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  1. How does this compare to TF compensation? mhg
  2. Even worse! Need to wait an extra 30 minutes!!! mhg
  3. Im having difficulty doing anything today. Just keep thinking about 7p game. I feel Im afflicted with Billikenitis. It’s a close cousin to Yurimania. It is very contagious. Dont fight it. There is no cure. mhg
  4. It was so amazingly quiet in that stadium after it was so loud before the HR. One of my favorite sports moments! mhg
  5. Have missed the Joe Davola and Backhand commentaries in the recent past. Good to read you!!! Go Bills! Unpack the Wolves!!
  6. Why not an annual round robin at Enterprise, SLU, IL, MU, MoSt. Double headers Friday/Sun, the two winners play on Sunday. A mini NCAA. OR just a double header, rotating opponents each year. With the weekend event, the hotels/Sports Commission/restaurant folks would love it.(post Covid, of course)
  7. Hasnt TF already said Perkins was starting? mhg
  8. One thing working against us IMHO isn’t lack of hotel space, but the state’s high CV19 rate. Schools might see StL as too high of a risk.
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