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  1. Ends the suspense rather quickly.
  4. Broy, I agree the UNC case was a travesty and totally went against everything the NCAA was created to prevent. So, you may be right that it will all amount to a slap on the wrist w/ some HC's getting suspended for early season exhibition games, or some such nonsensical punishment. The difference in this matter though is the FBI's involved. If, big if, there are indictments being handed down, the NCAA may be forced to take stronger measures. But I won't be surprised if this is all just another one of their half a*& attempts at making it look like they're doing their job.
  5. Surprised no one has mentioned this before now, but the NCAA announced last week Level 1 violations will be announced against 6 programs in early July. Now I have no idea what Level 1 charges mean, but I'm guessing it's more than a slap on the wrist and might involve loss of scholies and/or banishment from post season play. While they did not name names, the press is surmising the 6 programs will involve some of the elites. Louisville, Arizona, and, possibly, KU come to mind. I think you can probably add LSU to the list as well. In addition the press said there are a total of 20 programs that have been put under the investigative microscope. One of the reports I read mentioned KU's recruitment of Zion Williamson that seemed a little swampy. Of course, only God will know how he ended up at Duke, as coach K will surely not be tarnished. After all, there are sacred cows and then there's the Sacred Golden Cows when it comes to college hoops; see Duke and UNC. Point in bringing this up is the recruitment of 2019 kids. If the big elite programs like UL, AZ and KU get hit with major violations what options are open to these kids? My guess would be they'd be granted an immediate release and could head elsewhere if they so choose. Hard to imagine the NCAA would take such bold action against some of the Royalty programs of college hoops, but if the FBI's got the goods on these guys it may be out of their hands. Also, a guy like Luk Wor who KU is supposedly after may want to wait until he gets a better read on their future status.
  6. Since Lok Wur's recruiting has gone sky high, I'm thinking Travis is gonna have to dig deep into his bag of pixie magic dust to make him a Billiken. Pretty impressive list of suitors you have to admit. Am kind of surprised, however, we don't seem able to land a GT big or otherwise.
  7. Always good to get another Jebbie school on the schedule. Why is anyone questioning this? Where would we finish this year in the ACC?
  8. I was going to add this. The AC was Frank Martin who had Beasley in his hip pocket and ready to sign with Lutz at Charlotte.
  9. 10 OOC games. I guess that will be the new norm for P5 schools, eh?
  10. Wasn't he scheduled to visit us yesterday and today?
  11. Top two stories for STL sports: 1) Blues win cup 2) Bills make the dance
  12. Seems like the only school not interested in Wur is the University of Mars.
  13. New and old 3 pt line on court?
  14. If French could develop a jumper from 5-10 feet, he'd be first team A10. Just never seen it from him and doubt he's working much on it. His forte is being strong to the hoop. One thing that might help him, though, is Yuri feeding him on some alley oops.
  15. Lok needs a serious dose of Imo's and toasted raviolis followed by a Rickma type Sundae. He's thin.
  16. I'm grasping at straws, ok? This guy could possibly be a game changer for this season.
  17. Clemson would appear to have the edge as it's close for his family. But Clemson is FB dominated. He might like being the big fish in a smaller pond. Kind of surprised we're on his radar at all.
  18. When they visit, Ford usually comes away with a signature. Got to admit he's got the numbers to be a force in the A10. And we should all put our trust in Travis.
  19. Hopefully, they've vetted this guy, because he does sound a bit risky. Team Blue first.
  20. He's from SC. I give the nod to Clemson. Anyone know what his prior disciplinary issues were? We don't need any more situations or quick fixes that go quickly South.
  21. I thought the same thing. It's wise to not speculate too much here.
  22. Sighted having dinner w/AC's. Wonder who picked up his tab? Isn't this what got Rickma in trouble at Utah?
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