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  1. Looks like Brock visited campus and practice today.
  2. SLU said on Twitter that season ticket holders can purchase these items for $15 a piece by contacting the ticket office.
  3. I’m pretty sure a school cannot have a secret scrimmage if they have two exhibitions scheduled.
  4. I received mine a few weeks ago via email. They’re going digital this year.
  5. Sincere Parker will be a junior next season too.
  6. It does not. However, they make returns pretty easy. I returned mine because the fit was a little too tight for my liking. There’s a return/exchange page on their site. You enter in your order number and they give you a pre-paid return mailing label to print out. From there you can either exchange it for a different size or order a different shirt all together. They ship the new shirt when they receive the old one.
  7. Hope this is related to the Big East.
  8. Here’s The Athletic’s story about potential Big East expansion. Dana O’Neill breaks down the potential schools but lumps SLU, Dayton and VCU together: https://theathletic.com/2889432/2021/10/14/expansion-is-an-option-for-the-big-east-heres-who-the-conference-could-target/?source=user_shared_article
  9. After doing some research, it seems that Jeremiah was one of the top 2 players in Oklahoma and a top 100 recruit with a lot of offers from major programs until he was shot last year, ending his basketball season. It appears he is recovering and is back on the court, but I wonder if some of these programs have backed off until he shows he’s back to 100%.
  10. I would assume this means PG Jeremiah Johnson was in for a visit.
  11. Here’s the dunk: Here’s the block:
  12. I would think so. Frank just mentioned on his show that Ford was supposed to be a guest on the show yesterday. He never called in and later apologized to Frank. His reasoning was that Forte called him that morning and told him that he needed him to fly to Dallas that day to meet an important recruit.
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