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  1. Semi-troll question: Which coaching job was worse? Stone's last season with SLU or Ford last year?
  2. I cant seem to find the score of the exhibition game anywhere. Did it happen or was it rained out?
  3. I think constantly complaining about the university and basketball program is definitely going to help the rankings!
  4. If Tatum came here, I believe it would have changed our trajectory(which at the time Tatum would have been here, our trajectory was sharply downward). Seriously, no SLU fan should honestly be happy he didn't come to SLU.
  5. If he chooses slu, fans will treat him like they did Yuri after he left then came back. Half of the fandom with like him no matter what for coming and half the fandom will dislike him no matter what.
  6. I honestly disagree. I would take a preseason #1 team any year without question. (Having said that, I would prefer a team that overperforms to one that underperforms expectations.)
  7. Didnt chaz williams light us up a few times?
  8. I really wish bad post still existed...
  9. Im not sure what universe im living in then...
  10. Majerus was a genius truly capable of developing players who bought into his system. It is impressive where this group started vs where they ended.
  11. True, but replacing those schools with schools like VCU and Loyola Chicago was honestly the best McGlade could have done considering the landscape. The A-10 schools just need to win. And outside VCU and Dayton (and maybe us and the Bonnies), no one has been able to do that.
  12. Good point. To be fair, SLU descent from the 2012-2014 glory days has correllated with the A-10's descent from 6 bids to 1 bid. We are a part of the problem...
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