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  1. Today was tough early, but an open bar at this wedding is helping.
  2. Decided to keep it simple. The win will be more than enough to make up for it.
  3. Let’s ground the Flyers! Blizzard rolling through town, hoping to see the folks from Ohio caught up in it.
  4. This can obviously change, but looking at the rest of the season, T-Rank (a great free site) shows SLU favored in all but 3 remaining games. http://www.barttorvik.com/team.php?team=Saint+Louis
  5. Jimmy Bell is going to be a beast, sooner than people think. I can’t wait to watch him succeed as he continues his development.
  6. Typically, most shooters use the nail hole at the center of the FT line as their point of reference. In this case, it does look like how most left handed shooters set up, with their left foot aligned with the aforementioned hole. Kind of creates this odd situation where you are shooting against your own body. Every shooter is different, so maybe this is what Jordan has worked out as a new solution, but it is certainly odd.
  7. Has anyone else noticed that Jordan keeps his guide hand on the front of the ball on free throws and not on the side like shooters tend to preach? I’ve never noticed it before tonight, but it is different than his regular shooting form.
  8. Love to see Jacobs assert himself.
  9. This next decade is one where we see SLU take the next step forward as a program. Tournament appearance in at least 6 of the 10 years. Multiple top 25 appearances. A dominance of stl recruiting. Missouri finally plays us in a home and home, with SLU taking both games. Travis Ford builds a legitimate powerhouse, that will be sustainable for years to come. Bring on the 2020s, Kool Aid for all.
  10. Yuri is good, but not as good as he will be at the end of his time here. Does that cover everything? The same back and forth since the start of the season. Just sit back and enjoy a young player as he gets better. Go Billikens.
  11. On point 1, it is extremely hard to gather social impressions when the main PD account, the one with the most reach, does not share articles about the Billikens. On point 2, I understand that traditional media is not mutually exclusive from newer age distribution methods. However, I find it extremely hard to believe that the PD would allocate any resources to this for the Billikens. They are fine with the bare minimum of just Stu.
  12. Two unrelated points. First, additional clicks on the PD article will likely not amount to additional coverage. Winning consistently will lead to enhanced regional coverage. Second, relying on traditional print media (and its online editions) to create additional interested fans is counterintuitive in 2019. Blogs, podcasts, social media, etc. create more impressions in today's world AND are more likely to reach future generations of fans, which is the end goal.
  13. ESPN+ has regional blackouts. Sunday's game is an ESPN+ game in areas not serviced by FSMW if I understand correctly. For instance, I live in Chicago and it is available to me via ESPN+. To answer your question, only select events on FSMW and CBS Sports are broadcast on the service, so it is not a full replacement for those services unfortunately.
  14. Jett, Bess, Hasahn, Goodwin, and Roby. Certainly recency bias, but wasn't really exposed to SLU until I started there.
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