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  1. We found a way to wi… not lose.. but Yuri absolutely stole that game at the end. The quick outlet layup to jimerson and then the continuation and 1.
  2. Wow. I’m utterly shocked we pulled that one out.
  3. Not even in the arena for an offensive rebound…
  4. Anyone heard anything on Fred? Is he playing today?
  5. Not a season defining game here, but we need a win bad after yesterday.
  6. Thanks for this post. I needed it after yesterday.
  7. Well, my early afternoon just cleared up… awful
  8. I watched that whole game. Those refs were absolutely atrocious. Let umass get back into it. Sick shot at the end though
  9. Great crowd but a lot of people left around the 4:30 mark. Not for sure what that was all about.
  10. I sat behind the visitor’s bench last year I think and two grown men were dogging Billy Lange so hard.. everything from his substitutions to the watch he was wearing. It was like a comedy roast. I was laughing so hard.
  11. 1. Need to go deep in the bench, yes. I wasn’t a fan of the wholesale sub at the time. Might as well stop the game and tip it off again.
  12. Weird game. Up by 14 (I think) early and losing at half. wow. Maybe they were sloppy because they knew they could sleep walk?? I hope so. Almost covered anyway. As TLR used to say “Buh.. men not machines” ish gets real on Tuesday!
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