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  1. Yes! Especially the segments they do on Robert Moses. My goodness, what a polarizing figure. I’m about 1/2 way thru Robert Caro’s Pulitzer Prize winning biography on Moses. You either love the guy for basically renovating / revitalizing NYC or you hate him for doing everything for the sake of the automobile that he himself never drove! are you an Acela guy or on the old Northeastern when you do Amtrak?
  2. Just remember, HBS turned down a young 19 year-old from Omaha named Warren Buffett. And Columbia lets them know about that mistake quite often
  3. And the Bud Billiken Parade would have to go up LSD to Sheridan Road!!! Billiken Invasion!
  4. Speaking of schools on the horizon, there’s always our old MCC pals Detroit Mercy…
  5. good point, but there isn’t a commonwealth or state within the A-10 footprint that is growing at the rate of VA. It would be interesting to give Davidson a geographic rivalry with the addition of a school like Appalachian State - and we have a commissioner who cut her academic teeth within the University of NC system in which AppState is a member.
  6. Why not another school ready for a jump like James Madison or Old Dominion? JMU would be another geographical rival with the DC metro programs; with the the RVA schools having alumni bases in said metro, would bring their fans to away games.
  7. Only thing better would be for Venice Menace to post this. For fans of the Silk Road to the final four.
  8. If you can explain what “illegal defense” is, I’ll bite. Is it just playing defense?
  9. Defense wins championships. Let’s go!! Love that CKK is keeping that Texas pipeline open. Steer them away from SMU.
  10. Ja and Ray Allen from same town. He got game, too. Unreal athleticism.
  11. Rick Barnes and “clean.” That goes together like Dolly and an A-Cup bra.
  12. Just a quick edit: Colgate and W&M are not Ivies. Cornell is. Although W&M predates the founding of our own country by a good 80 years, not an Ivy. Beautiful campus, tho. If you are a history buff, Colonial Williamsburg is the place for you. And I hope SLU is the place for Carr!
  13. They almost got their wish. Took the second half to pay more attention to Marcus Smart’s game - can score, distribute the rock and defend at the highest level. May be the most underrated player in the league. Was fun watching him and Blake Griffin go at it, just for the OU - Okla State rivalry aspect. Tatum is the heart of that C’s team but Smart is every other vital organ. Much respect.
  14. Wow and if you are just tuning into the Redbirds game, a little October feel in late April. Gotta love sports.
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