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  1. I guess there ain’t no cure for the wintertime blues?
  2. , I forgot my blue font. That’s my bad!
  3. All three of those words are “majors” at Mizzou.
  4. What about Hinch? I guess he went where managers go to die (Detroit). Solid Penance.
  5. Unreal couple of games in ATL. They just need to take 1 of 3 in LA, which is easier said than done. This series will be good for baseball. People are pretty much done with the Trashtros and Alex Cora with Boston.
  6. Dude, this is exciting baseball. Some late-inning heroics for the ol’ Barves. Reminds me of when Fulton Co Stadium was rockin’ back in the 90s.
  7. My Dad, Roger Murdoch, was an airline pilot and was accused of not playing defense. As for me, I’m an intern at Kramerica Industries.
  8. Go Barves - that Joc Pederson is something.
  9. He came within 12 wins of being one. A lot closer than David Ross.
  10. Is there a thing about major metro areas not being allowed to carry multiple in-conference schools? Asking on behalf of LaSalle, Temple AND St Joes, once in-city A-10 foes for a time.
  11. You don’t?! To paraphrase the great Dave Grohl, Stranger things have happened. We could get on a major heater and run the table!
  12. FYI, I know most of you are Quadruple Platinum Knights Inn folk, but you can’t beat this price for two nights at the Trop, which is now a DoubleTree/Hilton property. Bring some milk.
  13. Absolutely Barves! Superstation Nation!
  14. But they will always have Mark Curry. You can’t take that away. “Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper” arguably the most underrated television program of the 90s. Gave to us the beautiful Holly Robinson Peete, etc.
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