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  1. I understand your point and agree. The one thing Crews accomplished was keeping the players together without a significant transfer. Not an easy feat in today's basketball landscape, especially with a coaching change.
  2. Do you really expect a billiken who honestly didn't play at SLU to be "upgraded?"
  3. I would be thrilled to have Tom Crean at SLU.
  4. I would think Hargrove gets more than 5 minutes a game. (if he doesn't get more than 5 minutes a game, I'd bet he transfers at the end of the year.) Also this does not include any minutes for Kramer, Larry Hughes Jr., or Thames.
  5. If I was another player on the team and realized Yuri got all this money because he threatened to leave, I'd be pissed. I would guess this would be bad for team chemistry...
  6. I sincerely hope we are NOT doing this. If SLU taught me anything, it is the importance of the Jesuit values and being "Men and Women for others." I love SLU basketball and want them to win more than I want most things. However, there is more to life than winning. I may be in the minority, but I'd rather see SLU be mediocre and ethical.
  7. Canceled my unknown order...
  8. Just bought an STL series Tee.
  9. This is a non troll way to spread bad news... It can be done...
  10. There is a reason for all the angst. We were horrible without Yuri in our game against Northern Iowa.
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