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  1. Would definitely be awesome to see a couple SLU games in the new stadium, as well as duel practices with SLU and the MLS team players.
  2. Every time I see a school like Duke, Virginia, Nova, etc winning a championship, I always pay particular attention to their abundance of scrappy white gym rats who can just flat out put the ball in the net. Xavier and Butler also stock up on them. Jimmerson reminds me a lot of those types.
  3. If he beefs up a bit, could end up being Kaminsky lite
  4. This is where I am. So confused with SLU right now, especially because this administration should be well aware of how it's empty spaces inhibit a great deal of development in the central corridor. In Omaha's downtown, they have plenty of really cool developments right next to the train tracks. It's definitely not an issue for urbanites.
  5. Was just about to come here and post this. I took a detour past campus coming back from the Cards game today and was stunned to see The Shack (formerly Laclede's) getting torn down. They already tore down Diablito's a couple weeks ago. Why is Pruellage getting torn down? Shame because it's actually a nice looking building... Does SLU own all of these properties now? If so, are they just going to become more "non-development empty parking lot space"? I've also heard rumors that SLU has purchased Humphrey's. If so, will that be the next property to get turned into a parking lot?
  6. Hopefully Jimmerson is knocking down shots like Mooney before long
  7. A lot will depend on how well all of these teams do in non conference play. If the top 6 teams have good schedules and get some big wins, the conference will do very well. Problem is that the bigger conference teams are playing fewer non con games, so leagues like the A10 are at an automatic disadvantage.
  8. Menu http://www.thescottisharms.com/brunch-menu-1
  9. Scottish Arms has a mean Sunday brunch, and they even have a full bloody mary bar. I personally know the chef there, phenomenal guy. Their fries are also top notch. My top three favorite places for fries: 1) Taste 2) Scottish Arms 3) Retreat Gastropub
  10. If Collins steps up as a big time contributor from the point, I think next year's team could legitimately compete for the A10 tourney title again (and get into the NCAA if we go on another run...). It's a lot to ask from a freshman, but he's the type of PG and true playmaker that we sorely lacked this season. Goodwin and Thatch will need to really improve their offensive games, but I have no doubt that they will. Can really only go up from here for the both of them. Perkins will be a big time scorer for us. Jimmerson may be an X factor, players like him don't usually come to SLU. Bell is interesting. Could be a huge defensive force to spell French, but I'm suspecting he is a pretty raw player who will be a project for the next season or two. And you can't forgot about Hargrove. The young man is just an absolute beast, and will probably put up some of the best numbers we've seen for a freshman. He's the kind of player on other teams that usually eats Billikens for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Can't wait to see how Ford fills out the rest of the roster. A10 will be really tough, just looking at Pistol's analysis. If teams all play well in non-conference, we could be looking at a 3-4 bid conference next year, maybe more.
  11. A10 will be tough next year. Really excited to see how Hargrove, Collins, and Jimmerson develop. That core could be even better than the current one, and having a true floor general is huge.
  12. North Dakota State giving us a little tease here ...
  13. K State out for the count. Bracket busted.
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