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  1. Not having an ML type really hurts because yuri was so good on that pick and roll too. Not the same with forrester and fumble fingers Okora.
  2. Some wild posts on here fellas…. Honestly I didn’t think we choked. Back and forth game with lots of lead changes. Great defense and rebounding, good game plan, but just a mind blowing performance from the free throw line. but I get it, same old results and now we have to play exceptional ball the rest of the way to get an at large.. same old story. An L is an L.. just frustrating…
  3. Some serious home cook’n by these refs…
  4. We found a way to wi… not lose.. but Yuri absolutely stole that game at the end. The quick outlet layup to jimerson and then the continuation and 1.
  5. Wow. I’m utterly shocked we pulled that one out.
  6. Not even in the arena for an offensive rebound…
  7. Anyone heard anything on Fred? Is he playing today?
  8. Not a season defining game here, but we need a win bad after yesterday.
  9. Thanks for this post. I needed it after yesterday.
  10. Well, my early afternoon just cleared up… awful
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