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  1. Just heard Ford on Frank’s show. He said they expect to sign 2 bigs (and maybe even 3) in the Spring. He’s hoping to have one commit soon.
  2. Here's what the article says about expansion... Ackerman said the league was not in discussion about expansion right now, but when pressed, did admit that more than three schools have approached the Big East about potentially joining the conference. "We do talk about it internally," Ackerman said. "I think every conference commissioner worth their salt has to be thinking about it in terms of long-term, where your league is and [evaluating] the future. But at this point, our schools are very satisfied with the current 10 programs and 10-school setup." If expansion came to be in the Big East, Ackerman said going to 11 would be most ideal and "very workable" because it could allow the double round-robin intra-league scheduling to remain in place. Going to 12 or more schools would eliminate that, and given that Creighton AD Bruce Rasmussen is coming off a year in which he was the selection committee chair, his input on the value of round-robin scheduling -- when it comes to NCAA Tournament evaluation -- carries a lot of weight. The Big East is also in wait-and-see mode as to how 20 league games -- and the new NET rankings -- affect other big conferences when it comes to seeding and selection. As it stands now, most Big East teams are already guaranteed 20 high-major games because there's 18 conferences tilts, the Gavitt Games with the Big Ten in November and the Big East-Big 12 series, which started this season. What schools make for ideal candidates? The rumor mill has consistently put out a litany of programs, many of them currently in the A-10, such as Saint Louis, Dayton, Richmond, VCU, Rhode Island, Davidson and Saint Joseph's. A source previously told me that Gonzaga even informally debated the idea. And of course, there's UConn, which has a fanbase aching to get back into the Big East. But it's football program and all the money attached to that currently stands as a logistical hurdle, if not 100-foot wall. Ackerman said any school up for consideration would have to check a lot of boxes before entering into real discussion. "Geography would be in important," she said. "Commitment to basketball would probably be the No. 1 thing, the notion that they would be additive as it relates to our basketball prospects. Are they going to help secure our chances every year of getting into the NCAA Tournament? Possible No. 2: Would they help us with our tournament? Would they bring fans to Madison Square Garden?" The Catholic-school angle is also not insignificant. Butler, which is private and of similar makeup to the other nine, is the only non-Catholic institution in the Big East. There's also a high level of camaraderie and morale among the membership now, something that Ackerman noted wasn't there right before the old Big East fissured, when the league was bigger.
  3. Here's a short article from the KC Star about Mizzou being interested in Bradford. Apparently they haven't offered him yet, which is surprising to me. Maybe they're waiting to do it until he visits? I love hearing that he's already been at Chaifetz multiple times this year and Travis is showing him a lot of love. Of course, we're not even mentioned as a team that's offered him. An old name returns on the hoops’ radar It’s been a heck of a year for Davion Bradford. After starting his hoops career at Christian Brothers College in St. Louis, where he was considered a top-50 freshman nationally, the 2020 recruit transferred to Hillcrest Prep in Arizona last season. Then he moved to Oklahoma over the summer and was playing AAU for Oklahoma PWP with 2020 MU offer Bryce Thompson. When I tried to talk to Bradford in July at an Under Armour tournament, I was told Bradford’s mother died suddenly and he was headed back to St. Louis. Not much had been heard from Bradford until I saw on Twitter this week that he resurfaced at Mehlville High School just outside of St. Louis. I began doing some digging. During all of Bradford’s travels, what was tough to gauge was whether or not MU was involved with the 6-foot-10 forward. When he was at CBC, I was told Missouri would get involved with him at some point, but he left St. Louis before MU offered. Now to the goods. A source tells me Missouri is very aware of Bradford’s return to the state and wants him badly. Assistant coach Chris Hollender and head coach Cuonzo Martin both have passed through recently to see him. Last summer, Bradford picked up offers from Arizona State, Nevada, Illinois and Kansas State and Oklahoma. I don’t think it will take long for MU to offer. Bradford is a big man who can stretch the floor and play positionless basketball. He has some range to his jump shot, but it’s been a while since I’ve seen him play. I’ve said before that Missouri’s ideal 2020 class is Caleb Love, Cam’Ron Fletcher, Josh Christopher and a big. I used to say Isaiah Jackson of Detroit could be that last big. I think Bradford replaces Jackson in MU’s ideal 2020 class. Aside from Christopher, who lives in Los Angeles, the staff barely has to leave the state for a top-10 class if they get all four or even three of them. Read more here: https://www.kansascity.com/sports/college/sec/university-of-missouri/article222429795.html#storylink=cpy
  4. Here’s a report about Hargrove from the weekend. Pretty impressive!
  5. Here’s an article about Perkins from a few years ago by Earl. Sounds like Perkins has a great mid range game. https://www.prephoops.com/2016/04/recruiting-report-javonte-perkins-2017/
  6. Thanks for the heads up on this one, @Coach314.
  7. Looks like his coach enjoyed the visit too.
  8. No commitment yet, but looks like he enjoyed his time here. I noticed he started following the SLU twitter account. Hopefully that’s a god sign.
  9. I believe former Billiken Jared Drew was a victim of the run off rule under Crews.
  10. It was not a catch and shoot. He actually held the ball for a while and pointed toward the floor like to tell one on the players up top to set a pick. Before the player got there, he launched and drilled it. I’m guessing his defender looked away for a second and he took advantage.
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