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  1. Saw on Badger Wire , GT Tyler Scanlon will visit Wisconsin. Said he visited GW already.
  2. I like the fact there will be a recruit visiting Wednesday, there will be a buzz with the Blues playing1
  3. If Pikell is still coach at Rutgers , has a sister that went to SLU
  4. I liked that one of the announcers said Saturday at Enterprise is going to be a zoo
  5. I know the wife won't go for White Castle
  6. On a Blues rush right now. Told the wife if the Blues win the Stanley Cup , that deserves getting Imo`s. ( haven`t lived in the area in a long time) Has anyone ordered frozen Imo`s online? If so, how do they taste? Saw a place you can get a 4 pack for $99, but free shipping... Mentioned this to a friend, he says, might as well get Ted Drewes also, anyone ordered them online? Would need to have them shipped to Southwest Florida, so heat and humidity would be a concern. LGB
  7. Never went to SLU... Became a fan , alot had to do with Stipo , , DeSmet and Grawer...When Grawer was named coach, that did it for me...Wrote him a letter, he replied , sent a t-shirt , business , stickers...Still have the letter he sent , asking to help spread the wors
  8. congrats St. Mary`s and Randy Bennett ..Now watch them put them in a play in game,
  9. The Pac 12 will be interesting, sure will be crazy if Washington wins the conference tournamnet
  10. This year story still unwritten... Javon Bess = Justin Love ??? Miracle in Brooklyn
  11. North Alabama already knows how to get money for it's program...Bet they got a nice paycheck for that
  12. I guess maybe I should have started a new thread , O.T. Florida State game roll call, was wondering who all is going to be at the Doubleheader at the BB&T Center on Dec. 22nd ...First Game is between SLU and Florida State , after that the will be a game between Florida and FGCU...Was wondering if any Billiken fans would stay to watch the 2nd game. Trying to arrange to be off work that day , and cross The Alley
  13. Anybody sticking around for the Florida - FGCU game?
  14. If he visited UCF last weekend, there was no football game , Knights had a bye.
  15. Have announced time for the game 2 pm EST ( 1 Cst).... Dec. 22nd BB&T Center Sunrise FL...Game to be on FS2 and Fox Sun Sports...FGCU plays Florida in the second game at 5 (4 Central)
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