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  1. I always remind my wife that I was a Billiken fan long before I was a fan of hers.
  2. It was against Iowa. Drejaj hit a shot at the buzzer to win it.
  3. I like them but I guess the only opinions that really count are from the guys wearing them.
  4. I was just wondering what everyone thought about the gray uniforms last night?
  5. He was drafted by the Nets and played for both of the teams Roy mentioned.
  6. Fastest Billiken is David Burns. Quickest Billiken is Jackie Kemph.
  7. I saw on Twitter that Tyrone Bates visited this past weekend. Does anyone know anything about him?
  8. With classes scheduled to start on August 26th, is there any indication that there will be any more additions to this years team?
  9. Could our new assistant be from that part of the country?
  10. Maybe the new assistant coach is bringing in someone. I trust Travis.
  11. Any news on replacements for Macon?
  12. Is there any new information on who might be Van Macon's replacement?
  13. It makes sense for him. Bigger conference. Closer to his recruiting base. It's home.
  14. Mike Anderson is being mentioned as a candidate for the St. John's job.
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