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  1. For his situation - started at a 4 year, went juco, and looking to go 4 year - he would have to graduate from the juco. Maybe the tweet is about taking summer classes in order to graduate and return to Division 1 somewhere.
  2. With or without his wash basin?
  3. I remember rational Oklahoma State and UMass fans coming here when Ford was hired. They said “he’ll get the talent but lose a handful of games each year that they shouldn’t”
  4. Any thread that contains more than 5 posts about Jim Crews needs to have Bob Knight's opinion on Jimmy.
  5. Whoever gave their courtside tickets to Dayton fans should be expelled.
  6. Damn. I’m impressed you found and bumped a 10 year old thread. Good work.
  7. Really disappointed in this board. No discussion on Walter McCarty knocking up a cheerleader. Title IX and cheerleaders are two of the most popular topics in Billikens.com history. Get your priorities in order for 2020.
  8. That was an adorable story while it lasted. Back in your cage, DePaul.
  9. Most ADs are negotiating against themselves - especially when it’s extensions. But this is an all time laugher. I’d argue that it would be better for a mid major to hand out a deal with a clause like that. Mizzou should be expecting their coach to take their team to the NCAA 3 out of 4 years minimum - especially at that price point for Martin. That is a low expectations deal that should realistically turn into a lifetime contract for Cuonzo or a really expensive buyout. A team that has a handful of tournaments in their history would be okay to hand that out, as the coach would probably leave for greener pastures and/or be exceeding expectations for that program. Even if you fire the AD, who wants a job where your 1B high profile program has a coach locked in like that? This is great.
  10. One of the bigger printers of tickets added a “well print them and send them out for you too” option this year. Not sure if SLU uses them, but could be the reason - no AD handling time after print.
  11. Volleyball is also a full ride sport, one of only 4 at SLU. Both basketballs and women’s tennis are the only other ones. Those teams don’t have an inherent private school recruiting disadvantage of the equivalency scholarship sports like soccer and baseball.
  12. Why are there three people under the basket with laptops open browsing Facebook? Also both teams clearly have chemistry issues based on the seat spacing on the benches.
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