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  1. It feels appropriate to call this the most talented opening-game roster in SLU history
  2. +10000 get rid of the ranking if this is how it’s used
  3. I’m sure he feels great about it dude
  4. I guess you can counter this with Colgate is 9?? Stupid ranking and stupid system
  5. It doesn’t register with me to have a calculated NET ranking in place for it to be off by almost 30 spots on Selection Sunday.
  6. It’s a gold star from the NCAA
  7. Isn’t it possible we jumped both Wichita and Utah State today?
  8. LSUs guard play is awesome. Smart and Thomas are both really good. Not sure we beat them if we play today
  9. I have no problem with Michigan State in - they’ve shown an ability to beat the best teams in the country. If you’re looking to assemble the most competitive tourney they should be in. What would really piss me off is MWC getting 3 bids or Drake jumping SLU
  10. Good news is this doesn’t move the needle for Memphis. Bad news is they’ll be looking for revenge against Houston
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