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  1. Got alert from CBS Sports, David Cobb story asking who could be this year's Cinderella teams. As possible Final Four. From outside P6 Listed the Bills! New Mexico State was also listed, forget others....
  2. Safe to say we all hate Dayton, since Shaka left have the Bonnies moved up a notch on rivalry???
  3. Now that college players can get "paid" , does that mean they can use them on video games???? Or does the O'Bannon rule stay in place?
  4. Thank You for posting... Always was a fan of Charles Newberry.. Can`t remember which year it was in the NIT finals or semis Jeff Luck hit a bomb late from Way downtown
  5. Some for me, Miracle in Memphis , win over Minnesota in '95 tourney, last 30 seconds Gophers had several shots at the end., The 93-94 season ( remember ESPN had a blub that said Billi, cans. Getting NCAA bid The NIT runs 89 90 Winning A-10 tourney in Brooklyn,2013, team had to run to Best Buy to see tournament bracket. Conklin Smash and watching Conklin speak after Michigan State game in 2012 .
  6. Went to the MSHAA site, looks like the smaller classes played games last night...Are the 4A and 5A games on?
  7. So 3/7, Jerry Palm has 21-9 Tulsa a #12 seed , NET 75......not even last 4 in
  8. Saw in today ' s Bracketology, Jerry Palm has Belmont and Eastern Washington #15 seeds
  9. What if Liberty gets beat in the A-Sun final, should they get an at large invite at 29-5? I think their NET is like 66. A- Sun gives the high seed the home game, so they will be at home
  10. I became a Billiken fan the day Grawer got hired, so unfortunately missed out on David. Was looking at the archives, said in '79-'80 he was 2nd team All Metro and in '80-'81 was 1st team, Metro POY and HM AA... Can anyone share some stories, memories, really don't think there will be any video.. Can in as a JUCO, our most successful JUCO????
  11. Thank You ... I always enjoyed watching them make the fudge , entertaining
  12. Had to work last Saturday, listened to the game on 101 app. Had commercial for the St. Louis Aquarium at Union Station? Needless to say, out of towner, so looked at the website, didn't see anything about the Fudgery, so they no longer make fudge there???? How is the Aquarium???
  13. I still think adding a team to make 15 , go to 3 - 5 team divisions , play division twice, everyone else once..18 game schedule... Now who to invite? Need to add Western , Wichita State would have be great, but just went to AAC, but who knows could want away from football power. Perhaps Loyola ( Chicago) or Belmont ( Nashville ) market...So say Loyola , SLU, Dayton, Duquense, and St. Bonaventure, then Richmond, VCU, George Mason, GW, and Davidson. Other division Rhode Island, UMass, Fordham, St. Joe's and LaSalle.
  14. They Big East seemed to be happy having 11 teams, so a 20 game conference schedule... Should the A-10 go with the trend of a 20 game conference schedule???
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