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  1. I do think Jimerson will be the best shooter the Billikens have had in recent history. However, I do not think he will shoot over 50%. Remember the 3 point line will be moving back this year.
  2. I also predict that Fred Thatch will score more than 2.5ppg. The article also predicts KC Hankton to score 3ppg. I would bet a large sum of money that Fred Thatch will score more than 2.5ppg. I would also bet a large sum of money that Fred Thatch scores more ppg than KC Hankton Overall, the article is great! Thanks again for both of your great work! I enjoyed reading.
  3. Rob Loe scored 17 with 4 assists in a victory against Turkey today.
  4. Not that anyone cares.... but somehow Mickey Pearson is now listed as a 4 star recruit by ESPN...
  5. Is SLU due for a foreign trip this summer? I believe it has been 4 years since our last trip (the last year of [dead]). Did I calculate this right? Has anyone heard anything? We are not listed on this site: https://www.google.com/amp/s/watchstadium.com/news/comprehensive-list-of-every-2019-college-basketball-foreign-tour-05-06-2019/amp/
  6. Any chance Robert Carpenter committed to the Bonnie's because he knew Van Macon was leaving SLU (as Van Macon was likely his main recruiter)?
  7. I'm guessing the Nevada transfer is 6-11 Jordan Brown. Not a grad transfer though.
  8. Not to rain on your parade, but you do realize that the A-10's 2nd and 3rd place regular season teams lost their first round games in the NIT... (The A-10 is good...but the SEC is unquestionably better...at least imo)
  9. I do think it is insane (in the most awesome sense of the word) that we won 4 games in 4 days.... but I dont think it is insane for fans to think it could happen. I guess my point is that the expectations stated above for Ford seem awfully high. My expectation for Ford: Continue to trend the program in the right direction.
  10. I think you are insane to think that we have good chance at an at large bid next year. We are losing at least 5 seniors and could have 7 new players and we aren't Duke or Kentucky. Any bid next year would be great, but I'm not expecting one. Ford is fantastic but to EXPECT an at large bid next year might be too high of an expectation.
  11. Yes, this season was overhyped, but we continue to trend solidly in the right direction. Conference wins by year: 2014-2015: 3 2015-2016: 5 2016-2017: 6 2017-2018: 9 2018-2019: 10+ Overall, Ford is taking us in the right direction, even if it hasn't been as fast as some expected.
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