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  1. Having Eastern Michigan and UIC in a top 5 with KState, Mizzou, and Ole Miss is weird. I wonder how commit-able those 3 P5 offers are?
  2. If the Big Ten ends up not having any games on ESPN, that is a lot of available college basketball time slots to fill for ESPN. I wonder if there is a chance of getting some sort of deal - wouldn't be much money to the conference - with ESPN to fill some of those slots.
  3. I agree with a lot of what has been said. There is a general decline across college basketball. No one is excited about any A10 opponent besides maybe Dayton. Concessions prices have jumped the shark. It is amazing what attendance does when schools have done "dollar hot dog night" or "free beer thursday" type promotions. Like others have said, SLU contracting with someone to run concessions doesn't allow for a lot of flexibility with that. If announced attendance is 5500, that means asses in the seats is probably 4000 or less. That is...not good.
  4. I don't think the market is even close to saturated yet.
  5. Because Netflix is closer to being bought by Apple, Amazon, etc than competing for media rights with them. Hell, Apple could buy 10 netflixes with their cash on hand and still have money left over to flirt with buying another one.
  6. Yes. You can go back and play a different sport though. There are a lot of former minor league baseball players that go back and play their other sport at age 25-28. JR Smith, ex-NBA player, is on the golf team at some school currently.
  7. That isn't accurate. You can enroll in college for the first time at age 38 and be a scholarship athlete if you're good enough. The clock starts ticking when you enroll so you have 5 years after that unless you get a waiver.
  8. $30 is kinda the going rate anymore…
  9. None of this is about academics. Academics was the last thing on UCLA or USCs mind.
  10. Most don't even have anything organized yet. They might have athletes getting random deals but a place like Iowa has jack and setup officially. Illinois has been way out front on all the NIL stuff all along.
  11. 800k would be more than most Big10 teams have right now. If boosters could come up with that, I'd hold it and recruit better players with it. No need to pay guys 6-13 on the roster much of anything. They're already here.
  12. He receives a checks from SLU operating accounts, in whatever pay series they pay, totaling 2.4 million. https://docs.candid.org/990/430/430654872/430654872_2020_202101349349304345_990.pdf?_gl=1*hf9rje*_ga*ODM1NzU1ODI5LjE2NTU5MTc3ODQ.*_ga_5W8PXYYGBX*MTY1NTkxNzc4NC4xLjEuMTY1NTkxNzg1NS42MA..&_ga=2.18910202.338457507.1655917785-835755829.1655917784
  13. You can't just take $400,000 from the athletics budget to give to players. That is against the rules. I suppose you could redirect donors but no athletic department in the country is going to want to give up control like that. There is a good way to do a roster/graduation bonus if you think of it like a vested 401k plan. You can pay each player a specific amount before the season. But then you can "bonus" players at the end of the year for appearances to celebrate their good work.
  14. At the professional level, possibly-probably. But at the GW Dumpster Fires basketball program, I doubt they sell enough merchandise to make up for the cost of the hourly intern that drafts the press release...
  15. How about the George Washington Exposed Ductworksmen? And Exposed Ductworkswomen?
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