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  1. Who knows what will happen... My best case scenario for the Bills would be , the Big East expands, tries to compete, adds Dayton, SLU, and VCU. To get to 14, but Wichita State worries me in that outcome. A-10 stays together, I say they should be in Wichita State's ear, telling them you are lone basketball only team in the AAC ( if that survives) A-10 asks them and Loyola to join. AAC/ Big 12 could go either way, one takes over parts of the other.. Of course seeing West Virginia and ACC rumors.. Any thoughts or predictions??
  2. I hope the A-10 is on top of rhis... what happens if the Big 12 goes after the AAC , Wichita State may not be quite as interested in being there, if the league is weakened, maybe the A-10 could throw out an invite... I still like the idea of asking Belmont and or Loyola L
  3. That what is being reported... Of course if this were to happen the Big 12 would try to raid the AAC. Cincinnati, Memphis, Houston and UCF would be possible targets
  4. Had look it up , Floyd McClain from Houston, in Chris Sloan class.. Thinking we had a Malik , can't think of his last name, maybe late 90's was also from Houston?
  5. Went to Verbal Commits , to find out info on Malik.. Looked at interest , listed SLU , went to look at our Depth chart, list him on the roster as Freshman
  6. Saw in the Twitter section, said Kellen is his nephew, and Kramer plays for him at SLUH... found that interesting
  7. His thoughts on playing in Australia, and playing for their national team
  8. Happened to look at the BBE roster, saw his name... Has he been with them for a long time? Is he the coach at Marquette High? Is he close with the SLU program. Was fan of his from those early Grawer years
  9. Saw in the tweets, that Coach Ford has added Thomas Dziagwa, as a GA That'sKablamo in the Coaching Carousel thread, added also. I find this a very interesting hire, recruited by Ford at Oklahoma State, but never played for him there. 2 time Big 12 All Academic team 41 % percent career 3 point shooting..
  10. Not a Steve Stipanovich type thing , I hope... Have to admit he leads an interesting life, hope he is ok
  11. College Football- love-UCF, Florida Gators, and USC Hate -LSU Baseball- love- Tampa Bay Rays and Cardinals hate , Boston red Sox NBA- not big on the NBA, but after reading about the A-10 tourney going to be at Barclay's Center, became a Brooklyn Nets fan NFL- Jacksonville Jaguars, future looks bright... Wife is a Raider fan Hate- cheaters and and the chiefs, again wife is a Raider fan
  12. Like I said fell down the rabbit hole Saw his first season at SLU was the 47-48 NIT champions. Then for 10 straight seasons Bills were ranked at least at some point during the season in AP Poll from 48-49( first year AP poll started) thru 57-58 . 6 years were ranked in the final AP poll.
  13. You are right , that was how I phrased it. Then fell into the rabbit hole,.. 1955-56 also did it... getting stats pre Easy Ed days, gets tricky plus not alot of points being scored then...
  14. Looked at basketball reference , said 73-74 67-68 accomplished that also.. Would have loved to seen that 67-68 team play.. Orms, Gene Moore, and Rich Niemann... Moore played in the NBA, Niemann ABA and wasn't Orms drafted in the NBA or ABA?
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