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  1. Cowboy II?? Did something happen to your original account?
  2. Ha...I was hoping to just present the data and leave it up to everyone else to get into a debate about what it means. But since you asked, here goes: If we were a farm league, I would expect to see a net of more transfers moving "up" to the P6 vs. lateral or downward moves. I don't see that in this data set. It's just one piece of information though. It doesn't take into account the % of guys who have P6 interest who moved up. Like, if every single dude good enough to play for KU or wherever moves on, that would be an indicator that we're something of a farm league. Example- an actual farm league: AAA baseball- every single guy who is good enough will obviously go to the majors if given a chance. In that case it doesn't matter the numbers going each way if one league is obviously the goal and the other is a stepping stone to get there. Based on those criteria I would say no, not a farm league for the following reasons: 1. There's not an obvious exodus of top guys from A10 to P6. 2. There's not an obvious preference toward moving to P6. There are definitely guys sticking around who would easily be able to move, e.g., Perkins and others. I would also say A10 is making out pretty well on both ends; 20 dudes transferring in from P6 and 20 from non-P6. I'm surprised it's so balanced.
  3. Yeah like I said I almost certainly made some mistakes. Honestly I'm surprised people didn't catch more. Lol Fixed original post.
  4. I added some notes to this because I was interested in whether the A10 has become a farm league for P6 conferences due to transfer rules from this year. A couple caveats/explanations: - In the interest of time and objectivity, I didn't differentiate between good/bad teams. Only conferences. Boston College still counted as P6, for example, even though their bball program isn't great. - Anyone listed as "TBA" I counted as going to non-P6. - I didn't differentiate between high major, low major, etc. Too ambiguous. - Green = in from P6, red= out to P6. Blue= in from non-P6, yellow = out to non-P6. Purple = D2. - I almost certainly made some mistakes doing this. - I realize this might change for future years. This is only from this year, obviously.
  5. I also saw multiple plays that should've been assists but guys missed wide open shots.
  6. To add to this- he has explicitly said he is not interested in coaching Indiana
  7. As someone who has had some truly vile sh!t said to them on this board: If you want a board that’s more heavily moderated, this isn’t the place for you.
  8. IMO whatever his previous position in local media, Gardner is a doorman and has no obligation to uphold journalistic standards. He might as well just be some random guy. If I had access to those pictures, I personally wouldn’t have shared them, but if I did, it’d be dumb to criticize me for not adhering to journalistic standards. Because I’m not a journalist. I hold Chapley to a slightly higher standard, but the only thing I feel like he messed up is he should’ve reached out to and provided Ford’s statement alongside his original retweet. For example if Ford would’ve denied that Brooks’ party happened at all, it would’ve been really important context. That’s not what happened though so I guess in the end it doesn’t matter. As a side note, is Brooks’ birthday 12/23? That’s my daughter’s birthday.
  9. Does this mean that one member of GaTech won’t be able to participate, or the whole team?
  10. Getting ready to watch from the hospital- baby Ben born yesterday. hospital TV doesn’t have CBSSports but I’m thankful that I can stream YouTube TV from my iPad.
  11. I can’t for the life of me fathom why any Billiken fan would care what Mickey Pearson is doing.
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