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  1. It sounds like the internal politics at St Johns have made it a pretty toxic process. I think it was Goodman that had a tweet from a coach that interviewed saying that their VP handled everything in the most unprofessional way he has ever seen.
  2. Now you're telling me SLU is losing recruiting battles to Central Connecticut State? Things are not good.
  3. St John's sounds like a good place for any coach to avoid until they get their internal politics worked out. I will probably be wrong, but I'd bet on Loyola coughing up a little more dollars and Porter staying put for another year.
  4. It shouldn’t be hard to get him eligible immediately. Nice pickup. I agree to an extent. I don’t want SLU to be the “I can always transfer back there” school either though.
  5. I just started perusing college basketball message boards and thought @Box and Won and @jimbofive were funny so I decided to be a SLU fan. Better than those dopes on the Dayton board. Really dodged a bullet there.
  6. I think Nagy is a little rough around the edges. I have heard he’s a strange dude and doesn’t interview well. Obviously the results speak for themselves though.
  7. Wackadoos had a really good buffalo chicken sandwich.
  8. That is a shame. Cancer sucks.
  9. Is Stamos in the house? He’s from the Bay Area right?
  10. I’m surprised Chaifetz didn’t put stipulations on the students allowed to go. Sounds like the school really dropped the ball on this one, per usual.
  11. Story of when I missed Columbus. Life got in the way. Still regret it. Don't regret it. Cash in whatever chips you've got with the wife.
  12. The NCAA 100% pays for the normal team traveling party, the band, cheerleaders, and a certain number of other staff/admin folks on a charter. They also pay the tab for the hotels for those people. They handle the airline arrangements and pretty much just tell the school where to be and when to be there. The school can request a bigger aircraft and have boosters/extra staff/whatever join but the school or those people have to pay a certain pre-determined rate to the NCAA for that.
  13. I will say that Fords ability to recruit likely keeps SLU in the NCAA conversation more often than not. That is worth a lot to a program like SLU at this point.
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