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  1. I am NOT a life long bills fan so I can say from experiencing other fan bases that SLU is NOT cursed. To quote Doug Vaughn “if we can just get hot, we can win this baby!!”
  2. I doubt the zags stayed up late last night for the bills news... but maybe
  3. Well, he’s certainly not modest..
  4. He seems like a tay weaver type to me. Experienced transfer to come in off the bench and has the ability to knock down some shots. But not a lot of minutes.
  5. I don’t know why, but I’ve always had a sweet spot for pass first, assist wizard PGs like Yuri. I agree with the majority sentiment that if he can score 10 a game and enough to keep opponents honest behind the 3pt line, he could be great
  6. I agree. It was refreshing to watch a team actually run set plays, instead of ball screen, dribble drive, if it’s not there look for the three. Loyola and Gonzaga were the only two teams that I noticed had a different flow on offense.
  7. If we grab Marcus Carr and the 7’1” kid from unc, that will be a good start
  8. He was the Trent dilfer of college bball coaches
  9. GJ needs to learn a dribble step back or something. He has only been a catch and shoot guy. Also he only ever shoots from the corners or low wing areas, so he’s pretty easy to defend. that being said, if he would have made the shots he had when he was open, we would have won 2-3 more games this year. Maybe a packed house at the fitz will help his depth perception next year!
  10. I think the most perplexing thing in Ford’s tenure was his response to French’s career struggles at the ft line.. “well, he makes more of them in practice “...
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