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  1. Ford talked about Bruce for a little bit on Frank’s show today. He said he is 7’1” and probably weights around 270 lbs. Even though he is large, he is incredibly mobile, has a midrange game and can even shoot 3s. He said he is very strong and the opposition has a hard time getting around him. When Ford saw him play, he fell in love with him immediately.
  2. Billy doesn’t seem like he hates the idea of continuing to play with Cian.
  3. Here is more information that’s not behind a paywall: https://bleacherreport.com/articles/10052815-big-easts-val-ackerman-on-expansion-conference-wont-stay-at-11-forever Dana O’Neil has been reporting on the Big East for a long time. Her reporting on the conference is always very solid.
  4. Bahr is coming for a visit in a few weeks.
  5. Certainly not tying to start a debate, but Rothstein actually does have SLU winning the A10. https://collegehoopstoday.com/index.php/rothstein-files/atlantic-10-offseason-breakdown-3/
  6. Here’s an article about Kaba. Sounds like he plans on visiting SLU: https://www.zagsblog.com/2022/09/29/class-of-2024-forward-ebrahim-kaba-picks-up-2-new-offers-since-transfer-to-gill-st-bernards/
  7. Looks like he’s 6’7” and 210 lbs. Here’s a short scouting report on him. Daniel is a very lengthy and athletic forward and has elite blocking ability due to his timing and length. He is vertically explosive on offense or in transition. He is developing his perimeter game, including his jump shot and his change of speed and direction off the bounce. Joins his older brother, Mike this season, who is also on the basketball team. https://www.wranglersports.com/sports/mbkb/2021-22/bios/rivera_daniel_vdm2
  8. Here’s an article about Nzeh’s recruitment: https://247sports.com/college/saint-louis/Article/Basketball-recruiting-Kachi-Nzeh-Iowa-Xavier-St-Louis-Xavier-191935889/ Looks like he’s visiting SLU on first on Thursday. Here’s what he had to say about SLU: St. Louis: “They came in really early and have stayed in contact with me. Since they started it’s always been consistent and they really think I can make an impact at their school. They won without me and think I can bring a lot to that school and their winning culture. Also Coach Ford is great, has a lot of pros and loves to win while making his players feel like they’re in a family environment.”
  9. Interesting! That’s the guy that Medley was messaging the day he committed to SLU.
  10. Have you heard anything about Kennard Davis and SLU?
  11. Frank was just talking about Mizzou recruiting on his radio show. He acted like Rich going to Mizzou was basically a foregone conclusion at this point.
  12. Here’s an article about the visits Rich is planning on making so far. It doesn‘t list SLU. https://www.on3.com/news/macaleab-rich-sets-commitment-date-goes-in-depth-on-who-he-will-visit/ Here’s a quote about what he’s looking for in a school: “I want to go somewhere where they welcome me like home,” Rich said. “I’d like to catch a great vibe with everyone, the players and coaches. I want to be confident it’s what fits me and my family best. “Man, I just really like to hoop. I want to play in a system that gets up and down the floor and pushes the ball.”
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