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  1. I guarantee e-sports have a greater place in our cultural lexicon than WSOP ever had in ten years.
  2. The appeal and gravitation towards viewing streamers in the same realm as athletes comes from a perceived ability for anyone to become good at it. It really doesn't matter who you are, anyone can become good at videogames. The growth of the e-sports world fascinates me, and I think it is going to become an increasingly large part of mainstream entertainment offerings. There's big money in e-sports, with advertisers coming in every day, and a worldwide audience of gamers who are potential future pros. As crazy as it may sound, it almost might be easier to sell the idea to a kid of becoming a pro gamer than becoming a pro athlete. It doesn't matter what you look like, if you can game, you can game. I personally can't wait to see what this industry looks like in ten years.
  3. Chaifetz already has sold the rights for the floor IIRC. I believe it is Centene Court.
  4. U of I at 23 is absolutely insane.
  5. Marquette or Butler for a good quality rivalry, DePaul just to get games in my own backyard.
  6. @billikenfan05 would 100% also kick in money to test this theory
  7. This is exactly how I feel. Instead of charging 70 bucks for an off brand one they currently sell, charge more for a legit one and fans will actually buy them.
  8. Why can't Nike branded jerseys just be sold on the team store? If anyone from the AD reads this site, please, that's the only thing I've ever wanted.
  9. At the end of the day, rankings don't matter. While it can be a good way to provide comparison between high school players, it is not what matters once they get to campus. I think many will be surprised by this group.
  10. Can't we all just get along? It's summertime, we have a coach who cares about the school and putting SLU on the map, and we're half way through the work week. Just close/merge the thread and move on. I welcome all new posters, because everyone was there at some point.
  11. Everyone has a Conklin summer and we win 28 games. We lead conference in scoring and defense. No need to speculate any further, we're all good next year.
  12. Just closing the loop, Lannex officially announced on their Facebook page today they are closing. So it is fully official.
  13. Bars assume liability that can be deflected from the University. Drinking in dorms or university owned spaces makes the university far more liable than have bars near campus.
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