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  1. Forgive my ignorance here, but why are less kids graduating? Are there simply less kids in the world now or is something else going on?
  2. After reading all this, I've come to the conclusion that it is all perspective. If all you know are people who already were getting the bare minimum and bundled it with internet, your perspective is that ditching cable doesn't save money. For those of us who were getting a premium package and had good internet costs from another provider, it can be significant (i.e. >50% savings). Now, you can negotiate a crazy deal when you threaten to leave a cable provider and the costs will be comparable (which I have done before). However, all things being equal, streaming services will win out most of the time.
  3. That is false. I pay $60/month through Comcast for 300 down 30 up. I previously paid DirecTV for a bunch of crap i didn't need and was paying about 225. Add in netflix and ESPN+ and i rounded to 250. I now pay 60 for internet still and roughly 100 for my streaming services - 50 for YouTubeTV and a couple other services between 4.99 and 9.99. I get all the channels i want and some I don't. Only way it is a wash if if you already have a super basic cable package or you bundled everything to begin with and now your ISP is screwing you over.
  4. Ah, thanks man....didn't catch the joke. Not sure it deserved a bad post from @billikenfan05, but the level of d0uche-baggery is, at least, consistent.
  5. Just curious why you say that. My bill went from about 250 (which includes my netflix and espn+) to about 100. What am I missing? Also - why is that not considered cutting the cord? I no longer have an HDMI connected to my TV from a cable box....isn't that the definition of cord cutting?
  6. We haven't missed it at all. We were the family that had every channel but watched about 10 of them. I cancelled just as they lost ABC. The only downside I've found is that the user interface for Live TV isn't as user friendly. I almost went with DirecTV Now but decided the value was greater at YouTube. One other thing I left out. YouTubeTV has Cobra Kai. Karate Kid was a huge part of my childhood, so I really enjoy that series...
  7. Honestly, we're still working through it. Right now, we have ESPN+, AMC (needed to catch up on TWD, but may cancel now that we can DVR through YouTubeTV) and Starz. Will probably cancel Starz (not sure why my wife signed up) and get HBO. We'll also get Disney+, but we'll see how that pans out given your post above. We also have Prime Video through our Amazon membership and Netflix. We watch it all through Roku, so they have free channels as well. The only reason to get YouTube, IMO, is if you want to watch live TV. We watch the local and national news a lot.....and some reality TV. It's also really nice to have the cloud DVR.
  8. I got ESPN+ last year at 4.99/month and it was way worth it. So much so that I finally decided to cut the cord with DirecTV. I've had that the last 5-6 years for the sole purpose of getting all the regional Fox channels and other east coast sports channels to watch Billiken games. Unless you really want to watch a lot of obscure college sports, you can probably forgo ESPNU. Side note - when I cut the cord, I went with YouTubeTV. Going on about 2 months now and am sooo happy I made the change. YouTubeTV had all the right channels (has many sports channels....and HGTV :)) for the right price. Then, I added in some other streaming apps. In the end I'm saving over $100/month and feel I get more for it.
  9. Do we think Bess's minutes were reduced due to a lack of offense or to let other people play? A pretty significant drop off there.
  10. We have some meat down in the post! GJ looking smooth. I thought KC has some nice moments as well....albeit a highlight reel.
  11. Thanks! I know Isabell but didn't recognize Tatum. Looks a little different than he did 20 years ago, lol.
  12. Bess with some good minutes in the first quarter. A couple of boards and fouled on the break (non shooting). One of the first off the bench and he looks like he belongs.
  13. Thanks for posting. An important reminder to think critically when reading media; taking into consideration the bias and intention of the writer or organization.
  14. Does SLU have a program to offer scholarships and financial assistance to refugees? If so, that is where this charity should have fallen. I don't think this is on the AD or anybody in the athletic department. We provided the kid an ATHLETIC scholarship based on his soccer skills. Our coach got fired because he couldn't produce results. New coach comes in and knows this kid isn't the right fit for the team. Pretty sure this has happens every time a coaching change occurs. It is within the rules. The new coach's livelihood is based on the results he gets on the field. Given the kids history and lack of a home, SLU should have offered an academic scholarship under whatever program handles such matters. He CLEARLY met any criteria that would be required for such funds. We don't know if that happened or not. We also don't know if the kid didn't want to go to SLU if he couldn't play soccer. We have conversations daily about how Ford shouldn't waste a scholarship on a sub par player. I'm not sure how this is different. Either way, it's a hellevua story and this kid has my utmost respect. How he's overcome such odds and lands a 23 (?!) on the ACT is beyond my comprehension.
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