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  1. That fake crowd noise was getting annoying.. and totally unrealistic for Columbia
  2. Got the email as well. It will be interesting to see how they will play musical chairs.
  3. My take on the article as it relates to SLU’s recruitment is that right now SLU can afford to be selective at that position. I think ford and company are looking for high impact guys. They thought Nesbit had the talent to contribute right away, but we missed out. If you’re big game hunting for four star studs, you’re going to have to pass on some three star guys... and im not at all saying three star guys can’t be just as good or even better than the picks of the litter.
  4. GM might want to just shut ‘er down after that loss... ouch.
  5. Career leaders in never turning the ball over: 1. Joey Bag-of-doughnuts 2. Bobby Milktoast 3. Jim crews recruit #1 4. Jim crews recruit #2 5. Jim cr......
  6. Agreed. Can’t just let him stand in the corner every offense set
  7. A no show by gibby again. Perk still looks a little off. Bell has to be injured or something. Those are my negatives
  8. Danny mac just dead silent after those Has free throws...hahaha
  9. Hahaha. Who would think that would be a good idea to have that schedule for that team?!?
  10. Good stuff on the original post. I disagree with the yuri comments (not in original post but some have been critical). I thought he had a fine game. Running almost every offensive possession AND guarding the other team’s best scorer is a tall task. Ford should have started Goodwin on him until we discovered Thatch was the best play. I’m a huge fan of Bell. But he needs to learn to finish stronger in my opinion. His major weakness is on the offensive end. He needs a mean streak or something. So many times he gets a rebound and I just want him to smash a dunk so hard in everyone’s f
  11. Some of those nba players weren’t that “elite” in college. And more often than not, the great college players don’t go on to great careers in NBA. It’s a different game. And being from a city without an nba team and not really having an interest in the nba, I’m completely fine with it. there are like 5 programs in the country that can claim to be “nba prep schools”. The rest are fighting for the same 4 star recruits across the country, with the occasional one and done to Arizona or somewhere else who can shell out the $$$.
  12. Obi was a dominant A10 player. Just too old for the NBA...
  13. Why have teams been full court pressing us? We have an exceptional point and depth for handling the ball, I’d say it’s one of our strong suits.. ncst even with a depleted roster thought it was worth risking tiring out their guys to press us.. maybe they are watching last year’s tape???
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