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  1. Don't know if this has been mentioned yet, but there is a free trial via the link in the article to watch the SLU game tonight online. https://www.si.com/tv/college-basketball/saint-louis-vs-boise-state-nov-30-live-stream-watch-online-free
  2. You can't take all the favorites Roy, you have to go with a long shot every once in awhile. Thatch at 7.5 is a long shot, but he's who I'm going with.
  3. who is leading scorer and their ppg Nesbitt - 13 who is leading rebounder and their rpg Thatch - 7.5 Yuri season assists per game average 8 Yuri season mpg average 33 mpg Jimerson 3pt% for season 44% Hargrove 3pt% for season 40% Who on the team has the most 3pt attempts for the season? Jimerson Nesbitt season ppg 13 Okoro season mpg 14 Linssen season mpg 24 who appears in more games? Strickland, Lorentsson, Traore Strickland Team Free Throw % for season 70% Team average turnovers per game for season 14 Team 3pt percentage for the season 35% most points scored in one game, the individual and the amount Collins, 30 most rebounds in one game, the individual and number Thatch, 15 season team average points per game 66 season record 16-15 A10 record 7-11 Conference place (1st, 2nd, etc) 10th End of season is… A10 Tourney
  4. What section are you in, I may be interested?
  5. The most impressive big on the floor, by far, was Linssen. Nesbitt looked really good. Hargrove and Perkins looked noticeably bigger.
  6. I'm somewhere between Farley and Spade
  7. I wear a speedo when I swim for exercise...
  8. This should also count as a 50pt playoff game...
  9. I am assuming this was Jacobs and Perkins.
  10. #GrandyUpdate in case anyone was curious how his “hole” is doing
  11. Still have the souvenir cup from Chaifetz with these 5 on it. That was the best overall recruiting class I have ever seen at SLU.
  12. I wasn’t sure what would happen regarding televised games, with all the changing of events/venues and SLU backing out of Orlando.
  13. Hopefully we can find these aired on some tv station.
  14. He is saying that playing his final year at SLU cost him a year of earnings as a pro basketball player, because he had to use his first year post-SLU to recover from his injuries.
  15. If that is Jimmy, he lost another 50 lbs from last year...
  16. https://dixlitle.com/product/ncaa-saint-louis-billikens-flag-face-scarf-unisex-sports-neck-gaiter-bandanas-t2004-246/
  17. I thought Thatch was announced already but not Jimerson.
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