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  1. Coach doesn't have playing time to offer folks. It will have to be a special kind of player to be willing to sit a bit for a year before extensive PT, unless the guy just blows up in practice and games in Canada during the summer. mhg
  2. Can you comment on how Jacobs looked in the practice you saw. Did he guard Goodwin or Collins? Did he play point? Did he look comfortable in the offense? mhg
  3. I agree. My point is we will need to be successful for a few years before we get a ‘reputation’ of a program the better recruits will want to visit mhg
  4. If we dance the next two years, we’ll definitely be in the mix, picking up a few of these better players
  5. If true that would be good. Pomeroy of 43 last year That would give us a B10, B12, BEast, ACC and MVC opponent for our OOC schedule.
  6. I love 72’s passion for YC. I believe his minutes will depend on how well we run our fast break. Now we all know how the break has been for us historically. If YC can elevate our break, 72 will be sippin’ his scotch with a smile on his face all winter!
  7. I agree as well. I’m not privy to the inner workings of the administration over this area. I’m just looking at the whole picture and it seems to me MBB, WBB and volleyball got a big boost with the Chaifetz Arena, while rest of facilities have languished.
  8. I reject BillyKen’s position and his one themed explanation as to the reason there is pain and suffering in the world. That being said, it seems other seemingly smaller academic institutions around have been able to market themselves in the athletic arena recently. It does raise one’s eyebrows Maryville has seen it advantageous to pay for naming rights to the new Blues training facility, and will have a D1 hockey team. Will they have a women’s team as well? That school is growing by leaps and bounds. It seems to me they ‘get it’ how a successful sports program is part of a school’s campus life. I follow this site religiously and know of potential pending budget cuts, and construction of new buildings for academic purposes is part of the mission of the school. But improving the teams and supporting the student athletes who work hard at their sports while being full time students is important too. Sports is marketing plain and simple.
  9. I vote behind Door #2!!! GJ will lead us! We are talking total #3’s right? Gibson’s the Man!! mhg
  10. Actually I feel that things have worked out pretty well for me, OG. Since you don't know me, I would say it is kind of presumptuous of you to assume that things have 'not many time's worked out in an ideal manner. I am a positive guy, and in my experience, folks with positive attitudes generally do ok. I'm here, the Bills are league champs, the Blues are Stanley Cup champs, my family's health is good....that's how I view it. Over time we minimize the bad things that happen, remember the good. That is human nature. Even the axxholes that jump in here and post stupid stuff don't bother me. Love the ignore button. mhg
  11. And it took him a number of months to get acclimated at the beginning of the season. This is not ideal, but probably over the course of the year will not matter much. mhg
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