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  1. Agree--seems like there is zero downside to doing this with the recent-ish rule changes.
  2. Sitting behind the bench for a road win while a day past my due date will be hard to top in terms of Billiken memories. I'll remember December 2019 for having my first child...but also for that KState game
  3. I feel like you're right? At least in the NBA I seem to remember James Harden pump faking out of assists just to keep it going when he had a really long streak of unassisted buckets going.
  4. is it weird that i match up big life events to what was going on with the billikens? i vividly remember watching this game while drinking bourbon and texting my now-husband; this was the year we met.
  5. I guess I should’ve used blue font on the female doctor comment... In my case, I agree the surgeon could’ve saved the masks for a higher risk situation, which is most certainly coming his way. My only point in any of these posts is because people keep saying the bad thing about covid 19 is our healthcare system can’t handle it. I’m providing an example that just happened to me in which it turned out basically fine for me, but might not have in about two weeks.
  6. None of this is to complain, just to give people a little window into what hospitals are dealing with. They’ve now had to lock down the masks because I guess people were running into the ER and stealing them.
  7. Thank you to all who wished me well. They removed two gallstones (~4 and 6 mm in diameter) from my bile duct. “Lucky” for me, I started becoming jaundiced, so it was deemed medically necessary to do this procedure. It is a band aid and I will have to get the gallbladder out at some point when things are less crazy and just hope it doesn’t get really bad in the meantime. Fine with me, I’m happy to go home and be with my kid. Re: the point of my original post, the entire team had an argument while they were prepping me on whether the N95 masks (the only kind effective in stopping the droplets that contain coronavirus) were necessary during my procedure. The doctor said the hospital said they are only to be used if the patient is suspected to have COVID19, due to the fact that they expect they will need a lot more of those masks in the coming weeks and they think they will run out. The problem with that logic is...at this point they suspect everyone may have it, even asymptomatic patients like myself. They ended up using the masks. I really hope they don’t run out.
  8. If anyone wants a picture of how hospital resources are now being rationed, I’m currently in the hospital with a gallstone lodged in my bile duct. Usually they would 100% remove the stone by endoscope and probably take my gallbladder out too. Now they have me sitting here waiting while they decide whether they can spare the resources and if this is enough of an emergency. I’m not allowed any visitors, including my 3 month old daughter, whom I’m still breastfeeding, and my husband. No one is allowed visitors unless they’re dying or giving birth–then they’re allowed one (1). They have canceled all non-emergency surgeries in order to conserve resources. The problem is no one seems able to decide what constitutes an emergency. If this gets worse than it already is, the situation at hospitals will be really scary.
  9. Is it sad that I’m enjoying watching this
  10. To those comparing the US situation to China's and trying to project their % of population that died onto the US...it's because China took extreme measures to prevent the spread of disease. Read about the containment measures they took for people in Wuhan. China felt it was better to let the economy take the hit short term in order to protect one of its biggest resources...its huge population. They are a totalitarian regime and I am glad the US won't take the same measures China did. But please stop saying that because a small fraction of China's population died, it means the same fraction of the US population will die. We simply aren't taking the same measures, so this is not true.
  11. Yep. The NBA realizes that the players are their biggest asset and at the NBA level they aren't replaceable in terms of talent, so they are choosing to protect their biggest asset. If the league is protecting the pros, the NCAA will look really bad if they don't protect amateurs. I'm still really bummed that there's not more basketball to watch and I feel really, really bad for the kids who worked so hard for this. Especially seniors. And especially seniors who aren't going to play pro sports later, for whom this may be their last chance to compete. It's a really long shot but I hope they are able to play some postseason games in a few months or something.
  12. People in Wuhan also didn’t leave their houses for weeks in order to contain the virus
  13. This. I don’t understand why people are acting like it’s fine if older people start dying in large numbers.
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