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  1. I thought DJ had one of the worst games he has played as a Billiken Wed night. Multiple TOs, poor decision making on moves to the basket, walked on his one good basket.
  2. Billikenbooster


    Yes, sitting in Louisiana
  3. Billikenbooster

    GDT Rename them the Slukies

    Billikenbooster will be on the bus.
  4. Billikenbooster

    Billiken Christmas

    Another cute story about drymdg2's son. They actualyl sit right behind me in sec102. In the middle of the game 2 games back, the boy taps me on the shoulder. He then asks me if I would like the Billiken ball toss ball he had just snagged. I told him it was all right, he could keep it. But he said he had another at home, and he wanted me to have it. He was just so sweet and caring, he just wanted me to have a ball. Of course I accepted, saw another young boy in front of us. I asked if it was OK with him if I gave it to the other boy. He consented, and two little fellas were happy that night. Truly caring child...speaks to the child and the parents. mhg
  5. Billikenbooster

    The Bills over SIU by 1

    I picked up a ticket today. Call Margo Lubis at the Billiken Club for details, sounds like a hoot and a half, especially after we win. 314-977-4758. mhg
  6. Billikenbooster

    2018-2019 #25 Rankings

    We are 72 on Ken Pom this week. Will need to take SIU and Oregon State to ft some love.
  7. Billikenbooster

    We Need to Talk About Our Fast Break

    And when he does have it blocked, invariably he is on the floor under the basket and the other team is on a fast break going the other way.
  8. Billikenbooster

    Women's Billikens Basketball

    How good is UVA?
  9. Billikenbooster

    S Hall over the Bills by 21

    Ignore ignore ignore it makes life so much easier
  10. Billikenbooster


    Grade 2 ankle sprain. Looked like he wasn't limping as bad tonight as he was Tuesday night mhg
  11. Billikenbooster

    Do you plan to come to the tailgate on Saturday?

    We had a great time meeting Chosen One and the others, CBFan et al. Thanks to CO for coordinating, and picking up food for the tail gate. Definitely doable again, more like the end of the season/spring time. Even Billikenfan05 was charming...LOL mhg
  12. Billikenbooster


    The beer will be cold! mhg
  13. Billikenbooster


    I will be there at 5 with chips/dip/6pack. mhg
  14. Billikenbooster

    Florida St will be big

    Ignore ignore ignore please
  15. Billikenbooster

    GDT vs Southeast Missouri State

    Don't answer! You don't want billikenfan05 as a neighbor!