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  1. Brain fart, should have read the history of the Arch Baron Cup, before posting....oopsie... still funny....
  2. Where was the story of the Dayton guy going to St. Louis and falling out of the tree trying to get the Orange Marmalade . Was a humor piece
  3. SLU will play mizzou, Illinois, and Missouri State all at least once
  4. Well I have never been to Spain, but I kind a like the music
  5. Went to make sure I had the game set up and that's what showed up on the guide....who knows maybe Seton Hall will get Ambushed....LGB. Let's Go Bills
  6. Didn't know but looked , ACC Network is channel 612 on Direct ... Boston College game is on ACC Network
  7. Looked at slubillikens.com ,didn't see any games listed on Fox Midwest...Have they announced which games they will show?
  8. Was it Neufeld who went to Sunrise?? Not trying to say anything, just remember someone went there.. Know they are a national academy
  9. I remember they were referred to as Kiss in White....The Tower ( song)????
  10. Oooo. Almost as cool as the 70's band Angel, their logo also spelled Angel upside down...I just aged myself
  11. I like the logo, but Battlehawks is just way to close to Blackhawks for me
  12. Off Season so....seeing that Coach Ford said Weaver was really quick, made me wonder how fast Yuri is, then any thoughts on who the fastest of all time would be???
  13. Any word if this is a home and home??
  14. Woo Hoo !!! Went to Slubillikens.com, said 9 of our games were on that channel last year
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