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  1. I can’t for the life of me fathom why any Billiken fan would care what Mickey Pearson is doing.
  2. I’m in the FSMW region with YouTube TV and haven’t had a problem getting them on ESPN+
  3. This is true I think across a lot of women’s sports. Not sure on the point about skill but athletically...Lots of guys are still growing at age 18-19 whereas it’s not uncommon for us to be done growing in like 7th grade or younger lol.
  4. Think of it this way: if you play ten games and you have a 60% chance to win each of them, the most likely outcome is not that you’ll win 100% of them, even though you’re favored to win in all of them. You’ll probably win most of them and lose a few. edit: posted this one minute later than @The Wiz and didn’t see his better, more detailed post lol
  5. Agree with this. I guess I’m more optimistic than most. Does anyone know...In the past, when there’s been disagreement between RPI/BPI vs. the AP Poll, which of those rankings has been most accurate in predicting seeding?
  6. Yeah, it made sense when they didn’t have info at the very beginning to take a conservative approach. Now it’s clear that 14 days isn’t really supported by the data and they should shorten their recommendation for quarantine.
  7. Search Billiken Vault. I believe @billikenfan05 tries to avoid posting links so the copyright police don’t ask him to take the videos down.
  8. Here's mine...Disclaimer: I didn't check to see if these minutes make sense at all mathematically...These guesses are based on nothing except what I felt like
  9. Not me!!! French in short shorts...*swoon*
  10. My in laws live in Wichita ... while they’ve been happy with the success he brought, they’ve never liked him as a person and have complained about him basically every time a WSU game is on. Westy said above that his wife is a piece of work; this is definitely the consensus. I think most people in Wichita can’t stand her. When I asked the family group text if they had seen the news about him the first thing everyone said was they weren’t surprised.
  11. You really destroyed that straw man, but I don’t see where anyone on this board has argued that SLU is the only clean school in the NCAA. Thanks for all the entertainment value you have provided, though! I’m sure your posts will be missed.
  12. Quick google search says ~75% of their revenue is from March madness. Just shy of a billion.
  13. This is like the "overrated" chant....Don't you want teams you're playing to be really good??
  14. I thought this was an interesting question so did a quick search. See the chart below...I chose the week closest to the April 14 date you mentioned. During the week ending 4/11/2020 looks like there were about 20,000 more observed deaths than expected. (79,528 observed compared to an average of 56,258 expected) This doesn't necessarily mean 100% of those 20,000 were from COVID. Just a lot more people died that week than usual. 20,000/7 days in a week gives you ~ 2,800, which tracks pretty closely with the difference you gave above. You can play around with the chart and search for dates and l
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