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  1. I’m of the opinion that Yuri will surprise us with his shooting. No basis to this. Just a hunch mhg
  2. I hear you, but I really don’t want to see rebounds ripped out of the hands of our players the way they were in the past. The strength of our team now is light years ahead of that if the past.
  3. I believe there is an AllStar game Friday night, Mo vs Illinois. Collins vs Hargrove. At SLUH? can anyone confirm? mhg
  4. Game at the Arena, vs SIU. Spoon coach, the place was friggin' packed. They had to take down the tarps in the end zones of the upper deck. So freakin' loud. That was for me when I knew SLU bball was back. mhg
  5. From their evaluation of the East Regional. Only mention of SLU: Underrated coach: With Saint Louis winning the Atlantic-10 tournament, Travis Ford is taking his third different school to the Big Dance after previously leading Eastern Kentucky and Oklahoma State. This is Ford's ninth season of 20 or more wins, and he's not yet 50 years old.
  6. Can we play the second half first? mhg
  7. I always, always always try to see the other person's point of view. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, and we openly discuss things here. I love the discourse. That being said, I have to agree with Taj. SorryThicks, I have re read Taj's post twice, and I think it's a little bit thin skinned of you to respond as you did. I would love to hear your reply/analysis to see where you are coming from, but to jump from SLU's shooter needs to a different take as you have....well, it seemed to me to come out of nowhere. mhg
  8. will need some unexpected scoring...in the Mason game the bench-Thatch, Hankton and Wiley-were 4/8 for 3pt shooting. mhg
  9. We need 4 bigs for next year's team. Right now we have 2, one of which might be a bit of a project early in the year. We need two more. Bigs take longer to develop. We therefore need 1 big either JUCO, or GT who can contribute early in the year, and another to develop, bring along. All 4 will be able to practice together, improve themselves and the team. By conference time, the better two will get the lion's share of PT. One thing I havent seen discussed is the probability of a summer foreign trip to give these guys extra time to practice, develop, bond. Has anyone heard of possibilities for location, number of games, etc for this? mhg
  10. My nephew goes to South Carolina. In order to get football tickets, students must attend a certain number of non-revenue sports events. With those women’s b-ball numbers, that plan seems to work for them.
  11. He has been the definition of steady as a player and in his demeanor on the court. That type of leadership will be missed and hard to replace.
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