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  1. I think it's a great get. Top league with a chance to win.
  2. Maybe Rutgers wants to play a doubleheader.
  3. I know its only June but the season can’t start soon enough.
  4. I think Perkins is the key to our season. If he is good we can be good. If he is mediocre we will be mediocre. Someone has to replace Bess.
  5. Just as calling out a play have your player say timeout. I’m not real crazy about football coaches letting the clock run down to 1 second then icing the kicker half the time as the ball is being kicked.
  6. If a player is in trouble a coach should not be able to bail him out by calling a time out. Example: 10 second half court violation . Coach should not be able to save a turnover by yelling timeout.
  7. Ok. What do the other teams have coming in? I also felt we underachieved until the end. Roy’s comment was we would be lucky to be north of 500. Without seeing our schedule I will be disappointed if we don’t win 20. Jordan and French are 2 of the best players in the league. As I said they need to clean up their throws and I believe they will.
  8. I know I’m always an optimist but this seems overly pessimistic. You have 3 major contributors coming back,a strong juco player and several promising newcomers. I think you stated it in another post a lot of our success depends on French and Jordon cleaning up there free throws. I think they can.
  9. Something about this whole thing smells to me. Lewis says he is leaving with eligibility questions. SLU says they haven't been notified. Something is not right.
  10. Don’t take this the wrong way but how do you know Ford plays by the rules? I certainly think and hope he does but none of us know .
  11. I opened up my sports page to find an exhaustive recap of Missouri ‘s year. Coach of the year and top ten story lines. I wouldn’t give a sh-t if the home town team ever got the same coverage.
  12. The NCAA is fu—Ed up. Mark Smith becomes immediately eligible at Missouri,yet this kid can’t play. Where is the consistency?
  13. Sorry Old Guy. NIT stands for not in tournament.
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