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  1. Just installed a new bracket on my front porch that holds 2 flags. Need a sexy new Bills flag to insert. Please advise...
  2. Count me as one of the many that I expect still intend to purchase season tix but just haven't gotten around to it yet.
  3. 6'3 guard with a 7 foot wingspan who plays defense. Started for a BXII team and averaged 26 MPG. Gets to the rim. Seems like the perfect complement to Jimerson and Swope and a player who could fit into the system.
  4. Every person he calls is a butt dial
  5. Thanks, @The Wiz. Apologies, I missed your Hunter grades from a few days ago. Had a feeling they wouldn’t be great. As for Traore, when I first looked at his numbers he seemed like the kind of player that would be a great complimentary piece in our starting lineup because of his defense and rebounding (as you mention above), with a focus on baskets close to the rim in the cut-heavy Schertz offense. The hope being he’s still young and the staff/the system could help improve his 3P%. He reminded me a little of Goodwin. But alas, I don’t see him joining team 314.
  6. After seeing Brian's post I'm curious what the computer thinks of Camren Hunter. Another player I'd love to see run through Wiz's computer is Seydou Traore. Let me preface this by saying I don't think he's coming to SLU. I believe I read somewhere that SLU had interest but not sure it's mutual. 3P shooting is rough but would hope that improves under a Schertz system (just a freshman). I really like this kid: 6'7 guard who averaged 12 points 8 rebounds 2 assists 2 steals and 1 block per a game as a freshman for Manhattan. Seydou Traore College Stats | College Basketball at Sports-Reference.com
  7. If Schertz wants him I'm on board but think there are still some other guards on SLU's radar that would make Wiz's computer even happier. I think the staff still places value on rim protection and rebounding it's just our commitments thus far have been more guard heavy. We need guys like Cam Manyawu and Elijah Jones to make up their minds.
  8. I guess going from 1.5 turnovers/game to 1.4, a 2P% of .479 to .487 (attempts up by 1 just shot), and 2.6 assists to 2.7 are technically improvements. Freet throw % improved from 68% to 83% but that's a bit misleading, as his FT/FTA went from 0.7/1 to 0.8/1. Definitely more efficient 3P shooter in his second year. Wouldn't mind seeing Big Mike in a Schertz offense but would prefer some of the other guards currently linked to SLU over him. We need more rim protection and rebounding, especially in our S5.
  9. Stats aren't that impressive, especially when you compare them to the other guards currently linked to SLU, but it would be interesting to see how he does in a Schertz offense. Where'd that pic come from by the way?
  10. Looks like the difference between donating $250 and donating $500 is a car decal. I'd assume these perk lists aren't complete yet (I sure hope not). I would also assume the bigger donors don't care really about car decals etc but if you're going to ask the average Jose to cough up some money then perks matter. Of course the $500 level could come with more invitations to watch parties and events than the $250 level.
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