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  1. The ol’ Will Rogers Turnpike! 80 MPH…just remember - don’t drive into the smoke!
  2. And his son is just as talented of a story-teller. A nice slice of Americana pie. If your post-pandemic travels take you to Austin, hopefully James resumes his residency at the Continental Club. I was able to see him on tour a few years ago opening up for Jason Isbell and he was just as good in larger venues as he is in a more intimate club. Also, if anyone is a fan of this style of music, check out William Elliott Whitmore - from rural Iowa and he’s got a very melancholic, roots style of folk music. He can be very dark at times, but can deal on the banjo. “Old Devils” should be your
  3. Someone to cool the seat when it eventually gets too hot for Mike Brey? I don’t think there’s a hotter seat in the country than his, which I’m sure makes Billy Gillespie smile.
  4. I see that picture, Linton Brown, and raise you this picture. Olean, NY. January, 2021. Enjoy!
  5. I agree - this is the “slow news day” season on bills.com. We’ve hit critical mass. My song of the day:
  6. Satin! Nylon! Lingerie! -Bill Raftery
  7. It’s times like these I miss Purple Heart recipient Bob Hughes running the show. Hitting fungoes at 6 am upstairs at West Pine, running foul poles in 25 degree weather when it’s 85 in Tampa and South Florida has already played 15 games. C-USA Billy Baseball was a different variety.
  8. Yess taking a roundabout way back to New Haven.
  9. Penn State F Patrick Kelly to Fordham.
  10. Message board game theory at its finest, ladies and gentlefolk. Roy snuffed that one out quickly!
  11. Hero of the ‘97 Natty team. Good call on that one! That team was so good. Jason Terry, Bibby, Michael Dickerson. Three eventual first-round draft picks. Josh Pastner was on that squad, too. And Sweet Lute on the bench... what a field general he was!
  12. Maybe they bring Dan Hurley to Tucson and ignite the U of A / ASU rivalry even more?
  13. Vital looks like former BU great Mike Singletary out there. We need some bigs like that. Holy moley!
  14. They needed to get that one loss out of the way. Get the feeling, don’t let it happen again. Many are called; Few are chosen.
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