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  1. Lorentsson can fill that slot. Next year after two years in the program, with with maturity and weight training, I can see him being a huge factor as a big with 3pt range. The roster SLU published has him at 6'8" and 240 lbs. SLU could also go (like many of the great Villanova teams) with a big and several very athletic 6'-4" to 6'6" slashers/shooters. Love that style of play.
  2. Okoro. Only averaged 3 pts/3 rebs per game during his injury prone stay with Oregon. Think he goes about 10 pts/10 rebs for the Billikens. Add a couple of blocks a game and he is a game changer for the team.
  3. Okoro will be the second leading scorer. Mark it down. Ford likes to feed a skilled big and so does Yuri ... so feed him the ball!
  4. So, is he 6'9" or less than advertised.
  5. That's just silly. There are many great coaches who have never played the game at a high level that can develop all types of players. I do not buy it at all that you have to be a big to develop a big. The hardest position to recruit if you are a mid-major like SLU are bigs. Sure there are lots of big bodies out there but very few of them are big and great athletes. And those guys go to the power teams. Name several mid-major teams that have developed a diamond in the rough big that turned out to be a top of the rotation player. Maybe you can, but it will not be easy. Scarcity of quality big athletes is the problem, not development skills of our staff IMO. Our new big looks like he might be a higher level athlete than Bell, Diarra, etc. Let's see what happens. And I am sure Ford is smart enough to call in some favors and get some development advice from past players and connections.
  6. What's interesting is the class most of these guys are in for basketball eligibility. Thatch graduated and he's a redshirt sophomore. He should have a master's by the end of his junior year. Linnsen came in as a grad transfer. He's a junior. He can maybe have a doctorate by the time he leaves. Jimerson, a 3rd year freshman, dang. That being said, how in the heck can anybody know how many scholarships might be open next year? ..... a total unknown.
  7. Wecome Lassina Traore! Sure, he's pretty raw. But I like his size; I like that he appears to be athletically an upgrade from Bell. Do not expect he will play much, but isn't that what Ford wanted? A raw, athletic big with good upside that will to help in practice, improve, be in the program, and develop. If Lassina is athletically an upgrade from Bell, and is more mentally tenacious ...... then this is a terrific signing.
  8. NBA is a truly boring form of basketball. Never watch it ..... but if Goodwin makes it, will have to give it another look.
  9. Watched the video, not impressed. Clearly the competition in the video is ...... very questionable.
  10. He came in second semester. Even extremely talented players need time to acclimate and learn the system and plays. Memphis was what 10 games into the season when he arrived? That is likely the main reason why he sat.
  11. In his three seasons his 3 point percents ...... 26.9% frosh, 16.7% sophomore, 31.3% in his covid sophomore year. And his 2 point % by year isn't anything to write home about. Hope he brings his shooting efficiency up, but until he does, he's a star defensive specialist in my book.
  12. Thatch is the 6th man. Hargrove or Jimerson starts. If his shooting is as good as advertised this Summer, Hargrove takes it. If Jimerson puts on 10 lbs of muscle this Summer he may swipe the starting spot. Love Fred, but he can get just as many minutes off the bench to put a "clamp" on the other team defensively. But Fred's shooting, especially from 3 is what will put him in that off the bench slot.
  13. I'd take another Round Mound of Rebound ....
  14. This guy must be a backup plan. Classes start in what?, 4 or 5 weeks? Got to believe something has to break soon. Two scholarships still open ....
  15. Think I'm right on this. If Malik qualified out of high school he can transfer to D1 and play immediately. So with covid waiver, 4 years eligibility.
  16. But a different kind of 3rd big my be a better fit, maybe an athletic 4 that can guard the other team's 4 or 3? Jimmy is good as a center, but mobility and quickness has been a problem at times especially on D. And what team needs to be 3 deep in centers but short on the power 4 spot?
  17. He's going JC, not D1. So don't think a year sit out is required.
  18. Transfer portal closed right. Seems JC because Bell made a late decision to me. Or could Ford be "farming" him out a year to get him PT and development? If Jimmy really loves being at SLU is that a possibility?
  19. His team was playing in a baseball stadium. I would have left too. On the other hand, the NFL is dead to me.
  20. Been to SLU - Mizzou games when Mizzou was clearly the better program. And each and every of those games were tight, competitive, fantastic games. Imagine the rivelry now that SLU is arguably the better of the two programs? And the revenue boost BOTH programs would see would be substantial. Too bad for the narrow minded people who keep this game from happening annually. A netral site game in St. Louis then KC would be an ESPN game and a full house in near 20,000 seat stadiums. And Thames. Good pickup for SLU, loss for Mizzou. And if Kellen can play effectively as the point guard of the future then he immediately becomes an incredible pick-up.
  21. Question. I see Thames has offers from three reasonably high profile schools ..... Mizzary, Georgetown, SLU. SEMO also offered. Given the profile of three of his four offers, why do I not see other offers on the recruiting sites? And why is he not rated? Certainly he has the pedigree, son of a D1 star. He has size and athleticism. He plays for a high profile AAU team. What am a I missing?
  22. Cycled 5,150 miles last year. Wear bright T-shirt or tank top if hot, a bright hoodie if cold. None of that fancy bike crap clothing for me.
  23. So, will be interesting how many scholarships SLU has to fill this year. Three for sure, but maybe five? If Linnsen is going for an MBA or Masters he ought to finish this year. I can see him leaving after the season if he wants to try going pro in Europe. Williams has what, one or two years of eligibility? This extra covid year really throws who is staying or leaving up in the air. I see a big and a point guard as must positions to get commits in 2022. Then either Hughes or Thames as the third. So if Kramer commits, that makes four. His committing tells me there are likely at least four spots minimum available. Would be curious how others see this year's recruiting landscape for the Bills.
  24. That is a high school length 3 point shot in the video clip. Well short of the NBA length.
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