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  1. I’m not exaggerating when I say Javonte Perkins is my favorite offensive Billiken player ever.
  2. Anything listed as a Friday night game on ESPN will likely be aired on ESPN 2 or ESPN U before ESPN+. The A10 has had Friday night games on those channels for several years now, and it would seem this year is no different.
  3. Counterpoint: if a player hasn’t improved a facet of their game in 4 years for a particular coaching staff, why would any NBA team believe year 5 is what changes it? Look, I’d love it for any of them to stay a fifth year, but it likely isn’t going to happen. I’d love to be wrong.
  4. As much as I love my alma mater, there isn’t really a reason for our three seniors to stay after this year. If their goal is to play pro basketball, staying an extra season only makes them a year older in the eyes of pro scouts. Additionally, I’m not really sure how much more development Jordan and Hasahn can undergo at the college level. At some point, they will move on. Maybe Perkins considers it considering he didn’t develop in a D1 environment for 4 years, but I’m not anticipating that.
  5. Okoro is taking the standard redshirt that all transfers used to take, like Javon Bess did. It benefits the program far more for him to get his body right this season and then contribute over the next two years. Rushing him to play shouldn’t be on the table.
  6. Not worried at all about Travis putting together a good class. Nesbitt would be huge, but there is still a ton of talent that would fit the roster and add to the core going forward. In Travis we trust.
  7. 6 days to go. Hoping for the Billikens to be the pick, but prepared for either way. “If you aren’t with us, you’re against us.”
  8. Unless I missed something, 247 has had SLU at 100% since August.
  9. Don’t celebrate just yet. Travis and Co. still have to fully close this deal over the next two weeks. (I’m very excited just don’t want to let my guard down)
  10. Going to maintain the faith. Putting stock in message board rumors doesn’t usually end well. Until the crystal balls start to change or he commits, we can only assume SLU is in the conversation, and that the staff is working hard to close the deal.
  11. It isn’t just Illinois that accuses SLU of it. Multiple UMass, K-State, and Miz fans have accused Ford of it on twitter in the last year. I find the notion funny that opposing fan bases can’t comprehend the appeal that SLU has.
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