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  1. A couple of years back I texted a question to one of the TF-Rammer radio shows. I asked TF whether it was easier for him to teach a scorer to play defense, or to teach a defensive specialist to be a scorer. His answer was basically that scorers are born, not made and that only a small percentage of defensive specialists can be coached into becoming significant scorers. He then said that in the same way, it is difficult to convert a natural scorer into a strong defender. Our problem last year was defense, not offense. Our traditional home court advantage was neutralized by our lack of defensive intensity.
  2. Regardless of last season’s results, this was going to be a major rebuilding off-season. This looks like a fairly solid group of newbies. I am willing to watch this team evolve this coming season. Even the blue bloods need time for their 5 star recruits to gel.
  3. Some Billiken loyalists might object…
  4. Where Eagles Dare, Guns of Navarrone
  5. Larry Hughes basically was our offense, did it all including the point, for 1 legendary year. Marquis Perry was no slouch at pg.
  6. On paper we should have been much better last year than we were. 10 minutes of high effort per game won’t get it done against legitimate competition. Nothing new here, but Twitter tweets and previous year’s statistics don’t win games. If our newbies bring consistent intensity, we may be as good as if not better than last year.
  7. Maybe he got a better NIL offer to play football somewhere.
  8. Another problem with the point guard not using the pick well is that it forces the big to move a foot or two to try and intercept the defender - in full view of the zebras, who may then call a moving screen.
  9. I wish the NCAA would just have every D1 team play - would add at most 3 rounds, probably increase revenue and we could stop our constant complaining about the selection process. Never gonna happen, but oh well…
  10. Maybe we could convince Jim Boeheim to become the assistant head coach. Quite a track record.
  11. The band, dance team and cheerleaders were on the Today Show this morning. Hopefully this will bring us some much needed good karma.
  12. Here’s my guess: We are a veteran team. Veteran teams don’t forget what to do when playing a quality opponent. TF is not telling them to make bad decisions. TF has lost this team. They are no longer listening.
  13. Both. He looks like he has the best vertical other than Hargrove.
  14. Thames was doing monster jams during pregame warmups. Doesn’t look like someone on the pup list.
  15. If an ugly win makes us a better team for the conference tournament, I’ll take it. Who’s having more fun this year - TF or Craig Berube? Wish the 200 or so student athletes honored at halftime had stayed for the second half.
  16. I have no inside knowledge, but I will bet that Chris May has a finite budget and has to operate within whatever agenda his boss(es) decide to give him.
  17. Acting like hardasses and demanding a coaching change halfway through a season is the easy part. Let’s hear your suggestions for the next coach.
  18. Has anyone on this board ever coached a D1 athlete? I have never attended a practice run by TF. Just a hunch, but I don’t think he tells his players to miss free throws, open 3’s or play mediocre defense.
  19. College basketball is structured more equitably than football. There are 300+ teams with a chance to be national champion. If we make free throws, we beat Auburn. If the teams in the A10 had better records, our conference would be ranked higher and the chances of multiple bids would increase. Any school in an automatic bid conference has the chance to get to the Final Four. To quote Al Davis: ‘Just win, baby!’
  20. Fred Thatch got in Okoro’s face and basically told him to go up strong and dunk it. Okoro apparently listened. His offense changed from weak to effective immediately.
  21. Does Chaifetz have a new sound system? I could hear the announcer more clearly than in the past.
  22. Perkins definitely favoring his left leg. Coach on postgame with Rammer said he is only 70%. Makes his 21 pts even more impressive.
  23. I am going to be Mr. Positive here. I hereby hypothesize that Rivera’s foot issue was not a secret, thereby keeping him largely un-recruited. We have more than enough depth to compensate for his absence this year. Foot surgery requires a long, gradual rehab process (no Welmer.2). Hopefully he will return intact foot wise next year, when we will have greater need for his skill set.
  24. For conferences with automatic bids, for lower ranked teams the conference tournaments basically function as a series of must win play-in games for the Big Dance. Every school in an auto-bid conference has the opportunity to get to the Final Four. The only way to make the NCAA Tournament more inclusive would be to invite every single school. Either way, you gotta win your games.
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