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  1. The A10 isn't a big enough jump from the MVC to make it worthwhile for Loyola. There isn't any TV money involved so they'd be giving up $$ to go to the A10 which frankly has worse TV exposure than the MVC. The A10 needs significantly better leadership and that leadership needs to start holding athletic departments accountable for spend and vision. Fordham shouldn't be allowed to consistently drag the conference down by being THAT bad. SLU to anywhere but the Big East makes little sense. The only thing at this point that could make sense would be some sort of midwestern private schoo
  2. Whats the approximate attendance allowed tonight?
  3. Can we get an automated bot poster to automatically post "You people in Evansville" whenever Crews and Evansville appear in the same topic? Also - Jim Platt is the worst assistant coach in Billiken history and one of the worst in America. People forget that.
  4. Many moons ago there was an off topic forum. It just ended up bleeding over to bickering on the main forum though. So it went away. If I remember correctly.
  5. These are a lot easier decisions because canceling the season saves the department money.
  6. way to go, don't you know you're not supposed to be excited about anything anymore. Dammit.
  7. Attended the Mizzou-Bradley game on Tuesday. They have maybe 25% capacity. Cheerleaders are spread out in what I assume was the student section. Tillmon is still a tool. Columbia is still a shithole. And the mizzou campus is garbage. Good on the athletic department allowing family members at Chaifetz.
  8. They also are getting a really strong home game out of this in 2 years. That matters for NET and for budget, going forward.
  9. That is a great pickup, especially getting a team like that to travel here.
  10. I think the most disappointing part is that the free money of SLU -21 is not going to be given out by sportsbooks now. A lot of kids Christmases will be lighter now.
  11. Bradley currently is in a 10 day gap in games. They dont play until the 17th.
  12. Their head coach got caught banging a cheerleader, got suspended, got fired, and then they put Lickliter in charge towards the end of the season. That’ll toilet your program for a bit.
  13. You People in Evansville is one of the worst teams in all D1. This game should be ugly. SLU - 105 YPIE - 49
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