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  1. I’m too old to understand how any of these kids become “famous”, but good for him... I guess??
  2. That is Davidson’s bball “arena” !?!? Looks like a sh1tty high school gym.
  3. Gotta e better than Tebow, ema rite?
  4. I wonder how long Thatch will stick around.. he still has 2 years of eligibility left?
  5. Their talent may not materialize into lots of wins, but just saying they will have lots of talent. Also, A10 preseason rankings haven’t proven to be extremely accurate.
  6. I can’t recall seeing that called by a ref in the last 10 years.
  7. It’s probably someone else’s fault...
  8. The only thing that will be going down are his car insurance premiums... because he’s getting so old...
  9. My wife was on a call with Chris May yesterday and he did not share details. But said everyone is obviously shaken. Say some prayers.
  10. Gotta run to Home Depot later, should I just get the ladder for cutting down nets now?
  11. I am NOT a life long bills fan so I can say from experiencing other fan bases that SLU is NOT cursed. To quote Doug Vaughn “if we can just get hot, we can win this baby!!”
  12. I doubt the zags stayed up late last night for the bills news... but maybe
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