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  1. Hasahn looks like a much different player this year. I love it.
  2. Everyone wake up, the Billikens play today!
  3. Maybe he is going down to recruit Mr. Worldwide, Pitbull himself, to join the Billiken family officially.
  4. I am not worried about Hargrove. He is an incredibly athletic, but still raw, basketball player. Yes, his upside is tremendous, but he is really learning basketball in a highly structured environment. He will be a tremendous Billiken, and I can't wait to see the improvement he will show.
  5. The Hasahn-Yuri PnR is going to be awesome all season. I love it.
  6. Is ESPN+ started for anyone?
  7. Jermaine Bishop is playing this season at Norfolk State.
  8. Wiz, love your breakdowns. Always an indicator that basketball season is truly here.
  9. Baby Bill would be absolutely electric, but he'd also try to scam everyone out of their money too.
  10. His name is Keefe Chambers, have some respect. While we're on the subject, Jesse Gemstone would be electric on the mic.
  11. Durando is dressed as David S Pumpkins from SNL. It was a Tom Hanks bit.
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