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  1. Spoon-Balls

    Big East

    SLU honestly has no choice but to put this at the very top of its list of University wide priorities. Nothing else will give us the level of publicity as being in the Big East. Chris May should not spend his days doing anything but lobbying for a seat at the Big East table. Fred Pestello should be wining and dining with the commissioners. UConn would never abandon football to join the Beast.
  2. Spoon-Balls

    GDT - Bills dam up the Beavers

    Yes, I was there. The crowd was virtually silent for the vast majority of the game. It wasn't until the final 5 minutes of the game for a select few people to start standing standing up in an attempt to get their sections going, which worked for about 30 seconds and then everyone quieted back down. The sparse student section did their best to keep the noise going, but it died until the final minute or two when it became clear that the Bills would hold on for the W. It just didn't really seem as loud as it should have been when Bess was going on a run late in the second half. Most people were just casually clapping like it was a golfing tournament. Overall it was a pretty subpar atmosphere relative to Chaifetz arena standards. Surprising, especially because it was a Sunday afternoon game.
  3. Spoon-Balls

    GDT - Bills dam up the Beavers

    Crowd was absolutely dead tonight. Overall, Billikens fans are low energy. Even when we were pulling away at the end, a lot people just sat on their asses looking stone faced. Student section was weak. Majority of them left after the first half, probably because they had too much "studying for finals" to do. They can't even cut 2 measly hours out of their Sunday afternoon to support this team...
  4. Spoon-Balls

    Other MCBB games on TV '18-'19

    All is not lost. SIUC > SLU > SH > Kentucky?
  5. Spoon-Balls

    The Bills over OSU by 2

    Only way we win this one is if Goodwin plays the point. Tired of Isabell’s “iso ball” nonsense that leads to 4-5 minute long scoring droughts and endless turnovers.
  6. Spoon-Balls

    Signed Recruit Thread 2018-19

    First 10 seconds: TOWEL. Every Hargrove jump shot makes me wish he was on the SLU roster right now...
  7. Spoon-Balls

    GDT Rename them the Slukies

    Ford has a lot of explaining to do.... Dare I say that the OK State fans might have had a point about Ford's questionable offenses?
  8. Spoon-Balls

    GDT Rename them the Slukies

    Isabell needs to be benched on Sunday.
  9. Spoon-Balls

    GDT Rename them the Slukies

    A10 is a deadbeat league.
  10. Spoon-Balls

    GDT Rename them the Slukies

    Butler really kicking themselves in their rear ends right now...
  11. Spoon-Balls

    GDT Rename them the Slukies

    Embarrassing performance.
  12. Spoon-Balls

    GDT Rename them the Slukies

    This offense is horrific
  13. Spoon-Balls

    GDT Rename them the Slukies

    Losing Bess will suck next season, but we will have so many more guys that can shoot.
  14. Spoon-Balls

    GDT Rename them the Slukies

    Jesus Christ this offense is a dumpster fire right now Foreman out of control. Hankton looking clueless. Isabell looking like a freshman.
  15. Spoon-Balls

    GDT Rename them the Slukies

    Goodwin, Thatch, Bess, Gordon, French please