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  1. Good call. That makes sense. Wow, Phase I didn't open until 2014.
  2. Didn't DeWitt take out a pretty huge chunk of right field upper deck seats a few years back, replace it with a large, open party area complete with bars, etc. with the plan to just sell a s-ton more SRO tickets? Probably wrong (usually am) but I think the number of actual seats decreased after that conversion but number of total tickets may have increased due to more SRO. That's the only explanation I can think of for last week's crowd supposedly being the largest in Busch III history given the amount of important games the Cardinals have played there since 2006.
  3. Great pick up, even greater name! Brock Vice….a very Karl Hungus-esque name.
  4. Curious what you think this would be if not enhancing the Chaiftez experience or winning on the court?
  5. I don't know what attendance numbers were like during our top 15 Majerus teams but I do remember how hard it was finding 6 seats together for the conference game I took my uncle and cousins to. Haven't had that problem in several years. I also don't think winning consistently would equate to a record-breaking streak of sold out games but I think it at least prevents any future conversation over SLU filling just 52% of Chaifetz. I can't speak for anyone else but right now I'd sure be happy with 8,500/game (80%). Going back to my pervious post...why deal with the "hassle" of driving down to midtown, paying for a ticket, parking, food, and drinks when you can just watch every game at home on your 70 inch flat screen? Now multiply some of those costs by a family of 4. One of my fondest childhood memories is spending the night at a friend's house every Saturday there was a Billiken home game down at Kiel Center. His dad was take a bunch of our friends down to the games and then we would return to home and play basketball in his room with the mini balls they would launch into the stands.
  6. If you want scientific evidence of this all you need to do is step foot inside Rally House across from the Galleria. The SLU section has gotten even smaller since last time I was in there. It is essentially hanging up around one post in the back right corner. The Chiefs section is 10 times the size.
  7. Good points. It's also nearly impossible for me sell to some of my casual SLU friends on taking a 28 degree Tuesday trip down to Chaifetz to see SLU battle Fordham. Hey what a great opportunity to open up the Big East can of worms and discuss how exciting a home schedule of Marquette, Georgetown, Butler, Creighton, etc. would be and how that would give us (at least initially) a nice bump in attendance!!!
  8. Not sure about SLU but it's pretty obvious the St. Louis Cardinals go by tickets sold. There is no other explanation for the PA announcer announcing a crowd of 36,000 when half the stadium is empty.
  9. I agree that among very casual Cardinals and Blues fans the same could be said. In my uninformed opinion there are 2 ways SLU could improve attendance numbers going forward: 1) @billikenfan05 touched on it above and that is by improving the Chaifetz experience, the game day experience; and 2) WIN. Win the A10, win 2nd round tourney games. Winning cures all.
  10. I think this certainly plays a role in the declining numbers over the years, even for those closer to Chaifetz. Why deal with the "hassle" of driving down to midtown, paying for a ticket, parking, food, and drinks when you can just watch every game at home on your 70 inch flat screen? At least from the casual fan's perspective. It's not just that every game is now televised it's also how incredibly accessible they are. I remember 20 years back when my brother and I would have friends over for the first round of March Madness how big a pain in the butt it was. We'd have to wheel in multiple, extremely heavy tvs, feed cable cords through every window in our family room including from an upstairs bedroom window. Now you can watch any sporting event live from your phone while you sit on a toilet inside Arby's.
  11. Was just about to respond with a Mr. Poon gif. Greatest movie of all time? Yes.
  12. a friend sent me a video tour of inside Humphrey's last week and it looks glorious. TVs were hung (and on) and it looks pretty close to being complete.
  13. It's even great for having Paul Reubens announce the gender of your next child.
  14. His early work was absolutely necessary but, like anyone else with absolute power, he became a little greedy and drunk on his own power. Hate is probably a strong word but I'm definitely not a fan of Moses. Thankfully, with the help of Jane Jacobs, his plan to bulldoze his way through the middle of Greenwich Village to build the Lower Manhattan Expressway never came to fruition. Speaking of great books, Jacobs' The Death and Life of Great American Cities is a good one. I wish we were taking the Acela but the schedule didn't work out so we are taking the Northeastern. We live in St. Louis but I've got a work conference in DC every year and the wife and kids tag along and visit the Smithsonians while I'm working. This will be our fist time on the Northeastern. My 2 year old son is obsessed with trains so he's going to lose his mind! In an effort to keep this 2022-2023 season-related, I can't wait to travel up to Loyola this upcoming season! When I toured colleges back in the day I visited Loyola in February and it was so cold with that wind whipping in off the lake I ruled out Loyola immediately. I'm sure it will be no different when I head up for SLU's dominant performance this season!
  15. Wow, what a week. At first I thought about slotting this week Into second place on my top 3 weeks to have a vasectomy list but most of those games are on the weekend or on holiday days off!
  16. I've always found New Yorkers to be some of the nicest and most knowledgeable people I know. Angelenos? Not so much. When I lived in LA, I can't tell you how many times people responded with "I've never been to Louisiana" when I told them I was from St. Louis. It was odd. Many Chicagoans i've encountered come off as overly defensive d bags. Not sure if it's just insecurity or bitterness for playing second fiddle to the coastal giants. Of course there are also some great Chicagoans, many on this board in fact. Chicago is a fun (and convenient) city to visit but it doesn't come close to touching New York. Not in terms of history, not in terms of culture. New York truly has been the "world's laboratory" since the early 17th century. Massachusetts had the Puritans, Pennsylvania had the Quakers, Virginia had the Anglicans, New York had entrepreneurial spirit as its foundation. Taking the kids to NYC 3 weeks from today in fact and cannot wait. Taking the Amtrak up from DC. By the way, one of the best documentaries i've ever watched. Written and directed by Ric Burns, the brother of Ken Burns: https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/americanexperience/films/new-york/ Well worth the 14+ hours.
  17. I give finding Forrester 4 stars. The movie not so much.
  18. If we don’t get a commitment by summer solstice I’m gonna flip out, man.
  19. I read this as Marty Huggins at first
  20. Late signees are not unusual, sure, but how effective (typically) are late signees? Meaning, is it common to get an impact player in late June? A Carr/Haase-type player? I truly don't know but suspect some on here do.
  21. Yeah I made that change in my original post. I forgot Yuri was the 4th. I'm going to hold you to that 7-10 days, Ace!
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