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  1. If the orange man truly has the capacity to think things through in this breadth and depth, and to express thoughts as clearly as Gov Cuomo did here, I guess I just haven't seen it yet.
  2. This is the problem with our society these days, people have this rigid ideological belief that providing an economic floor for people (a la UBI) will somehow completely eliminate any motivation to work, when there is no evidence whatsoever that that is the case. Alaska has had a form of UBI running for years and it's worked out great for them.
  3. Funny that local media hasn't really been giving SLU the attention it deserves in this regard over the past few weeks. While I hate having the "little stepbrother" attitude towards our neighbor institution down the road, vaccines and viral research is the one area where SLU as an institution truly excels.
  4. The funny thing about vaccine research is that it's not incredibly "lucrative" in the sense that while it certainly brings in some amount of federal funding, it doesn't generate a whole lot of extra dollars for institutions in general, since there's a lot of financial risk involved due to the inherent trial and error development process. It's certainly not profitable for companies, not like running clinical trials for new heart disease pharmaceuticals or anti-cancer drugs. While those things are important in their own respects, I feel like vaccine and antibiotic research has really been dumped to the wayside by a lot of big name medical institutions across the country because vaccine development doesn't really generate enough revenue for their burgeoning research departments. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/02/opinion/contributors/pharma-vaccines.html Good on SLU for truly being an institution working for the "Greater Good." This pandemic has really highlighted just how critical vaccine research is for our future.
  5. Gonna really enjoy kicking UD's sorry arse next year.
  6. Really sorry to hear about your situation, pretty bad no matter which way you cut it. That being said, you bought to reach out to the post dispatch and tell them about your situation, this is really helpful for people not understanding the gravity of the situation and how it affects all potential inpatients (not just the coronavirus cases)
  7. If losing potentially over a million lives is something everyone is okay with, then yes, re-open everything. (Note: that large mortality number is not limited to coronavirus deaths in this scenario, but rather, includes all of the other people who would die from MI's, strokes, acute abdominal complications, etc. because the hospitals exceeded their capacities and ICU beds.) The cost would be too great IMO, despite these massive economic losses. We have to "flatten the curve" and slow down the virus. It will take months.
  8. Except for the fact that the President himself is stating things directly in conflict with what the leading world health experts are saying. That's not plain old "politics," that's just blatant ignorance at best, willful malfeasance at worst. Ding me as well for politics talk. But DJT's response to a global pandemic has been akin to a child's. I'm equally as critical of people on the far left and the far right, but we need more common sense moderate voices in today's world.
  9. They better close down all the bridges up in Dayton so that no one starts jumping off....
  10. Just heard that some of the Diamond Princess being quarantined and studied at University of Nebraska Med Center are still testing positive, meaning they've been harboring the virus for nearly 4 weeks now.
  11. This is a key point, along with the fact that COVID-19 is a novel virus, and it is highly virulent. So we know that unless significant social distancing goes into effect, this thing will spread far faster and far more easily than even the seasonal flu. Not to mention, a significant number of people already get vaccinated for the flu, but we don''t have similar protections at this point with coronavirus. As posters like Deutschkind have already stated, the goal here is the slow down the progression of this thing so that the hospital systems don't collapse. Keep in mind there is going to be plenty of other medical care (e.g. MI's, GI bleeds, sepsis, traumas, surgeries, etc) that could be hindered because of the massive influx in coronavirus cases tasking up ICU beds.
  12. Let's face it, it's finally starting to break through for some folks that the "political side" they're on isn't truly with the experts on this one. Not to mention, their fearless leader has no focking clue what he's talking about. There's gonna be some serious cognitive dissonance before this pandemic ultimately breaks rigid thought patterns. DJT: "We have lots of testing, you wouldn't believe how many tests they're putting out there." Dr. Fauci: "It is a failing, let's admit it."
  13. No shite Sherlock, no expert in their gotdamn mind would ever make such a ridiculous comparison. But trying to downplay the real potential health and economic consequences is just being at best ignorant, or at worst malfeasant. It's not about "fear mongering," it's about laying out the cold hard facts.
  14. Hate to break it to you, but a death rate of even 1% is 10x higher than seasonal flu. Death rate 0.5 is still 5x higher than flu. Not to mention, if the hospital systems become over burdened then people with other conditions requiring hospitalization will equally suffer. Turn off the Hannity.
  15. It's not an overreaction, this is a big fricking deal no matter which way you cut it. The economic impacts alone will be devastating for millions unless some sort of guaranteed payment program directly to citizens is implemented.
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