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  1. Does Chaifetz have a new sound system? I could hear the announcer more clearly than in the past.
  2. Perkins definitely favoring his left leg. Coach on postgame with Rammer said he is only 70%. Makes his 21 pts even more impressive.
  3. I am going to be Mr. Positive here. I hereby hypothesize that Rivera’s foot issue was not a secret, thereby keeping him largely un-recruited. We have more than enough depth to compensate for his absence this year. Foot surgery requires a long, gradual rehab process (no Welmer.2). Hopefully he will return intact foot wise next year, when we will have greater need for his skill set.
  4. For conferences with automatic bids, for lower ranked teams the conference tournaments basically function as a series of must win play-in games for the Big Dance. Every school in an auto-bid conference has the opportunity to get to the Final Four. The only way to make the NCAA Tournament more inclusive would be to invite every single school. Either way, you gotta win your games.
  5. Hope some P5 school doesn’t offer him a football scholarship he can’t refuse…
  6. One way to accomplish this would be to add a $10-20 surcharge to the price of each ticket toward the players’ NIL fund.
  7. I for one have not slept since I read this.
  8. I do recall reading it in a magazine.
  9. Not a pleasant observation, but I know several people who no longer attend sporting events of any kind downtown because of fear of street crime in our fair city. Some of these are SLU alums. They will watch a SLU game on TV, depending on the opponent. I wonder what attendance would be if the SLU campus were in St Louis county?
  10. Change the name to Team Blue? Seriously? I guess our home town baseball team needs to change its name to ‘Cardinal Nation’.
  11. What if he faced a Green Zone defense?
  12. This is my stealthy positive energy, disguised as negative energy.
  13. Hope he doesn’t de-commit from us…
  14. The same boosters who now have to help buy and retain elite athletes will continue to be tapped to fund expensive facility upgrades in order to make the school more attractive to potential recruits. Either the donors’ wallets will be lighter, or the facilities will suddenly be considered good enough.
  15. This may sound unsupportive, but he does not seem quick enough to play the 3, not strong enough to play the 4 for us for the foreseeable future. I hope he finds a school where he can get some meaningful minutes. Wish him well.
  16. Athletes vs basketball players. Majerus teams routinely beat teams with better athletes. His players were basketball players who were able to execute his game plan. TF has athletes. Some of them are basketball players. They often struggle against teams with more/better basketball players. Teams like Northern Iowa and Davidson have enough basketball players to offset SLU’s athleticism. IMO, our coaching staff needs to do a better job at turning athletes into high level basketball players.
  17. One critique of TF: Wondering why we didn’t use a zone defense for at least part of the second half, when VCU either scored or drew a foul almost every trip down the court, was struggling from 3 point range, Thatch and Okoro were in serious foul trouble, and JNez and TH were not at their best. Majerus would never use a zone defense either. I don’t understand coaches’ obsession with man-to-man defense.
  18. My point is that the players are responsible for executing their game plan. They did a great job of doing this in the first half, not so much in the second half, and were still in a position to at least tie the game in regulation. TF was not the one throwing up bricks with the game on the line. We are going to finish the regular season just about where the preseason prognosticators predicted we would - and that was before we lost Perkins.
  19. We simply need a coach who doesn’t put 5 guys on the floor who will go 0 for 10 in crunch time.
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