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  1. What about St Peter? Jersey City’s preeminent Jesuit university.
  2. Dana Altman must have saw something…
  3. Love seeing Schulte to The Crew. McBride probably loves it too!
  4. Exactly. He is like Greyson Allen and every other entitled Duke athlete.
  5. We’ve become Wally Pipp’s when we should be Lou Gerighs.
  6. Amen. Father Larry would have sent in the tanks. Freddie bends the knee at the clock tower and now to the Vid. You could have seen that one coming, BMB.
  7. There’s a difference between trolling and frustration. I understand the millennials are going to get their lace jockstraps in a wad over the following, but it is ok to be mad. It’s ok to be upset. You can have a space to vent your frustration.
  8. Technical difficulties with Cox here on the east coast. Typical.
  9. I’m .000 for the century on flights either originating or terminating at EWR. It’s a WalMart with planes outside.
  10. On behalf of all Americans, how in the world did you have no issues flying into EWR? If Dante had wrote about a 10th gate of hell, it would be Newark/Liberty.
  11. Memphis is a Public school version of Dayton (catholic school). Sorry if the syntax was off.
  12. It’s more about a general disdain for the program and the university as a whole. How they sold their soul to the devil (Calipari) and have a win-at-all-cost mentality. They are a public school Dayton. Their fans believe their feces are void of odor and they root for players they probably wouldn’t hold the door for en route to Sunday brunch at the Peabody.
  13. Although it’s good that Memphis is giving Lil’ Penny an opportunity to get his lil’ degree.
  14. BAB, rough estimate of how many of that 3k were our fans? How’s our alumni group out there? I had one American Airlines and Hilton tab open as we watched in anticipation of booking a DFW-RDU weekend, but I guess now I’ll be off to Naples to celebrate my parents 44 years of wedded bliss. You win some, you lose some.
  15. They haven’t had grass this bad in Seattle since the last Temple of the Dog concert.
  16. Win one for Rick Majerus, who passed away on this day 9 years ago. Hard to believe.
  17. Wyoming does that almost better than anyone. Laramie’s elevation of 7200 ft is used in UW’s hype videos and is the “12th” man at War Memorial stadium for football games. I had the chance to take in a game in 2015 when Larry Nance JR was there and the aptly named “Arena Auditorium” basketball facility wasn’t too shabby. If you have the chance to take a day trip from Denver, the Terry Bison Ranch right when you cross the state line from CO into WYO on I-25 is a great start to any trip into the high plains.
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