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  1. Just wanted to include some of the photos the wife took of the place while we dropped by. The potential rooftop addition is fantastic.
  2. Just wanted to report that the wife and I had been visiting St. Louis several weeks ago, and just happened to drop by SLU's campus while the Humphrey's front doors were open. The couple inside cleaning it up were extremely nice folk, apparently restaurant owners in Clayton. One of them had parents who met at Humphreys while at SLU, so it sounds like Humphreys has special value for these people and they truly want to bring it back for SLU community. Humphreys meant a lot when I was at SLU as well, so that nearly brought tears to my eyes seeing them putting some elbow grease in and hand scrubbing the floor and bar area all by themselves. Will be very excited to visit when it reopens and I am in town again. Humphreys is in good hands again everyone.
  3. "Handled in a big game at Minnesota" But not handled more than Michigan State or Iowa right? Bilas is a hack.
  4. French's game has seemed off this season. I'm wondering how much his physical abilities are continuing to be chronically affected by Covid....
  5. Look on the bright side, at least our point total wasn't in the 50's....
  6. Are we really that hurt about the Minnesota loss? These guys need to put that in the rear view mirror and get their shite together. Absolutely no reason to be so rattled.
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