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  1. Bolivar is in the Ozark Comference???
  2. https://hawkeyeswire.usatoday.com/lists/iowa-hawkeyes-football-2022-assistant-coach-raises-kirk-ferentz-big-ten/
  3. So seems an early program to really get on board with this NIL thing, just started a bit early ... Tennessee football hit with 18 sanctions , some infractions include paying players , $12,000 over a period of time... . $12,000 Seems so little now
  4. Really like this hire, bringing Will back ... looks good that he wanted to return. Recruiting wise he has ties in several areas.. I just keep seeing Rob Loe yelling Let's Go ! ( think that could have been in the UMass game to win the conference or maybe N.C. State)
  5. Arizona,Arizona State, Colorado and Utah are meeting with the Big 12 today, Sports Illustrated reports
  6. Could see Pac 10, invite San Diego Stste, Boise State, Colorado State, and UNLV , plus Gonzaga basketball only
  7. Could see them approach BYU from the Big 12, but with then just moving don't know how realistic that would be
  8. CBS sports just sent out alert, that this possibly is in the works ...
  9. This ad was in today's Fort Myers News Press
  10. Just throwing this out there... Joe Dooley , former East Carolina and FGCU coach..Was a finalist ? , for SLU job when Ford was hired .... has Midwest roots , assistant at KU..
  11. Was going to mention Bruiser Flint, just because of Bruiser name( just to like a guy named Bruiser), East Coast and A-10 ties. Knew he was up for a recent HC opening. Saw he is now an Assistant or Associate at Kentucky, so he is probably making more than Ford there
  12. Amarr Knox chose Alabama State
  13. IF the A-10 were to add, would be a school without football, so that limits options... After JMM mentioned Northern Kentucky, they could be an interesting option. no football, brings Cincinnati market( south). Has a 10,000 seat arena, only been D1 10 years, already 2 NCAA bids... Iona has 15 NCAA bids, only 1 win, but being in Juan Bid leagues, bad seeds...
  14. Wichita State Belmont Iona ( Slick Rick already said they need to be in a league like the A-10)
  15. Thanks for all the updates everyone. Went back , saw Amarr Knox playing on the same team with Larry Hughes Jr. At the Iverson Classic
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