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  1. Never went to SLU... Became a fan , alot had to do with Stipo , , DeSmet and Grawer...When Grawer was named coach, that did it for me...Wrote him a letter, he replied , sent a t-shirt , business , stickers...Still have the letter he sent , asking to help spread the wors
  2. congrats St. Mary`s and Randy Bennett ..Now watch them put them in a play in game,
  3. The Pac 12 will be interesting, sure will be crazy if Washington wins the conference tournamnet
  4. This year story still unwritten... Javon Bess = Justin Love ??? Miracle in Brooklyn
  5. North Alabama already knows how to get money for it's program...Bet they got a nice paycheck for that
  6. I guess maybe I should have started a new thread , O.T. Florida State game roll call, was wondering who all is going to be at the Doubleheader at the BB&T Center on Dec. 22nd ...First Game is between SLU and Florida State , after that the will be a game between Florida and FGCU...Was wondering if any Billiken fans would stay to watch the 2nd game. Trying to arrange to be off work that day , and cross The Alley
  7. Anybody sticking around for the Florida - FGCU game?
  8. If he visited UCF last weekend, there was no football game , Knights had a bye.
  9. Have announced time for the game 2 pm EST ( 1 Cst).... Dec. 22nd BB&T Center Sunrise FL...Game to be on FS2 and Fox Sun Sports...FGCU plays Florida in the second game at 5 (4 Central)
  10. Picked the Bills 2nd , behind Davidson.... Has the Bills in the First Four( play in game)
  11. Does anyone know when they were formed? Thanks
  12. Hoping to make the trip across Aligator Alley and watch the Bills play Florida State. So if I got France's flag.....should I put ...The French Connection or French Revolution on it????
  13. Aren't there like 348 D1 teams? So more like 348-1??
  14. Former SEC Commissioner Mike Slive passed away at 77. He was the first Commissioner of C-USA from 1995-2002 First Commissioner of the Great Midwest Conference upon it`s founding in 1991
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