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  1. That is actually the opposite. The NBA/MLB/NFL/etc have a lot more authority to mandate that kind of thing. The NCAA doesn't have any real authority over member institutions when it comes to season tickets, operations, etc.
  2. At that price point you might be better off with your standard issue basic cable package plus the sports package.
  3. If you push a little bit, they will cancel your contract for not having Fox Sports Midwest. Being in St Louis it is a pretty easy justification to say "I have you because of this channel and only this channel." It might take a call or three but you can get it done.
  4. Title IX just means equality in opportunity, facilities, practice time, room/board, travel, etc. It is somewhat open to interpretation with some things - travel, facilities, etc. I doubt any program will get called out because the mens locker room has 17 TVs and the womens only has 13. But if the women were forced to share a locker room with the general student body at the rec center and the men had their own locker room, that would be problematic. The dollars don't necessarily matter. It is about the opportunity. Football and hockey are expensive sports to put on from an equipment standpoint. Cross country and soccer aren't. So if the football team is rocking brand new fancy helmets, pads, and the best Nike cleats money can buy while the womens cross country team was wearing used shoes to run in, that would be problematic. At SLU the men and women's basketball teams practice in similar environments, play in the exact same arena, wear the same brand jerseys, shoes, etc. They both get nickeldicked on charter flights. They both take buses to places. They live in the same dorms. Etc. Same thing goes with mens/womens soccer. It isn't necessarily full scholarships that have to be equal either. It is the opportunity. Schools with football can't possibly have equal numbers of scholarship athletes because there are 80+ on that side and no women's sport could come close. Cross country, indoor track, and outdoor track programs are popular because you can double count them for the D1 requirements while using a lot of the same athletes and scholarship dollars. The volume of participants on those teams versus the scholarship limit (I want to say in the 10 range per squad) make it a good investment from an "opportunity" standpoint even though it will always lose money overall (minus a team that has a benefactor.)
  5. A great highlight from his pro career and an absolutely legendary Billikens.com video.
  6. Is Ahearn aging in dog years? The guy is 35 and looks like he is 55.
  7. It absolutely is. The refs can complain to the conference though if they feel offended by something. So a lot of places don't show reviews as to not 'show up' the refs.
  8. I picture Gus whistling for fouls, giving the scorers table the wrong number consistently, and fouling out a kid that hasn't played all night.
  9. Serious note - these kind of "retirements" are happening at a lot of radio stations around the country. Revenues are way down, audience is way down, etc. Lets be honest here, Gus got fired-retired.
  10. Chris is a superstar. He is on the selection committee so attended quite a few games last year and year before at Chaifetz. Also he was a COVID away from being the AD at IU a few months back.
  11. Big Al's has conveniently relocated to caddy corner from the Peoria Civic Center exit for all pre and post game activities.
  12. BU should be Q2 @SLU this year, but a @BU game this year should be a Q1 and a close road game. BU took a buy game @SPUMAC too which they should win.
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