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  1. I don’t think they carry youth sizes, do they? Was at rally house today looking for slu stuff for my kiddos and the selection was limited.
  2. I think we should play MU every year! It would be fun. One thing about being in the A10 is lack of regional rivalries. Also, no MU vs KU and MU vs IL has lost its luster over the past decade(s), they could use a regional rival as well. And I think the “we have nothing to gain..” and “impact of local recruiting.. blah blah…” arguments FROM BOTH SIDES is a bunch of weeny talk. Settle it on the court!! All of that being said, I’m not losing sleep over not playing MU
  3. When I saw Fordham football team on the ticker on Saturday that was news to me.
  4. Like when your wife asks you how many beers you’ve had. Best policy to round down.
  5. Are we accepting nicknames yet? How bout the big lasagna Lassina?
  6. Did a slu b-baller get to throw out the first pitch?
  7. Penny probably hired 3 other strength coaches at the same time…
  8. I forgot about that one. “I DONT GIVE A F*ck!!” Hahaha amazing
  9. Love all the starting lineup talk!! Got my blood pumping on this boring Tuesday. Got to say I’m going with 1. Collins, 2. Nesbit, 3. Jimmmmerson, 4. Perkins, 5. Okora small lineup with a bunch of ‘short leashes’. Hargrove added a 3 shot to his game last year, which is awesome, but big difference between being able to create offense and popping wide open corner 3s. I don’t remember seeing him take guys off the dribble or effectively use screens to get shots. Thatch… hey, I’m Fred’s biggest fan. But you never know if his illness could flare up again.. I think he and the coach’s will always have his minutes in the back of their minds not to over work him.
  10. Memphis’ technical foul count just went up 600%
  11. That’s more $$$ than the base G league salary…. Don’t know how that’s sustainable or scalable.
  12. If I were a mizzou fan, I would hope for the kids with the best game now, and not the most up side.. because players don’t seem to improve any under cuonzo…
  13. Great stuff! I listen the the morning after show. But not a die hard. Although, I have wondered if the wizard on this site is the same wizard Tim talks about on the show that makes a living on draft kings and sports gambling since both persons seem to be very numbers centric…
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