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  1. You’re right, I should be more upset with this loss than the Maryland loss. Perhaps I’ve just finally hit stage 5 of the Kübler-Ross model when it comes to having the lead on good teams with less than 10 minutes to play.
  2. I’m less upset about this loss than the Maryland loss. We’re so close to getting over that hump. FTs lost this game, not Ford, but blowing late leads sure has been way too common under Ford. We still have a decent chance at heading into conference play at 11-2 with both losses coming against ranked teams. Finish the non-con strong, get Perkins up to 85%+, Parker more comfortable, and let’s dominate what now seems to be a pretty week A10.
  3. Wawaweewa Iran with 2 goals, both in stoppage time, to beat Wales 2-0. +8 and +11. I guess this means we now need to beat Iran next week (assuming a loss or tie today). A tie won’t cut it.
  4. Marquette up 53-38 on G Tech with 15 minutes to play. Ha forgot Shaka Smart coached Marquette. Can someone tell me what is wrong with Josh Pastor’s hair? Is it glued on?
  5. What an ending. Was hoping France would’ve gone the same route as Argentina and Germany today but it wasn’t to be.
  6. Can we rename this thread “Airing of Grievances”? Also: Maryland 23 in AP SLU still receiving votes (along with Dayton)
  7. Indeed. Cameras showed Acosta talking to his LAFC teammate Bale about it after the match. Bale was laughing.
  8. What a Messi Argentina finds themselves in
  9. Out of the 7.8B people currently inhabiting earth I’m willing to bet you could not find one person (outside of Greggg apparently and Jordan’s family) that thinks Morris gives us a better opportunity to create chances and regain the lead during today‘s match than a healthy Reyna does. This of course ignores the first 4 substitutions. This isn’t World Cup qualifying. You don’t get 14 games, the luxury of sitting players, or year to figure it out. Every second counts and every goal matters. Not that anyone was expecting Iran to make it out of group stage but their fate was sealed by the time the first half whistle in game 1 was blown. Play your best players. Hopefully we can still make it out of group stage. It will probably now come down to which team, Wales or US, can lose “better” to England. It’s clear many people hate Gregg, I’ve never really had an issue with him. But if Reyna told him he was ready to go and he still chose not to play him that’s inexcusable.
  10. If Reyna was truly 100% and ready to go then Gregggg should be be fired immediately. Gone before the England match on Friday. Unbelievable.
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