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  1. Jordan Nesbitt now has a prediction on 247sports for Memphis. This just confirms that no one really knows, even though everyone thinks they know where he will go...
  2. Rivals just updated their top 150 list and Nesbitt is up 12 spots to number 46. https://n.rivals.com/content/prospects/2021/jordan-nesbitt-232302
  3. SLU just got a 6th crystal ball prediction for Jordan Nesbitt at 247. I'm not sure why I ever thought it was a good idea to look at the Illini board...
  4. Over at the illini board, they sure seem confident.... Sure hope they are wrong... "The staff hasn’t gotten to Piper yet. You think just because Piper says that they are a “text” or a call away that they automatically answer DP every time he texts? Piper has no clue what’s going on here, his hand is being forced because of the National Snow article. And Snow has no idea either just like he didn’t with Jones up until the last minute The staff is in a good position here and the Nesbitt’s are keeping things close to the chest, which is good. Things have not changed in a couple week
  5. Andre Lorentsson is enrolled at SLU. See evidence below:
  6. I enjoyed reading this quote: “It’s kind of close to home. I know they had a lot of St. Louis guys go there and have success. They know how to coach.” I know the perfect school for him!
  7. Unfortunately, the whole team might have to redshirt if the COVID pandemic doesn't change for the better quickly...
  8. Coach Ford was just talking about Fred Thatch on Rothstein's podcast on Monday. I doubt Fred is leaving.
  9. #9) Big X now features Javon Bess!
  10. By the way, the MAC is projected to be horrible next year. See the image below from https://www.barttorvik.com/ (A website similar to kenpom.com) For reference, the A10 is shown below... Switching would 100% ruin our strength of schedule. No thanks! **** The MAC has 1 team projected to be one spot better than Fordham. The rest of the teams are projected to be worse than Fordham... That's really bad!!
  11. A single 6 seed from your conference is not super impressive to our fan base. Remember your audience.... SLU was a 4 seed in 2013 and was a 5 seed in 2014...
  12. If you are looking for teams to root for in this year's TBT (The Basketball Tournament), check out: #21) Stillwater Stars features former SLU grad manager Phil Forte #7) The Money Team features Willie Reed And because we all love the A10: #8) Red Scare is a Dayton alumni team and features a former VCU player as well...
  13. I assume this all occurred the year after Travis Ford left Oklahoma State, correct?
  14. I thought this deadline had been pushed back. However, I have not seen anything specific. Does anyone know if June 3rd is still the deadline? https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/29171708/ncaa-extends-nba-draft-withdrawal-deadline-awaits-league-pre-draft-line (P.S. I 100% trust Pistol... so I assume June 3rd is the deadline...but... for some reason thought the deadline was pushed back.)
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