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  1. Typical SLU. Why does it feel like there’s something new every single year that makes the SLU brand more dirty? Unfortunately though this isn’t surprising. Colleges and universities everywhere are paying administrators hundreds of thousands to do absolutely nothing. Hence college tuition ballooning out of control. Meanwhile students like Saadiq, and student athletes in general, are used like pawns, and they get nothing.
  2. What a **** show of a night in STL. When it rains, it pours!
  3. They've got the entire park across the street from SLU Law School shut down for the outside concert and watch party
  4. This is true, though it would be really nice to have a place right next to campus for Billikens fans to gather before the basketball games, which could also serve as a socializing venue for students on weekends. A place that's a little more upscale from Humps could still succeed in that area. Fieldhouse is nice but it's a little bit of a walk from the main campus and most students don't walk over there. The Humphreys location is perfect but unfortunately SLU will likely turn it into another surface parking lot.
  5. Oh I'm sure SLU is concerned with their own liability, hence reducing public drinking spaces helps them with that goal. The thing I am questioning though is whether reducing the number of public drinking spaces within walking distance of campus has unintended consequences. Namely, the number of intoxication incidences or ER visits. I would hypothesize that when students have no places to drink and socialize in public, that they instead drink in apartments and dorms, which may lead to more significant intoxication episodes. Again, I would be curious to see if there is data that supports this, but it's just my personal intuition.
  6. Problem is that reducing the number of college bars around campus won't actually do anything to reduce the number of stomach pumps or ER visits. The drinking will actually move into the dorms and off campus apartments, where it may actually lead to more dangerous incidents. There's probably some evidence somewhere that people drinking in a public space is in fact safer. SLU doesn't really think about the bigger picture here...
  7. Damn. Students have nothing left in terms of places in the vicinity of SLU's campus. SAD. In all honesty though, SLU is doing itself a real disservice by destroying all of the establishments that provide the social fabric for the student body. Without bars and places to booze within walking distance--places hosting primarily students from SLU--I feel that the student body will be a lot less connected than it used to be...
  8. Good thing the Blues can play 5 on 8. 10-3 PP advantage for Boston over two games.
  9. Blues getting the small market franchise treatment in this game.
  10. Ford needs an X's and O's man. It's too bad a guy like Whitesell isn't still around.
  11. Barry Melrose is a nobody on a network that doesn't even pretend to like hockey.
  12. He can play the physical D that Ford demands, he will get minutes. Otherwise even if he comes in guns blazing hitting treys from the parking lot, he will still be a liability against the more physical teams. He also needs to learn the college offensive system. It will take time.
  13. That Schwartz attempt at the empty netter that missed by inches had me feeling sick to my stomach this morning....
  14. Best name since Jordair Jett. Also, his offer list is insane. Hopefully Ford can lure him in as an eventual replacement for French, but I'm suspecting he's blue blood bound after a breakout spring.
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