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  1. NashvilleBilliken

    GDT Rename them the Slukies

    I don't think it is fair to dump all this on Isabell. I saw a lot of crappy play last night by most of the team. I feel like Isabell has had more good passes than Goodwin this year, but admittedly not doing a great job at the point. The offense just sucks, period. It's like I'm watching the same crap I have been watching for 20 years. Great on defense, suck on offense....but we have exponentially more talent. I absolutely place some of the blame on the coach....but it is on all the players as well....plenty of open shots missed. They can't seem to execute anything. And free throws??? We hit them at a decent clip and we win the game. Whatever is going on needs to stop. There is a lot of mind games going on out there when a guy like Goodwin can't hit the broad side of the barn from the free throw line.We have world class defense. Top notch talent. Can't make a bucket even if we aren't being guarded. I still feel this is going to come together, but it sure is frustrating right now.
  2. NashvilleBilliken

    OT: Failed Leadership 2.0

    I actually just got notified of this via my daily email from Becker's. Looks like there is a lot more going on here than just an EHR rollout. Agree that the buck stops with Fred on this and we better implement some changes quickly. https://www.beckershospitalreview.com/finance/slu-physician-group-implements-hiring-freeze-after-ehr-rollout.html
  3. NashvilleBilliken

    GDT: Don't Baste the Lions, Maul Them

    This teams issue is the ability for Goodwin and Isabell to play together, like many have said. My take is that Goodwin has a harder time passing to Isabell than the other way around. If all these guys would just play within the offense, everybody would get their points. I think Goodwin is trying too hard to get points while Isabell isn't being put in a position to score . I actually think Isabell is TRYING to get the offense going but just doesn't know how to right now. He has had some really nice passes that I haven't seen anybody else do (i.e. that sweet pass to Foreman for the flush). I don't think the team has really embraced Isabell (just my opinion from chemistry on the court) and what he can do. Run the offense, look for the open man, take a shot, stop all the 1 on 1/stagnation and we'll be a tough team to beat.
  4. NashvilleBilliken

    OT: Failed Leadership 2.0

    Actually, this is the norm rather than the exception. Far be from me to sympathize with Freddy P, but implementing a new EHR is a costly endevour. The implementation costs alone are very significant, but you have the physicians with a reduced schedule (usually 50% reduction during go-live) for awhile that you hope can go back to 100% before too long. Much of this will depend on the age and tech saviness of staff. Then, you have training deficits for physicians, nurses, front/back office staff. There are probably issues with inbound and out bound referrals, how to work those referrals and ensuring patients are adequately scheduled. A big problem is just getting the physicians to document in a timely manner and making the notes ready for billing. The other integrations (i.e. imaging, pharmacy, lab) will slow down billing and operations if not fine tuned. Now, should most of this have been projected in the budgets....YES. However, you never really know how all the physicians will react and what other factors will effect revenue. Health systems have gone bankrupt due to a botched EHR implementation.
  5. NashvilleBilliken

    GDT: Game of the Year

    Man, Tuesday can't get here quick enough. It's Friday - I think we need some cheerleader pictures. Or, is that not allowed in the new world we live in?
  6. NashvilleBilliken

    2018-19 season

    Did anybody get to watch the interview? I can't find it on the KSDK website, so a recap would be appreciated. We haven't gotten many quotes from Isabell since his commitment.
  7. NashvilleBilliken

    Welcome Gibson Jimerson

    Welcome Gibson! Gotta love those stats...and the name. Any thoughts on the differences between this guy and Ingvi? On paper they seem to bring a similiar skillset to the table. A tall 2 man with high shooting percentages. Based soley on YouTube (and a super small sample size), Gibson seems to bring a little more athleticism.
  8. NashvilleBilliken

    Billiken Madness

    Couldn't agree more. Very grateful to the AD for providing it and it was high quality. Well done.
  9. NashvilleBilliken

    Billiken Madness

    I echo Roy's comments on Thatch. I liked Jacob's a lot. Being out of town, I didn't know what to think of Gordon...he is a freaking stud. The core from last year are gonna kick ass.
  10. NashvilleBilliken

    Billiken Madness

    Could you imagine an NBA announcer telling Lebron he isnt allowed to smile during the dunk contest? Telling Judge Wilt Chamberlain that he can't handle the scoring because he couldn't handle math in school? He waffled back and forth 4 times on how to pronounce Care'are's name. It is a PA job, not jokes with your friends. You are entitled to your opinion but I really think he does a horrible job.
  11. NashvilleBilliken

    Billiken Madness

    Is this tongue in cheek? Yesterday was so embarrassing and I have never railed on the guy before. He is literally cracking jokes at the PLAYERS instead of hyping the crowd. He missed several names. He made the event about him instead of the guys. His whole tone is depressing. He may be mediocre announcing games when you just need to say a name (though he has about a 10% error rate), but yesterday was not something he should have been doing. I can honestly say that I have never heard a worse PA announcer at any sporting event than what I witnessed last night.
  12. NashvilleBilliken

    Billiken Madness

    Somebody tell Gus to shut the f*** up
  13. NashvilleBilliken

    Billiken Madness

    In all seriousness, my money is on Demarious Jacob's to win based on YouTube highlights.
  14. NashvilleBilliken

    Billiken Madness

    Awesome....thanks, man.
  15. NashvilleBilliken

    Billiken Madness

    Since as we haven't seen any social media posts about streaming, I guess it's time to give up . Have any of you with AD ties heard differently?