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  1. Travis did an interview with Frank about Ford. It is fantastic, and a good look into just how close they were.
  2. I know this question was directed at 3star, but Strickland strikes me as a guy who could be a major player on this team. He has a blend of size, basketball genetics, and athleticism that doesn’t come around very often at SLU. I truly think he is going to blossom the next two seasons into a very good player in midtown.
  3. This is another issue with SLU gear. While Rally House is a nice option, most schools have far more purchase options than the bookstore/arena and one local store. The good news is that there are a ton of ways for SLU to attack the merchandise options that could make many happy, because the current efforts are so sparse.
  4. I agree with 05. The merchandise situation right now is a quantity vs. quality issue. Compare SLU to basketball-first schools like Dayton, Gonzaga, Butler, Marquette, etc. and you will find that we have a lower proportion of signature branded merchandise. As a Nike school, we have far more cheaper options as a proportion of merchandise offerings than those other schools. Not being informed at all, it seems like the university doesn’t properly understand the value of offering premium offerings like the other schools I mentioned.
  5. That’s fantastic! Now if the Athletic Department could capitalize on a fanbase that is clearly passionate and engaged with, I don’t know, some new merchandise licensing that would be appreciated. There is no excuse for SLU not seeking out deals with Homefield. Cash in that engagement and brand equity!
  6. Agree on all of the above points, but I am fairly certain that there are 2 scholarships to give still. The 3 seniors + Jacobs gave us 4 to work with. The addition of Nesbitt and Williams brought it back to 2. The last 2 could certainly go to developmental players or maybe one goes to Phil and it really only is 1. The staff has options, and that is always encouraging when the talent pool is deep.
  7. He is kind of this strange combination of Weaver and Isabell, when he was at Drexel, in the best way possible. I think he is going to be a very good player here, and excel as an instant offense player.
  8. With only having seen highlights and looked over his BRef page, I like the signing. Travis looks to be focusing on spacing, which plays to the strength of having Yuri on the roster. A guy who can heat up quickly off the bench is always a nice thing to have on the team.
  9. DJ always reminded me a bit of a smaller Javonte. Really hope he finds somewhere we he can showcase his full arsenal, because he could be a very good player. All the best DJ!
  10. The way I look at it is this: SLU likely won’t attract a coach that will recruit big time talent AND be a master tactician, simply because there are only so many of those guys. Travis isn’t perfect, but he brings in talented players who will have SLU in the conversation for a tournament appearance annually. What happens in the NCAA tournament is partially controllable, but there is a degree of luck with matchups. A couple seasons and Travis could go from one win in the dance to 5, just as easily as he could stay at 1. I trust Travis to give us a team with a high floor, at the exchange of maybe
  11. Pretty significant transfer for Duquense. There was some buzz he was thinking of coming back, but looks like it will be a lot of TDM next year for the Dukes.
  12. very curious if this helps or hurts the pursuit of McKissic for SLU
  13. Leaving for Marquette isn’t like going broke. They’re a top 15 funded program annually. While Texas has a massive budget, MU isn’t far behind for basketball.
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