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  1. Crazy given all of the "we have such incredible depth" talk at the beginning of the season....
  2. I mean in terms of personnel, it's pretty much the same setup. We don't have outside shooters, so defenses can just pack it in on us. When Jimerson set up on the outside, French had significantly more space to work with. Gibson will be a key piece of the program going forward, but for now, we need to play the same way we've been playing for 4 seasons now, which often is getting more tiresome to watch. Teams could essentially just play hack-a-Bill against our two star players for 40 minutes and we'd likely lose.
  3. Essentially what I'm trying to say is that I'm not counting on an at large bid anymore, we need to get the double bye and win the A10 tourney again if we have any NCAA hopes. More likely scenario is a 6th place finish in conference and needing to win 4 in 4 again....
  4. Need to win at Dayton if we have any hope of getting an at large bid. At this point, I'd settle for a top 4 finish in conference.
  5. Sucks ever since Jimerson went down. Sigh. Every year of Ford's tenure has seen a depleted roster that never reached its full potential.
  6. Without a guy like Jimerson to maintain stability and keep defenses honest open the perimeter, this offense is like Jekyl and Hyde.
  7. Keeping it classy in the Phog, as always.
  8. Agreed. Let them try to beat our bigs in the paint, but I'll be absolutely sickened if they start draining 6 wide open threes in a row like Dayton did the other night.
  9. His FT stroke has always looked very smooth. He needs to get to the line more often.
  10. Of note, LHJ will be a freshman at SLU when these guys are all seniors...
  11. This. We can make the tournament this season no doubt, but imagine how good Ford's program is going to be next year. No reason for any single Billikens fan to question what Ford has built here.
  12. If Thatch can come back and get some solid minutes I like our chances in Dayton. Would be an even bigger boost to NET than winning in the Fetz.
  13. If Jimmy Bell can completely shut down one of the best players in college basketball, he is going to be an absolute monster for us going forward. I don't the other A10 teams will have an answer for him even this year.
  14. You gotta love St. Louis. One mild dusting on the highways and everyone loses their minds.
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