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  1. Gotta keep that Irrelevancy Cup Rivalry game with UConn relevant somehow. They don’t want to fall into the black hole that is the CAA with UNH, URI and UMaine. Hell, Vermont hasn’t fielded a football team since the Ford administration (Gerald, not Travis). Probably a good move for the Catamounts. Don Brown is a heck of a coach and they will probably be at the top of the MAC standings.
  2. You STL locals can and should show up to support Schertz and make some pitches to him at Arch Madness next week.
  3. UT is home to one of the premier Jesuit theological schools on the continent in Regis College; from a doctrinal sense, along with the other 8 Catholic schools in the conference, the U of T would be a welcome addition. I’m just not sure how some of their sports (like baseball) which is played in the fall in Canada, would translate to spring play. Hard to have home games in March or even April up there. It’s been done (see Exhibition Stadium in Toronto and Jarry Park in Montreal), but my hands already feel numb from thinking about getting a fastball off the handle of an aluminum bat. why not pick Carleton, the Duke of the North, while we’re adding on? Bring a natural rivalry to boot.
  4. With Chris May’s inability to make a sound financial decision, paired with our luck, he’ll choose John Groce just to save a buck on not needing hair product in the coach’s dressing room.
  5. Terrance spark plug Hargrove with the block of the years.
  6. Well, if that wasn’t the worst sequence in the history of college basketball.
  7. She is the Clint Howard of college basketball. No one asked for her, but we got her anyway.
  8. Bingo. The ratio of years to highlights is appalling.
  9. I second that. It must now clear the approval of the Sargent-at-Arms, Douglas C. Neidermeyer.
  10. Yeah that 2019 run at Barclays was amazing. That Championship Sunday (which was also St. Patrick’s Day) morning having Mass said with Father Mike Rozier at the Marriott and then heading over to the game - you felt a major momentum shift in the health of the program in the right direction - then the floor fell out beneath us in March 2020. Some programs just went on doing what they’ve always done. Then there’s SLU. But, to that point, that was one of the most fun stretches of college basketball I’ve been fortunate enough to have attended. Truly blessed, as Ford would say.
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