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  1. My brother was saying he should transfer to St. John's and play for Mike Anderson (and Van Macon). Such an odd hire for St. John's.
  2. I heard he pulled a Carte'are and punched teammate but still just a rumor at this point
  3. Ugly game. A win is a win. I actually enjoyed the jawing between #10 on BC and, well, almost every single Billiken player on the court. #10 was doing a lot of talking during the tv timeouts. Think he had a smile on his face the entire game.
  4. I heard Ken comes up with his yearly rankings over a slice of pizza at Comet Ping Pong in DC
  5. And yet Kenpom has K State at 86 and Saint Louis at 91. I thought we were supposed to take Kenpom seriously. Or is that not accurate? I guess NET is all that matters from here on out? Please advise...
  6. Ideal scenario: Billikens victory witnessed firshand by rgbilliken, followed by a quick birth to a healthy baby, followed by a team visit to the hospital, followed by celebratory placenta soup for team on their plane ride back to STL! Wish I was in KC tonight. Let's bring home a double digit victory.
  7. Randy Karraker tweeted out a link to an article from 2008 about the Chiefs receiving $25M in tax credits for moving their training facility back to MO. I'm too lazy follow up on that article so not sure what type of tax credits they were or whether or not they ended up receiving them. A few things I found interesting from the article: The board voted 10-0 to approve the credits This was in 2010 during the economic downturn This came 2 years after the Chiefs received $50M in credits for Arrowhead Chiefs would only use the facility for a few weeks each August but since it's being built on Missouri Western's campus, the school could use it the rest of the year My favorite part of the article: The $25M award in credits exceeded the annual cap so they needed to get approval from the directors of the DOR and DED. Sounds like the entire state bent over backwards to hand the Chiefs this money. https://www.twincities.com/2008/12/16/missouri-board-approves-25m-tax-breaks-for-chiefs/
  8. https://www.stltoday.com/sports/columns/ben-frederickson/benfred-sticking-to-sports-missouri-governor-parson-is-the-worst/article_934e7656-8504-5ad9-9697-bc6b18684e3a.html
  9. Because the St. Louis region is Missouri's "economic giant"? Because investing in St. Louis benefits the entire state? Because the state publicly and privately gave Carolyn their word? Do you know how much the Taylor's have invested in St. Louis and the state of Missouri over the years? Wonder what would happen if they decided to move Enterprise to a different state. I bet Jeff City would be begging them to stay with all sorts of tax incentives. Of course the Taylor's can afford the $30M but that isn't the point. This is land that needed to be cleared and build-ready anyways. Having walked the Capitol halls each year for the past 8 years, it blows my mind how much these people resent STL and KC. And it's not a democrat versus republican thing. It's an urban/suburban versus rural, us versus them thing.
  10. I can't decide if I want to fistbump this kid or punch him in the jejunum.
  11. Anyone remember Michael Fay? The American who was sentenced to short prison time in Singapore and 6 strokes of the cane?
  12. He has "gotten away" twice since leaving SLU. If you honestly believe living in a foreign country is just what he needs you are a greater man (or woman) than I am. His issues are much deeper than a change of location. Not to say that certain external/environmental factors wouldn't help him but his primary issues seem to be internal, not external. Horrible example but I've known a few self-described alcoholics who thought that by simply changing cities their problems would be solved. Their problems followed them. For some, it's possible. For most? Eh. It takes a lot more than moving. But I'm a glass 3/4 empty kinda guy. Also not sure how Euro/Latin American/Australian organizations operate. Is it common to spend limited resources on risky talent? I'd imagine each league is different. Gordon has such a high ceiling but 3 college teams in less than a year is a giant red flag.
  13. Gordon can't even live on his own in St. Louis. Imagine him trying to navigate Instanbul solo. It's actually quite sad.
  14. Reading that website reminds me of the first time I tried to read a Twitter conversation. My head almost exploded. We're talking about people that have the option to pay $7/month to read content from actual Mizzou "insiders" at Powermizzou.com yet choose not to. Not sure we're dealing with the best and brightest.
  15. I heard he's going to Barcelona, Venezuela not Barcelona, Spain.
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