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  1. Spoon-Balls

    OT: Midtown Development

    I don't think it necessarily needs to be a "college bar." It just needs to be a place that draws patrons all throughout the week. Popular sports bar or restaurant on weekdays with a good weekend late night atmosphere. Something akin to Tin Roof or Wheelhouse? SLU admin would love that.... The hard part is getting enough weekday patrons, that's what did Humphreys in financially. With all of the development around the Foundry, my guess is that it's much more doable now. Just need a walkable area with residential density and multiple go-to spots.
  2. Spoon-Balls

    OT: Midtown Development

    And the worst part is that SLU thinks it is doing a great service for its student body by closing up all of the bars/social gathering spots around campus. In reality, it is killing the school's social fabric. While students can certainly go to Soulard or the CWE or Wash Ave, there's no particular place devoted to the SLU community that people on campus could walk to to meet up and hang out during the week. Humphrey's was always the go-to if you just wanted to hang out with your peers. Now there's nothing like that around campus within walking distance. Sure, Narwhal's is nice, but it's not exactly the kind of place students would go to get drunk together on cheap beer. Classic SLU shooting itself in the foot. Hopefully the Foundry has plenty of cheap bars and hangout spots targeted towards students.
  3. Spoon-Balls

    OT: Midtown Development

    Disappointing if true.
  4. Spoon-Balls

    OT: Ford’s seat getting warm

    I think Ford should at least have 2 more years given S2, Santos/Gordon, Pearson, Welmer injury, etc. But if Ford is really on the hot seat for some, why isn't his boss on it too? Just an honest question, because if Ford is really going to get this much flack, why does our AD not get it too for the past 10 years of mediocrity (with several miracle seasons that no one could have predicted after Majerus became ill). May has had over a decade at this point to right the ship. If Ford gets kicked to the curb at any point, May needs to be booted as well.
  5. Spoon-Balls

    Off topic: Screw Stan Kroenke

    For those of you in the know on the lawsuits in the pipelines against the Rams, is there any expected timeline when we can expect to see that lying sack Kroenke getting his deposition? I would pay good money to see it.
  6. Spoon-Balls

    Richmond from da' Couch ......

    Jimmy Crews wasn't the greatest floor coach. The team literally coached themselves for 2 years...
  7. Spoon-Balls

    Richmond from da' Couch ......

    I’m still in the camp that believes if Rick had been coaching the team during the 2013 or 2014 tourneys, we would have gone much deeper, “potentially” final 4 (ala Loyola). Alas, we’ll never know. I think I just like to imagine it to make myself feel better after nights like Wednesday.
  8. Spoon-Balls

    Richmond from da' Couch ......

    I was talking with several friends after the game las night, and we all expressed a similar sense of apathy. Despite the obvious improvement overall under Ford, pretty much every year as a Billikens fan has been just a massive gut punch, and my gut is starting to become numb at this point. I don't think a whole lot of fan bases have had it harder in recent years... Maybe it's due to the fact that by some sheer miracle we got Rick Majerus as coach, who proceeded to build up a potential final 4 contending roster just before falling ill? Or the high of the 2011-2014 seasons and the subsequent crash and burn of the program, giving us the sense that it was just a fleeting dream for us fans, never to be experienced again? Maybe it's due to the endless controversies, scandals, issues resulting in mid season rosters that never reach their pre season potential? Maybe it's just the cruel moments like losing to Davidson in the final seconds, or last night where Bess rimmed off at the buzzer, which feel like a combination of comedy and sorrow, but at this point seem completely "expected" as a Billikens fan? There's only so many more times I can say "it's hard to be a Billikens fan" after another dismal season, dreaming about the Spoonball years or the 2011-2014 seasons, before I just stop caring. As another poster put it, a "part of my fandom died" (again).
  9. Spoon-Balls

    OT: Midtown Development

    Gotta love the “fiscal conservative” county folk who are getting ready to put up a fight against this liberal “big government takeover”.... when in actuality a merger means the reduction of extra unnecessary government jobs that suck more taxpayer dollars out of the region. One would assume they would take the opposite position and would want to reduce excess government... Also, not to get overtly political or anything, but people in STL county complaining about the Democratic Machine of the city should look at their own voting record for county executives...
  10. Spoon-Balls

    OT: Midtown Development

    Hilarious. Those chesterfield city council members are desperate to keep their jobs. Would be even more hilarious to see them get flooded a couple years out and not have any support from the rest of the region.
  11. Spoon-Balls

    OT: Midtown Development

    The entire state of Missouri will win if St Louis can out compete other rust belt cities like Nashville, Columbus, Indianapolis, etc. for big businesses. Right now what is holding STL back in terms of national image is mostly its crime rate, a number which is skewed because it contains such a small concentrated sample size rather than the entire metro area. A merger would instantly fix that, in addition to putting us in the top 10 cities for population. Changing outside perspectives can go a long way towards fostering new business relationships. We need to be competing with other regions, not our own municipalities. Most of these municipal leaders are more concerned with their own job security than with the health of the entire region. It’s such small minded thinking.
  12. Spoon-Balls

    2018-19 season

    Say what you will about J Good's disappointing shooting percentage this season and the missed free throws on Saturday, but the young man gives his all to this program and to us fans. At the end of the day that's all we can ask for.
  13. Spoon-Balls

    OT: Midtown Development

    That whole area east of Grand and north of Chouteau is going to be completely transformed within the next 5-10 years, essentially trying to mimic the CWE and WashU med center.
  14. Spoon-Balls

    OT: Midtown Development

    Pretty incredible what the good Doctor is doing for the city of St. Louis. Can't wait to see how much his presence influences the city's growth over the next several decades.....Maybe someday it will even result in an NBA team?? https://www.stltoday.com/business/local/million-at-stake-chaifetz-group-taps-election-software-firm-for/article_a14cb407-52c6-5bdc-b5ef-9db4c3946de7.html#tracking-source=home-the-latest
  15. Spoon-Balls

    Conference Tourney or Bust

    So depressing to think about what this roster--especially the front court--could have been. Every year it seems we can't catch a break.