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  1. We should go back to the Valley. As soon as Louisville, Memphis, Cincinnati, Wichita State and Tulsa do the same.
  2. He's talking about the woman's tournament.
  3. French vs. Bonner would be fun to watch.
  4. I have to admit that I love hearing the outrage of the Mizzou Fanboys on the radio. They cheated and got caught. Live with the consequences.
  5. I didn't leave him out. Majerus is the only coach that I would take over Travis. I left Grawer out because Rich along with Gray and Douglass were the saviors of the program IMHO
  6. I wonder how the Blues going to 101 affects our radio package?
  7. As far as Goodwin goes you have to remember that he did not get to play or use our facilities a good portion of the second semester last year. He is the least of our concerns. I'll take a team of Goodwins and be successful.
  8. Consider the following coaches. Buddy Brehmer Bob Polk Randy Albrecht Ron Coleman Ron Ekker Lorenzo Romar Brad Soderberg Jim Crews Thanks I'll take Travis Ford
  9. It looks like one of the managers is dressed out.
  10. What is Ford's love affair with Wiley?
  11. Get Goodwin back in. Wiley and Jacobs bring us nothing.
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