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  1. willie

    Davell Roby G-League

    McCall was a better player than Roby.
  2. willie

    Recruiting - 2019

    I believe we would be excited to get Hargrove.
  3. willie

    2018-19 season

    Maybe my favorite post in the last month.
  4. willie

    Stu article this AM

    I think someone should give him Ricky Clemens phone number.
  5. willie

    2018-19 Schedule

    I would not.
  6. willie

    2018-19 season

    I believe he reads but does not post. Never misses a game.
  7. willie


    I think Frank gets some of the credit for this.
  8. willie

    Welcome to SLU Dion Wiley

    I believe Billiken Bob said maybe.
  9. willie

    Baseball & Sexual Misconduct Claims

    You really are an idiot. Frank is great.
  10. Ok. I’ll buy the proven (at the college level) point. I wouldn’t want to bet a whole lot of money on who will be our leading scorer. Guess I would take Goodwin or Bess just because I think they will play the most minutes. I see a lot of guys around 12 points a game.(including Gordon)
  11. willie

    possible Big East

    Why in the world would Louisville leave the ACC and go to the Big East? Next time at least know what conference someone is in.
  12. willie

    The Scottrade Center is no more

    Don't feel bad I still call it Kiel.
  13. willie

    Coaching Carousel

    I would normally say he would have no interest but it might be a way for him to get out of the Michigan State mess.