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  1. Does anyone know how close Ryan Robertson was to going to SLU? I thought I heard that SLU was his second choice behind Kansas.
  2. I heard that video was indeed shot by David. Apparently Ford is letting him help with social media video as well. Ford really understands how important marketing is for the program.
  3. Glad we offered first then. Maybe he and Larry Jr. will want to keep the backcourt together?
  4. This has to be one of the best videos SLU has ever done.
  5. Markhi now has a countdown going on his instagram account with the word "Commitment" above it. Looks like he is definitely committing somewhere tonight. The fact that he just visited and is now following all sorts of SLU players' accounts has to be a good sign. Plus, this is the only official visit he has taken so far.
  6. Any chance we are trying to do a package deal with Stone and Oden?
  7. I think you have to sign up for the free trial.
  8. I asked the The Athletic St. Louis editor if they would ever consider having a reporter cover the Bills full-time. He said it had been discussed, but they wanted to make sure there was interest there before making that kind of commitment. For those of you who are subscribers on here, please click on and rate the story if you haven't already. Comment too if you feel inclined. Show them that there is interest in more Bills coverage. If you aren't a subscriber, you can also sign up for a week for free to read and comment on the story. Right now, they're running a 40% off deal, which just costs around $3.00 a month.
  9. Has anyone seen Kelvin Lee Jr. from Fort Zumwalt North play? Looks like Juwan Howard from Michigan has been in to see him as well.
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