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  1. There isn’t really a regular season finish this year that gives me faith the direction is correct, but you’re right that being picked 9th is fair. If the team finishes 9th, there better be changes at the top of the program in the spring.
  2. This is a schedule a first year coach would put together when their team is a complete unknown. Pretty big step down from the last few seasons…
  3. I bet they are picking Duquesne.
  4. This is the most important thing, period. SLU would be in consideration if the BE is told to expand by their TV partners if men’s basketball won consistently at a much higher level. Unfortunately the performance the last decade hasn’t indicated we’d be anything more than DePaul in the BE. The A-10 is, for better or worse, the best fit for now.
  5. I’ll be going to the game at Loyola regardless, because SLU only plays close to home so often, but it is a huge letdown that the game is on a weeknight. Regardless of how either program projects to be, those games should be on a weekend. Let’s face it, we don’t have many actual rivals in this conference, largely due to geography. Getting these games on the weekend could help us actually grow one with Loyola.
  6. The roster page is poorly worded, but it does not say he has 2 years remaining. He has one year of eligibility remaining and is listed as a senior. SLU lists players based on how many years they have left. With the waiver, guys get 5 healthy years, including JUCO time. This is Dalger’s 5th year of college ball, making it his final year.
  7. As much as it is nice having someone in the media to advocate for the program, Frank basically parrots whatever he’s told. Curcic could be a difference maker, but as a late arrival to campus, might not play a ton early on.
  8. Yuri’s position as one of our two best defenders is probably debatable enough to the point where I shouldn’t have said that. Francis Okoro was a good defender though. He wasn’t the same level as French, but there will be a significant drop off from last year to this one on the inside, if what people have seen on Bruce is accurate. His length made up for a lot of missed rotations from other players on the court.
  9. It’s kind of a mixed bag, but I think I land on the thought our defense will be slightly worse. We lost our two best defenders, Yuri and Francis. We also lost some guys who weren’t exactly fantastic on that end, so maybe a little addition by subtraction. Of the people who are stepping up in playing time/are new this year, I’m only really confident that Larry will be good on defense.
  10. Don’t think this was Harriman who was lead on Meadows. SLU was in contact with him before Chris came on staff. Travis coached Mike Meadows Sr. in high school, so guessing that had a lot to do with it.
  11. That’s fair. I can see the logic there. Sincere was 3rd on the team in ORating in conference, but in a much smaller role. Who knows how it will translate to more of a focal point in the offense.
  12. Man I wish I had your optimism. Gibson Jimerson is the only proven guy right now that is at the 1-3 spot who would start on any team in this conference. Sincere and Larry have upside, but need to materialize into actual production. Meadows should be solid, if nothing else. Medley is a frosh with huge shoes to fill. Hard to say that’s an elite A-10 backcourt as of today.
  13. If Ezewiro is denied, his scholarship isn’t open unless he leaves the school. He would just be a redshirt and still count against the limit.
  14. Looks like the final scholarship has been filled. Mike Meadows II, formerly of Portland, transfers to the Billikens. Welcome!
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