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  1. Travis was not happy in the handshake line
  2. I would hate what TI just did if it were the other way around. However, he's in blue so love it.
  3. johnbj14

    Ingvi to transfer

    Okay I'm wrong I guess I misremembered
  4. Loving the offense, but this defense has been so good tonight.
  5. johnbj14

    Ingvi to transfer

    From his FIBA highlights, which is about all we have to evaluate off of him because he never played.
  6. johnbj14

    Ingvi to transfer

    This stinks as he looked like a pretty good shooter and his brother is a real player. Best of luck, Thor.
  7. johnbj14

    Signed Recruit Thread 2018-19

    I love how he floats in the air and then does a finger roll. TH has the potential to be really special here. I understand we're in the age of overselling recruits and what they can become, but I think he is a perfect player for today's game.
  8. johnbj14

    Will Undefeated Fall in A10 .....

    Down goes Dayton, SLU sits alone in the loss column.
  9. johnbj14

    Carte'Are Gordon Rumored to Transfer

    I didn't realize that saying a school had a nice arena was such a controversial post. If you like Chaifetz, that's great, but that doesn't mean other schools have bad facilities.
  10. johnbj14

    GDT @ La Salle

    A reminder Austin runs a successful YouTube channel that is estimated to make him a nice dollar or two (based on ad revenue ranges that can be found in the link) https://socialblade.com/youtube/channel/UCWwWOFsW68TqXE-HZLC3WIA
  11. johnbj14

    Carte'Are Gordon Rumored to Transfer

    In theory South Loop makes sense, but putting it that far east makes it a nightmare to get to using public transportation. Similar problems at Soldier Field. It also isn't really the South Side, but the point remains that location stinks.
  12. johnbj14

    Carte'Are Gordon Rumored to Transfer

    DePaul built a new arena last year that puts Chaifetz to shame. I've been a couple times and it really is something. Doesn't fill because isn't on campus, but their facilities are top notch.
  13. johnbj14

    Carte'Are Gordon Rumored to Transfer

    I'm not sure why he wouldn't have to sit until next January. Transfer rules are pretty clear unless there's a waiver.
  14. johnbj14

    GDT @ La Salle

    I hope KC can continue to knock down shots and build confidence. He's a weapon for this team the last couple of weeks and brings something different. Decent first half, let's open it up in the second.
  15. johnbj14

    Santos Withdraws From SLU

    Santos lands as professional player in Argentina.