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  1. Wasn't sure if this was posted somewhere else or not, but here's a great article from Mid-Major Madness on Gibson and Yuri. https://www.midmajormadness.com/2019/12/9/20999396/saint-louis-yuri-collins-gibson-jimerson-atlantic-10-best-young-backcourt-jerry-colangelo-classic
  2. A texter asked Frank who he thought the next local recruit to commit to SLU would be. He talked about how he thought Nesbitt and Kern would be good fits, but didn’t necessarily predict they would commit there. Then I believe both Floyd and Tony texted Frank to tell him Kern really likes SLU and his mom has a lot of respect for Coach Ford.
  3. Oops, that’s my fault for putting the Stuen tweet in the wrong thread.
  4. Looks like Stuen is headed to Miami today. Maybe he's visiting Jace Howard? Or just visiting Strickland to keep the commitment strong?
  5. I’m pretty sure that station is still only broadcasted on closed circuit TV.
  6. I apologize if that’s the case. I thought Ford might have said that at practice today.
  7. I knew he was planning on pressing more, but didn’t realize he wants to go “40 minutes of Hell” mode.
  8. Good point. Liddell and Lisch should probably be in that boat too. If I remember correctly, both were pretty heavily recruited.
  9. I would definitely consider Goodwin a prized recruit, but that still only makes the number 3.
  10. The Athletic has a great article about mid-majors today. It basically talks about how it's nearly impossible to determine who should be considered a mid-major these days because so many "mid-majors" have higher revenues and more success than power conference schools that continuously struggle. Coach Ford was even quoted in the story.... https://theathletic.com/1315199/2019/10/23/who-are-you-calling-a-mid-major-the-broken-term-defines-too-much-of-college-basketball/ Travis Ford has also seen the game from several angles. He played at Missouri and Kentucky. He coached at Eastern Kentucky in the Ohio Valley Conference, at UMass in the Atlantic 10 and at Oklahoma State in the Big 12. Back in the A-10 now with Saint Louis, Ford says when it comes to commitment — everything from chartered flights to administrative support and even the size of his office — Saint Louis is practically indistinguishable from Stillwater. “More and more, these terms are becoming outdated,” the third-year Billikens coach says. “How you define yourself should be based on the resources you have, the support from your administration and your fans. Internally, that’s what you judge yourself on.”
  11. Does anyone know how close Ryan Robertson was to going to SLU? I thought I heard that SLU was his second choice behind Kansas.
  12. I heard that video was indeed shot by David. Apparently Ford is letting him help with social media video as well. Ford really understands how important marketing is for the program.
  13. Glad we offered first then. Maybe he and Larry Jr. will want to keep the backcourt together?
  14. This has to be one of the best videos SLU has ever done.
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