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  1. Boy is my face red! Yeah I agree with you....#32 is definitely okay. Top 144 was my lone benchmark as well and completely missed their #32 ranking (I blame it on my shoddy internet service which made scrolling through the list a chore ) I assumed they weren’t in top 144 which seemed impossible. Thanks for setting me straight. I’d like to revise my previous comment: LSU, OSU, and Northern Iowa would be ideal but probably a long shot. 2 of those 3 and Western Kentucky would be decent as well. went back through Top 144 to check out rankings (in parenthesis): MSU (Top 21) —
  2. That’s awesome. Looks like they shot this from the rooftop (Clubhouse) of the Arcade Building. After closer inspection those views appear to be from further west and from closer to Market. Wonder if that’s SLU law school?
  3. According to this article Oklahoma State has also signed on to play in the Lincoln tournament which will apparently grow to 16 teams. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.btpowerhouse.com/platform/amp/2020/10/9/21453867/nebraska-basketball-big-ten-confirm-first-seven-teams-in-lincoln-tournament
  4. Looks like it. This sucks. MTE at Chaifetz? Time to hit the panic button!
  5. Didn’t Frank the tank also drop the Mike Lewis II news as well?
  6. Wow yeah those tickets aren’t easy to get. I hope your wife was both impressed and turned on Liverpool and Man City would’ve been too easy to pick, I've never liked ManU, and I hate Arsenal for obvious reasons Leicester City received consideration but at the end of the day picking Chelsea was an easy choice because of Pulisic and the rest of the squad. I love the mix of young guns (Pulisic, Mount, Abraham) and salty vets (Wilian, Alonso, and Giroud). I lied. I did go into reasoning.
  7. Are you a Man City fan or Chelsea fan? I finally got back into the Premier League this season after a cool decade of not watching. I made the decision to watch as many teams as possible this year and then pick a team to follow. Would’ve been Fulham (saw McBride and Bocanegra play at Craven Cottage back in 2004) but it appears they were relegated a few yeas back. I won’t get into reasoning but after careful consideration I think I’m going with Chelsea.
  8. Sorry, I should’ve mentioned in my post that I do not get FS2, which is why I’m really hoping FSMW Plus is 671-1 and they just didn’t update it on DirecTV. Had to go to The Post for the Seton Hall game.
  9. It said on Tweeter that this game was also on FSMW Plus in STL. Is that the alternative channel to FSMW (e.g. 671-1 for those with DirecTV?) I was planning on taking my 4.5 year old to a dirty bar to watch while the wife stays home with the 2 week old but obviously I’d rather watch at home. I went to 671-1 and it says “upcoming game FGCU vs Florida” which obviously isn’t our game so still not sure if it’s on but I guess that’s a good sign at least.
  10. I sat right behind Seattle’s bench as well. That Wisconsin transfer was their best player by far and his dad made sure everyone knew. By the way, they definitely have all-inclusive tickets because I didn’t get up once during the game and took down 8 Selects. How those seats aren’t filled is beyond me.
  11. The Post has excellent food. Heck, they even have bar food for the health conscious (baked buffalo wings). The main reason I like The Post is their arsenal of tvs AND.....they have the sound for the main game, which one would assume to be the SLU game.
  12. Actually, if you're going by US News ranking then SLU most definitely has an academic advantage over Creighton. I believe the big difference between national and regional is what they offer. Regional rankings are schools that focus on undergraduate and offer few doctoral programs. Now, you can argue these rankings all you want but looking at Creighton's US News profile, I'd say SLU and Creighton are quite distinct.
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