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  1. Danny Mac has hyped the broadcasts with Highmark during baseball games.
  2. I agree with this. Not recent but Dave Dorr, back in the 60-70’s was one of the best basketball writers in the country.
  3. Who was the St. Louis kid who went to Kentucky? Chatter had it that he was looking to possibly transfer home at the semester. We did not have an opening. Whether we wanted him or not I have no idea . Just having that opening makes such a transfer possible.
  4. As I have said before I think it's good to have one for a possible semester transfer.
  5. A couple of SLPS schools are considered some of the states best. My objection is your any.
  6. It means if you do it again we will slap the other wrist.
  7. Courtside or whoever why are the City 2 games being played at SIUE and not Herman?
  8. I think you are kidding yourself with corporate dollars in this town. The EdJones-Stifels-Boeings-Centene’s are probably not look for other ways to spend advertising money. Corporate dollars are limited as we have lost S&P companies. Anheuser is no longer a STL company. World Wide has found other places for their money. There is NO demand for the NBA except a few fans like yourself.
  9. There is no way an NBA team is coming to St. Louis. And if one did there is no way we could support it. This town could not support 4 professional teams.
  10. One difference is the foreign contracts have a lot of benefits. Free apartments ,use of cars ,food etc.
  11. The difference between a PHD and a Master’s is one is called Doctor and the other is called Mister.
  12. Endowments are perpetual monies. They are designed to provide income to various needs. Most endowments will spend a fixed percentage of assets every year Thus the larger the asset base the larger payments. For a lot of universities student aid is the number one recipient. Endowments are not typically used for operations. A Harvard education is basically free for most students because of scholarship aid funded by their huge Endowment. I don’t know who SLU’s managers are but they have done a pretty crappy job . I think their results have been sub par.
  13. Speaking of Doctor Thatch, do we know if he enrolled in a PHD program or signed up for another Masters?
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