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  1. Michigan State might’ve stolen a bid tonight .. Wins over Illinois and now Ohio State
  2. Uhh.. their NET will be double ours and they’ll have loses to the 2 worst teams (one a blowout). They suck they just play well against us
  3. Dayton about to lose convincingly to bottom feeder St. Joe’s. I’m curious if the board still thinks the Flyers are a good basketball team? Seemed like a majority thought Dayton was better than us which is laughable.
  4. This is what’s infuriating.. we played good enough to win
  5. I think it should be noted how much better Ace Baldwin is than Yuri Collins
  6. I thought we played well, I hate to blame the refs but this one was stolen
  7. I miss Rickma quotes like these.. dude was a foucking legend
  8. Bills down 16 spots to 48. VCU down only 4 spots to 35 after a home loss to GMU. Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. I suppose because we weren’t competitive? Glass half full - our win could be more impressive since VCU hasn’t slipped in the rankings
  9. Bonnie’s scorching from 3 in the 2nd half against Davidson. They look to be closing it out. Announcer thinks Bonnie’s have the “best rebounding guards” in the conference. Like Jordan Goodwin and Fred Thatch don’t exist.
  10. They were impressive today but so was OSU. B10 should have a couple 1 seeds with Michigan and OSU/ILL
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