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  1. Thanks Taj. You said you’re on for Duquesne in Pitt? mhg
  2. Billikenbooster and wife looking at Duquesne as well. 9h ride grom the Lou. Leaving after work, staying in OH somewhere. What happens after that depends on time of the game. Do you guys usually get your tickets through slu or do StubHub? mhg
  3. I am having trouble finding this game on my Direct TV lineup. I thought CBSSN would give me Paramount+, but Im seeing auto racing at 9pm. Can anyone help me here? mhg
  4. What a truly sweet person she is. Never saw her stressed or not in control. Always with a smile. Enjoy your retirement, M. mhg
  5. Runs the floor well is a kiss of death for me. mhg
  6. Roy, I think back to Isabel. Coach was going to make him into a point guard. That didn’t work out too well and his best contributions came when he was shooting. Let’s see if coach can convert Williams into something different than what he has been in the past. Maybe he was that way because that’s what his team needed him to do.
  7. Better to use a template but encourage folks to add their own, personal heartfelt reasons for the need for increased merchandising, IMHO mhg
  8. Remember TJ had the highest 3pt% for the season last year.
  9. I like to think bigger here, Taj. We’re going to the Dance next year, and i want bigs like Michigan and Oregon State had. Big bruisers who can shoot and rebound. Would love to develop them, since CF is going to tell them he is staying here long term, and needs building blocks to build on the legacy of French. Maybe pipe dreams, but I want us to not look for players to compete with A10 teams, but 2nd round, 3rd round teams. Think BIG mhg
  10. We needed to beat St Bonaventure. THAT was our play in game. Win that one and no anxiety mhg
  11. Roy i see the league tourneys as the extension of the NCAA Tournament. Any team can get hot at the end of the season and nab a spot. We call them upsets, but it is actually the NCAA tournament.5 we did it 2years ago, 4 in a row and got it done. Wasn’t easy but did it. mhg
  12. It would be just like you to go along with this
  13. Not the at large bid, but the automatic bid, no?
  14. Give it up, dude. Your shtick is getting old. You just keep lurking for any hint of trouble then pounce with the same old tired story. if you have something new to add, great. Otherwise just keep it to yourself.
  15. Goodwin’s drive and motor are once in a generation type qualities. We haven’t yet been able to see if Strickland approaches JGood in those areas.
  16. When was the last time we beat Dayton in Dayton? mhg
  17. Congrats rg. Baby Billikens everywhere! My latest is 2mo/o tomorrow!
  18. His replacement was on the sideline waiting to come in. I think he decided to take his chances while he had the ball in his hands, way beyond the 3pt line. It didn’t work. mhg
  19. Jacobs sat whole second half yesterday.
  20. Oh, i went to the game. Just related how easy it is to transfer. If we couldn’t go, would have given them to my son. Thanks for kind words CBF. mhg
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