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  1. I would think they or their parents would have second thoughts about them coming to the U.S. in light of the Euro travel ban of U.S. citizens. Even if there are classes held in person, they may not be here. This is too uncertain to predict at this time. If anything, I’d have to say it is 50/50.
  2. Based on the current state of the pandemic, it’s doubtful either of our Euro recruits will be making it here any time soon.
  3. One of my favorites too. He could come down the floor 1 on 3 and still have them outnumbered.
  4. LilliKat? Congratulations and sign her up.
  5. If he had no medical issues he could be a starter here.
  6. Maybe he wants to go there, be the man and lead a resurgence of the program. ISU has had some good runs through the years.
  7. Remember when Soderberg couldn’t fill 13 scholarships and always had to “save” a couple. It’s nice the times have changed.
  8. She shows spurts of dominance and then disappears. She has the talent to consistently dominant, if she puts in the work. Hopefully she learns from Kendra Wilkins what a summer of hard work can do. Either way this team will be playing with 4 guards on the floor most of the time.
  9. I agree. 17mpg, 3.3ppg, 4.2rpg. Those are ok numbers that could translate into him being a starter since French will have graduated, but don't push out a guy who committed to you because someone new comes along.
  10. I disagree. I think things will get very down and dirty if this passes.
  11. Seems like any player transferring closer to home should be able to get exemption to play immediately because of COVID-19. “ I needed to be close to home to help my parents if there is another shelter at home order”.
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