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  1. I don't see any available school in the East or in the South that is worthy of being added to the A10, and that includes from a pure basketball perspective College of Charleston (NET 102) and Belmont in Nashville (NET 131). However, I can see interest in both from a tourism perspective. Both have had their past moments in hoops, but both would be well out of both the NCAA (absent winning their respective conference tourneys) and NIT this season. In the past, Boston University, a very similar school to George Washington, has garnered some interest. But Boston U, now in the Patriot League, has a NET of 294. Likewise, Siena in Albany, NY has previously been mentioned. But Siena, in the Metro Atlantic (MAAC) has a horrible NET of 355. Both would bring a TV market, and a big one in Boston, but not a good basketball program. Boston is a nice city to visit. I think the A10 has expanded enough into the South with the additions of VCU, George Mason and Davidson, all after SLU joined the A10.
  2. Dayton has a NET of 20. Barring a complete collapse, Dayton is IN. The NCAA cuts off today at NET 47.
  3. SLU is not going back to the MVC. That is a non-starter. I doubt the A10 Eastern power centers and the newer Southern spur would support adding Valley schools Drake and Bradley. And frankly, why should SLU support adding any schools from either the East or the South that don't move the needle? At least Drake and Bradley have pretty good programs currently.
  4. UMass has started to recover in Men's Basketball under Coach Frank Martin, NET of 86, would claim the last NIT bid. The A10 is #8 in Conference NET, whereas the MAC has free fallen to #24. The A10 will be a 2 team NCAA Tourney league if Dayton does not win the A10 Tournament. The MAC is without question a Juan Bid league in Hoops, with the only NCAA Bid being the auto bid to whoever wins the MAC Tourney. So this move is definitely a downgrade in Basketball, sacrificing the Basketball team for the D-1, FBS Football team, which has been wallowing in the deep abyss as an Independent. At this point, it is in the A10's best interests to not replace UMass, and stay at 14 teams, unless from SLU's perspective the replacement comes from the Central Time Zone. Drake of the MVC has a NET of 46 and as of today, per a pure following of the NET, would have the 35th of the 36 NCAA At Large Bids. Right now the best candidates for A10 expansion are Drake and Bradley, both from the MVC and both being old SLU MVC rivals. Bradley, NET 65 is NIT bound absent winning Arch Madness. No one else comes close to moving the needle. This being said, I don't think the majority East Coast with its Southern Spur A10 would be particularly interested in playing in Des Moines and Peoria.
  5. Tommy Ray is from my high school and hometown, Quincy Notre Dame, up river in Quincy, same high school as SLU Soccer players Seth and Tanner Anderson. It’s great to see our QND Raiders doing well as SLU Billikens.
  6. We’ll see you in Brooklyn! We saw Hamilton the first night it returned from the pandemic. I won’t give away the ending.
  7. We saw last place Oregon State play at now 6th Place (of 12) Cal Thursday night in Berkeley, two sub-.500 teams. It was a good game, high energy on both sides, highly contested, played above the rim but also with good outside shooting, tough defense on both sides, and very entertaining. Ms. BAB and our guest, who has a share and gets a handful of Golden State Warriors NBA games, both commented how good it was to have those Pac-12 refs let the two teams play, not call fouls ad infitum and turn the game into a free throw shooting HORSE match. The lousy, regressing Atlantic 10 of hopelessness could and should take a needed lesson. Of course, they were probably asleep Back East. In the A10 almost every trip into the paint results in a foul, whether it's really a foul or not, if the shooter misses the shot. That slows down the game, as if the Eastern Block half court chess matches need any help in slowdown. Today matches two offensive minded, defensive challenged teams. The over/under is a high 163 points. SLU is now -5.5, a 5.5 point favorite. Let the players play, and let's watch an entertaining game. Swallow the whistles. Try it, you might actually like it.
  8. To borrow from Cal: Who are we? SLU. And who’s gonna win? SLU. Go Bills!
  9. SLU leads the all-time series 13-9 and has won the last 6 meetings. GW has never beaten SLU in St. Louis. Let’s Go Bills!
  10. Never forget the rematch that same season, 2/13/08: @SLU 63 GW 38.
  11. Line per cbssports: SLU -4.5, o163.5. ESPN concurs: SLU -4.5.
  12. SLU @ St. Joe's today, 12:30 Eastern, 11:30 Central on USA. Joey's are 9.5 point favorites, o156.5, per cbssports.com.
  13. Rodney Dangerfield: “What a crowd, what a crowd,” at Gola.
  14. That’s not exactly an SRO crowd for tonight’s “titanic struggle,” as Marty Brennaman would say, at the Gola Mausoleum.
  15. SLU is a 4 point underdog at La Salle, o148.5, per cbssports. ESPN.com has La Salle -3.5.
  16. Yes, and it's the first time Fordham has ever beaten SLU in St. Louis. SLU leads the all-time series 15-5, but Fordham has won the last 2.
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