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  1. Second time there’s been a thread on this account. Second time it amounted to nothing. Hard to imagine they’re a true insider based on some of the “TRUTHS” they posted today.
  2. Bingo. Traveling and winning are the only ways to get into these events if you’re not a power conference program. The program and us fans have not done enough of either to become a mainstay at the better events. The event at Chaifetz is a necessary evil this year with all the games on the schedule away from home, but I hope SLU is somewhere warm next November, and that this isn’t an annual thing.
  3. Did I say that they don’t do any due diligence? No. My point is that they aren’t a hiring committee. That responsibility falls on Chris May and whoever else was involved in the search directly. They present their candidate to the board, as well as the reasons for hire and the contract. If the logic is sound and the money works out, the BOT approves it. At the end of the day, Chris May leads the Athletic Department, and the BOT isn’t there to do a deep dive on every single department of the university.
  4. He is the hiring manager for the Athletic Department in his role as Director. Yes, the BOT has to approve the contract, but the decision to hire a head coach ultimately lies with Chris May. If he tells the board he thinks a coach is a good hire, they’re going to approve it.
  5. This assertion that the Athletic Director at SLU has effectively zero decision making power is mildly amusing to think about. Improving baseball’s setup would be a very nice win for the athletics complex, and eliminate one of the last real eye sores on campus, especially in a high foot traffic area on basketball game days. May does some good, does some bad. I generally think his tenure has been fine, but that we’re no closer to the goal of the Big East than when he started.
  6. Count me in the camp of it’s never going to happen. It’s just really difficult to look at the results over the history of the program and see SLU moving the needle at all for the Big East.
  7. If there was ever a time to actually make some investment in the program, it seems like that time is now… It would be a tremendous shame to lose Darin Hendrickson.
  8. Doing a quick search of the board for both teams, not seeing any posts claiming they’re on the schedule.
  9. Too many John Stamos moments to even begin to narrow it down…
  10. Talented dude who hasn’t lived up to his potential, who also has 3 years of 10 games or less due to injuries? Pass.
  11. Between Max Pikaar, whose dad played for Dayton, and Mongolian Mike, we could potentially get two family betrayals for the Arch Baron Cup on this roster!
  12. Hundreds of thousand of dimes, in the case of the 3 guys who landed elsewhere!
  13. I’ll contend pretty adamantly that last year was worse than both of the final 2 Crews years. When you look at the increase in coaching salary and financial investment in the program, Travis’ final year was objectively a disaster. That’s all in the past though. New coach, new era, new Billikens.
  14. Yeah the new-ish Pitbull-Zac Brown song. Nice touch by the stadium DJ.
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