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  1. The irony is that if he gets canned at Wichita he will get sensitivity training and get a job at Power 5 school.
  2. SLU and the Illinois both would have been a better choice. IMHO
  3. What about Robert Archibald or Tyler Griffey?
  4. My only concern about Perkins starting is that he seemed to be foul prone last season.
  5. Prove it. Otherwise troll somewhere else.
  6. Point man or "Bag" man? The Illini do have a history.
  7. Tatum always talks up his hometown and seems to be a good guy. I’m not of fan of the Celtics but I pull for all of the players from the St. Louis area.
  8. Is anyone hearing who might be hired to fill the assistant coaching vacancy?
  9. Western signed Ramean Hinton this year who was first team all state in Illinois. He was an early SEMO signing who received some Power Five offers when Rick Ray was fired.
  10. How much better do you Tilmon would be if he had come to SLU?
  11. If she can get rid of two of the A-10 bottom feeders and add a Belmont and Loyola, we would be set. IMHO
  12. His dad played at Clayton and was a huge crybaby Without Blake’s talent.
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