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  1. With Frank and Coach Tate acting like there could be a new addition to this season’s roster soon, I really thought Russell was going to announce he was joining the team as a preferred walk on today.
  2. Yeah, bad typo on the author’s part. Have you heard anything about how the recruitment for Nesbitt or Kern are going, @TheOne?
  3. That would make sense with Rick’s son being the coach there.
  4. Busting Brackets put out an article yesterday about Nesbitt’s 11 finalists and how he fits into each program. Here’s what the author said about SLU (pretty sure he meant A-10, not Big Ten in this): Saint Louis Billikens With the Missouri Tigers not even among the group of 11, the Billikens represent the true “hometown” option for Nesbitt. And the program, coming off a 23-win season, has great momentum at the moment. They’re likely to win even more games for the upcoming season, returning their top three contributors, including Hasahn French and Jordan Goodwin, who each averaged a double-double. Nesbitt would be part of the new core after the juniors leave, joining Oregon center transfer Francis Okoro and guard Gibson Jimerson. Saint Louis would benefit from retaining a local talent such as Nesbitt in its effort to stay near the top of the Big Ten. For the player, he would have a much better chance at early minutes and thriving overall in NCAA Basketball. Conclusion: Jordan Nesbitt is going to make one of these programs very happy in their respective 2021 recruiting class. As of now, there’s no clear-cut favorite to land him. Without official visits at the moment, Saint Louis may have a slight edge being the local option. But don’t underestimate the other coaching staff among the top 11, who are more than capable of landing this player’s signature at the end of the day.
  5. Can’t wait to see Francis on the court in 2021:
  6. Looks like this caught the attention of our PG. I’m sure Jordan wouldn’t mind Yuri creating some open shows for him his first two years.
  7. To no surprise, SLU made the cut.
  8. They sent out another email the other day that they will be providing an update in the middle of August.
  9. Memphis offered Nesbitt today.
  10. I don’t think there is any doubt that Nesbitt is the staff’s top priority for this class. He has said that SLU has been recruiting him the hardest. Frank has mentioned that Coach Tate is in constant contact with him.
  11. Looks like Nesbitt is cutting his list next week.
  12. With the hints Frank and Coach Tate were making on the radio about a 13th player possibly joining the roster, I really wonder if Phillip is coming on as a preferred walk on. I noticed Michael Wilson liked his tweet about August 10.
  13. Surprisingly no one has come out and said that yet, but another poster who seems to have connections thinks this may be another Goodwin situation for them.
  14. FWIW, one of the “insiders” on an Illini message board says that SLU is the clear favorite for Nesbitt right now.
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