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  1. Or call Lori Laughlin for a referral to a good college entrance coach
  2. One of my wife’s friends is a SLU prof. Her students dropped off a blue hydrangea Bush to thank her for her efforts this year. On the note they mentioned Team Blue. Coach Ford and the MBB program is continuing to grow into all parts of the university. mhg
  3. I’m with you, bro. Put the ball in Jett’s hands, dish to The Legend, let AB rebound/hit free throws. mhg
  4. If only there was an NMBMA, we’d all be 4* mhg
  5. My wife and I washed all the windows in the house inside and out, removed and brushed the screens, scrubbed sills. It is a pleasure if I’m stuck here in the house all day to look out through clean windows, especially in my sun room.
  6. Thought he could have been productive for us. Best of luck KC
  7. “SLU appears to be peaking at the right time, and did the same thing last year”....don’t you think this can be said of most of TF’s teams since he has been at SLU? One year we were picked to be the team most likely to not win an in conference game, and actually won a game in the league tournament. On the way home from the Bonnie’s game, Earl talked about building a program. With the success TF has had in the recruiting classes coming in behind these seniors, the future is bright if everyone stays and continues to develop. mhg
  8. I’ll never forget the look on Alford’s face when we ran NM out of the gym, I think it was on NY Eve? He got thrown out of the game, to boot. mhg
  9. So good seeing Jimmmmmmmerson’s makes again. Next year will be special. I was impressed how many times a 3 was our first made basket of a game
  10. Thank yo thank you thank you, so enjoyable. especially JG dunk on the TJ miss. Roy, don't think he touched it with his right hand, think it was all left. mhg
  11. I was to go on a cruise down the Rhine in April and we canceling our trip. Now as I am 71 years old, I think it is the prudent thing to do. My wife is a nurse and probably would Be put on quarantine by her hospital when we return. She does not want to lose two weeks of work/pay. Yes, It does affect the economy, but you need to be smart in your personal life as well. We have stockpiled nothing. We still go out to eat and shop. If we had plans to go to Brooklyn we would have gone. mhg
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