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  1. I agree that those you named are very good, if not better. But from a pure PG perspective, I really like Yuri. All those guys can and do play the 2. Yuri never will. Maybe I'm a purist but I still say he is the best pure pg I have seen here.
  2. In my 20 years of closely following the Bills, Collins is the best point I have seen put on a uniform. Not saying we haven't had great players who played the point....but Yuri, IMO, is the best true point guard we have seen. Everybody can improve themselves, but the tone of a few seem to be that he is serviceable until he improves "X"....when it should be he is freaking awesome and if he improves "X" then we have a top 10 PG. He has made everybody around him better. Dare I say it, but even Jordan Goodwin has become a better PG watching Yuri play. Some of those passes by JGood yesterday were non-existent the first 2+ years.
  3. While I think the shot was OK, I don't think that is what Ford wanted and it may hurt Weaver's chances of minutes. You could see Ford shake his head when Weaver took it. Probably best to work the clock a little more and let one of the Freshman/Walkons get a shot.
  4. I didn't see this posted elsewhere and thought it would be appropriate here. Nice article on French. I had never heard this before... "Pushing French throughout his robust career at SLU has been junior guard Jordan Goodwin. The pair were looking at SLU and played each other in a high school game. After the game French told Goodwin about Saint Louis saying, “if you go I’ll go.”" http://archcity.media/2019/11/29/pardon-my-french-but-get-blocked/
  5. “I was very honored a big time school like Saint Louis believes in me,” he said. “I’m a player who likes to win and the school is a winning program.” Never thought I'd see the day a recruit called us a "big time school" and "a winning program". Times are changing in Billiken land!
  6. I hate to start a new topic for this but wasn't sure where it may fit in. Does anybody have a link, file, etc of our band playing "When the Saints go Marching In"? I feel like there was one circling about a decade ago but I can't find it for the life of me.
  7. Ok, thanks for the update. I'll check out the arena site for tix. Hoping to make it with the wife and a few of the kids...
  8. slu72 - did you hear anything back? I'm considering make the trip down to Birmingham as well. Looks like there are plenty of Hilton properties to blow my points on...
  9. For those out of town, you can listen here. I downloaded the app. https://www.kshe95.com/
  10. Do we know if we'll get a stream? I don't see it on the ESPN+ lineup. Perhaps we can stream through YouTube again? I know people b!tched about the quality of Billiken Maddness, but if anybody who matters is reading, I think we would all be very grateful for an opportunity to see the game.
  11. On a sidenote - I really like the whole Nike Swoosh with Ford's signature thing we have going. It seems big-time.
  12. Welcome aboard! Excited about this recruit...especially if he can shoot.
  13. I was watching on mute intermittently due to some other obligations. Happy to see no comments on Guy....what a disaster he was last year. Grateful for the stream even if not a game quality production. Hoping the negative comments dont deter them streaming again next year.
  14. I agree with this. I think Hankton isn't getting much love around here but could be a critical piece at the 4, especially with the added bulk.
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