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  1. Things are never as bad as it seems after a loss, and never as good as it seems after a win.
  2. And wasn't she hired somewhat late? Hopefully one or two of her staff are good recruiters.
  3. Out of reactions, sorry. Newberry was so cool and unemotional about his play. On my gavorite all-time Billiken teams
  4. I thought when he walked off he was noticeably favoring R leg. Didnt seem to get much elevation on his drives to the basket, looked bad on the shot where he got stuffed going to his left. My observations
  5. Gus was definitely in mid season form last night.
  6. Years ago I stated that I could die a happy man if i could get to experience a Cardinals World Series, a Rams’ Super Bowl, a Blues’ Stanley Cup and a SLU sweet sixteen. Never thinking the Rams would reach that goal. I just need the Bills to do it. This is the year, man. I can just feel it! I am 75 years old. mhg
  7. Ditto on Chicago. If wifey can move around a shift or 2 at the hospital, we may wing it. Did get to sit courtside once back in the day vs Depaul. Marquis Perry stole the ball on DP last possession, then drove the court to put it in for the win! Ball seemed to hang on the rim forever before going in. One of most exciting games I’ve seen in person. Scored ‘right in front of us’ mhg
  8. cg, we must have made too much noise at the Duquesne game. The word is out…LOL
  9. It’s called road games. Only see StJoe’s on NYE and GW 1/14.
  10. I picked up 2 nice SLU shirts at Costco this week. They had as much SLU stuff as Mi$$ou. mhg
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