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  1. According to https://barttorvik.com/team-history.php?team=Saint+Louis, Loe and Okoro's overall statistical rank is similar. Each has their strengths and weaknesses. A reasonable argument could be made either way.
  2. Jon Rothstein lists us as one of his 5 teams on the rise. https://collegehoopstoday.com/index.php/rothstein-files/5-teams-on-the-rise-entering-the-2022-23-season/
  3. I would guess 2 teams will have a chance at winning the finals...
  4. Possible for sure. But if I was a betting man, I'd sell. So many things can go wrong... PLUS... not a single media outlet has predicted us to be a top 16 team and about half aren't even predicting us to win the A-10...
  5. I'm pretty sure that they poorly cropped TEAM BLUE off the top and bottom of this image.
  6. Honestly, I believe live streaming/TV broadcasts of games is one of the biggest reasons why attendance has been trending down. People can stay home and watch the game with analysis from home. Remember, 25-40% of the population are introverts (per quick google search lol).
  7. I honestly do not think we are that far apart. I honestly respect your opinion and know that you are one of the biggest and best billikens fans and one of the most knowledgeable fans. I believe we can agree to disagree though. I believe this comes down to viewpoint. My viewpoint: - #TeamBlue appears to be Ford's expression for his team culture. - Using this for marketing is obviously not unique and may not appeal to casual sports fans. - However, marketing is important in two aspects: #1 attracting fans & #2 attracting recruits. - Although it is obviously not exclusively due to the #TeamBlue marketing, recruiting (essentially marketing SLU to recruits) is at an all time high since we started using #TeamBlue. I believe that this is due to the culture Ford is creating and if using the slogan #TeamBlue works for Ford, I say roll with it. Also, recruiting at an all time high is good for marketing to casual sports fans. Is it cool? How would I know... I was never cool... Is it unique... no but I think it is working. I personally dont love the phrase #TeamBlue, but this would not be the hill I would die on. Also... I think it's a bit extreme to not listen to an entire podcast because they use the phrase #TeamBlue. I also think it's inappropriate to say "get the f off my lawn," which is why I posted bad post. (In hindsight, get the f off my lawn may have been sarcasm and if so i apologize for my use of bad post) I do not disagree with the part of the post comparing it to generic colleges in movies like State or Tech. I have no intention of arguing with anyone.
  8. Yuri Jimerson Perkins - if healthy and back up to form One of the following: Pickett/Thatch/Hargrove (May change game to game) Okoro
  9. Don't get mad at the prodigal son. Throw him a party and cue the Pitbull!
  10. Here's to hoping the last regular OOC game is Vanderbilt (that Ford offhandedly mentioned on the radio once...)
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