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  1. Who is in? It's March 9-13 in Washington, D.C.
  2. Courtney and Lorentsson entered the game together, with Courtney at point guard, running the show in the waning minutes. As a Fordham Dad with a loyal Fordham alumnus son, we are hoping Fordham avoids the Pillow Fight this season, which would be a sign of progress. As of games of 1/23/22, Fordham (NET 174) did have a better NET than 187 UMass, 233 Duquesne, 250 LaSalle, and 267 GW, and was right on the tail of 170 St. Joe's.
  3. https://www.sports-reference.com/cbb/players/craig-upchurch-1.html https://www.sports-reference.com/cbb/coaches/rich-grawer-1.html There is a direct correlation between the Craig Upchurch Fiasco and the results of the SLU Basketball Program under Coach Rich Grawer during his last 5 years at the helm. The '88-'89 and '89-'90 SLU teams were both NIT runner-ups, which would have been Upchurch's Sophomore and Junior seasons.
  4. FWIW, Sagarin has this one as SLU -17 in his overall Ratings, SLU -11 in the Recent Ratings. Power Ratings: NET- SLU 69, 3rd best in the A10 behind 37 Davidson and 68 VCU, GW 266, worst in the A10; Pomeroy- SLU 69, GW 264; ESPN BPI- SLU 51, GW 260.
  5. SLU Basketball was at bedrock level rock bottom when Rich Grawer took over. The Craig Upchurch Fiasco most likely derailed Grawer’s teams from overcoming Xavier and reaching the NCAA Tournament. I do agree as is, the inability to win consistently on the road hurt SLU’s chances. However, had Upchurch been on those teams, arguably a good number of those road losses would have been wins and SLU without question would have had a stronger team competing for the auto bids in the MCC Tourneys.
  6. Thus, another set of back to back games against the same opponent is scheduled, like a 2 game series, home and home.
  7. SLU's NET improved to 68 after games of 1/23/22. That NET would translate to the 16th of the 32 NIT teams, the fourth of the four 4 seeds. The NET yields the Power 5 + 1 (Big East), aka the Power 6, 35 of the 68 NCAA bids. The Big XII and Big Ten would have 8 NCAA bids, the SEC 7, the Pac-12 4, the ACC only 2, and the Big East 6. The Mountain West and WCC would still have 4 NCAA bids, and the OVC 2. There would be 23 one bid leagues.
  8. Rich Grawer deserves to be honored. He is the Savior of Billiken Basketball as we know it, our Moses. He led the Billikens out of the Dark Ages, out of the wilderness, but was not allowed to enter the Promised Land (of the NCAA Tournament) himself. He had teams on the threshold of the NCAA, coached 2 NIT runner-ups and 3 NIT teams.
  9. Victory! We were there. It was great to see Adman and billiken_roy. Jimerson was on fire, 31 points, and Nesbitt had 17 and 12 rebounds. I love the 3’s and I love the sky walkers slam dunking!
  10. Sagarin through games played 1/20/22 has SLU by 11 in its overall ratings, thus close to The Wiz, and SLU by 7 in its recent ratings.
  11. SLU signee Nick Kramer scored 32 points last night in SLUH’s 73-52 win over Philadelphia Math, Civics, Science at QND’s Pit in Quincy. The Junior Billikens play their second game tonight in the Quincy Shootout at the host Quincy High Blue Devils tonight at 7:30 pm. CBC plays at 3 pm today in the Quincy Shootout vs. Modesto Christian of California. CBC has the 7’2” sophomore Center John Bol, 5’11” point guard Robert Martin, and 6’4” Larry Hughes II. Nock Kramer is 6’4”, is a great shooter, and I saw him dunk with both hands in the pre-game warmup. Kramer can get off his shot fast and when guarded, similar to the ability to create his own shot, which he seemed to also be able to do.
  12. SLU’s NET is 75, a drop from 69 after the @UMass loss. 75 is approaching the Danger Zone for the NIT. We need a big Win Sunday in the rematch, preferably double digits.
  13. Noah Fernandes, UMass’ 5'11" point guard, a Wichita State transfer, torched SLU for 24 points. I have to believe there was and is a way on defense to stop that.
  14. https://twitter.com/studurando/status/1482490499147698179?s=21
  15. I have to leave to get a crown re-cemented to my tooth. Which is the bigger torture?
  16. 6 turnovers in last 7 possessions and 0 points.
  17. Williams misses 1 shot and gets yanked.
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