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  1. New drinking game: Take a shot every time Hargrove hits the floor. You'll be hammered by halftime and won't remember the final.
  2. This post restriction of his isn't quite restrictive enough for my liking.
  3. Phil is just not good enough to play at SLU. I've seen him play for SEMO and yeah, he scores a lot, but in ways that wouldn't translate at a higher D1 level. There's a reason he was going to SEMO in the first place, and there's a reason he's back there. That's his ceiling IMO. He takes 14 shots per game, shoots under a 40% clip from 2 and only 36% from 3, and averages a 5:3 A/TO ratio. I bet good $ that all of those stats move in the wrong direction should he come back to SLU.
  4. I would like to meet you, shake your hand, and then punch you square in the face. Then get a beer and ~talk~ about this scorching hot take.
  5. Old Guy was my first suspicion but the only similarity is posting frequency...and tendency to share dogsh!t opinions. By that criteria he could be almost anyone.
  6. What's truly remarkable is that Grant Golden is 3rd on the all-time TOs list as a center. You think Richmond hates him the way y'all hate Yuri?
  7. We may never have a point guard as good as Yuri again in our lifetimes. I suggest y'all get your heads out of your @sses and enjoy it while you can. He's a top 10 player at his position in the country and everyone in the nation praises him as deserved yet we nitpick every mistake as if he's not afforded any of them and none of them are actually the fault of a teammate - GIVE ME A FU*KING BREAK.
  8. I'll add that it was the most minimal amount of contact imaginable and it wasn't exactly initiated by either player. It was sold well by the Chode Island player.
  9. I had to watch from my hotel room in KC - yes, there was contact...but it was still a soft call. If the refs didn't have to make the call in live-time and had to call it based on the replay I reckon it would've been a coin flip.
  10. It's easier said than done, new guy. There are only so many minutes to go around, so by distributing minutes to these players you think deserve more you are taking them from the best players on the team and in turn putting yourself at risk to lose them. Take your pick - do you want Yuri, Jimerson, Perkins, Okoro leaving or Lassina Traore and Andre Lorentssen?
  11. Also fun to think about is VCU's schedule - they play @ Davidson tonight before coming to us Friday, then host Dayton on Tuesday. We could see some quick separation at the top if we play our cards right. Or we could f*ck everything up. Certainly a possibility.
  12. Yuri likely moves as many as 7 spots on the all-time list tonight, from 49th with 766 to 42nd with 776. Top-40 is in play at 779 and 39th at 780. Always fun to watch and root for. NBA guys Monte Morris and Matthew Dellavedova are in that span and likely to be passed tonight and Jacob Gilyard, all-time A10 leader, is in the sights at 38th place with 782.
  13. top national assist man*** (but I agree Fordham should be terrified)
  14. My family's got 8 season tickets filled every game and we've never got more than 1 alumni.
  15. We have Q1 opportunities left at both Dayton and VCU. Granted VCU is currently 6 spots out of Q1 territory but by the time we get there on 02/28 they very well may be. Dayton is 8 spots inside Q1 territory and their schedule looks easy enough to feel confident they'll stick there.
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