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  1. I heard he has a Justin Amash poster in his dorm room. Are dorm rooms still at thing these days? Or are all of these kids now living in fancy townhomes that look like the Jetson's house?
  2. Thank you for this insight. Troy McClure could've broken the story for all I care. It's nice to get an update and glad everyone is recovering. I think it's safe to say that every player on our team has now had COVID. With this big of an outbreak I just don't see how 4 players managed to avoid it unless they had previously been exposed. Stating the obvious here but barring an absolute meltdown we are making the tourney this year. With all of the national writers hopping on the SLU train this national attention is obviously a big boost to our rep that I think we can afford a bad los
  3. Okay? What if Corey Tate does have it? What are you implying? Having gone through previous pages on this thread it appears that no one on the team or staff has had any severe symptoms or health issues. I would hope if someone was in a dire health situation they’d let us know. I’m sure the SLU community would like to include them in their thoughts and prayers. Out of reactions but good point.
  4. Rather than take a proactive approach, SLU's approach seems to be more reactionary, to stay tight-lipped, and to only divulge (limited) info when asked. It has seemed to lead to a lot of speculation which is why I don't necessarily agree with it. Obviously the AD can handle this in whatever way he sees fit. Clearly they think this approach is in the best interest of the program. Ultimately it doesn't really matter what anyone thinks and the boys will be back on the court dominating the A10 soon enough. I just find it odd.
  5. If SLU has been providing updates the past 2 weeks via the Post/StlToday, social media, and the radio I stand corrected. I haven't read any. I also expect Travis Ford to personally call me every day with an update so... As you said earlier, the lack of communication is by design and people like me are just impatient And to answer my own question from above: Yes, apparently it is too much to ask
  6. Better communication with the fanbase? it's right there in my post. I'm not asking for a daily update but it has been, what, 2 weeks now and for those that don't constantly check social media or go back to the thread page they left off on days earlier, they'd have no clue where things stood right now. You'd think for a program that calls itself "STL's team" and is the highest level of basketball in a metro of almost 3M people they'd make an attempt to connect to everyone and not just those that follow Stu on Twitter or read this website. I most likely just have unrealistic standards. And
  7. The lack of communication is odd. I get they can't disclose certain info and things are probably changing daily. But why not an update every few days with a : 1) here is where things stand currently 2) here's what we need to happen to get back on the court 3) here's our targeted return date if things go as planned. Honest question: is that too much to ask? My sports intake has severely declined over the years but I need SLU basketball in my life right now.
  8. Interesting, I guess I’ve just never had an issue that required a phone conversation. I used to “live chat” when I had Directv and that was really effective. Never had any issues with Hulu Live and none thus far with ATT TV Now. Another reason I prefer the streaming apps with monthly subscriptions: don’t have to go through the ole song and dance of threatening to cancel every year just to get a better price on the contract (no contract - another plus).
  9. I switched from Hulu live to ATT TV and haven’t had any issues. Why is anyone calling customer service on the phone these days? I’ve been able to resolve my issues online. Perhaps I just haven’t had an issue that warranted a phone call yet.
  10. Doesn't get any easier this weekend when they travel to Iowa city to play Iowa. Looking at their remaining schedule, their 6 remaining home games are all very winnable. Gotta win some on the road though. Of course there are no guarantees all of these games are played...
  11. Tough loss for NC State last night they completely threw that game away. Funderburk is one heckuva player. Glad he wasn't dressed when we played them Big matchup tonight in the Big 30: Minnesota @ Michigan on the BTN.
  12. NC State game is on ACCN. They’re up 57-50 with 5:38 to go. Game has been pretty chippy.
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