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  1. AGB91

    GDT Patriot League Rams

    What is Ford's love affair with Wiley?
  2. AGB91

    GDT Patriot League Rams

    Get Goodwin back in. Wiley and Jacobs bring us nothing.
  3. Gordon and Chicago is a bad mix.
  4. AGB91

    Where is Isabell?

    Just not starting
  5. AGB91

    2018-19 season

    I would not want to be the player that mocks French if he shoots free throws underhanded. That could get messy for the mocker.
  6. AGB91

    Billiken Mount Rushmore

    Without Grawer, Gray and Douglass there would be no D1 Billikens basketball. They all get my vote along with "Easy Ed" and Bonner.
  7. AGB91

    2018-19 season

  8. AGB91

    Jalen Johnson transferring

    Good luck Jalen. When we really needed help you answered our call.
  9. AGB91

    Good luck Mickey Pearson!

    Mickey who?
  10. AGB91

    Collegesportsmadness' Top 144

    In my case it's more like middle aged.
  11. AGB91

    Collegesportsmadness' Top 144

    Gronks's predicting we are #69
  12. AGB91

    Welcome to SLU Dion Wiley

    Tyrone Hill is who I think you trying to remember. He had a pretty long NBA career.
  13. AGB91

    Recruiting - 2019

  14. AGB91


    We should schedule Loyola if they want to play. We get exposure in Chicago and play a Final Four team. i don''t see any negatives.