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  1. UNC played is here to give Tyler Hansborough “home” game. That turned into a home and home.
  2. https://www.bcinterruption.com/2019/11/27/20985109/previewing-and-how-to-watch-mens-basketball-saint-louis-billikens-boston-college-eagles try this for a write up
  3. The Clagget/H/Highmark teams were “small” and did just fine. Don’t turn the ball over and you can negate the rebounding deficit.
  4. Anyone else hear that coach was in Italy recruiting a foreign big?
  5. I have thought this for a while. It can hurt at tournament time against elite teams (a good problem for SLU to have). But it is paramount to have good shooters and ball handlers for this strategy to be effective IMO.
  6. More than the shooting I think we need to fix the turnovers. If we don't make a high % of shots then we need to take more than our opponent. More possessions ending in shots (made or missed) and less throwing the ball away. A true point guard (I would prefer 2) would help with that. I get JGood has/wants to be a PG to play at the next level. He isn't an elite college PG yet and the lack of one on our roster is the glaring hole IMO.
  7. https://hoopdirt.com/ Good place to follow coaching changes and rumors. I have always wondered who this guy is....he seems pretty hooked in.
  8. There is a scenario where it makes a little sense to practice but not play. This is all hypothetical so please don’t shoot me. In reading through some of the other Title IX cases it appears accommodations are made for the accusers. Class schedules can be changed and every measure is taken to keep the parties separated during the process. Who would be in attendance at games but not when the team practices? And while the accused players travel, are they in the arena on game day when maybe those others hypothetically are in attendance? That scenario fits with other things I have heard. Which could all be BS. None of us knows but there is a rationale to practice but not play. I don’t like it if true but I don’t think we will ever know.
  9. Of course. It seems the campus code of conduct would cut both ways, but the criminal allegations are a completely different story. Honestly, it must be impossible to buy a male college student in today's world.
  10. I am sorry if I missed the answer to this in the first 108 pages and I am 100% guilty of rumor mongering and will own it, so.... I have heard one of the girls involved is a cheerleader and has been at the games? If true, that seems like the ultimate double standard. I have no interest in knowing who the girl is, just curious if that is actually the case.
  11. 60 days is being thrown around a lot. In talking to a friend who has been involved in one of these incidents at another university, it was interpreted as 60 business days. Just one more possibility to throw into this uncertain brew.
  12. There aren't game pictures in SLU uniforms for most of these guys. I assumed that was why no pics on the tickets.
  13. They played in the 1983 NCAA tourney which revived the series. Louisville won in OT in the elite 8 and then played Houston in the Final 4. That OT vs. Kentucky and then the Houston game were about as fun of 45 minutes of basketball you will ever see.
  14. http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/19741386/the-most-challenging-college-basketball-job-every-state In case you missed it. A few A10 schools on this list including the Bills.
  15. There is probably an added benefit of solidifying Dayton's role as host of the First Four each year.
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