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  1. ESPN+ broadcast a scrimmage back in August.
  2. B’roy, I could be wrong. Yesterday, I went on Bally’s and all they offered was SEast. I couldn’t even bring up the MW region. Today I was able to. We’ll find out soon enough.
  3. I just revisited the Bally site and I think I can get the MW region after all with a subscription. However, I also think Bally feeds ESPN+. For example if St. Joes is playing at SLU, which is aired by Bally, Bally will provide ESPN+ the feed. I think.
  4. Well, since Ballys MW is not available here, I can get the home games on ESPN+ by going to the visiting team. Problem solved.
  5. Schedule from slubillikens.com has a lot of blanks for TV. Some questions: 1.) Do we have a Bally’s deal this year? 2.) If we do, will Bally’s broadcasts be shown on ESPN+ as well? I believe they did last year. Thanks for any info.
  6. Although, I do think restarting a golf team would be a good idea.
  7. Or, heaven forbid, how did we ever miss on Blake Ahern. The all time greatest never to wear a Billiken uni.
  8. Agree, and it’s a well rounded roster with the pickup of Forrest and MoMo.
  9. I didn’t even know there was a Pioneer FB conference, so I googled it. It’s pretty well spread out. From Stetson in FL all the way San Diego in CA. Other notables are Dayton, Butler, Davidson, Drake. Travel costs alone has to be a money burner as the members are geographically diverse. I have no idea if the players are on scholarships. I rather doubt the revenue generated by these teams covers much of the expenses associated with operating a FB program. I don’t see SLU taking on this type of burden and would hate to see resources diverted from the BB program to support a very small time very expensive FB program.
  10. SLU football undefeated since 1949. Go Billikens!
  11. I believe it would register a little more than Loy-Chi. Nowhere near the mania it would cause in say Dayton, but I could see it raising the interest needle somewhat. After all we are the only D1 school in the city. I realize Lindenwood has now joined us, but really? Lindenwood?
  12. It would be interesting to see how the general St Louis public would react to SLU making a Final 4. Not saying we will, just curious as to what the area’s reaction would be.
  13. At 6’7” Thames, if he adds some bulk, could be a very effective PF in the A10. I’m kind of excited about this kid. Another thought, getting time at PG for Perkins could be a plus for his NBA chances if he plays well.
  14. Tx Taj Mahal 79. Martin and Archie were good hires. Travis is going to bring his A game to out coach them. Grant always finds a way to frustrate us as did McKillop (who will be like an AC to his son). Bottom line the top 5 ain’t gonna be a day at the beach.
  15. Not having done any in depth analysis of A10 teams I think our makeup serves us well against most of our conf opponents. Teams that I think could cause us matchup nightmares are UD and UMass. They both have a good deal of height. In the past Davidson would often play us by going with a couple of bigs at the same time and were successful playing a packed inside D. That may not be an effective way to defend us this year as we have better than average perimeter shooters.
  16. Hopefully with Jimerson, Perk, Parker, and improved outside shooting from Yurimania and Fred zones won’t be a problem for us this season.
  17. I think the NIL was primarily created to avoid a really major law suit and avoid congressional oversight of college athletics. Schools were making money off of players talents, images, uniform numbers, bobble heads, etc and players were miffed they weren’t getting a piece of the action. I really don’t think an NIL is going to stop a player from going after professional dollars unless his/her NIL deal is so crazy it matches or exceeds what they could make as a pro.
  18. I like it. Let them have the option. If they don’t make the show they still have options; G League or overseas ball. The college game will not suffer. Actually might make the game better as teams will get time to develop versus the revolving door we have today.
  19. Billiken fans have been conditioned to anticipate bad news. That’s not a reason to create it when there is none. We gotta stop with the negative vibes.
  20. I’m convinced Davidson is rated too low. Last year picked 5th or 6th in conference and won regular season title. Yeah, dad’s gone and son takes over but guess who’ll be sending notes to the bench? Davidson is never bad.
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