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  1. What about the possibility of picking up a guy after the NBA evaluations of non agent retained seniors? Any chance he had a contact or two there who would be a good GT big for us? They would have to see there is plenty of PT available for a serviceable big man, for a team that won its league last year. mhg mhg
  2. I’m surprised your congratulatory letter from SLU didn’t mention Billikens.com. I really believe we put you over the top with the Rank and Tenure Committee. Well done. I remember when you first took over the Chat room. Your management has been even handed and fair. mhg
  3. I’m of the opinion that Yuri will surprise us with his shooting. No basis to this. Just a hunch mhg
  4. I hear you, but I really don’t want to see rebounds ripped out of the hands of our players the way they were in the past. The strength of our team now is light years ahead of that if the past.
  5. I believe there is an AllStar game Friday night, Mo vs Illinois. Collins vs Hargrove. At SLUH? can anyone confirm? mhg
  6. Game at the Arena, vs SIU. Spoon coach, the place was friggin' packed. They had to take down the tarps in the end zones of the upper deck. So freakin' loud. That was for me when I knew SLU bball was back. mhg
  7. From their evaluation of the East Regional. Only mention of SLU: Underrated coach: With Saint Louis winning the Atlantic-10 tournament, Travis Ford is taking his third different school to the Big Dance after previously leading Eastern Kentucky and Oklahoma State. This is Ford's ninth season of 20 or more wins, and he's not yet 50 years old.
  8. Can we play the second half first? mhg
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