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  1. Jett because his athleticism. Loe was because his accent and also a little bit of affirmative action; feel like I didn’t include enough white guys. after more thought I think I should’ve had Ash and also it’s really offensive that I didn’t put Bess on this list. In my defense I was nursing a newborn while I wrote this post.
  2. All-hot team*: Evans, French, Jimerson, Jett, Loe *Full disclosure: I started following SLU during the Majerus years when I was a student there.
  3. Thank you everyone for the well wishes! Perry is getting a Billiken onesie from mom for Christmas. I will share a photo once she wears it
  4. Great game to enjoy from behind the Billiken bench. I’m a bit beat after all the standing and jumping and yelling and sitting but made it home to my couch now watching reruns of Chopped. Hopefully baby comes tomorrow. Damn dude don’t you know not to say this to a pregnant lady???
  5. We’re sitting at the bar in McFadden’s!
  6. Wait what’s the ziploc bag for?? My birth plan is all wrong...... I’m just hoping there’s an opportunity here somewhere for a “towel me” joke.
  7. FYI I’m aware the game is tomorrow. Pregnancy brain is real folks
  8. I don't know if others ever look at this site, but it's really interesting (to me, at least). You can see everyone's AP ballots. https://collegepolltracker.com/
  9. As a side note, I have an extension on my chrome called "decreased productivity." You can easily toggle it on and off and it makes everything look like a plain white screen with black Arial text, and greys out images unless you hover over them. Example below. Has saved me many times when my boss walks into my office.
  10. 8 1/2 months pregnant, can confirm this is probably what’s going on with him.
  11. This. And it's really hard to account for actual in-game scenarios in basketball stats. Matchups, spacing, combinations of players, etc. Not to mention for baseball there are simply more data points. They play like a million games per year, allowing for more regression to the mean. An example of a good, but flawed, statistic often used in basketball is the "+/-". Seems obvious, better players will have a positive +/-, i.e. their teams will score more than the opponent when they're in the game. BUT, what about the end of games, when you might have a player subbed out on offense if he sucks at free throws? If you're out on offense and in on defense, your +/- will be skewed; obviously, if you're out of the game when your team has the ball, and in the game when the other team has the ball, your +/- will take a hit. Does that mean a player like that is worse overall than another one? No...it means he's bad at free throws and isn't good to have in the game in certain scenarios. Same could be said for the "should Bell start" argument. He might not be one of the top 5 best players but it's clear he brings something to the table not reflected in stats, i.e. French not racking up early fouls.
  12. This. It’s written in a way to be purposefully misleading. Any non-sociopath would write it as either 8/(2(2+2)) or (8/2)*(2+2) depending on the intent. Also apparently in some parts of the world they teach PEDMAS not PEMDAS so it’s doubly confusing.
  13. Hey, @The Wiz, with regard to this debate... in your pre-game analyses, you always have the WWN2D2W section, which tends to include players on the opposing teams for us to focus on. Curious what a "W[They]N2D2W" would look like against the Bills?
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