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  1. Last year he did, sometimes. That I agree with. Don't say "has" because you have no idea what parts of his game he's developed or added new over the offseason - we're talking about the guy gunning for the NBA, I'm sure he's got some new things to show us.
  2. I've always WANTED to believe that KT is ready for the job, but hearing coach say that doesn't really convince me until I see it for myself. That could very well be peak offseason coach-say But the idea of a homegrown 6'7" (or taller) PG that learns the ropes from YURI F'ING COLLINS? If that don't get you excited get off the board.
  3. If Thames gets any PT it's because he IS that backup point guard who can sub Yuri for a few minutes
  4. Those averages include a game where he took 2 shots in just 2 minutes of PT so take them with a grain of salt.
  5. I wasn't sure how accurate this was but I remember a significant difference between conference and non-conference '19-20 JP, so I looked into it: He averaged 10.6 points/3.5 rebounds/0.7 assists/0.8 steals in conference play that year. If we get that out of Parker this fall we're going into conference play unscathed.
  6. We're lucky to have the Euro trip because any extra time for our new additions to gel and learn each other against other competition is a very much needed advantage. If we can play like a December team in November and a January team in December we're going to make some big waves
  7. What I'm saying is I think we can expect to have Perkins play limited minutes to be fresh in those closing duty scenarios. The staff has surely thought of this. Otherwise, a committee of Thatch, Jimerson, Parker, Pickett, the big guys, Yuri...there's more than enough for other teams to worry about. Maybe Parker will be as good as everyone is suggesting he'll be - that'd solve a lot of problems.
  8. Lol I forgot Pickett. This roster is fu(k!nG stacked.
  9. Now we're getting into a chicken or the egg, cause and effect argument. I could make an argument that greater student attendance would increase overall attendance, while there's the obvious argument that overall attendance would increase student attendance. With the product we're putting on the floor this year I don't think we've got anything to worry about in terms of fan support. *knocks on wood*
  10. I think you're looking at this all wrong. First of all, there's a very real chance that Perkins is at or around 100% to start the season. It's more likely that he's brushing the dust off the skillset than regaining physical abilities IMO, because it will have been over a year by then and ACL injuries aren't what they used be. If Perkins isn't at 100% then he will be used conservatively in early games. We kept big games close without him last see (See: Auburn) and that was with a weaker supporting cast than what we have now, even without Perkins. If Perkins is at, say, 80% of his former self, but he plays limited minutes and is still fresh in those late-game situations, we're still good. So my question is - Do you not trust Yuri, Jimerson, Parker, Thatch, Hargrove, Forrester, Okoro, and the gang to not hang in those tough games early in the season?
  11. I bet Archie thinks they'll be busts, he recruited them for the practice squad
  12. My thoughts exactly. No excuses this year.
  13. No ouch about it, this is exactly what we needed. I'm pumped.
  14. I :Jimbo Bad Language: LOVE this.
  15. Riding a bird scooter through Chaifetz in an AC/DC shirt…Sincere is making a strong case for my second favorite Billiken.
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