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  1. That was a different game than I saw. UConn could have won by 80 if they wanted.
  2. What happened? Did they get more than 50 top 50 players?
  3. It is impressive how much our recruiting has improved. In many of my years as a Billiken fan, a recruit like him would have been the gem of the class. Now he is just a good addition. Give Ford credit for that.
  4. He’s just setting it up with the curve.
  5. This has not been an inspiring hire. There have been no exciting new players added. She better be good with the Xs and Os. Time will tell.
  6. Was Marty Simmons their last coach?
  7. I’m assuming UM is Michigan. Aren’t all their top players going to demand at least that or enter the portal? At this point from a business perspective shouldn’t every rotation player in the top 6 to 10 conferences enter the portal every year to see what is out there?
  8. The way I look at this is as a business decision. If you were earning 50k per year working in St. Louis and a different company offered you 200k a year to do the same job for them in Tennessee, how many of us would turn it down out of loyalty to either our current employer or St Louis? I wouldn’t and I suspect neither would most of the other people on this board. Now is the time for the current employer to offer the same to keep their employee in St Louis. Yuri can’t turn this down. It may be the most he will ever earn playing basketball. He is not an NBA player and can’t make that kind of money in the G league. Whether he could make it overseas is up for debate, but he may not want to go overseas.
  9. What happened to his outside shot? He didn’t have one here.
  10. Driving to the basket has always been his game.
  11. Do NIL payers approach players directly? Can they approach a player and tell him they will pay him 100k for his NIL, but only if he plays for his favorite school?
  12. Is he still going to classes? That would be a big indicator.
  13. Do season ticket holders get priority to get our seats for the NIT games?
  14. I think the Thatch improvement has led to fewer TJ minutes. Against VCU, it was DJ’s increased minutes for ball security.
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