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  1. Billikenbooster

    GDT LaSalle exploring how to beat the Bills

    Another great marketing opportunity for Athletics Dept. First 2500 at next game gets a hard hat!
  2. Billikenbooster

    The Last 5 Games

    The one game I really want us to win is at St Bonnie. That place is in our heads. I would love us to knock the Brown Indians back out of Oleans and back to irrevelance where they belong. Of course being in the top 4 would be great, but to me, ending the regular season on a high note with a happy flight would be awesome! mhg
  3. Billikenbooster

    One Hour Remaining! Vote Photo 1!

    Of course I’ll vote what is this, though?
  4. Billikenbooster

    GDT: Arch Baron Cup 2k19

    Back on topic. I am a pretty fastidious reader of the Board, but do not recal the history of the Arch Baron Cup, as it relates to Dayton. Can anyone fill me in. Thanks in advance. mhg
  5. Billikenbooster

    GDT: Arch Baron Cup 2k19

    Sort of like a first year player for the Bills....if you don’t play defense , you don’t play. Keep posting. Read before you send. Hold off on criticism of posters until you get to know them (except for Billiken05. Dump shiit on Zach whenever you can....LOL!!! mhg
  6. Billikenbooster

    The Bills and Dayton EVEN

    Wiz, what would our FT grade be if our rate were 64.4%? mhg
  7. Billikenbooster

    Could Jacobs and Thatch Jr be leaving

    I've met and spoken with CB. He is a true fan, passionate and knowledgeable in bball. The term 'fan' is short for fanatic. I hope we all are fans of the Bills like CB. mhg
  8. Billikenbooster

    Rhodey from da' Couch .........

    On KMOX Coach said Hankton injured himself in the first minute of his play yesterday. Will be out 'for a while'. We are down to 7 scholarship players. mhg
  9. Billikenbooster

    GDT: RI round 2 fight night

    Here at The Post with 20 of my best friends, Margo and John Edwards
  10. Billikenbooster

    GDT: vs The SPAHderrrs

    Then keep your remote close...LOL
  11. Billikenbooster

    The Bills Road to The Dance

    Im glad to read this, Wiz. It seems so simple. Let's just win the next game, then the next game, etc. One at a time. All the old cliche's apply, but I love your analysis, as always. mhg
  12. Billikenbooster

    GDT Thread - SLU vs St Joe' - The Flappening

    Only 6 more home games this year after tonight. mhg
  13. Billikenbooster

    NET, et al.

    I'd like Travis or Rick. mhg
  14. Billikenbooster

    Carte'Are Gordon Rumored to Transfer

    Let's face it, nobody else probably wanted him. I have no insided information, this is purely my speculation. If a better program wanted him, he probably would have taken it. This is all he gots :(( mhg
  15. Billikenbooster

    GDT @ La Salle

    He just couldn't recruit. Plain and simple. Probably could have used some help with his game management as well, but just didn't have the horses, and that was on him, IMHO mhg