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  1. Who doesn’t want a free trip to San Jose? How many will take the trip and not go to the game?
  2. I hope the students that get to go attended games during the season.
  3. It may not have a great basketball history, but it was a fun place for undergrad.
  4. Jordon lost a lot of weight. I wonder if that effected him. I hope he puts back on 15 pounds of muscle over the off season to get some of the strength back. I think he was a great combination of strength and agility and may have lost some of the strength component with the loss of weight. That could improve his overall game and confidence.
  5. I thought someone said it was Achilles tendinitis and rest won't make much difference, only time.
  6. Flowers is already the best front court player the lady Bills have had. They have some solid additions in transfers and recruits. I will be surprised if they don't have a winning record and NIT bid next year.
  7. I would like to have another point guard. Collins will definitely help, but we also need a backup. One of our problems this year was the lack of a point guard that could handle the ball against pressure and run the offense.
  8. He would be a good pick up for SIUE who ought to be in the market for a new coach.
  9. Take Roy's advice. OK it through the athletic department.
  10. Recruit the best players you can get. Play the players that give you the best chance to win. If a player on the bench isn't satisfied with his playing time, he needs to become one of those players that give the team the best chance to win. If he can't do that or doesn't want to do that, he can move on or ride out his career on the bench.
  11. It looked like 75% of the students that came ate and left. They missed a good. Flowers had a great game on both ends, but this was a good team effort and a balanced attack. It was very entertaining.
  12. SWIC site says 36.7% from 3 and 79.1% from the line. Still good enough to be the best on our team.
  13. Hopefully he stays and builds them into a strong program. It is better for everyone in the league if we have strong teams top to bottom.
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