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  1. Strong disagree. SLU gaining an invite to the Big East means the program has risen to a sustainable level of success of yearly tournament appearances with top notch facilities. Sign me up for that!
  2. Have this really strange feeling SLU is going to finish top 2 in the league and be on solid ground for an at-large after a good non-conference. There’s so much uncertainty this year, but feel like this is going to be Travis’ best group yet, by a long shot.
  3. FYI Kellen Thames is missing beginning in ‘22-‘23
  4. Really like the announcement. SLU will have the best facilities for athletes in the A-10, and will be able to continue building the Billiken brand. A great day to be a Billiken!
  5. Our long national nightmare is over: Rashad Williams is eligible https://twitter.com/studurando/status/1448377966413615113?s=21
  6. SLU is the first offer for Zyree Collins, Yuri’s younger brother.
  7. People in Chicago care about Loyola more than Fordham, but not really before NCAA time. You won’t find them on TV much here, but a lot of maroon and gold was around the city during the last two tournaments. There’s a lot of colleges competing for relevance here, and a lot of alumni from various places settle in Chicago, so it’s a tough market.
  8. Belmont is leaving the OVC for the Missouri Valley. Second departure this year for the OVC, as Austen Peay just left for the ASUN. Realignment is happening at all levels of D1 https://www.extrapointsmb.com/conference-realignment-mvc-belmont-ovc/
  9. It runs slightly small. Not necessarily an athletic fit, but size up if you’re in between sizes. Really high quality, and hasn’t shrunk or faded for the stuff I’ve had since the spring.
  10. He is class of ‘22 with either 2 or 3 years of eligibility if I’m interpreting things correctly.
  11. Unless I’m misunderstanding the question, there will be no games broadcast on FSMW this year as the channel has been rebranded as Bally’s. SLU games that previously were broadcast on FSMW *should* be broadcast on Bally’s and ESPN+ as they previously were when the channel was named FSMW. The only thing that has changed is the name.
  12. The games will likely be on Peacock, if the strategy NBC has employed with the Premier League is the template.
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