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  1. At the end of the day, rankings don't matter. While it can be a good way to provide comparison between high school players, it is not what matters once they get to campus. I think many will be surprised by this group.
  2. Can't we all just get along? It's summertime, we have a coach who cares about the school and putting SLU on the map, and we're half way through the work week. Just close/merge the thread and move on. I welcome all new posters, because everyone was there at some point.
  3. Everyone has a Conklin summer and we win 28 games. We lead conference in scoring and defense. No need to speculate any further, we're all good next year.
  4. Just closing the loop, Lannex officially announced on their Facebook page today they are closing. So it is fully official.
  5. Bars assume liability that can be deflected from the University. Drinking in dorms or university owned spaces makes the university far more liable than have bars near campus.
  6. Except for the fact that the target audience of the Foundry project is not students. It is targeting working professionals with more money and will not have a college bar.
  7. There was a rumor that happened a few months back, but it was never confirmed iirc
  8. The Library Annex is closing for good June 8th. RIP to the last college bar near campus.
  9. That is a clean photoshop, I am very excited for this remade front court. Travis looks to be building yet another physical team. Can't wait until the training staff gets to work with both Madani and Bell.
  10. Not really a place for this, but Javon not invited to combine.
  11. This is really a micro example, but I had a chance to see Duke practice twice this year, and it is remarkable how much the assitants do for the program. Coach K barely talks during the practices I saw in person. I don't know why there hasn't been a ton of success once they leave Duke, but I found it interesting nonetheless.
  12. Huh? I haven't seen a single publication pick anyone besides Zion first overall.
  13. Hoiberg scares me as a guy who could make inroads in STL. While at Iowa State he preferred transfers, maybe it has a different approach now.
  14. Honestly I think there's no comparison for him. He's the first Zion. I think the jumper is better than the reputation it currently has. He may never be a lethal 3 point shooter, but I think he will develop enough where guys don't sag off him. I was lucky enough to see him in person 3 times this year and catch a couple Duke practices and seeing the work ethic he has makes me think he is destined for huge things. Maybe I'm wrong, but I'd roll the dice on Zion if I were sitting at number one.
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