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  1. #9) Big X now features Javon Bess!
  2. By the way, the MAC is projected to be horrible next year. See the image below from https://www.barttorvik.com/ (A website similar to kenpom.com) For reference, the A10 is shown below... Switching would 100% ruin our strength of schedule. No thanks! **** The MAC has 1 team projected to be one spot better than Fordham. The rest of the teams are projected to be worse than Fordham... That's really bad!!
  3. A single 6 seed from your conference is not super impressive to our fan base. Remember your audience.... SLU was a 4 seed in 2013 and was a 5 seed in 2014...
  4. If you are looking for teams to root for in this year's TBT (The Basketball Tournament), check out: #21) Stillwater Stars features former SLU grad manager Phil Forte #7) The Money Team features Willie Reed And because we all love the A10: #8) Red Scare is a Dayton alumni team and features a former VCU player as well...
  5. I assume this all occurred the year after Travis Ford left Oklahoma State, correct?
  6. I thought this deadline had been pushed back. However, I have not seen anything specific. Does anyone know if June 3rd is still the deadline? https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/29171708/ncaa-extends-nba-draft-withdrawal-deadline-awaits-league-pre-draft-line (P.S. I 100% trust Pistol... so I assume June 3rd is the deadline...but... for some reason thought the deadline was pushed back.)
  7. https://theathletic.com/1845242/2020/06/01/mid-major-rankings-northern-iowa-saint-louis-richmond-college-basketball/ I looked at the article. I am thankful they choose us second. However, Gonzaga is in a mid-major conference. Therefore, I consider them a mid-major. Mid-major schools can be successful and sustain long term success. They should be ranked #1 on this list IMO.
  8. I think I've posted this once before, but I don't care how much talent you recruit, you can't do what Ford has done without at least being a decent game/bench coach. See below:
  9. I'm hoping we tap into a European pipeline (Andre Lorentsson, Marten Linssen, Ingvi Gudmundsson) in addition to our local/BBE pipeline (Goodwin, Thatch, Collins, Hargrove, Gordon, Okoro, Perkins). I'm not opposed to opening other pipelines as long as we continue to make local Saint Louis recruiting a priority.
  10. Side note: I think it is awesome that Conklin has a check mark after his twitter.
  11. Will SLU go on a foreign trip this summer? I believe they are due for a foreign trip this year. Its probably too early to know, but has anyone heard anything?
  12. Coach Ford is great. Hard to argue with this:
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