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  1. They have a couple really smart guys running it, for sure. Wardle loves really undersized PGs. Keifer Sykes, Darrell Brown, Duke Deen over the last 12 years or so had great success.
  2. You, as usual, have no idea what you are talking about. Stick to reposting week to month old articles, you loser. You literally reposted the Google AI (awful) generated response. Leaving out the next paragraph…. However, Title IX also allows schools to separate sports teams by sex, and schools can demonstrate equal opportunity by showing that the percentages of male and female athletes are roughly proportional to the percentages of male and female students enrolled. again - title ix is about opportunity. Scholarships. That’s it. Schools aren’t going to fund women’s cross country an equal amount as men’s football. But they use that sport to offset the number of scholarships between men/women. Bum.
  3. This isn't true. Title IX is about equal amount of scholarships. Not equal facilities, etc.
  4. This bot needs to be taken down for maintenance. Check the algorithm. Its Robbie to you.
  5. My details might be fuzzy, but one of the Dayton white out games where (I believe) Salecich got shoved into the front row and some friendly posters were sitting courtside, immediately got up and were ready to fight back with him. That type of schit is what makes a home court advantage.
  6. Cal is right, mostly. You still have to have those spots filled. But filling them with guys who know they aren’t going to be in the rotation is key.
  7. Chasing the football dream. In another 5-10 years, Missouri State and CUSA will just be back playing the MVC-F teams at the same level.
  8. Well you and I knew that Vogel was a bad hire. @HoosierPal thinks he's good. Unfortunately for Frank, he got fired again today.
  9. Here is the actual source of the info. HoosierBot must have had something go wrong with its code to not just post the full tweet.
  10. "I created an account and posted insulting words to your program, but lets keep it respectful" Pound sand, loser. Signed: A guy who is actually a fan of the MVC.
  11. Suns are on the brink of elimination in round 1. Tons of top level talent on that roster. Frank Vogel still continues to have no clue how to manage a professional basketball roster I doubt the Vogel defender on here has much to say about this inevitable failure by the worst coach in the league.
  12. It happens a lot more than you'd think. Guys participate in an open gym and everyone realizes "Ah he's actually not good/good fit/good attitude/whatever." Or guys come in and theres some sort of demand made for playing time, a new John Deere tractor, or a specific position that the staff doesn't line up with. Or guys come in and they themselves realize "I'm not good enough to get playing time here" and drop their interest.
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