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  1. He should have at least got to keep on shooting until he missed.
  2. I thought the European salaries would be higher. I remember years ago some posted Roland Gray was making $160k playing in Spain. I also heard from a friend of Chris Heinrich that he was making big money playing in Europe. I also remember it being reported Bonner was making $500k playing in Russia. Was all that just urban legend?
  3. I thought Zars would continue to be a rotation player. She was an excellent rebounder and decent defender. The other three won’t be missed.
  4. Is the interpretation of this someone asked him if was he transferring to DePaul and he said no, he is staying at SLU?
  5. Hope he got a raise out of it.
  6. If Smith got a waiver to play right away at Missouri, he should get one too. He has been through two coaching changes. Smith had none.
  7. What is IG? Is it public knowledge when someone takes the ACT?
  8. Yeah 2020. They will have two seniors this coming year so that will open up two scholarships for 2020. With Tasia Jeffries transferring that opens a third, but they will have no juniors. So at this point that gives them two more open scholarships for the next two years. They will need another center to back up Flowers. There are fine for next year with Wilkins. She did a good job as backup in 2019. The following year they will have only 3 front line players unless they use the remaining scholarships for bigs. They will be loaded at guard, especially point which is good. I think Harbison can easily slide over to to shooting guard. A good point guard should be able to set her up on drives to the basket and midrange jumpers that she excels at. There is no problem playing multiple point guards if they are capable of scoring which it sounds like they will be.
  9. NCAA shows again they are not interested in the student athlete. I always saw this as a rule that was beneficial to the athletes. They are rewarded for their hard work graduating early and get a chance to experience a year of college elsewhere while getting a start on a graduate degree. Now that will be severely limited.
  10. Great commit. I think they only have one other scholarship for next year's class. Hopefully they can sign a good frontline player.
  11. I’ve always been a basketball fan and went to all the games as an undergrad at Western Illinois. When I came to law school in here in 78 I loved the step up in quality and the big time competition. Seeing Louisville, Marquette, Memphis state, Cincinnati,and the rest of the league come in to play was a treat. There wasn’t a lot of winning going on in those Ecker years, but we had David Burns and he made it competitive. I’ve been going to all the games ever since and have indoctrinated my wife. She is always up for the games or a Billiken road trip.
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