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  1. Reed and Mayo won the battle against Martin and Hughes.
  2. I didn’t realize Larry has been shooting so well lately. I hope he can keep it up. Maybe he is finally asserting himself as a go to scorer? I am very intrigued by Martin and wonder if he would be the perfect replacement for Yuri. He could be his backup for a season and then take the reins.
  3. Looks like Larry Jr. and Martin had big games last night.
  4. The Athletic put out an article about SLU and Villanova trying to come back from Covid. Apparently only 4 Billikens have not tested positive and even Ford got it. https://theathletic.com/2321811/2021/01/14/saint-louis-villanova-sidelined-by-covid-19/?source=user_shared_article
  5. This is purely hypothetical, but how would people feel about Goodwin and French’s scholarships going to Fletcher (if he decides to transfer) and McKissic (if he wants to play another season)?
  6. That’s fair. They did just begin their junior seasons and most haven’t had significant roles yet.
  7. You seem to know the local high school scene really well, @3star_recruit. Who do you think are the top five local players in the 2022 class?
  8. @Coach314, since you seem pretty connected with Brandon, do you think there’s any chance he would be interested in transferring to SLU for another senior season next season?
  9. That’s what I was afraid of. That would make things tricky for SLU then since they don’t have any unused scholarships at the moment.
  10. If Fletcher decided to transfer right now would that count against 2020 scholarships or 2021 for whatever school he went to? I wasn’t sure since the first semester is over now.
  11. Looks like Cam isn’t happy about his role with the team so far.
  12. I watched the 4th quarter of the CBC-SLU game online last night to see how Rob Martin and Larry Jr. we’re doing. Martin was very impressive scoring 11 points in the 4th when the score kept going back and forth. I believe he finished with 18 points. Unfortunately Hughes only scored 2 points for the game and that was a garbage time basket with less than 5 seconds left after the game was already decided. I wonder how hard SLU is recruiting Martin? He looks like he has a pretty impressive skill set, especially for his size (5’9”).
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