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  1. Old Dominion heading to the Sun Belt. Question is where will Liberty go? Arkansas-Little Rock and UT-Arlington, both in the Sunbelt, but don't play football , what happens to them , Is the Valley a possible move New Mexico State may find a home for football.. Grand Canyon to the West Coast a real possibility. More to come
  2. Conference USA as it looks right now is down to 5 members , none of the original members remain... Could UMASS be a target for the league to find a home for their football team??? The Sun Belt Conference seems to have strengthened itself in all this...,
  3. Will C-USA survive?? Seen Marshall and Southern Miss may leave for the Sun Belt
  4. As a Rays fan afraid the Cardinals will try to make a run at Kevin Cash
  5. OK, sorry to start this baseball topic , but what a crazy day this could be... First need my #1 seed Rays to sweep the Yankees. Nationals to beat the red sux, I mean red Sox Toronto and the Home Run Jacket to beat the Orioles Seattle to beat the Angels IF all this happens 4 way tie for 2 Wild Card spots ... As the great Brett Phillips says ... Baseball is Fun
  6. Just curious looked at the roster, he is no longer listed, did he end up not enrolling???
  7. The West Coast Conference took a Major hit, lost in all the shuffle is they lost BYU . basketball SO if you are UMASS, do you approach the American and try to get an invite , to have a place for their football program???
  8. Could see AAC make a play for UMASS, get a home for their football team.. I think Liberty as well
  9. The AAC will go to C-USA , UAB, FAU, Marshall , Southern Miss and or FIU ?????
  10. Wichita State and ask Loyola to join also... go to 16 ... WEST- Dayton Loyola, SLU and Wichita State Capitol-Mason, GW, Richmond and VCU East- LaSalle,, Rhode Island, St. Joseph 's, and UMASS North-Davidson, Duquesne, Fordham, St. Bonaventure Something like this, 18 game conference schedule or add 2 to make 20
  11. So any guesses on what the Big 12 will do??? I think the 8 will stay, and will add 4 , Cincinnati, Houston, BYU and UCF( Charge On Knights!) So do they add 3 , go to 11, and have 20 conference game basketball schedule Add 6 get to 14 , or add 8 get to 16??? Haven't seen as much buzz about the AAC trying to poach the Big 12... Thoughts??
  12. I called Direct and ask if there would be any changes with Sports Pack ( Fox Sports Regionals, now Bally) said package would remain same price for all the channels, like $15 a month depending on other premium channels you have. Will stick with them , for the NFL Sunday Ticket , as the wife is a Raider fan , and I am a Jaguar fan, so we are anxious for the season
  13. Summer not much going on.... Can you name the original C-USA members and what division they were in?
  14. Nice heads up, wgstl! Doing my best Horse from Ren and Stimpy impersonation, No Sir, I don't like it.. Sounds like C-USA mess with football, would expect other football programs to be joining them , so could say Marshall and ODU bolt just as fast ? Nice to see some A-10 realignment talk, myself , I say ask Loyola and or Belmont to join, and get in Wichita State's ear, try to convince then they should be in a basketball league without football driving the league
  15. Heard that... Can see Pac 12 possibly adding BYU, Boise State, San Diego State, and maybe a Texas school( TCU, TT or Baylor)
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