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  1. This was a game Thatch would’ve been effective in. He would’ve had a crack at guarding Baldwin and it couldn’t have been worse than what Yuri brought. But yes, throw him in there a month after tearing his knee up. That’s exactly what I meant
  2. I mean I agree. You’re not 1st team all defense if someone drops 37 on your head
  3. Weird game. I don’t think we played that bad, shot it decent. Only 2 second half turnovers. If Ace plays anywhere close to a normal game we win
  4. Another poster hinted at this but perhaps the Bills weren’t ready for the Fordham pressure? Admittedly I have not watched them this year so I have no idea. Is this usually how they play? Its kinda gimmicky in a way. Borderline foul your way up the court daring the refs to call something, then let 2 players take 36 of your 60 shots. If the opponent handles your pressure and/or your 2 guys don’t score well you lose.
  5. Perhaps the most maddening thing with this team is when our backs are against the wall we aimlessly drive into the lane and run into 2 bigs. Perkins, Yuri, Sincere back to back to back like clockwork. No sets, just panicking. Did we score in the last 3 minutes? Id rather hoist 30 footers
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