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  1. This is the only stadium I have been to in Europe but it was an awesome experience. Very intimate and very loud.
  2. Yeah probably. I'm pretty sure they even said it could/would be used for esport events. If so, I guess that could be one event it steals from Chaifetz.
  3. I believe they said in their release the other day it would be used for concerts as well other events. Looking forward to seeing Dead and Company play there in 3 years I saw My Morning Jacket, Wilco, and Bob Dylan play at SeatGeek Stadium (horrible name, horrible location) and it was the perfect outdoor venue for it. I'd imagine this would not take much away from Chaiftez, as they are different types of venues (one being outdoors obviously) with very different seating capacities.
  4. I really liked our non-con schedule this past season as well. Hopefully we have something comparable (a few games versus some easier P5 teams, sprinkled with a couple of tougher, ranked opponents) this season, and that the destination tourney is somewhere nice enough that it would be an easy sell to CEO of my household.
  5. Ken and Joe were the best. Pretty sure Kenny is currently laying beachside in Maui having drinks delivered to him by 2 Polynesian babes. Dan Kelly was the best. My brother and I used to put our "Best of Dan Kelly" cassette on and reenact the plays he was calling in our basement. My dad used to go to Charcoal House after Blues games with Dan. He sure knew how to throw back steak, booze, and cigs.
  6. Yeah I was just looking at his stats and his junior year stats reflect that sentiment: STATS 2018-19 2017-18 2016-17 GP MPG FG% FT% REB AST BLK STL PF TO PTS 12 16.8 38.3 69.2 0.8 0.4 0.2 0.6 0.9 0.5 5.6 32 31.1 38.4 82.6 2.3 0.7 0.0 1.1 2.1 1.3 14.4 32 32.0 40.9 83.2 2.3 1.7 0.0 0.6 2.0 2.0 14.1
  7. I have a feeling the next few months are going to be exciting
  8. Ha I doubt any time soon. Aside from the Steelcote, Lindseed Oil Bldg, and the new construction projects in Prospect Yards, I know the developer has plans for some mix-use new construction just east of Captain D's and Rally's along Chouteau extending North.
  9. Expanding on this, let's (for a moment) describe this intersection and discuss its surroundings: This project will occupy the NW corner of Grand and Chouteau. The NE corner (Prospect Yards) is currently undergoing millions of dollars in development. On the SW corner (or slightly south) , a half billion dollar hospital is being built. The SE corner holds Doisy Research Center. This entire intersection is going to look dramatically different in 5 years. To the west of this intersection is the Grove, an area that has likely seen more investment than any other neighborhood in the city the past 15 years. To the southwest is what I call "SoGrove", an area with a high concentration of some of the metro's best eating establishements (Elaia and Olio, Nixta, Union Loafers, and La Patisserie). Due south is South Grand, an eclectic row of international eateries. Directly North (SLU and): Midtown, the area's entertainment district. Southeast is Lafayette Square. NW is Cortex/Foundry and CWE, and NE is downtown. All of these places can be gotten to in under 10 minutes by either walking, biking, metrolink, or UBer/Lyft. This is actually a pretty sweet location. And it's not just the neighborhood that young professionals value. It's the amenities these new types of places offer: state of the art pools/BBQ stations, yoga and gym centers, dog parks, coffee stations in the lobby, work centers, etc. So yeah, these are the things that hold the most weight for potential renters.
  10. You must have blacked out after my first sentence and forgot to read the sentence directly under it. I'll copy and paste for you in case you don't feel like scrolling up: "If they can turn this area around and make it a very attractive spot to (and I really hate using this term) "live/work/play" then the train tracks become less of an issue" Based on previous posts, I got the impression you live way out in a county (outside of STL county) that doesn't encourage or have urban living. This may be a hard concept for you to understand but most recent college grads aren't looking for the tract housing/chain restaurant vibe. They enjoy public transportation, arts and entertainment, and proximity to bars, restaurants, shops, etc. Train tracks outside their apartment isn't a high concern for them (or for the people underwriting this project).
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