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  1. Not saying I condone it. If you want a vaccine passport, do a vaccine passtport. These cards are pathietic.
  2. The difference is that ID's are actually difficult or at least more difficult to fake. Seriously, ten minutes is all you'd need. The vax cards are ridiculous and pointless. I'm pro vax to the hilt but it is nearly impossible to prove or disprove that ANYONE is vaxxed at this point.
  3. I could come up with a completely convincing fake vax card, using photoshop, given ten minutes. My real vax card looks like a fake......
  4. Didn't you know that he's a big Billken fan and posts here?
  5. Hoping for some pirate feeds mateys
  6. You could do it as a split squad game....just the bench
  7. FAKE NEWS! That's actually John Stamos' older brother Richard Stamos......
  8. if it wasn't for a plane crash when I was 1 year old, I'd have never heard of them..........
  9. This is how we become a "surprise" final four team
  10. That cankles only policy is really hitting Deiner's squad hard
  11. Missed that or maybe blocked it out......
  12. Flexing on every play when you team is down 20 points.........is hopefully still violative of socail norms. (not that Jordan did that)
  13. Seems like I noticed it most when there was a timeout after the play.....
  14. While I would not care to have the government remedy this, you and others like you, are the problem. The answer is to watch you suffer the ravages of covid and not force me to mask due to your vaccine hesitancy. Again a you problem not a me problem.............
  15. That's your choice. I'm sitting here at my desk in a mask because the only people more frustrating than your ilk are the power-mad cowards in power forcing me to wear this pretty much useless thing.
  16. Sorry posted that last post before reading through this thread and it got back on track......
  17. The long and the short of it is that the vaccines are available and effective and many are too obstinate to avail themselves of them for NO COST. I do not want a government mandate to take the vaccine but I'm chafing at having to wear a mask for the benefit of those who won't. At this point that's a you (unvaxxed) problem, not a me problem. I'm tired of using plastic scissors just because goofballs keep running with the sharp metal ones.....
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