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  1. I thought Bennett was an AC under Spoon. Am I wrong?
  2. How are they getting game ready by riding the pine? Are their cheering skills going to develop to the point it spurs our seniors and juniors on to play better?
  3. Ford likes it here. Glad he’s found his home. But do the fans like him here is the issue. Last season was a real wake up call for most fans. And this year’s likely demise will make last season’s collapse look like a banner year.
  4. Eff it. Fire Ford now. Let Harriman run the team for the rest of the season. We run no O that I can see. And D is non existent, especially from the perimeter. What do they work on in practice? I’m sick of bad hoops. I really think we have some talent. What we don’t have is a coach.
  5. Travis is the worst coach in College BB.
  6. I’ve been posting on the wrong thread. My bad. But we look awful.
  7. I really don’t get the Meadows and Medley combo? Does anyone?
  8. And no analysis from the Taj Mahal 79 who is on a shopping trip?
  9. This is all on Ford we make no sense on O. And D is a mess. Jees this guy has coached BB for 25 years has he learned nothing other than to recruit?
  10. I missed it. Never doubt the Wiz. Shame on me.
  11. No post from the Wiz on point spread. We’ve become irrelevant,
  12. I expect a Perkins like comeback but hope I’m totally wrong. Good opportunity for guys like Thames and Couric.
  13. I read an article about him a few years ago. He’s like Few. He’s found a home there. He also lives in a nice house with Ocean views. I don’t think a view of the Mississippi would compare. Good coach. The article said he’s been offered PAC 12 jobs but’s content at St M’s. I always hoped we’d get a winning coach that would find a home here. Be careful what you wish for, because I think we found him. Now all he has to do is WIN!
  14. But losing by 34? That’s a beat down. I watched some of it and kept wondering why we didn’t try and bring Bennet back. St M’s is a very solid team. The A10 is not even a shadow of it’s former self. They were primarily EC teams that could get good players from EC high schools and AAU teams. Obviously those days are fading fast.
  15. Good philosophy. We’re all hoping (praying) for a Beast invite, but I’m not sure the P5 even invites them to their party. FB rules the roost and they don’t have it.
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