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  1. Really impressive; I always assumed you were older than 7!
  2. Just got the call...we're in!! Just wanted to see who else is in the race so I can let you know your kid doesn't stand a chance.
  3. My least favorite thing about NET is it makes all of us (self included) sound like a bunch of corporate nerds talking about Q1 Q2 in our free time.
  4. Wow, it's not often I'm told I'm being too subtle.
  5. One thing I'm really proud of is that I've never bothered to find out whether Gus or Guy is his real name. No one tell me.
  6. Agree it definitely seems like we should be recalibrating team quarantine protocols now that most players are double vaxxed (and boosted?) and it seems true from preliminary data that omicron is probably less deadly than previous variants. The risk has significantly changed so our protocols should match.
  7. Oh my God I thought this was Jeff Goldblum and was confused why 05 posted it until I saw this hahahahah
  8. This is a really good point...I would hope they'd exempt young kids who can't get the vaccine? I have had to get my toddler tested for covid multiple times for her to go back to daycare after colds and it absolutely sucks.
  9. To clarify, the hashtag was #CaniacAmbassador, which is in line with your first example, suggesting it's likely a paid post. Typically you are not required to post just for free products or food.
  10. The hashtag ambassador indicates he's being paid. Usually a brand will make whatever "influencer" they're paying put a specific hashtag on their post to get around the FTC rule that requires that sponsored content be disclosed online. It is a reasonable assumption on 05's part that this was a NIL deal. But also a reasonable assumption that he wouldn't have any inside knowledge on the deal itself. In general, I think people usually get paid a couple hundred to a couple thousand bucks for a post depending on how many followers they have.
  11. I'm surprised people want Marshall. My in-laws are from Wichita and while they liked his results on the court he was NOT well-liked in the community and most were glad to see him go (according to them). No matter his results I wouldn't want Marshall within 10 feet of any of our guys after him putting his hands on a coach and players at WSU.
  12. Weird not least because I don't think anyone from Liberty would really stick up for any of us. I went to grad school with a girl from an evangelical school and not kidding was told they were "surprised I wasn't satanic" because that's what a lot of hardcore evangelicals are taught about Catholics. not all of them, but many are taught some off the wall things about catholics, especially Jesuits, from a young age at church.
  13. I'm so sorry but I have to respond to this. This is the weirdest take. You really think that: A.) Goodwin was too thick to understand his chances were marginal and he needed to do everything in his power to improve on the margins? B.) If the above is true and he didn't understand his chances were marginal, no one told him? Not Ford, not NBA scouts when he declared for the draft in 2020? Not a google search of "6'3" NBA guard with 64% FT shooting" coming up empty? Someone who has been considered by many to be a close comp for Goodwin is Marcus Smart. Hard working guy, not a tall guy, and not a great shooter at <30% from 3. Even Smart shoots 76% from the stripe. There are 3 NBA PGs with <70% FT shooting, with the lowest at ~67%. All 3 guys below 70% FT are averaging >8 rebounds and >8 assists. Two of those guys are Luka and Westbrook....they are bringing enough to the table that mediocre FT shooting can be overlooked. To state the obvious: as much as I love Goodwin he is not Luka Doncic. I guarantee Goodwin was aware of all of this. These guys eat, sleep, and breathe basketball. They all follow the NBA closely. If it was Goodwin's goal to make an NBA roster you really don't think he would have made it his business to improve his game to get there? I don't understand how you can really think Goodwin was so oblivious as to not understand the above. It's not confusing.
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