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  1. Heinrich was a standout in our game at the Dome, the Dome’s inaugural basketball game, vs Illinois. We won that game, very exciting. mhg
  2. Took my young son to his first Billiken game, he saw David Burns absolutely stand out from everyone else, athleticly and the hair as well. He immediately said, "I like him!" I smiled. mhg
  3. How do we put posters on ignore again? This guy is Looney Tunes! mhg
  4. RM stated he was one of the best X’s and O’s guys he knew. He was caught short when his asst coach left suddenly right before start of the season mhg
  5. Great stats...amazing we are C+ in FTM! I feel so much better. mhg
  6. YTD stats...SLU FTM 303 Opp FTM 304 Yes it’s frustrating, but the facts are we have made as many FT this year as our opposition. FT problem fixed!!!! mhg
  7. Another way to look at is everyone IS in the tournament, it just starts with the league tournament. Win out there (like we did last year) and you’re in. mhg
  8. Wearing Billiken t shirt, socks and cap as we speak! mhg
  9. Then I’m not interested. I want a big we can put on the floor at the end of a game to rebound and D mhg
  10. Anyone know why JBJ has R hand taped? He was rubbing it hard prior to the tip off.
  11. Maybe each time its a ‘game time decision’ mhg
  12. I’m in 102. RowL I can tolerate Zach. We go back the the Kiel Center days when he was just a little squirt. Now he’s a big squirt...LOL mhg
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