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  1. It runs slightly small. Not necessarily an athletic fit, but size up if you’re in between sizes. Really high quality, and hasn’t shrunk or faded for the stuff I’ve had since the spring.
  2. He is class of ‘22 with either 2 or 3 years of eligibility if I’m interpreting things correctly.
  3. Unless I’m misunderstanding the question, there will be no games broadcast on FSMW this year as the channel has been rebranded as Bally’s. SLU games that previously were broadcast on FSMW *should* be broadcast on Bally’s and ESPN+ as they previously were when the channel was named FSMW. The only thing that has changed is the name.
  4. The games will likely be on Peacock, if the strategy NBC has employed with the Premier League is the template.
  5. T-Rank is an awesome site and alternative model to kenpom, but their early season stuff isn’t something that can be reliable since there isn’t a ton of data available. Give that site 4 or 5 games and stuff starts to normalize.
  6. Jalen Duren commits to Memphis and reclassified to 2021. That game is going to be massive in the non-con.
  7. Recently departed strength coach Robb Hornett lands at Memphis
  8. Fred’s fouls per 40 last year was 4.9, second highest on the team (for rotation players) behind Linssen at an astonishing 8.1 per 40. Fred is always going to have a degree of foul trouble to his game, he simply plays too physically on defense, but the key will be spacing the fouls out.
  9. Based on kenpom, the only site that broke out the splits, Fred played an average of 16.2 minutes per game. For conference, it was 18.02 minutes per game.
  10. Fred was 4/10 from 3 in conference. Yes, he was really effective and efficiency numbers loved what he did, but it’s hard to make broad sweeping conclusions about many aspects of his game from the sample size. Heck, he only took 16 3’s for the entire year, and just 71 shots total. He had the highest offensive rating in the A10 for conference play, but the usage is so low that it is hard to really say if that will translate with more time.
  11. From those articles it doesn’t seem as if the NCAA is preventing current representation from providing future services, but rather doesn’t want current representation to be *contingent* on a player retaining that agent in the future.
  12. Not sure if others are seeing issues on iOS, but embedded tweets don’t seem to be loading for me. Happening on both Safari and Chrome.
  13. Tarris Reed is announcing August 5th
  14. Alonzo Verge to Nebraska. I know there wasn’t much on him for a few months, but committed out of the blue today.
  15. More often than not, SLU is in a lower tier early season MTE. I love the program, and think the trajectory is pointing upward in a very good way, but Orlando would have possibly been the best field the team ever was in. It isn’t about doing it once, it’s about doing it every year.
  16. The Homefield licensing partnership is the first step in the right direction for merchandise in a long time. Looking forward to having premium options, and that prior iterations of the Billiken will finally be used for something. Hopefully fans are enthusiastic, and the department will see that providing fans with quality options will be rewarding for all parties.
  17. I’m just relaying information based on one event. It isn’t one factor that earns/doesn’t earn an invite. But Davidson was big enough of a pull to get a Maui invite last year (before it was no fans), so that should give you an idea on perception differences that organizers have between SLU and some of our conference mates. Whether travel or performance, there’s unfortunately a reason.
  18. I can’t speak for all tournaments, but it is more so an invitation situation for all of the big boys. It is a mix between the networks, and actual tournament organizers. Invites for the major tournaments are extended based predominantly on how many travel packages a fanbase projects to purchase, as well as their viewership numbers. Additionally, since in normal times these fields are booked 3 years in advance, there is a degree of projection on how good a team should be. An unfortunate issue with our program is lack of consistency makes it hard to provide SLU as a valuable bet to take for some of the bigger MTEs. Hopeful we get invited to something like Atlantis or a good Orlando field in the next 3-5 years if Travis can continue the consistency though.
  19. Travis did an interview with Frank about Ford. It is fantastic, and a good look into just how close they were.
  20. I know this question was directed at 3star, but Strickland strikes me as a guy who could be a major player on this team. He has a blend of size, basketball genetics, and athleticism that doesn’t come around very often at SLU. I truly think he is going to blossom the next two seasons into a very good player in midtown.
  21. This is another issue with SLU gear. While Rally House is a nice option, most schools have far more purchase options than the bookstore/arena and one local store. The good news is that there are a ton of ways for SLU to attack the merchandise options that could make many happy, because the current efforts are so sparse.
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