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  1. Gives new meaning to the Q1/Q2/Q3/Q4 ranking system..............
  2. Feel like I noticed him around here recently giving post reactions.
  3. Yes it was the same baby as the mom who crawled alongside her baby halfway!!! DQ and banned from future competitions. YES my kid was on the end right by the billiken. Shoulda got the baby blinders as one poster suggested. It's OK the real fun was the friends we made along the way. My two year old has been asking me "where'd the billiken go" ever since we left the game and i almost cried of joy how much she liked him.
  4. Baby Race 2022 Recap: @RUBillsFan was dead on. My kid was on an outside lane and got distracted and crawled about two feet then sat there staring at the sideline entertainment. I dont think he ever saw me at the other end trying to get his attention. Fastest baby I've ever seen won the race. Had to be a ringer. Took off instantly and booked it to the other end in a straight line. If I'm a slu coach I'm offering for the class of 2040 on the spot. One baby stood up in the middle and started walking...immediate disqualification IMO. I think she got second though. All in all one of the best halftime shows around. I might have another kid just to enter again. Knowing what I know now, the kids were seeded from left to right alphabetically by first name. Next kid I'm naming closer to the middle of the alphabet to get a better lane.
  5. Good episode today! Cool to hear the coverage of chess too. Thanks for the hard work and updates on all things slu.
  6. Thanks...I don't 100% agree with everything you said but now I get what you are saying.
  7. @BIG BILL FAN i don't think anyone is disputing that vaccine mandates are one reason attendance is lower. It obviously is causing some fans not to attend who would've attended otherwise. People are just pointing out that the reverse is also true that there are some people who wouldn't attend before the vaccine/negative test requirement who now feel more comfortable. That's OK if you disagree with the second group but they certainly exist whether you agree or not. The point being it's more likely to be a combination of factors, many of which are related to COVID, than SOLELY the vaccine/negative test requirement leading to low attendance.
  8. Don't worry. Win or lose I'll be posting a very detailed recap.
  9. Really impressive; I always assumed you were older than 7!
  10. Just got the call...we're in!! Just wanted to see who else is in the race so I can let you know your kid doesn't stand a chance.
  11. My least favorite thing about NET is it makes all of us (self included) sound like a bunch of corporate nerds talking about Q1 Q2 in our free time.
  12. Wow, it's not often I'm told I'm being too subtle.
  13. One thing I'm really proud of is that I've never bothered to find out whether Gus or Guy is his real name. No one tell me.
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