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  1. I was going to say yesterday's weather was a factor as well. People generally will sacrifice trips to the mall, markets, et al when the weather sucks. That said, a lot of UD fans made the 4 hr trek to Pitt to watch their game. SVU probably has one of the most dedicated fan bases in all of college hoops. They travel well and every home game is a sellout. If the Beast expands we'd better hope it's going to add 3 teams, because UD is going to have an awfully good case for why they should be the number 1 choice. And I don't think X can roadblock them.
  2. That was my first year at SLU. He turned us down but we got Bob Polk who was a pretty good coach for us. Would Hall have done more? Maybe. But he would have jumped back to UK when Rupp retired.
  3. When’s our next game? Do we go to UMass this week?
  4. I don’t mind them if they’re open.
  5. Gibby could have taken a 3 there.
  6. Lack of Foucking Talent. Golf term.
  7. For the uninformed LackOfFouckingTalent.
  8. It was 3 bourbon first half. Too many.
  9. I wish I’d kept the Auburn game on DVR, so I could watch what we did so right against the 4th ranked team. Note to Travis: pull out the tape and show it at halftime.
  10. Face it, Rick spoiled us with an O that was a machine. We haven’t seen that since ‘12. But what we’re seeing today reminds me of Crews.
  11. Ok, Williams comes in misses one 3 and pulled. Guy’s got to be filled with confidence.
  12. I haven’t even noticed him until he got his pocket picked. This is a TRAVESTY!
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