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  1. I'm really bummed because my 10 month old will likely be too old by the time of the race.... (I think it is late in the conference season if I remember correctly.) My wife and I will have to plan better for our second child.
  2. But we all love Fordham because they bring the NY market to the A10.
  3. Top drawer soccer ranks SLU #6 this week: https://www.topdrawersoccer.com/college-soccer-national-rankings/men
  4. Kyle Engstler still has that post on his twitter feed as the first post, so I'm guessing he is still planning to walk on at SLU. You can check his twitter: @kyle_engstler Also, he does appear to be enrolled at SLU per SLU people finder: (Search for Kyle Engstler on this website: https://ws.slu.edu/peoplefinder/index.php )
  5. Is Moberly now SLU's minor league team?
  6. The new recruit is.... Sincere Parker! Welcome!
  7. JORDAN NESBITT: He will easily be way better here than his limited mid-season role at Memphis. (Also, just transferring from Memphis to SLU is a step up )
  8. Is Jones also a legitimate ball handler? He averaged 6 assists per the article. It is good to have so many options at the point!
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