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  1. Someone coming along as good as Yuri is would be unlikely to begin with, but that person also getting a 5th year of eligibility and using it is what seals Yuri in the record book forever.
  2. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/stadium/id691285427#?platform=appleTV
  3. You and me both!! SEMO should be able to do a much better job of recruiting STL talent that is D1-level but not exactly D1-level, but enough to run through the OVC minus Belmont. I always hated that they weren't a better program while I was there.
  4. If Yuri uses his two remaining years of eligibility - which I think he will - he'll have a totally unbreakable record in that department. Love to see it.
  5. Consider me the resident MBM tech guy. Except for computers - I'll do everything but computers...those are hard.
  6. You could rig up a rusty wire antenna and some tin foil and catch the game if you had to, O.T.A. signals and antennas are a crazy technology. Or you can go to Stadium's website on your computer and connect it to your TV via HDMI. I'm a custom technology integrator by trade and therefore consider me a professional on the matter. Your experience using a computer and an HDMI cable is going to be easier and in higher resolution that way than by streaming via any other variety or using an antenna. My $.02.
  7. I was referring to Central Arkansas, not his HS.
  8. Not to steal your thunder but it was mentioned in a different thread or a tweet, I saw it somewhere. Hoping that means a Billiken fan section - and a high production game from DJ. Pretty cool that he got to play his former school and in his hometown this nonconf. Gotta think that was a factor in his recruiting.
  9. I'm not a rocket scientist but I wonder if there's a correlation between their slow tempo (# of possessions in a game) and their rebounding percentages?? They're certainly better than I thought, my mistake there, but their rebounding #s could be skewed due to factors like competition and sample size of possessions aka if we run the tempo and double the # of possessions in the game, do they double their rebounding #s or do they not know how to handle it??
  10. I'm with you, let's impose our will and control the game. Run and gun, don't play their game. Take it to them in their own house and send a message. I mentioned in another thread that I'd like to see us try the 1-3-1 defense again. It was shot down by somebody but I like the idea because they don't shoot well (or often) from outside the perimeter, they don't rebound all too well, and they play slow - all reasons to believe they would fail to pick it apart and if we run it well it will create easy transition offense that allows us to control the tempo the way we want to. Force turnovers, create transition points. That should be the gameplan - but outside of a full court press into the 1-3-1 with the way Boise plays I don't see much opportunity to play that way.
  11. Odds seem to be moving away from the Billikens but that doesn’t scare me any. A trip to Boise sounds like a cakewalk after a two day thanksgiving trip south of the border, the boys will be ready.
  12. I'd like to see our 1-3-1 defense again - this is a team that can't shoot well and won't be a threat to tear apart that defense, nor do they rebound particularly well. The 1-3-1 will be our best chance of controlling the tempo and getting our fast break points and if Boise gets a taste of the run and gun, highlight reel style of play we've grown fond of they won't know what to do with it. I'd like to see us playing athletically and maybe some Markhi PT to stir it up on defense and open up the fast break. Bills by 40.
  13. I'd be interested in going to see the game this Sunday if any other MBMs feel the same
  14. Performing VERY well in our upcoming schedule could find us ranked by conference season. Boldfaced and underlined emphasis on the very
  15. Yes, Yuri is most definitely the glue that holds us together. Thankfully he's one of the best point guards in the country and that's a comfortable pillar to lean on. No, we're not only 8 deep. We may play 8 deep right now but I expect that to change as the season continues. We could see contributions from RW, LT, MS, and AL as they gel with the team, gain experience, and develop in practice. November trends do not predetermine a season. And frankly having Jones as Yuri's backup is everything we could've asked for as he has proven more than capable.
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