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Collins has Polydactyly

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Polydactyly is an inborn condition which is not uncommon. It can affect fingers in many ways. For example you may have a normal thumb and an extra finger somewhere, This  can be mixed with a three jointed thumb. You can have two thumbs, one with three joints. The surgery required to correct this condition has to be custom fitted to the abnormality present in the child and may not be a simple surgical procedure. If the fingers are normal looking (no double or deformed thumbs) and functional, it may be best to leave them alone. There are adults with polydactyly everywhere, but it would not be easy to find enough of them with exactly the same kind of polydactyly to study if the function is improved or degraded by the extra finger.

And no, billikenbill the finger involved is not necessarily the one used to "give the finger."

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3 hours ago, thetorch said:

Yuri needs to market this somehow.

Kenny Mayne use to say “and they celebrate with “hi-sixes.” After and Alfonseca save.


He could make “Hi-sixes all around” shirts.

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