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  1. LIKE: CBB: The Billikens, Butler, Kansas State, Vanderbilt, Any A10 team, Any non-conference team the bills beat that season, Any team Majerus used to coach for, Any Jesuit school including Gonzaga, Any decent mid major team. NBA: Celtics (Marcus Smart, Jayson Tatum, coached by Brad Stevens) MLB: Cardinals NFL: None NHL: Blues MLS: STL City, Atlanta United
  2. I will miss Jacobs. Best of luck to him. I always root for Ball State. Majerus' old stomping grounds.
  3. Anyone know what is going on with Coach Stuen? Will be praying for him and his family.
  4. Dayton likely near the top as well with all the talent they are bringing in.
  5. The following were rated by at least 1 site as a 4 star: (Includes 4 star transfers and players who never played. There may be more.) Jordan Goodwin Hasahn French Francis Okoro Jordan Nesbitt TJ Hargrove Cartare Gordon Javon Bess Adonys Henriquez Dion Wiley
  6. Yuri, Goodwin, Nesbitt, Perkins, Okoro Thats my guess... Just a guess though
  7. Lasalle was the most recent A10 team to reach the sweet 16 and Fordham has the best media market. I agree that both of these teams are currently horrid, but I doubt the A10 will drop them anytime soon.
  8. I can't find the game on my fox sports go app. Anyone else having this problem?
  9. I wanted to bring this thread back to life. Great job by Ford and staff adding the NC State game. Ford's in game coaching and adjustments at half and throughout the game last night against NC State shows that he can be a good in game coach with the right personnel. Coach Ford gets an A+ for his time at SLU. Not many coaches could have turned SLU around as Ford has done.
  10. I think Ford and co have done a great job of consistently scheduling power 5 teams that are beatable. Remember not many A10 teams can schedule and consistently win against power 5 teams like we have for the past 4 years: 2020: LSU 2019: Boston College & Kansas State 2018: Seton Hall & Butler 2017: Virginia Tech I think more important than just scheduling good games is scheduling good winnable games. This year we can beat anyone, but overall I think Ford gets an A+ for scheduling.
  11. Another thought... Could I just start a twitter account and follow a similar list of tweeters? If so, who should I follow in addition to: @SaintLouisMBB, @CoachTFord5, @studurando, @ChapleyMedia, @RichChaifetz, @WestPineBills, @HouseRickBuilt, @SLU_Billikens, @SLUnaticsSTL
  12. I really liked the twitter feed that Steve had on the billikens.com home page. I'll be honest that I am no twitter expert. Is there anyway to access this twitter list while the homepage is down? Just wondering. Thanks!
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