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  1. Was not able to attend, out of town. Was ALorentsen a factor at all, outside shooting or mixing it up inside?
  2. Thanks for the kind thought. I had it all planned out. Told my son in advance. While Im out there with Yow, she says, ’Someday someone is going to take this ball and take a shot.’ Little did she know it was me right then.
  3. I once got the ‘game ball’ at the pre game ceremony from Debbie Yow. After the pictures with her and the Billiken, I turned and dribbled downcourt to take a shot. Those balls are not full of air and i totally embarrassed myself trying to dribble it! I then ran to the basket and had to take two shots to make a layup.
  4. Thanks Taj. You said you’re on for Duquesne in Pitt? mhg
  5. Billikenbooster and wife looking at Duquesne as well. 9h ride grom the Lou. Leaving after work, staying in OH somewhere. What happens after that depends on time of the game. Do you guys usually get your tickets through slu or do StubHub? mhg
  6. I am having trouble finding this game on my Direct TV lineup. I thought CBSSN would give me Paramount+, but Im seeing auto racing at 9pm. Can anyone help me here? mhg
  7. What a truly sweet person she is. Never saw her stressed or not in control. Always with a smile. Enjoy your retirement, M. mhg
  8. Runs the floor well is a kiss of death for me. mhg
  9. Roy, I think back to Isabel. Coach was going to make him into a point guard. That didn’t work out too well and his best contributions came when he was shooting. Let’s see if coach can convert Williams into something different than what he has been in the past. Maybe he was that way because that’s what his team needed him to do.
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