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  1. Our numbers were inflated for 2 years due to big attendance games at the Dome vs Illinois and then Mi$$ou. Then there was a big attendance game at the Kiel vs Mi$$ou the next yearI believe. mhg
  2. Last year wife and I drove to Pittsburg for the game. Stayed within walking distance of the venue, the trains are great. Walked around Heinz Field (whatever they call it now). Multiple great eateries there. Met Taj, cgeldmacher had a large group there. Had a blast! Flew alone to Philly. Stayed with family. Drove over to LaSalle. If someone sneezed on one side of the court, someone on the other side of the court would say God bless you. The LaSalle coach dropped an Fbomb on the bench at a ref....everyone heard it, he had to T him up! Hilarious! Would not recommend the venue. Bad section of town. Plan to see St Joe's this year, if the schedule allows it. Of course, Loyola. AD should have some buses going for this one. mhg
  3. I remember that game well. Normally the Arena had huge tarps they used to cover the seats at the end zones of the upper deck. They had to take them down to allow for the increased attendance.
  4. My son, ‘The Don’, went to SLU and follows them as closely as I mhg
  5. I texted my nephew, Sr at TU. Sports nut. Was not aware he was leaving. His response was “Noooooooo!” Think we did good here. mhg
  6. Come on! Fess up. Cant do this to us!
  7. There is a bigger upside financially to the womens program than the men’s. When MoState’s wbb program was rockin’, there attendance rivaled the men’s. Think of the increased revenues from parking and food as well as ticket revenue. The net increase possibilities are greater than the men’s. Since the new arena the mens attendance has been great, the women’s i dare say hasn’t changed much from the small on campus arena days. mhg
  8. Awesome article Couldn’t stop laughing
  9. But can Thames + Thatch do it in crunch time when Auburn is pressing? We need real depth on the team, so if Yuri tweaks an ankle, folks aren't running for the exits. mhg
  10. I dont think Williams would count next year, cause he didn’t really play last year. (Blue font)
  11. Im up in Wisc for a few weeks supporting my son and his family doing this and that. Im driving along and I see a HUGE billboard for Culvers with the pictures of two of the UW bball stars, smiling, twirling basketballs, hawking how Culvers love UW bball. There sure could be same for SLU with Yuri and Gibby. Im sure this will cost less than what the boosters ponied up for the new building on campus. Any St Louis based enterprise could do the same....say, Enterprise, yeah! That's the ticket. Or Imo's, or Urban Chestnut right up the street from Chaifetz.
  12. Loyola and Dayton should be a given 2 game series each year
  13. Years ago their booster club gave out? gave away? a shxt load of the ugliest jackets/sweaters/vests. The stands were filled with them. Ever since we’ve called them Sweater Vest University
  14. Scandal plagued university Missouri at Columbia
  15. I think Majerus gave the refs some lip when they ran back-and-forth in front of him. We just didn’t see it. He was a beautiful teacher, always teaching his players how to improve themselves.
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