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  1. Really any backup big, or two, and a guard - which are all but guaranteed, just a matter of when - puts us leaps and bounds above Dayton. They're still young, we've still got more talent, and I can only imagine the only reason we're not above them in this bracketology is because of the roster holes.
  2. Did they bribe him with a Dodge Charger? That oughta cut into the smoke machine budget
  3. He's got Dayton as a 6-seed winning the A10 tournament and playing Memphis in Greensboro. Seems like we're one commitment away from leapfrogging them.
  4. He of all people understood the circumstances and how they changed from preseason to nonconference. Probably moreso than a lot of people on this damn board.
  5. https://www.instagram.com/p/Cdf8HUEDG2c/ From Olean to Florida, oughta be a real good fit there.
  6. Having him and Roby would be awesome, get Kwamain back here too while we're at it. Him joining the staff right now might also help in recruiting some frontcourt depth
  7. No. I don't want Coach K. Would be objectively good for the program but he's a doosh so no thanks.
  8. Give me Crespin and Cisse and a 2023 natty please
  9. Thatch has executed multiple NIL opportunities already...
  10. This is awesome. I would've bought a ticket to watch this pickup game
  11. I understand I said foreign born, but it's my understanding that Okoro has his citizenship, right? I'm saying guys on student visas with foreign passports - I don't think that applies to FO.
  12. If anything it probably makes them easier - less eyeballs on the hidden when they're all focused on the in-the-open
  13. Moving down to JUCO really surprised me. Huge disappointment for someone with so much talent but on the other hand he will be annihilating juco competition. Think it's just a one year stint to improve his prospects?
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