Torch I don’t know who your economist are but you are dead wrong on baseball. In the city of Denver a whole community grew up around their downtown ballpark. I have heard Fran Vivarito from the sports commission go on about the positive economic effect of all sporting events. Don’t forget those athletes are paying earnings taxes. Those beer vendors are making a living off those events. Also Shannon’s is the only place that I know has closed locally. I am not arguing so much about the Rams as your broad inclusion of other sports. Our new soccer stadium is a great investment even if it has some public money.
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