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  1. Steve will leave my account in existence; I just won’t be able to/don’t want to be able to access it. I may be back some day when this is long in the rear view mirror. To explain why I am leaving: I just don’t get any joy in posting somewhere where I’m called unintelligent, nitwit, and a piece of sh!t over an academic quibble. I know myself and know I can’t stop myself from responding to the trolls if they continue to harass me. It’s better for me if I take that option away from myself. I love you all, even those of you who hate me.
  2. Last post before Steve deactivates my account tomorrow AM. For those who don’t get alumni/donor emails, below is a link to SLU’s current “OneSLU” fundraising initiative. You can choose to give to any number of funds, including emergency relief for students struck by unexpected hardship because of COVID and COVID vaccine research. https://givingday.slu.edu/giving-day/28556
  3. This one made me laugh. Phony woman? Playing a "card" ? At no point in this discussion have I made reference to the fact that I'm a woman. My picture is my real picture. My initials are my real initials. People have posted tweets from my real account on this board. I won't post my full name on here because I don't want this site to pop up when people search for me. But I'm probably one of the easiest people on this board to locate and determine is not "phony." I made a decision a long time ago not to hide behind anonymity on here because I felt that if I'm going to fire off on a message board I want to be able to back up everything I say. I realize that this is capitulating to many of you who for some inexplicable reason hate me. And many will say "good riddance." You win. I came to this board because I love the Billikens and I wanted to stay up-to-date on Bills news and a sense of community now that I no longer live in STL. With twitter, I no longer need this site for that. But I can read a room and tell I'm not wanted here. I'm out. @SluSignGuy, please delete my account.
  4. He is right though; I’m a colossal piece of sh!t for getting “come on, Eileen” stuck in everyone’s heads. It really is unforgivable.
  5. Yikes. You know nothing about me, my character, or what my job entails.
  6. Old man, keep my name out of your pathetic mouth. I have not, and will never, claim to have a scintilla of medical knowledge. I am not an MD. i did not attend medical school. I cannot diagnose or treat a patient. I never claimed any of those things. you can continue to bloviate for 8000 words per post all you want but leave me out of it and don’t outright lie about what I’ve said. There are many things I don’t know, and I admit that. One thing I do know is how research is typically conducted. the specific study you posted earlier in this thread was poorly designed and lacked statistical power. That is the only thing I have argued with you about. If the 6000 number you posted above is true that’s great. I am glad it is working. That is completely separate and apart from the small French study you cited earlier.
  7. I’m sorry, that’s scary for you and your family. I hope you’re ok.
  8. This would not surprise me one bit considering how China was promoting some conspiracy theories about the US bringing it to China. One thing everyone should agree on is that whatever you think of the US response, China's government response has led to a lot of deaths. One thing to note is that this article seems to hint that there was something untoward about studying coronaviruses in general in a BSL-2 lab instead of BSL-4. This is not necessarily the case, depending on the specific virus. We study COVID-19 at my work and the highest BSL we have is level 3. If it did escape from the lab though, it does suggest that the BSL-2 lab in question might not have been following actual BSL-2 procedures.
  9. I guess Jimerson is a little shorter, but honestly Kyle Korver has been in the league for like 20 years so it seems plausible to me
  10. I REGRET NOTHING. However, I will not hold it against anyone for troll-posting me into oblivion on that one.
  11. Covid-19 too-loo-rah Covid-19 too-loo-rah Covid-19 too-loo-rah I'm sorry. Mods, please ban me from the board.
  12. I saw someone on twitter saying they always get “come on Eileen” stuck in their head after reading COVID-19 and I always think about that too now
  13. Other countries’ approval is not evidence. Evidence is evidence. Unless other countries have some data not mentioned before, they are looking at the same studies we are and saying it’s worth a shot. As for you continually notifying me that I don’t have a say in drug approval...do you... think I don’t know that? I’m obviously offering my opinion. Everyone on this board is. I was not aware that you need to be an FDA official to have an opinion on the results of a study done in France. I’ll make note of that for future reference. The original opinion I shared was pretty mild and noncommittal (basically just said I’m not an expert in infectious disease but do have knowledge in pharmaceutical research and think this is good but needs more study), which is part of what makes your responses so hilarious. You’ve repeatedly condescended to me and made unwarranted personal digs at me. I don’t know why you continue to bend over to try to insult me or what it is about me that seems to get under your skin so much, but rest assured that I’m not bothered. I have, however, reached my limit on respectfully responding to you, so continue to insult me all you want, but I won’t reply. I don’t want to make myself look like an @sshole.
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