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  1. When Box and I were in business together, we closed recruits. Sad!
  2. I can't wait for the first Mizzou recruit to use the Columbia skyline versus the St Louis skyline... The biggest satellite dish in all of Boone County!
  3. I agree. Also if Lorentsson is already enrolled and on scholarship, that scholarship is used for the entire year anyways. Scholarships aren't based on a semester.
  4. Western Illinois will be on NCAA probation before the recruiting class of 2021 graduates. You can take that to the bank.
  5. Your argument is Justin Bieber and the chick that wrote songs about Uncle Joey banging other chicks?
  6. Neil Young sucks dont @ me
  7. I clicked on this thread assuming it was about Canada’s greatest singer songwriter Gordon Lightfoot. After scrolling through 12 pages of drivel about some former basketball player, I’m quite disappointed.
  8. It would be some extra logistics to manage but I think most fall/winter/spring sports could overlap. It would be easier than trying to play a baseball season into August, for example.
  9. At that price point you might be better off with your standard issue basic cable package plus the sports package.
  10. If you push a little bit, they will cancel your contract for not having Fox Sports Midwest. Being in St Louis it is a pretty easy justification to say "I have you because of this channel and only this channel." It might take a call or three but you can get it done.
  11. Title IX just means equality in opportunity, facilities, practice time, room/board, travel, etc. It is somewhat open to interpretation with some things - travel, facilities, etc. I doubt any program will get called out because the mens locker room has 17 TVs and the womens only has 13. But if the women were forced to share a locker room with the general student body at the rec center and the men had their own locker room, that would be problematic. The dollars don't necessarily matter. It is about the opportunity. Football and hockey are expensive sports to put on from an equipment stand
  12. A great highlight from his pro career and an absolutely legendary Billikens.com video.
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