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  1. rgbilliken

    Signed Recruit Thread 2018-19

  2. rgbilliken

    Fieldhouse: Saturday at 2pm

    We were coming from Kansas City so didn't make it to the field house in time to meet anyone but dm if you're out and want to meet up!
  3. rgbilliken

    But over The Bills by 8

    UDDawg, Today at 2:13 PM Lol... I almost made an account on their board to say, "That's Dr. Chaifetz to you."
  4. rgbilliken

    2018-19 A10 vs P5

    Sweater Vest U
  5. rgbilliken

    No Criminal Charges to be filed

    Lol the first thought that popped into my head when I saw his pic was "yep...checks out"
  6. rgbilliken

    2018-19 season

    I respect Old guy so much more if he's actually fake. Mostly because it's just such a bizarre thing to do. Let me spend hours per day trawling the billikens dot com message boards for YEARS under a fake persona with a fully-fleshed out backstory?? I love that idea.
  7. Thank you! This makes sooo much more sense than what I was thinking.
  8. I'm confused on this. Are G-league teams not NBA team affiliates like AAA and MLB? If a player enters a deal like this, would they be committing to an organization? Then would they not enter the draft the next year? If that's the case this seems like an absolute steal for the NBA and their teams if they can get dudes locked in for $125k and then just pay league minimum and call them up the next year. Someone tell me if I am thinking about this completely wrong?? Or would they still have their massive signing bonuses like they normally do?
  9. rgbilliken

    MLS 4 the Lou

    This is def. true. Economic analyses have shown again and again that cities don't typically recoup their financial investments from paying for these things. Receipts: Forbes Bloomberg It can and has been done without taxpayer funding (e.g. the San Francisco Giants stadium, which IIRC was built 100% with private funds-could be wrong, though). Or it has been done successfully with taxpayer support (e.g. the revitalization of downtown Detroit with the help of Comerica park and Ford field). Personally I don't think taxpayers ought to be subsidizing billionaires' for-profit organizations. It reminds me of people who go out to eat and complain about tipping. Like, no, actually, if you can't afford to tip, you can't afford to eat out. Imo, if you can't find private funds to build a stadium, you can't afford a pro team, and you shouldn't be asking for a handout from taxpayers. Having said that...if people had wanted to vote "yes" because they wanted a team to come to STL that badly and think it's worth it, more power to them. In any event, it seems to have worked out for the best.
  10. rgbilliken

    The rumor that won't die: NBA in STL ?

    Gotcha. Makes sense
  11. rgbilliken

    The rumor that won't die: NBA in STL ?

    Source? I would be interested to read reporting and/or studies on this topic. Even if you accept this premise, this is odd logic imo. Don't allocate resources to violent neighborhoods because violence will pop up elsewhere? What's the point of police, if not to try to solve/prevent crimes?
  12. rgbilliken

    The rumor that won't die: NBA in STL ?

    Agree with this. I'm from Omaha and I don't think having an NBA team would hurt Creighton attendance much for a few reasons: 1) Omaha is an extremely Catholic town and those games are a very social event - like a class reunion for Creighton Prep/Marian High and Creighton U kids every week. 2) Creighton has had a sustained period of moderate success. 3) The demographics of Creighton fans and NBA fans are very different. (i.e. the Creighton crowd is much older and whiter and Catholic-er). *If* SLU games can become more like a social event the way Creighton games are, and *if* we can sustain some success, I don't think it would make much of a difference to SLU attendance whether STL has an NBA team or not.
  13. rgbilliken

    Commission on College Basketball

    Here would by my ideal scenario: - Schools pay the players a living wage. I received ~$25k stipend while I was in grad school for being a TA and research assistant. (Unpopular opinion among grad students, but athletes in revenue sports are probably(?) way more valuable to schools than I was as a grad student. Lol) This could be capped in a similar way to how pro sports organizations have salary caps. - Remove restrictions on students making money by endorsements, etc. (Is there any reason for this to exist other than the NCAA doesn't want anyone making money off of "student" athletes other than themselves? I'm honestly asking.) - Do something about one-and-dones. It is BS that the NBA outsources its training to college students who aren't getting paid. - Do one or the other: either dispense with the notion that these athletes are students, and treat them like employees, or actually enforce the academics as roy suggested. But don't do this halfway-pretending that the academics are important and then doing nothing when schools like UNC are exposed.
  14. rgbilliken

    OT: Fly the L

    I realize this will be an unpopular opinion, but I'm rooting for the Red Sox...Only because I'm a Detroit fan and I'd be really happy for Kinsler and JD Martinez to get rings.
  15. rgbilliken

    Recruiting - 2019

    I saw a story on CBS Sunday Morning about a kid with the last name Ayer whose parents named him Billion. Yep... Billion Ayer... Billionaire...