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  1. I am happy to report that yours truly will be honored before the game as the "Fan of the Game" with game ball, cheerleaders and my one second of fame on the scoreboard. Just thought I would share this with the Board. Look forward to jeers and cheers from the faithful in section 102. Go Bills! mhg
  2. I looked at women’s rpi to get a sense of where we are in the A10 in the non-conference part of the season. Right now we are 9th. mhg
  3. When I picked out my seats for the arena I made certain that we were close to the band. They’re worth the price of admission on their own.
  4. Crews once was coach at Evansville. Glad to see they were able to shake off the stench. We are on our way, too.
  5. I’m wondering how much of those misses were from being just tired from dealing with our D. With our short bench in previous years, we were there, too
  6. Wow wow wow! I’m 70+ and would be totally down with that before every game. Would definitely get fans in their seats for the start of the game. Lets Party! Show this to Andre. He will get it done. He already has the students mini choreographed before the games. Would need to put our own “name” on it. Can’t call it Havoc or Party, but our crackerjack marketing department could come up with something, don’t you think? Where was he Saturday, by the way? Had to listen to Gus more than we normally do.
  7. It would be best if we were to beat KState! We are in that position now. We have a great coach, great facilities, growing support from students, fans. We now need to beat the Belmonts, KStates, Xaviers of the world. Then when TF walks into a gym to talk to some 100+ players and Pistol puts them down as offered by SLU, we will pick up a few of them. mhg
  8. CORRECTION....getting details like 2pt or 3pt shot correct is his job, or announcing which new players have entered a game, or any other detail you may think of. I heard at least 2 ‘corrections’ last night. mhg
  9. I live south of 141 drove over there to secure my sandwich, then went to St Anthony's to have lunch with my wife. The sandwich was for her, which made me more upset, but I'm calmer now. It was still an out of the way drive for me to that location. mhg
  10. The Arnold Chick-fil-A would not honor my ticket for a free chicken sandwich today. Don’t know if this is a SNAFU or this location just doesn’t participate. I know I drove all the way over there and didn’t get a chicken sandwich.
  11. Yep. After each made basket he had the D running up court, not dropping back
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