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  1. Frank was just talking about Mizzou recruiting on his radio show. He acted like Rich going to Mizzou was basically a foregone conclusion at this point.
  2. Here’s an article about the visits Rich is planning on making so far. It doesn‘t list SLU. https://www.on3.com/news/macaleab-rich-sets-commitment-date-goes-in-depth-on-who-he-will-visit/ Here’s a quote about what he’s looking for in a school: “I want to go somewhere where they welcome me like home,” Rich said. “I’d like to catch a great vibe with everyone, the players and coaches. I want to be confident it’s what fits me and my family best. “Man, I just really like to hoop. I want to play in a system that gets up and down the floor and pushes the ball.”
  3. Anyone know if Rich has or will be taking an official visit to SLU?
  4. Any predictions on the next commitment? Kennard Davis, perhaps?
  5. I think it happened with Luke Kasubke and Davion Bradford before they committed to K State, but I could be wrong.
  6. Medley was on campus today. He will be committing to a school on Sept. 10.
  7. Here’s an article on Medley. Looks like he plans on visiting SLU and FGCU at some point. https://247sports.com/Article/College-basketball-recruiting-three-star-point-guard-cian-medley-Saint-Louis-Florida-Gulf-Coast-190526344/
  8. I didn’t know if this is SLU related or not, but could be interesting.
  9. Thanks, @courtside. That’s really exciting to hear. I’m looking forward to watching more games next season.
  10. Would you soccer insiders consider this to be a really good recruiting class for SLU? I’ve been trying to follow the program more closely the last year, but am still learning. I am very intrigued by the goal scoring numbers for Karson Gibbs, but wasn’t sure if he would be an immediate contributor out of the gate since he’s only a freshman.
  11. Enjoy this ridiculous dunk by Rich:
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