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  1. The stated range was $1.5-2 million, no doubt that's accurate. Robbie and Conwell alone will command ~$1 million, the other 3 starters combine for $500k-1 mill. Checks out. You think Texas didn't drop Kent and Larry a combined 500k??
  2. I was there. About what I expected. Probably 60-70 people in total, wide age range. I'm 28 and was older than ~15% of the room. Schertz accidentally went to the downtown MAC and didn't get to the Des Peres location until about 6. Troy spoke a bit, Chris May spoke a bit, then Schertz took the wheel. Good speech, dude is very funny, then he took a Q&A. Most of the questions were pretty worthless but he did drop a couple of noteworthy things: 1) Last year's ISU team was paid a combined 80k in NIL. Their market value today is as much as 2 mill. 2) One of the recent recruits on campus brought their 12YO sister who made a fat joke towards Schertz - he found it very funny (as did I). 3) Gibby was scheduled for a visit to UConn this coming weekend before recommitting to SLU. We beat the two-time reigning national champion out for a transfer portal player, and arguably more importantly the two-time reigning national champion was interested in our shooting guard. Think about that next time anyone wants to talk down on Gibby. 4) Coach is still VERY confident that we get commitments from RA and IS this week. I'm very confident that those commitments will open the floodgates. 5) I asked coach 1 on 1 afterwards what he thought of the Billiken vs. "Team Blue" and it sounds like we can finally but that bullshite boring @$$ moniker to rest. 6) Charlie Gitto's is his favorite restaurant so far. Had it during the MVC tournament.
  3. I still wholeheartedly believe Yuri under Josh Schertz could've been an All American. No chance an offensive minded coach like JS doesn't figure out how to utilize the best passer in the nation. Also safe to assume Yuri would've developed a better 3PT shot (and had more open looks) and obviously he liked getting to the rack, another key component of JS' offense. Sub Yuri for Swope on last year's ISU team and imagine
  4. You read all of that and decide that the "particularly" exciting part is Nitu?! Nice bonus, sure...but come the fouck on.
  5. A lineup with Swope, Conwell, Gibby, Kent, and Avila with guys like (Julian) Larry, Larry (Hughes), Thames, and anyone else off the bench would killlllll in the A10. I've always wanted to see Gibby light it up in a SLU uniform in the big dance...please give me one more chance at that HCJS
  6. I would assume a very good chance. Matt Turner is not good. Prem experience for a 23 year old seems good for his chances.
  7. Arsenal eye USA goalkeeper as Aaron Ramsdale heads towards exit (telegraph.co.uk)
  8. I just love Corey Tate. He'd be the ~coolest~ head coach in the country. I'm not saying he'd be good.
  9. You misspelled *HORRIBLE. SVB is downright BAD. He does not deserve minutes. Everytime he sees the floor it is an absolute disaster.
  10. SVB doesn't deserve any minutes outside of absolute desperation time. He's simply not a college basketball player. I'm with @AnkielBreakers - Bruce has legit NBA potential. I'm also with @gobillsgo - I don't think Ford can develop a big. I do think we have a better chance of keeping players on the roster after a Ford departure than most here seem to think. Why wouldn't these guys want to stick around for interim head coach Corey Tate?
  11. If Parker is out long he will be. Legit shooting threat.
  12. A ranked team still struggles against a team that shoots 60% from the floor. Hot take maybe but our defense has played less of a role in their shooting percentage than their luck has.
  13. And Parker missing all of clutch time. Important context.
  14. City SC was devastated by injuries this year too. Must be a St. Louis thing.
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