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  1. The On3 is a valuation algorithm based on social media followers, on court performance, and their school/exposure. They estimate the overall NIL marketplace and each player gets a percentage of that based on their formula result. It isn't what these athletes are making. Every collective not bound by state disclosure law has a non disclosure clause in their contracts. Troy Robertson will probably tell you what you'd like to hear if you write a high 4 figure check to the BVF.
  2. You were asking to see what players were making. Is it any of your business, no different than is it any of my business what you make? I personally don't think it is any part of anyones business besides the player and those paying him. We don't get details of professional athletes endorsement deals. Those aren't made public, so why should these?
  3. The only thing they could really legally do is encourage a booster to give money to an NIL collective rather than the athletic department. Some departments have already done that, in some ways.
  4. The NCAA said that coaches can help fundraise but they can't directly contribute to the cause. The NCAA did that when they changed their rules to allow schools to be involved but emphasized boosters cannot contact recruits as an inducement to attend that school. Originally schools had to be "not involved" with NIL.
  5. I think the value move is to go after freshmen transfers. The NCAA just came out pretty hard against granting 2nd time immediate eligibility waivers. Whether they enforce that or not remains to be seen. However if you can grab the Freshman of the Year from the OVC or Colonial or Summit, you hypothetically get 3 years out of him where he has more limited options to transfer.
  6. How much do you make a year? I’m not speculating on numbers either.
  7. SLU doesn't need 2.2 million to be competitive in the NIL world. If you factor out the 400k for Pack, it is $150,000 a player across the entire roster. SLU would be (is?) more than competitive in the NIL landscape with somewhere in the 250-500k annual commitment. The bottom 4 on the roster aren't going to get shinola. The stars might get to 100-150k. The rest of the starters in that low to mid 5 figure range. Rotation guys in the low 5 or high 4 figures.
  8. What is your point? Seriously - I can't tell at this point if this is just an act or what.
  9. Pestello is Charmin soft. He is much better suited to be one of those “I don’t want to grow up, hi fellow kids” VP of student affair types. He isn’t a leader of any sort. His handling of every major issue on campus has been mediocre to poor.
  10. Rick Barnes is a solid P5 level coach. Not great. But can get your program turned around and stabilized. Only having 1 final four appearance isn't quite the flex when the programs he's headed up have like 4 combined in all of their existence.
  11. https://www.on3.com/news/lathan-sommerville-names-top-7-schools-bradley-missouri-rutgers-seton-hall-villanova-virginia-tech-xavier/ Can take Sommerville off the list here.
  12. What a resume! Almost beat hot-seated coach! In related news, if my aunt had balls, she'd be my uncle.
  13. Spoon had 3 tournament appearances in those 7 years. He finished last-2nd-2nd in the 3 years of GMWC against Memphis, Cincinnati, Marquette, DePaul, Dayton, and UAB. Had 2 crappy years and then back to the NCAA and a 4th place in CUSA in year 3 of that conference. If this is anywhere close to accurate, it would be cause to fire Chris May. As it is, I think May's reluctance to make a change will have him back as an Associate AD of Tickets at some mid level Big Ten school.
  14. There is someone embarrassing themselves here. The thing is, it isn't brianstl.
  15. I'd say that Ford being the coach next year is the likely outcome. However any sort of attempt that was made makes him dead man walking. A coaching regime can't survive when high level boosters have already tried replacing you. Most coaches in the midwest know Ford is dead man walking and will use it on the recruiting trail as well.
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