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  1. Actually in might have been Beal that hosted, but I know Tatum played.
  2. I had heard that Tatum recently hosted a golf tourney here. Wonder if that was it? Apparently his foursome include Penny and Tatum's golf coach.
  3. That's Linssen. The Swede is listed at 215 lbs.
  4. How any settlement proceeds will be spent will be the most interesting thing out of all of this. I thought the city of Saint Louis was already getting getting one of the largest amounts as part of the latest fiscal stimulus package? Something like $450 million? Add another half a billion+ on top of that and there could be a lot of money sloshing around the city.
  5. I could see Moser at Notre Dame. Not sure how much longer Brey wants to coach though.
  6. The A10 commissioner is on the selection committee. She has to leave the room when A10 teams are discussed but lets hope she is pushing hard for 3 bids and SLU.
  7. Thanks Wiz. Very appreciative of the work you put into this. Is the 4 points the neutral court factor or did the margin of victory yesterday for UMass give them a bump? Or both? Just curious. UMass has such a limited body of work I assume their numbers are more volatile.
  8. I have been to the last two also and have had different seats for each. I have yet another location for tonight's game. My usual tix are also in 115 and I have been consistently in the middle rows in the 200's. It also appears that they are keeping a pretty good "DMZ" around the court with nobody sitting too close to it. Last game I was in 215 and had a video board (I assume for the TV broadcast) right in front of me.
  9. Headed there now. Went Saturday also Weird atmosphere but SLU did a nice job with it.
  10. Thanks Wiz. Great stuff. Realizing the sample sizes are still small and the number of games played are all over the place, Haslam has us as the #2 offense/defense (efficiency) and team ITN and a #2 seed in their bracketology. They also have us beating every team in the country on a neutral floor except Gonzaga. Heady stuff for sure. Just saw this in other thread. My bad.
  11. Great news. Let's hope TF keeps them focused on tonight. Don't want/need to look past ISU. Also worried a little about the cumulative effect of 3 games in 5 days. Legs could be a bit heavy by Saturday.
  12. Thanks Wiz. Really appreciate the time you put into this and the info you provide. Is our soft schedule going to hurt us at some point from a pure quant perspective? I know enough games haven’t been played to slot everybody yet but our numbers are all over the place between Massey, Kenpom, Warren Nolan, etc. I saw we dropped 21 spots last night on WN’s real time RPI. I feel like if we take care of business we will pass the eye test but I worry how soft the schedule is.
  13. Per student Richmond is very high. I believe in the top 15 or 20. Rough (and I mean rough) has their per capita at $560,000 vs. something like $100,000 for SLU.
  14. Tennis courts could replace Fr Biondi’s lake. I believe there are long term plans for an indoor tennis facility on the med school campus. I also thought I saw where Top Golf was going to put a facility along Grand. I believe where Captain D's is or was. Or did I make that up? Of course, all plans are subject to change in the current economic environment.
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