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  1. We just scanned our IDs with a scanner, changed the birthdate, literally printed it out on a piece of thicker paper stock, slide it in our wallets and hold it up to the bulletproof glass at the register. Easy peasy lemon squeasy.
  2. That depends entirely on how convincing you need your fake ID to be. If you’re just driving up north Grand to the Chop Suey, that bar is significantly lower. At least it was in the mid-2000’s.
  3. I thought so too. But didn’t know if Traore might change that, since he’s got 4 years and Linssen and Okoro could both technically be back.
  4. Is there any chance our offer is still open after Thames and Kramer?
  5. Does anybody have any new news on Larry Jr.‘s recruitment? I just looked at the 2022 class list and it still has SLU as his only offer. Maybe it’s just me, but seems unusually quiet.
  6. My pick is TJ. He might not jump to averaging 12 points/game, but I think his minutes jump up significantly and he could end up being an X-Factor this season. We all know how much energy he brings on and off the court. He’s oozing talent. Once he puts it all together, he’s going to be a special player.
  7. When Palahniuk sent the book to publishers, they offered him “kiss off” money that they expected him to reject, but would still allow them to go back to the person who originally recommended it and say they offered him a deal. But he took it because it would pay his rent for a year. I just think a lot of Palahniuk’s dark humor 1-liners are lost on, or were completely left out of, the movie. Like Tyler Durden saying, “we won’t really die. We’ll live forever.” And the narrator responding with, “Tyler, you’re thinking of vampires.” Also, the way the narrator 1st meets Tyler in the book is infinitely better than in the movie (I won’t spoil it if you haven’t read it.) But I’m also a huge fan of Palahniuk in general. So I’m definitely biased.
  8. I love the movie, if you haven’t read the book Fight Club…it’s better. I know everyone says that about every book turned movie, but it’s true.
  9. I could refer to any Fordham basketball play as being wrong without seeing it and have pretty decent chance of being correct. Just sayin…
  10. I know the whole point of the exercise is to guess per game averages, but outside of Perkins and Yuri and maybe Okoro, it’s going to depend on matchups. There will be games where Jimerson scores 20 and there will be games where he scores 5. There will be games where TJ scores 15 and games where he scores 4. And that’s fine, because we have the depth and versatility to beat you in any number of ways.
  11. Agree with all this. Brooks was awful these last 2 games. Could he earn a spot again? Sure. Playing 3 games each window, we’re going to have to rotate guys, but he’s going to have to play better. Both Robinsons and especially Aaronson should be written in ink
  12. Youre not wrong, and not making excuses, but if we could ever get Reyna, McKennie and Pulisic on the field at the same time, it would probably help.
  13. I’m done defending this team. That 1st half was absolutely pathetic. There’s no excusing it. Just absolutely atrocious.
  14. Thanks. I figured it had something to do trying to drive people to a knew streaming service. I didn’t know they had no control over away game rights.
  15. Agreed. I just think that all the overreacting isn’t helpful either. Does anybody know why the game tonight on Paramount+?
  16. World Cup qualifying is hard no matter what confederation you’re in. Italy tied Bulgaria. The European champions tied Bulgaria. Ireland tied Azerbaijan. Austria lost to Israel 5-2. It’s not an excuse. In World Cup qualifying, you’re getting everyone’s best every single game. Were the results of the 1st 2 games disappointing? Absolutely. Is it the end of the world? Not even close. We haven’t played anywhere near our best, and right now we’d still get a playoff to earn a spot in the World Cup. If you hate Berhalter and the process that was used to hire him, I get it. But the whole sky is falling overreactions because of 2 draws after 2 games is really tiresome.
  17. It was apparently spelled both ways. I have no idea which one is technically correct. Just going by the Netflix documentary and Wikipedia here. So you could be right. (You probably are right. I just heard then calling him Edward Thatch on the documentary. Lol)
  18. 100% agree with everything you said here. My only point was that fresh legs might’ve given us a chance to flip the momentum, but you’re absolutely right, the entire stadium was lifeless after the Canada goal.
  19. We just had no fight after the Canada goal. Which begs the question: why did Berhalter wait so long to make substitutions?
  20. Apparently, McKennie snuck a girl into his room. Lol
  21. So, I started watching the Netflix documentary about pirates and found out that the most famous pirate of all-time, Blackbeard, his real name was Edward Thatch. Ed Thatch stole gold from Spanish ships. Fred Thatch steals passes from A10 rivals. Can’t possibly be a coincidence.
  22. Today is the 115th anniversary of the 1st ever forward pass. Here’s an article from the Post. https://www.stltoday.com/sports/college/slu/footballs-forward-pass-started-with-an-innovator-at-st-louis-university/article_cb3c85c4-eeeb-11ea-9fcb-bb05a9a5fe78.html
  23. I’m genuinely curious, would you have felt this same way about an away draw in El Salvador, for the 1st game of qualifying, 6 months ago, before all the success we had in the Nations League and Gold Cup? I certainly wouldn’t. Especially if you told me that Christian Pulisic and John Brooks wouldn’t play a single minute. We had a bunch of guys who had never played in a qualifying match before and ground out a draw in a hostile environment on the road on a sh!tty pitch. Playing concacaf qualifying games is night and day different than playing club in Europe. It’s a learning experience, and that’s fine. But even though Canada is significantly better than they have been in the past, they’re not Mexico. And they still struggled to earn a 1-1 draw, on a penalty, AT HOME to a Honduras team that I’d argue is even worse than El Salvador. If Pulisic plays on Sunday, it quite literally changes everything. It’s like Argentina playing without Messi or Portugal playing without Ronaldo (no, I’m not saying Pulisic is the same caliber player as those 2, but he means just as much to this American team). Can we play better? Yes. Will we play better? Undoubtedly yes. Sure, it’s a relatively disappointing result, but it’s not awful.
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