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  1. We are all expecting the team to be as good as advertised if and when they resume competition. I am running out of optimism on this issue. While other teams are playing games, improving, and getting in increasingly good game shape our players are being told that they are not allowed to overexert themselves in practice and are significantly behind in number of games played so far this season. It may take a few games to get back into form - our ranking and our national profile might take a hit as a result.
  2. When it comes to athletes vs basketball players, I will bet on the basketball players. TH will get plenty of minutes when he becomes a more complete basketball player.
  3. The SLU women dominated play. A low stress game for the fans. Nice crowd, beautiful conditions. Good luck in the dance!
  4. In defense of Hankton, he was trying to deal with a FGCU big who can physically match up with HF. He was giving up 30 pounds to the guy.
  5. This is less of a hit to the program than it might have been. Imagine the layers of speculation if CG had decided to de-commit last summer.
  6. IMO, it speaks volumes that CG quit the team in mid-season. I cannot see how this benefits him career-wise. Has there been another player do this in the past? I agree with other posts - let's recruit athletes with character who are fully committed to the program.
  7. A couple of additional observations from the first two hours of the 2015-2016 campaign: 1. Neufeld - aggressive on offense. Looks to the hoop, gets to the hoop with either hand, something we have not seen in a 5 in God knows how long. Will actually draw fouls. He may be our best offensive big already. 2. Welmer - quicker and physically bigger than we may have been led to believe. 3. Gillman - more muscle, Looks more comfortable. 4. Yacoubou - best athlete on the floor, explosive. 5. Crawford - best shooter on the floor. 6. Hines/Bishop: in a learning mode. Give them t
  8. Not quite basketball related: a certain Erwin Claggett got a hole-in-one at Wolf Hollow. Ninth hole, 3-wood, 215 yards. Proves he can still make 'em from beyond the arc.
  9. ...and a member of the once proud Pi Delta Theta fraternity.
  10. Would Kim Anderson be worth a look?
  11. Even if the other recruit is tall, unless we recruit a really good JUCO he is going to be a freshman who will probably not be a significant upgrade compared to CR in the short term. Makes it all the more important for WR to return.
  12. If Willie comes back, he better have a few more dozen pounds of pure muscle on his frame. Many players lose weight during the season. There is absolutely no excuse for him not to be alot more physical going forward into next year.
  13. ...For SLU to reconsider becoming a football school again. Basketball is clearly a secondary sport in the grand scheme of the current conference realignment drama.
  14. Since you are smart enough to be a Bills fan, you are smart enough to skip a few classes when the need arises.
  15. I think Cornell proved this year that Ivy League athletics should probably be taken seriously.
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