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  1. Perkins is a really good offensive player. Just stop shooting threes.
  2. This is really not about the Bills but basketball in general. Alabama beat Missouri by 14 points. They showed their shot chart. They took zero intermediate shots. All threes or shots in the paint. They are averaging in the eighties. Smart teams will play this way so defending the three becomes more important. I do think we give up too many open threes.
  3. I think TJ took some of his minutes. TJ had a nice defensive game.
  4. I am watching the Missouri Alabama game. Missouri has made 31 straight free throws. The crowd is going crazy at how bad some of the calls are. Even the announcers are questioning some of the calls.
  5. This is not a criticism of Ford. I thought he coached a good game but I would have preferred playing thru Perkins down the stretch instead of French. I know we were trying to foul out Obi but he then has to shoot fouls. Perkins in isolation is tough.
  6. You mention footwork. I think he has fabulous footwork for a freshman. His only issue is lack of finishing at the rim. That will change as he gets stronger and takes the contact.
  7. Back in the Grawer years we had several transfer backs but that was a long time ago.
  8. I agree with your points but as the season moves on you would have to question how effective he could be. I'm in the red shirt camp.
  9. I kind off liked him. Thought he was having fun.
  10. PS. If you make it to the Chafetz my credit card is open.
  11. Bill I remember you well. It was a great night and a lot of fun at Balls sports bar.
  12. One of my favorite non game Billiken memories was a sports bar in Baltimore when we played in the NCAA’s there. We had won there that day and had a great time watching other games talking hoops with other schools fans. It didn’t hurt that a SLU alum from NY was buying drinks on his company’s expense account. I know we all loved our weekend in Columbus but for our older fans Baltimore was pretty great.
  13. I think he moved to the right 3 or 4 games ago. Don’t have the numbers but I think his make percentages has improved.
  14. TJ got beat back door and Ford immediately yanked him. Fords leash with TJ is shorter than I like but what the hell it was our best game to date.
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