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  1. The guy on the bench who he thinks is the best match up. We have no one who can match French’s physical game, defense and rebounding.
  2. Hargrove is not going to be a back to the basket player. He will go over his man or around his man. He can slash and jump. Those are his strengths and they will play at this level. No need to reinvent the wheel, just let it roll.
  3. I find it hard to believe Bell is going to go from a role as a backup center on his prep team, to a core player his freshman year in the A10.
  4. It doesn’t have to be that way. We once had Clagget, Highmark, and Waldman on the same team. I believe Carl Turner also came off the bench for that team. They could all light it up from “3”.
  5. The administration has no desire to move these programs forward. That would take money and commitment. They are content with their philosophy that the men’s basketball program is the crown jewel. Followed by men’s soccer. Women’s basketball, volleyball and soccer get funding because of Title IX requirements and they will even put a little effort and money into baseball and softball. The rest of the sports are sacrifial lambs and pretty much given a low price coach, minimal funding and told good luck. I assume the reason for all the low funded sports is either league or NCAA requirements to have a certain number of teams. If that is not the reason, I’ve always wondered why they bother to have them if they are not willing to fund them at a competitive level.
  6. He reminds me of Darius Miles in high school the way he runs the floor, handles the ball and dunks
  7. Is that the same one that organized situation 2? I could see the connection. They both recruit good players, but some still question their game management skills.
  8. He should have at least got to keep on shooting until he missed.
  9. I thought the European salaries would be higher. I remember years ago some posted Roland Gray was making $160k playing in Spain. I also heard from a friend of Chris Heinrich that he was making big money playing in Europe. I also remember it being reported Bonner was making $500k playing in Russia. Was all that just urban legend?
  10. I thought Zars would continue to be a rotation player. She was an excellent rebounder and decent defender. The other three won’t be missed.
  11. Is the interpretation of this someone asked him if was he transferring to DePaul and he said no, he is staying at SLU?
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