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  1. If she can get rid of two of the A-10 bottom feeders and add a Belmont and Loyola, we would be set. IMHO
  2. His dad played at Clayton and was a huge crybaby Without Blake’s talent.
  3. Bowling Green is going to have baseball. They had some boosters ante up.
  4. #22 was worn by one of my favorite Billikens of all time. David Burns a former Metro Conference POY. Just us old men remember how great he was. A literal one man team as a senior.
  5. With Gus retiring from KTRS could that hopefully mean he will not be the PA announcer for the Bills?
  6. Joe Wiley is a great role model for any Billiken player.
  7. The Paul Biancardi interview was really good. It makes you wonder what we would have been like had he and Moser been on the staff recruiting for a few years.
  8. The Post-Dispatch finally did something right. They got people to have intelligent talk about basketball in May
  9. With Caleb Love at UNC, do you think we may see the Tarheels within the next couple of years?
  10. Iona knew what they were getting. I just don't think they care. They were looking for attention. Be it good or bad.
  11. Top Golf is looking at the corner of Chouteau and Compton.
  12. According to Verbal Commits Levi Stockard is in the transfer portal
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