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  1. Yes, but that one trick is one we definitely need.
  2. I hope that is true, but I won’t believe it until I see it. This team(or almost any team) goes up a level by adding a Kemp or Lisch to the roster.
  3. I think Flowers is getting less minutes because she is being outplayed by Wilkins and Smith- Traore. She is still productive when she plays and is helping them win. It puts the women in a good position to have three capable front court players.
  4. JGood is currently using his.
  5. I agree. French’s form looks better than last year. He is capable of making them, he just doesn’t.
  6. What is the new flop rule? Does it apply to trying to take a charge?
  7. Flowers looked better in the second half. Wilkins looks much improved. The two freshman, Martinez and Kent, look like great additions.
  8. Kroenke doesn’t have the ability to stall the suit forever. The trial judge can set a trial date and enforce. Kroenke can appeal the trial court decision, but the appellate court will then set the schedule. This case will come to an end at some point. I would bet the end would be within 3 years even with an appeal.
  9. They are not working pro bono. They are working on a contingency fee. They get paid a percentage of what they collect.
  10. Wiz, is it you don’t expect a move of more than two places from the grade established after game 8 or from the grade at the beginning of the year?
  11. I figure Perkins is one. Who is the other?
  12. I agree. I saw him play several times when he was a sophomore and Tillman was a senior. He was always better their best player. He has talent, desire and attitude. He will be a good player or us and has the tools to be a shut down defender.
  13. I understand why we play Bell and agree with it. We need another force inside and he is our best shot at developing one. However, for the first two games we are a better team without him on the floor. Hopefully that will turn around at some point this year, but until then that will be limiting his minutes played besides any foul and game shape issues.
  14. Have patience. It is the beginning of his freshman year. He will get the hang of how he fits in and what he needs to do and will be a very good player for us.In many past years he would have been immediately thrown into the fire. With our depth, Ford has the ability to bring him along at the pace Ford thinks is best for his development and the team.
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