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  1. To add to this- he has explicitly said he is not interested in coaching Indiana
  2. As someone who has had some truly vile sh!t said to them on this board: If you want a board that’s more heavily moderated, this isn’t the place for you.
  3. IMO whatever his previous position in local media, Gardner is a doorman and has no obligation to uphold journalistic standards. He might as well just be some random guy. If I had access to those pictures, I personally wouldn’t have shared them, but if I did, it’d be dumb to criticize me for not adhering to journalistic standards. Because I’m not a journalist. I hold Chapley to a slightly higher standard, but the only thing I feel like he messed up is he should’ve reached out to and provided Ford’s statement alongside his original retweet. For example if Ford would’ve denied that Broo
  4. Does this mean that one member of GaTech won’t be able to participate, or the whole team?
  5. Getting ready to watch from the hospital- baby Ben born yesterday. hospital TV doesn’t have CBSSports but I’m thankful that I can stream YouTube TV from my iPad.
  6. I can’t for the life of me fathom why any Billiken fan would care what Mickey Pearson is doing.
  7. I’m in the FSMW region with YouTube TV and haven’t had a problem getting them on ESPN+
  8. This is true I think across a lot of women’s sports. Not sure on the point about skill but athletically...Lots of guys are still growing at age 18-19 whereas it’s not uncommon for us to be done growing in like 7th grade or younger lol.
  9. Think of it this way: if you play ten games and you have a 60% chance to win each of them, the most likely outcome is not that you’ll win 100% of them, even though you’re favored to win in all of them. You’ll probably win most of them and lose a few. edit: posted this one minute later than @The Wiz and didn’t see his better, more detailed post lol
  10. Agree with this. I guess I’m more optimistic than most. Does anyone know...In the past, when there’s been disagreement between RPI/BPI vs. the AP Poll, which of those rankings has been most accurate in predicting seeding?
  11. Yeah, it made sense when they didn’t have info at the very beginning to take a conservative approach. Now it’s clear that 14 days isn’t really supported by the data and they should shorten their recommendation for quarantine.
  12. Search Billiken Vault. I believe @billikenfan05 tries to avoid posting links so the copyright police don’t ask him to take the videos down.
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