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  1. Javonte will score 30+ tonight. Mark it down. Also have a strange feeling this will be a big Jacobs game.
  2. Big Has is still an awesome player. His per 40 numbers still indicate this is the second best season of his career at SLU, right behind last season. He’s playing significantly less minutes, but fouling less than ever, and assisting at a much higher rate. It’s just a different offensive system this year.
  3. Travis has done just about everything that could have reasonably been asked of him through his first 4+ years. We forget sometimes just how bad the program was when he took over. The true mark on his tenure will be how his extends the era of Goodwin and French forward. I’m very confident he will continue to field a team fighting for bids, and hope he is here for a long time.
  4. Bonaventure did not receive votes in this week's poll.
  5. This team is so fun when they’re on. Today hopefully looks like one of those days.
  6. While this is obviously disappointing, I’d personally rather pass on the game and avoid another outbreak. It could end up SLU was being overly cautious, but there already has been a month hiatus, and another isn’t feasible. It sucks, but I get the decision, if it seems Richmond had shaky protocols or inconclusive test results.
  7. I can’t wrap my head around why we insisted on switching every ball screen with Crutcher. Or why guys consistently went under when they didn’t switch. Pick someone to guard him and fight through the screens.
  8. More offensive about the Bilas ranking index is he has Dayton at 65... after they lost to La Salle and Fordham.
  9. SLU being ranked has made this a fantastic Monday. Been a long time, and hopefully just the beginning.
  10. Jacobs will 100% start over Thatch in this scenario. Probably the best offensive player from a total skill perspective going into next season, and one of the 3 best perimeter defenders on the roster, with order up for debate.
  11. Unless something major has changed, Okoro isn’t playing this year. He isn’t sitting out because of eligibility, he’s sitting out to get his body ready for a monster 2021/2022.
  12. Some news that could impact the conference
  13. Bell is likely going to play Sunday for more bursts or even an extended run. Minnesota has some size and presents a different challenge than we’ve seen this season. As long as the entire roster is ready when their number is called, Travis will trust anyone on this team. Big win, let’s keep it going!
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