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  1. Forgot about that place! Good call. I mean yeah, Malibu isn't all white tablecloth dining. There are plenty of reasonably priced eating establishments and quick service restaurants along PCH. I mentioned Dukes and Moonshadows partly as a joke because they are pretty famous (and we all know about Mel Gibson's little Moonshadows meltdown). But they'd also be cool spots to hang out in if you did have the money to enjoy them. I think I'd manage to make it through college on a diet of Country Kitchen burgers and Modelos Anywhoo, back to 2021 recruiting....we going with all transfers this ye
  2. Well how about that, it was a bit presumptuous! SLU a few thousand more at $133k. I guess I could have googled that... Still tons of stuff to do in the immediate area that doesn't include $20 cheeseburgers and requires little to no money at all (hiking, biking, camping, beaches, etc.) Plus Santa Monica (3rd Street Promenade) isn't far. Maybe things are different these days but I didn't have a car my freshman year of college and I always managed to find a ride to places I needed/wanted to go. Average temperature in Malibu is around 61. Santa Monica Mountains behind campus, Pacific Oce
  3. If I were a student at Pepperdine I'd take a 10 minute Uber to Duke's and Moonshadow's every weekend to get drunk. 10 minute Uber to Paradise Cove Cafe on Sundays to day drink on the beach. Doesn't get much better than that. 15 minutes to Zuma Beach. 25 minutes - 12 hours to Santa Monica (depending on traffic). For those that prefer non-drinking activities, there are plenty of hiking options close by, beach sports, and shops in Malibu. Think I would still take that over college town life. You sure about the no dancing policy? Pretty sure they have student-run dance groups at Pepperdine.
  4. They haven't announced any teams yet have they?
  5. I look on Peter Millar once every 6 months hoping I will finally find SLU apparel. And then I laugh at myself for being that naive. As W once said: “There's an old saying in Tennessee — I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again.”
  6. I was watching a few Oregon Okoro highlights yesterday and was blown away by his frame. Dude has an NBA bod. Basically a combo of Bell's height and French's physique. Okay maybe not quite as jacked as French but he's no pencil. He's going to look like a beast out there against A10 competition. Let's hope the stats follow... To your point about running the floor....the 2nd video in the link below is pretty dang impressive: block on the defensive end, a lovely sprint down the court, alley-oop catch and dunk. *eggplant emoji* https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/player/_/id/4397
  7. Nice of the city inmates to take a 30 minute revolt break from 10:30-11 to allow Frank to break the Nesbitt news. Hats off, guys.
  8. I believe he changed his name to Damari Bayer.
  9. I was really looking forward to the Orlando Invitational last year, any chance we can find ourselves in something similar this fall?
  10. Transfer portal activity has the dial cranked to 11 already and hoops season isn't even over yet.
  11. Small sample size but in the few Mizzou games I watched this past year I think I saw Mark Smith take 20 shots and miss 20 shots. Clearly his FG% is higher than 0% but I wasn't impressed with the kid. He also appeared to whine a lot after missing a shot.
  12. Has he used up all of his eligibility?
  13. Boy is my face red I was looking at his 2019-2020 attempts but 2020-2021 3P%. Wow wow wow that certainly is high volume and an insane shooting percentage. Prep the monkeys* and have Dr. Chaifetz open a Gemini account for Mr. Shelton ASAP! *The monkeys are a good thing, yeah? Do they deliver the briefcase? I can't remember...
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