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  1. One of the bigger printers of tickets added a “well print them and send them out for you too” option this year. Not sure if SLU uses them, but could be the reason - no AD handling time after print.
  2. Volleyball is also a full ride sport, one of only 4 at SLU. Both basketballs and women’s tennis are the only other ones. Those teams don’t have an inherent private school recruiting disadvantage of the equivalency scholarship sports like soccer and baseball.
  3. Why are there three people under the basket with laptops open browsing Facebook? Also both teams clearly have chemistry issues based on the seat spacing on the benches.
  4. It would be amazing to have a freshman (almost) 7 footer come in and start and play meaningful minutes at SLU. Those type of guys are usually Power5 recruits. Based on that, I don't see it happening this year.
  5. I can see where you're at. I just think he has the physicality to be an NBA guy and has the unrefined skill set that can project to an NBA player. Put Javon Bess's head on Carteare's body and you've got a lottery pick kind of thing. Unfortunately for Carteare, odds are now better that he winds up starring in the St Louis YMCA league until he gets his free membership revoked for fighting 40 year old men.
  6. He has all the tools to be an NBA player. Unfortunately he is a tool.
  7. At this point he would have to sit out this coming year minus getting some sort of waiver which would be hard to get at this point. He burned his 1st year of eligibility last season by playing for SLU. This year would be a redshirt year to if/where he transfers. If I remember correctly DePaul is on either trimesters or quarters so he wouldn’t have started classes yet for this academic year. Classes probably start next week which is why this last minute timing. He’s going to have a harder time finding a school willing to take him that also has a scholarship available. A coach could probably justify by saying it’s a wasted scholarship at this point, but that doesn’t justify the potential of having a problem child sitting out causing problems all year either. Edit- just realized DePaul just did a foreign trip. Not really sure how this would work for his eligibility in that case.
  8. If I set the over/under at 40 career games played at the D1 level, with 13 on the books from SLU - what do you take? Basically will he play another full season at D1?
  9. https://tenor.com/pphk.gif
  10. Not sure if this has been posted, but its a few weeks old. Not sure if this is still the case.. St. Louis Chris Tifft Saint Louis is looking to participate in a Charity Exhibition Game vs. a Division I opponent in late October. Willing to travel. Please reach out to chris.tifft@slu.edu with interest 2019-2020 2019-08-09 16:11:56
  11. They bought enrollment. There’s a race to the bottom in that regard in this region. It’s like buying a Chrysler vs GM product at this point. 40k sticker and 15k in rebates. Think you’re buying a 40k car, but you’re buying a 25k car.
  12. Every once in awhile you can get a "free HBO for ___" through various places. I originally had HBO through a deal with my cable internet company (Xfinity) that was Xfinity. They offered $49.99 for a year of their mid level service plus HBO streaming, so basically free HBO. After that expired, I flipped over to AT&T who had a free HBO for life if you were a DirecTV Now/AT&T Wireless customer. That has worked out well thus far as well.
  13. The toolbox fills up a lot faster under Ford than it ever did with Crews.
  14. If ever they crack down on the sharing of Netflix, Hulu, etc passwords, then people definitely won't be saving money. I basically kept all the channels I watched and added more things - random NCAA sporting events from A10/MVC action like volleyball, womens bball, all the MBB games; the multiple feeds for golf majors, big time sporting events, etc and wind up saving 40-50 a month. I personally like the delivery and interface of Apple TV better than either DirecTV or Dish that i had in the past. My kids have a pretty much on demand setup for their various series and movies they watch via Netflix, Disney, or Nickelodeon. So in that way maybe it is more about a better value than a gross savings. I still save about $500 a year with my current setup and feel like I get content more relevant to our watching habits. I am interested to see the new Disney service that is out/coming soon. That might be a changer for sports fans with little kids.
  15. I've watched the first few episodes and they were outstanding.
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