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12 hours ago, Reinert310 said:

Not sure where to put this post, and also not sure how many of you MBMers subscribe to the Athletic, but there’s been a running joke among the College Basketball reporters that there’s ALWAYS a Billikens question in their weekly Q&A “mailbag”. That didn’t change this week, when Andy T. asked if a 4 or 5 seed might be realistic if the Billikens could put together a strong noncon. If any of you guys are in on this, KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! 

What was the answer?

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Seattle dropped out of the OrlandoHoops grouping today.  They intend to hook onto another outside Orlando MTE.

Teams are still opting out of Orlando.  Wonder if some of the rules are forcing these departures.  Will SLU stay or go?

Wake Forest dumped out of the Jamaica Classic, leaving UMass and Missouri State as the two leftovers.  Wake is trying to host a MTE in Winston Salem.

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31 minutes ago, johnbj14 said:


Eeeek our non-conference schedule is imploding. I know some of you GD alcoholics were hoping for this series to be pushed back so you could embarrass yourselves on Beale Street (I'll be right there with you) but I feel really bad for our seniors They deserve better. What was once a very juicy and meaty schedule has been reduced to scraps. Really hope they aren't penalized come tourney seeding time because all of these P6 schools were too scared to play us in November in December. Guess that means we'll just have to win the whole damn thing as an 8 seed.

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Guessing that Goodman still has us in the OrlandoHoops project, as we aren't out of it yet.  We would be one of his 13.

Edit:  Looking at his Top 50 regarding the Nebraska MTE, OSU is 28, LSU 32, UNI 48.  He has SLU at 37.

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1 hour ago, Reinert310 said:

Jimmy Bell has a sore foot should be good to go for the opener, but might need to work up to game speed.

Third Tweet from Stu:

Ford is trying to get SLU to nine nonconference games. It’s looking like potentially 4 at home, including Boston College and Indiana State. Says a “finalized” schedule might not be possible. “Things are going to change.”
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6 hours ago, Billiken Rich said:

Which is all it takes to make our strong front court seem a bit thin......

Linssen can get some minutes. He gives us 6’8” and Has at 6’7” is not exactly small. 

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1 hour ago, slu72 said:


Goodbye Orlando, hello Lincoln?

My thoughts:  we won't be leaving the Orlando MTE without a backup already in hand.  It looked like the Orlando MTE was going to be two games.  Perhaps the new MTE will be three games, (with option of a standalone game added?) 

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Goodman has updated his MTE sheet.  Note the difference in OrlandoHoops from his first list to now.  Wow.  ESPN started with 45 teams, and only 30 remain in all of the Orlando events.

The NE MTE, which Ford mentioned as a possibility, now lists 10 teams

Nov. 25-Dec. 2
Teams: Nebraska, LSU, Oklahoma State, UNI, Cleveland State, Illinois State, Western Kentucky, Nevada, USF, Colorado State

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since Kenpom removed his 2021 preseason rankings, Im going off of Brattorvik rankings


Saint Louis - #29

UNI - #44

Western Kentucky -#48

Oklahoma State - #49

LSU - #60

USF -#88

Nebraska - #103

Colorado State - #111

Nevada - #129

Illinois State - #150

Cleveland State - #199



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