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  1. If an ugly win makes us a better team for the conference tournament, I’ll take it. Who’s having more fun this year - TF or Craig Berube? Wish the 200 or so student athletes honored at halftime had stayed for the second half.
  2. I have no inside knowledge, but I will bet that Chris May has a finite budget and has to operate within whatever agenda his boss(es) decide to give him.
  3. Acting like hardasses and demanding a coaching change halfway through a season is the easy part. Let’s hear your suggestions for the next coach.
  4. Has anyone on this board ever coached a D1 athlete? I have never attended a practice run by TF. Just a hunch, but I don’t think he tells his players to miss free throws, open 3’s or play mediocre defense.
  5. College basketball is structured more equitably than football. There are 300+ teams with a chance to be national champion. If we make free throws, we beat Auburn. If the teams in the A10 had better records, our conference would be ranked higher and the chances of multiple bids would increase. Any school in an automatic bid conference has the chance to get to the Final Four. To quote Al Davis: ‘Just win, baby!’
  6. Fred Thatch got in Okoro’s face and basically told him to go up strong and dunk it. Okoro apparently listened. His offense changed from weak to effective immediately.
  7. Does Chaifetz have a new sound system? I could hear the announcer more clearly than in the past.
  8. Perkins definitely favoring his left leg. Coach on postgame with Rammer said he is only 70%. Makes his 21 pts even more impressive.
  9. I am going to be Mr. Positive here. I hereby hypothesize that Rivera’s foot issue was not a secret, thereby keeping him largely un-recruited. We have more than enough depth to compensate for his absence this year. Foot surgery requires a long, gradual rehab process (no Welmer.2). Hopefully he will return intact foot wise next year, when we will have greater need for his skill set.
  10. For conferences with automatic bids, for lower ranked teams the conference tournaments basically function as a series of must win play-in games for the Big Dance. Every school in an auto-bid conference has the opportunity to get to the Final Four. The only way to make the NCAA Tournament more inclusive would be to invite every single school. Either way, you gotta win your games.
  11. Hope some P5 school doesn’t offer him a football scholarship he can’t refuse…
  12. One way to accomplish this would be to add a $10-20 surcharge to the price of each ticket toward the players’ NIL fund.
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