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  1. I see nothing wrong with requiring the card or a negative test. They’ll probably go the mask route as well.
  2. Taj Mahal 79, getting Messphis in fighting shape is why Larry Brown was brought in. I think he makes them dangerous. As for us, I think Williams will be a big upgrade for us. Watch that MSU tape. They were all over him and he still scored 30. Anyone who puts up 30 against Izzo is a player.
  3. Ok, I'll ask again and be a PIA, what is our deal with FSMW? Is this going to become Bally's or stay as an FSN branch. They didn't broadcast any of our games post Covid last year, but ESPN plus picked up the slack. If they're a no show this year, I'm switching to Comcast.
  4. I'll add that a trip on the incline up Mt. Washington is worthwhile. There's a pretty good restaurant w/in walking distance from the incline station, but for the life of me I can't recall the name. Pricey but good.
  5. Kramer looks to be the real deal.
  6. I got my Davidson tx direct thru them.
  7. Are FSMW games out or just waiting for the switch to Bally’s? Not sure streaming Bally’s for around $20+ / month for a couple of games is worth it.
  8. They could be thinking they’d dominate like Zaga does out west.
  9. I like Greenberg's idea about a super BB only conference, but it will likely never happen. Still, the better mid major conferences better start thinking about preservation as far as the NCAA tourney is concerned. It's still my belief the P5 wants the whole enchilada, ie FB$ and BB$. That $6 billion CBS pays could go up now that you have Fox Sports and Disney as competition. That will only make the P5 salivate more. The day's coming when all schools will have to start examining sports budgets more closely. I'm guessing that most P5 schools, because of FB$ and size of fan bases are probably operating in the black, while the rest of us operate in the red. There's only two ways to ease budget pressure; increase revenues or reduce costs. That's why I think a conference like the Beast would be wise to look at expansion. By adding more schools to their MW footprint they can reduce travel expenses for the non revenue sports just by cutting down on the mileage non rev teams have to travel. It's a lot cheaper for X baseball to travel to St. Louis and Dayton than to the East Coast. Again, it makes so much sense it will probably never happen, even though I think cost control will become more and more of a factor in the not too distant future.
  10. Should pave the way for Williams to get his waiver. Isn’t his situation similar, ie two former schools?
  11. I just watched Eli’s Place about college FB. The first show was about the birth of college FB a game between Rutgers and Princeton in 1869. One would think, since all the Manning’s are QB’s, he might want to do a bit on which team first used the forward pass. Probably won’t since we don’t have a team, but it would be a nice bit.
  12. Always a mystery to me why we don’t have a lower level FB program ala Fordham, DU , etc. Supposedly SLU’s endowment is ranked like 4 or 5 among Catholic schools, yet we can’t afford/field a low level FB program. Other schools with far less do it. A bit of a head scratcher.
  13. As I understand it Okoro was at least a top 100 and why Oregon recruited him. He played hurt for part of his time there, which will impact most players’ performance. Now he’s healthy and I’m expecting we will see the top 100 version. It’s fine by me if people are sleeping on him. Same thinking goes for Nesbitt as well. I think people are forgetting he gave up his SR year of HS to jump right into D1 ball for a team crowded with 4 and 5 star players with more experience.
  14. Penny’s best recruit might well be Larry Brown. The guy can coach. Kudos to Penny for recognizing his X’s and O’s shortcomings and whatever other coaching skills needed upgrading. Since he’s been at Messphis he’s had talented players but that’s only one part of the equation. Brown may be the other part.
  15. I think October is in the cards. I’m waiting on delivery of my new Bronco Sport, actually I’ve been waiting since May, and have been told early Oct. We’ll see. But I would like to see you guys and play a round. Right now my game’s in pretty rough shape due to Covid last year and am now dealing w/some back spasms.
  16. I actually was in Gettysburg on 08/03 on my way to Maine. As proof, I had a burger and beer at Eddies restaurant. Named after some Gettysburg Eddie guy who was an MLB player from G’burg. If you haven’t tried it you should. Very good food and service. Very popular too. I was up against a tight schedule as I had to be in ME on the 5th. Otherwise I would have contacted you. I am thinking of a fall trip to return.
  17. Tell Yurimania to send me a bill.
  18. I may request one this year CBfan. I’m gonna try and make it to the Fetz for a game.
  19. Still got mine! Wear it every game.
  20. I’ll say it again, most bigs entering D1 programs are projects. My guess is that their skills have not kept pace with their growth spurts. But that’s just a guess. Still, really talented big frosh are exceptions rather than the rule. So coaches who have the room and the luxury for giving a scholarship to a project big, they are likely to roll the dice, ie you can’t teach + 6’10”.
  21. RIP DrB. Your Billiken.com legacy ensured by predicting great things for D. Evans.
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