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  1. Yes, but it doesn’t have the shock value it once had. I’ll say the same thing about havoc. Teams are better prepared. In my opinion today’s game at the highest level is all about shooting the 3. I think this years tournament was a testament to that.
  2. I think his style of play has been passed by. I know they were desperate but I don’t see this as a good fit.
  3. I am not overlooking him. I expect him to be in the top 3 in almost all categories.
  4. I’m going to get mine on my forehead when we win the national championship.
  5. Twisted Tree. Had a very good prime rib there.
  6. I though Fred's speech was great. I personally like the theme of SLU being an important cog of the region and the basketball team being a rallying part for that region.
  7. With the help of the LA real estate developer whose name escapes me.
  8. My favorite Marvin Barnes story goes something like this. Flying back with the team from Louisville to St. Louis. Flight was to leave at 8 am and arrive at 7:50 am central time.Barnes was quoted as saying "I ain't getting on no time machine".
  9. I just watched the replay 5 times. The ref had his hand half way up before contact was made . He anticipated the foul. Was it a foul. Sure. Should it have been called . No. Not in my opinion. Don’t tell me there is not time and place in the game of basketball. Would you call a reach in at the top of the key with 5 seconds to go. Of course not. I am sure many will disagree but it should not have been called.
  10. Help me out here. When was the last leftie reliever who was successful?
  11. What will happen first, Bills make sweet 16 or cardinal left handed reliever save or hold a game.?
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