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  1. SLUMedBilliken15

    SLU Records Review

    It may be possible for someone to break his record.... https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3437396/
  2. SLUMedBilliken15

    Good recruiter, bad coach?

    Remember.... the Vegas line had us losing by 3-4.... I don't think a loss by 5 makes Ford a bad coach.... especially since he won 2 games that he was expected to lose by much more.... Don't blame Ford....
  3. SLUMedBilliken15

    GDT vs Buttler

    How does the Butler game compare to non-conference games? Must be near the top.
  4. SLUMedBilliken15

    2018-2019 Season Prediction Contest

    Unpopular opinion: I would be happy with 20 wins and any post season appearance after the poor shooting against a DII team last evening... Edit: Fyi I realize that I am likely overreacting to a single exhibition game...
  5. SLUMedBilliken15

    Men's Soccer 2018

    Post removed.
  6. SLUMedBilliken15

    2018-19 Schedule

    North Alabama will join the ASUN this year. They are one of 4 colleges with 2 DII national championships(last was 1991...).
  7. SLUMedBilliken15

    Neufeld Playing In All-Canadian Basketball Game

    Apparently he was a starter. "Starting lineups for Team White: Matur Maker, Corey Johnson, Jerome Desrosiers, Jamal Murray, and Matt Neufeld! #CCRAllCDN #BioSteelAllCDN" -College Court Report
  8. SLUMedBilliken15

    Recruiting - 2016

    It's a miracle!
  9. SLUMedBilliken15

    Tatum Rally on Wednesday

    I'll be there! GO BILLS!
  10. SLUMedBilliken15

    Recruiting - 2016

    Lists SLU second in "in no certain order"
  11. SLUMedBilliken15

    A comparison

    Another valid comparison: this year's team is taller
  12. SLUMedBilliken15

    A10 Bloggers .....

    He won 12 with JJ, RL, DE, MM, BC, CE..... Sooo different.... Ur right
  13. SLUMedBilliken15

    A10 Bloggers .....

    Then majerus should also have been fired the year he won 12, right?