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  1. Love Fred, but there’s no way he’s a top 21 player in the conference
  2. This account plotted out where each person ranked each player in their respective 21
  3. Chaminade is in odd numbered years. So 2024 has an opening still.
  4. Unfortunately we can’t sneak into this field, as single bracket MTE’s won’t schedule multiple teams from the same conference. Would guess it is filled by a team from the SEC.
  5. Like it or not, NIL is going to be the deciding factor for a lot of recruits going forward. SLU has the facilities, brand appeal, and coaching connections to get in the mix for a lot of really good players. If NIL can be competitive, or a step above the rest of the A-10, that’s the final step that will be needed to really take recruiting up a level.
  6. Turning that place into a leasing office was the biggest downgrade for student night life in years, and that includes Humphrey’s closing. Was the late night spot everyone ended at regardless of where you were prior.
  7. I’d love to say 100 percent for Sweet 16, but two things are holding me back. 1, a lot of the tournament is luck of the draw. This team is going to be very good, and win a lot of games, but could still get hit with a bad matchup in March. 2, it is really hard to make a Sweet 16. In the entire history of the program, it has never made one in the NCAAT. No time like the present to change that, but tempering expectations just a little bit.
  8. Two good Billiken fans expanding the Billiken content online is a net positive for all of the sports they cover. Really like the work that @Midtown Madness have done, and always appreciate the fan perspective that Zac and Pete provide. Whether it is player or coach interviews, they help give a platform to some of the amazing SLU student athletes that otherwise wouldn’t happen. That’s not a thing that many programs of similar size get to enjoy.
  9. He’s already said he’s spending the next two years on PHD, and intends to play both.
  10. Post-Covid and transfer portal era recruiting is going to be weird for a few years. In my eyes, a guy's offer list doesn't matter as much these days, because a lot of people that would have previously garnered P5 interest just won't get it anymore as coaches focus on transfers. As long as the staff can identify talent, which they have shown a great ability to do through various means, SLU will be just fine. We have multiple transfer down players on this roster, and certainly other guys who would play major minutes at power programs. If this year's team wins as much as we think they can, recruiting will be in a great spot heading into next year.
  11. The Chicago contingent of Billiken alumni and fans are ready to go. Hope we get a blue sea in Gentile every season here on out!
  12. Kind of an apples and oranges comparison with Indiana, Rutgers, and ND. Using IU as an example, they played 1 Q1 and 2 Q2 games in non-conference play. Their high total is mainly a product of being in the Big 10, where between regular season and tournament play they got 16 Q1 or Q2 games. SLU has put together a great non-conference schedule, arguably the toughest in the conference. By virtue of bigger conferences going to a 20 game schedule, this is about as good as it can get in OOC. To get more Q2 games, the A-10 needs some organic improvement.
  13. Based on current predictive metric rankings, SLU projects to have 14 Q1/2 games. 10 Q3 and 4 Q4. There are still 3 games to be added. Last season, including postseason play, SLU had 7 Q1, 7 Q2, 10 Q3, and 10 Q4. A few of this year’s games are right on the border of a higher quadrant. At the end of the day, they have put a better schedule together than last season by simply having less Q4 games. The most important thing this year will be improving their record against Q1/Q2, where they were only 5-9 last season (1-6 Q1, 4-3 Q2)
  14. The structure of social media advertising is standard, not compensation. Companies go to athletes, like Yuri, and see his 8000 followers on Instagram. They see 8000 potential customers they can reach with an ad. As @Gremio14said, the company then has a going rate for a post, like $50 dollars per 1000 followers. Yuri gets paid that rate x his number of followers, makes a post, and hopefully all parties are happy. Someone like Tatum would make substantially more as he has more followers.
  15. It’s a standard endorsement deal. How does Tatum make money from his IMO’s spokesman position? Same answer as this.
  16. Yuri officially withdrawing from the draft. The pieces are all in place for next year for a huge season. Get a backup guard and who knows what heights these guys can reach.
  17. I'm like 99% sure that part of Joe's figure was residual money owed to Martelli for 2020, which was roughly 1.5 million.
  18. As of the 2020 season, SLU had the 72nd highest Men's Basketball budget per Department of Education records. Here is where the A-10 shakes out, even though some of these schools likely have changed their commitment to spending in recent years. 3 Man Weave combed through the data a few years ago to compile this list. I've seen it on Twitter from time to time and it is a really interesting look at the CBB landscape! https://www.three-man-weave.com/3mw/college-basketball-budgets-2020
  19. Sounds like the idea of NIL Collective is in the works at SLU
  20. Talk about a bombshell, Jay Wright to retire and be replaced by Kyle Neptune of Fordham
  21. Aaron Hines was a fun bright spot in some lean years. Great representative of what being a Billiken is all about
  22. He’s from Rockford, Illinois originally.
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