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  1. slu72

    The Bills over Duq by 4

    I almost feel like every games a trap game.
  2. slu72

    Signed Recruit Thread 2018-19

    Jeez, please tell me we're not knocking a kid who's been called the 5th best shooter in the country. Shooting's a skill we need. The kid can shoot.
  3. slu72

    Post Dispatch

    Actually coverage seems decent this year. Ben Fred's articles have been like gravy. Stu doesn't do any in depth reporting just the pre and post game reports.
  4. Foreman has to wake up and give us the quality minutes we saw from him last year in A10 play.
  5. slu72

    The Bills over Duq by 4

    Just go into every game thinking it's going to be a nail biter and you won't be disappointed when the Bills haven't blown anyone out w/ 7 minutes left. I find scotch helps a lot in watching these games. Unfortunately, or fortunately, this game has no TV, so I'll follow the live stats and GDT.
  6. slu72

    2018-19 season

    Would be nice, but not holding my breath.
  7. slu72

    2018-19 season

    I actually think Foreman is a key for us going forward. We need him to start playing smarter, as he did last year in A10 play. Great to see Wiley get hot, and Lord knows we need his long ball, but there's gonna be games where French needs help w/ the inside. Time to step up DJ.
  8. slu72

    Ford appreciation thread

    A lot of players who have left had nothing to do w/Ford. Sit 2 wiped out 3. Crews recruits could see the writing on the wall, recruited over, and left. Santos shot himself in the foot it appears. Gordon? We still don't know the real reason. Ingvi got sick and maybe was never good enough in the first place. Johnson seemed to think his role would be reduced with the addition of Wiley and Isabell. I think Johnson's departure hurt Ford in that he wanted him to stay. Pearson, see Gordon. You can't fault him for trying to load up on as much talent as he can. He strikes me as a players coach. He just may not be the best guy at assessing what a player's really looking for when he signs. But seriously what coach is? Hence you get a ton of transfers.
  9. slu72

    2018-19 season

    Foreman will likely still start, but Wiley's re emergence minutes will get cut. I don't know what's got into Foreman. Last year he did most of his damage from along the baseline. Now he starts from the top of the key and tries to smash thru 3 defenders. Ford needs to figure this out. Foreman came on strong last year, this year nada.
  10. slu72

    Other MCBB games on TV '18-'19

    Convinced every night is going to be a struggle. UMass hanging w/ VCU.
  11. slu72

    Unreal at VCU

    Right, it jammed between the hinge and rim. That's common.
  12. slu72

    Unreal at VCU

    And then there was SLU the lone undefeated team in the A10. VCU takes down the Flyers. But DU puts up a layup w/about 30 seconds left and the ball stays on the hinge. Not stuck. Just sits there. Never ever seen that. Didn't drop, just settled there. It jiggled a bit but didn't drop or fall off. I hope someone get a picture of it.
  13. slu72

    Ingvi to transfer

    Gone is gone, no matter what u call it.
  14. slu72

    The Bills over St. J by 13

    Don't forget Javon.
  15. slu72

    Ingvi to transfer

    Not sure that will count against him playing for Rekaviik U.
  16. slu72

    Ingvi to transfer

    Well, can u blame him?
  17. Phil looks like he should be the counter guy at a Philly Pizza Joint.
  18. Lunardi saying he's not buying all the doom and gloom about the A10 could get in two maybe 3. Of course, he never shows this in his weekly bracketology.
  19. Isabell and Wiley coming alive. Isabell w/assists and Wiley w/ 3s. Damn this finally fun to watch.!
  20. We can't even hit the effing rim.
  21. This is getting hard to watch.