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  1. Wow nice welcome home greeting by the students.
  2. Ranked 48 the in field. Said because we had beat 6 teams in KenPom top 100. Also, added we played Houston and Pitt tough. I was wondering when the press would take notice of those Ws. They like our board work and D. Knock out O and FTs. No surprise there. Bottom line they think we have a decent shot at the sweet 16.
  3. A GT big is needed. Ideally a guy like Foreman, who was a transfer, would fit well w/ French. Don't want to see us pick up a guard GT unless he's a healthy sniper type. We should not impede the development of Jacobs and Yuri. St Bs FR guard really developed and we need some of that next year.
  4. It's not everyday we lose a top rated local 4 star recruit for no apparent reason. Especially when the guy said he was all in for SLU and his hometown. So, it's not a surprise we'd like to know what his thoughts are since he's missed out on living the dream of every D1 hoopster. His future team's going to the CBI, which is like playing spring exhibition games. His old team is going to the show, and they did it without the future star's services. Yes, he's dead to us. And yes, he could well be one big spoiled brat. But don't knock fans for wondering if he's having second thoughts about his decision.
  5. We got a tough bracket. Not too worried about VT. But Duke, MSU, LSU, that is not an easy road.
  6. Bay Area Billiken lucks out. I was praying for either Columbia or Columbus.
  7. CBS just glossed over us. Upset W, Billikens.
  8. VA tech 4 vs SLU 13 in San Jose. Crap. Can't do SJ. But we beat the Hokies last year, no reason we can't do it again.
  9. I love 12 seeds over 5's if that's what we get. Usually where are a lot of your upsets happen.
  10. 352 D1 teams and we're in the final 64. Does life get any better?
  11. I'm up. I'm old but I'm up and excited.
  12. I don't believe it's set that way. They end up ranking all the teams that make it 1-64. Then the 4 PIG games. Say Duke get's rated #1 they will be the top seed in the South. Number 2 say is UK, another Southern Team, they'll be ranked #1 in a different region. I'm just not sure how they determine the regions v rankings. TOP SECRET I think.
  13. I think they're set by where you rank in the top 64. Like if you're ranked # 2 and you're a team from the South but # 1's also a team from the South, # 2 might get the Mid West #1. They're not getting the South anyways.
  14. I only got a third of a bottle of scotch left and then there's the selection show. You can't buy liquor on Sunday in SC. I gotta take a nap because I don't want to mix wine with a lot of scotch. I am just soooo happy right now!
  15. Who'd a thunk it. After two years of being in the toilet; 3 years later we are frigging dancing!
  16. Let's go to the hop! What an amazing effort! Selection Sunday means something again. And hats off to JGood. Came up sooo big. TONS big!
  17. 20 minutes to punch our ticket. We can do it! Let's go Bills.
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