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  1. WHere did you see the SLU news? Just curious, I can’t find it.
  2. I cannot express how excited I am for the coming season!! We are beyond loaded and we continue to build for the future! It’s no longer a team, it’s a program!
  3. It makes it ambiguous because it was unclear why he was suspended. Just stating my opinion.
  4. Easy to see Hankton wasn’t a good fit for the current setup of the roster. Worst case scenario Thatch can’t return, and I have a feeling Jacobs might want to leave too. He got publicly scolded multiple times during the season because he couldn’t or wouldn’t do what ford was asking. Also, ending the season on an ambiguous team suspension probably left a bad taste in everyone’s mouths. I could be completely off base though.
  5. Try talking to you kids and playing with your wife...
  6. He should feel right at home. Literally... ikea is right across the street
  7. My wife said, “that’s their best player??,, the stocky white kid with flabby arms??”
  8. Sounds like a well adjusted, hard working kid who just needs a chance.
  9. Hankton seems like a nice kid but I don’t see him getting a lot of minutes on this team and teams to come if we continue to recruit top tier talent.
  10. Send these VCU scrams packing!, go Bills
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