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  1. Dinner with Fernando Tatis at Outback Steakhouse in Ronnie's Plaza. The build up may or may not have been commensurate with the reveal but it's over and done with and there is no denying this is an important and necessary development that keeps us more than relevant. Hype train is just leaving the station, picking up speed, gaining momentum. Final destination: Big East.
  2. Oh my! Clean up in aisle slu let the dogs out's pants!
  3. This is what I was thinking as well. I remember reading about Kentucky's new housing facility for basketball players (now 9 years old) and thinking how ridiculous it was. Private chef and bathrooms designed with 7-footers in mind. I'm sure this is more common nowadays even among the non-blue bloods.
  4. If part of the announcement is that they're bringing Del Taco back to midtown then the hype is justified.
  5. If it's strictly an update and addition to Chaiftez I'm not sure I would call this a "MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT". Seems a bit much. Hopefully they prove me wrong and whatever it is knocks my socks clean off. Although I wish there was always this much hype by SLU and the athletic department surrounding their sports programs. Perhaps it's a strategy to attract certain eyeballs on the East coast... Don't get me wrong...facilities upgrades are fantastic and necessary and it certainly does not hurt if we find ourselves in a position where a move to BE is a possibility.
  6. 23-8 Season 3-0 in A10 Tourney (Champions) Enter Big Dance with a 26-8 record and a 7 seed Lose in Sweet 16
  7. If we can escape non-conference play with a 10-3 record (including wins over Buffalo and Harris Stowe) then it’s going to be great year. Would people be happy heading into conference play at 9-4? 8-5? What about 13-0? 92!!?? Get your bets in now, folks, they aren’t finishing that low.
  8. I did not see one. There was a packing slip but no prepaid return sticker. It could have fallen out though I’m not sure. I tore open the package and made my kids clean up the mess.
  9. Just got my Homefield apparel today and the hoodie is absolutely breathtaking. Makes me look like I have 20 pounds less fat and 30 pounds more muscle. Perfect for 39 year-old dads. Don’t delay, folks, order now so you have it in time for the start of the season.
  10. How about you make it one of the worst kept secrets outside of SLU and let us all in on the fun? EDIT: Just came across this Twit
  11. That’s what I was thinking. If it isn’t announcing a move to the BE then a major sports facilities upgrade may be the next best thing. That, or bringing back SLU football
  12. Come again? Your name doesn’t look familiar to me so on a scale of Frank Gallagher to The One what kind of street cred are we working with here?
  13. And also equity investment. If you’re a developer utilizing state historic tax credits in your capital stack, or a syndicator, federal Investor, or lender working on a tax credit project then PM me. If you’re an accountant working on tax credit deals PM me. If you’re an attorney representing a developer on a tax credit deal PM me and then bill your client.
  14. I’m too lazy and dumb to search But is there a way to find out the most recent date each of these teams was ranked in the top 25? I feel like we would be in the top half of that category as well.
  15. Fair enough. Heading your way a week from today, BAB. I’ll be in Sonoma and then Napa for a wedding. Any must-see spots you recommended while there? Hopefully my Homefield gear gets here before I leave so I can rep hard while out there.
  16. Perhaps I’m in the minority here but I don’t give 2 poops that Gary from Phoenix thinks we’re a 2nd rate city because we don’t have an NFL team. Having an NFL team generates little economic impact on our region.
  17. Whoa Brian and Kshoe calling it…SLU to the Big East within the next 2 months!!
  18. I risked exposing myself to a severe bout of depression and decided to read the Twitter comments under Dana’s tweet and one guy suggested Loyola to the BE so they could tap into the Chicago tv market
  19. NFL returning to STL is a great story but that's all it is....a story these guys can put out there to generate clicks and listens for their articles and podcasts. In addition to the numerous reasons already stated above as to why the NFL won't be returning here, let's not forget about corporate support. Our region has a respectable corporate presence but some have decided or will decide to throw their support behind STL City (in addition to the Blues and Cardinals) and I'm sure others want nothing to do with the NFL after what they did. And who would own this new team? I would assume part of any agreement would include local ownership. Wonder how much Steve Goedeker made slanging tvs in the 90s. Although the NFL is on Sunday so he's probably out....
  20. New England during fall....can't beat that! May have to spend Tom Hanksgiving in the Boston area after the tourney.
  21. Does anyone know what turnaround time on Homefield orders is currently? Saw a few people whining on Tweeter about their orders taking too long. One guy said he ordered apparel a month ago and it still hadn’t shipped.
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