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  1. He’s going to be a good big man with more time in the gym and confidence. Primary back up next season, starter in two seasons. Really excited to see him develop.
  2. @Pistolhe received a UAPB offer last month
  3. Rob Martin would be an intriguing guard at this level from what I’ve seen. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but was pretty sure scholarships are all filled for next year, barring outgoing transfers.
  4. Yep. At the level SLU is, a hire will either be a good recruiter or a good in game coach. There are very few guys out there that can do both, and they land at top 25 jobs once it is realized how special they are. Overall I like Travis and think he’s done a good job rebuilding the program, but these tough games are unfortunately a thing we will always have.
  5. Yes, usage rate is an important factor, and yes his teammates do contribute to a portion of his turnovers by not catching or being an active outlet to relieve pressure. However, for a player of his passing pedigree, there are still a number of mistakes that haven’t changed from his freshman season. Like I said, I love Yuri, and a side effect of his awesome passing will be some risky passes, but at some point he has to cut them down, whatever it takes. His TO rate adjusted for his increased usage is only slightly better than his freshman season, and his offensive rating overall is down from last season.
  6. I really like Yuri. He does a ton well on the court, and clearly is the engine that drives this team. However, 7 turnovers can not happen under any circumstances. 7 games this season of 6 or more turnovers. That is simply unacceptable.
  7. Tonight is the night. The streak will be broken. Feel a big game from TJ, JN, and Gibson.
  8. I know this will be a close game, but it would do wonders for the psyche of our fans and players for a comfortable win tomorrow. Exorcise those demons from the last few years against the Flyers.
  9. As someone who only makes it to Chaifetz sporadically from out of town, but hardly missed a game when at SLU, my feelings on the arena experience are mixed. It is a gorgeous building, has perfect sight lines from nearly every seat, and games are relatively affordable. However, the whole gameday experience feels a little sterile compared to other college arenas. The in game programing is one thing, but some of it is just the interior layout itself. A lot of the concourse feels like wasted space, and something like the HOF or murals of past Billikens would go a long way in filling out the dead zones. Truthfully though, the environment would feel a lot better if our attendance was higher. I'm not really sure how the school can grow attendance figures at this point, but some how multiple generations of Billiken alumni and supporters have to be converted into attendees. Chaifetz could become an extremely difficult place to play for opponents... if we start to have a filled building consistently.
  10. Canadian big man Matt Neufeld?!?!? I remember actually being excited for him. He actually put up decent numbers at UC Davis after transferring.
  11. Traore has held his own in limited minutes. He has good touch, lateral movement, and strength. For a freshman big added very late in the recruiting cycle, I’ve been really impressed. With a full off-season with the team, he can be a good back up next season. Heck, in a couple seasons, the flashes are there for something more.
  12. They’ll put the game on if you ask for it, but with the exception of ranked matchups or tournaments, they don’t really do events or anything dedicated towards SLU fans.
  13. This team lost the best scorer we’ve had since Larry Hughes, the player the offensive identity was built around who was potentially the A-10 POY. Last night was disappointing, but the team is going to drop games like this without him. Yeah, coaching has played a role in the last two losses, but I’m finding it really hard that there is some massive conclusion about Travis that should be reached.
  14. There are horror stories of people shredding their club faces on TopGolf’s balls. I forget what the exact reasoning was, but I believe they use a tougher coating and are slightly denser due to the tracking tech built in. Regardless, I’d never even think about bringing my clubs either. Can’t wreck those beauties.
  15. Just under 2.5 million per the most recent publicly available 990. https://pp-990.s3.us-east-1.amazonaws.com/05_2021_prefixes_42-45/430654872_202006_990_2021052518186179.pdf?response-content-disposition=inline&X-Amz-Algorithm=AWS4-HMAC-SHA256&X-Amz-Credential=AKIA266MJEJYTM5WAG5Y%2F20211203%2Fus-east-1%2Fs3%2Faws4_request&X-Amz-Date=20211203T201213Z&X-Amz-Expires=1800&X-Amz-SignedHeaders=host&X-Amz-Signature=d3d76ef1b0acada9f25e6c9b7f09ea205b464285b2974bdef6c2871918aa3d0a
  16. After Javonte went down, I was really skeptical he’d return, but it makes more sense every day. ACLs take 12-16 months to get back to full strength after a successful surgery. The question is going to boil down to: do you want to get back to speed on the court at home at SLU, or abroad? While JP could have a shot at the NBA or G-League, it seems far more likely he’d have to go to Europe first. Maybe he’d rather get his first game action here in a place where he’s comfortable.
  17. Being able to go to A-10 games right down the road? Sign me up!
  18. Mark me down as someone who is very intrigued by next year's class. Sincere Parker will play significant minutes from day 1, and should serve as a good option for consistent offense. His film from the JUCO level showcase a strong shooter and scorer, who should slot in nicely as a starter or off the bench. I'm not entirely sure how much Kramer and Thames will contribute, but their long-term potential is quite high. When local players commit, I'm inclined to believe they are the best option for Travis' vision, because there are a lot of players to choose from that would gladly play for this staff.
  19. Through 5 years, Ford has been a success. He’s raised the talent floor of the program to a point where SLU should be top 4 every year, and in the conversation come March. There are moments of frustration, but I’m very curious to see how the team changes post-Goodwin and French. Some of the more frustrating moments the last 4 years came because of the identity formed by those two, and I’m really excited to see him work with (on paper) the most offensive weapons he’s had here.
  20. Strong disagree. SLU gaining an invite to the Big East means the program has risen to a sustainable level of success of yearly tournament appearances with top notch facilities. Sign me up for that!
  21. Have this really strange feeling SLU is going to finish top 2 in the league and be on solid ground for an at-large after a good non-conference. There’s so much uncertainty this year, but feel like this is going to be Travis’ best group yet, by a long shot.
  22. FYI Kellen Thames is missing beginning in ‘22-‘23
  23. Really like the announcement. SLU will have the best facilities for athletes in the A-10, and will be able to continue building the Billiken brand. A great day to be a Billiken!
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