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  1. Well, when the Foundry project is complete, there will be a whole complex with bars and other entertainment just a block from campus.
  2. He played half of a season with a brace that went from his ankle to his thigh. It is kind of impressive he played at all. The question is what is the prospect for a full recovery in the next year or two?
  3. The reason he is available for a mid to semi-high major program like SLU to sign late in the spring is because he has been injured for effectively his last two seasons. With his size and body, if he hadn't been injured he most certainly would have had multiple major program offers last fall. We should have little to no expectations for him next season, but the upside opportunity is significant, and we should embrace these kind of opportunities that have the potential for high upside for both SLU and the player.
  4. Seems like a long-overdue move. I don't understand why there isn't a standard distance for the line for D1, International, and the NBA.
  5. Yep, there are, and I think it may be noteworthy.
  6. Indy's odds are probably as good or better than Charlotte and R-D. The good money is on Phoenix or Detroit.
  7. Austin 27. STL and Sacramento 28 and 29. 30 = TBD. Candidates include Detroit, Phoenix, San Diego, Charlotte, and Raleigh-Durham.
  8. Depending upon metrics, the MLS is somewhere between 7 and 15 in the world. It is around 10 in total revenue, top 10 in average attendance, and somewhere between 10 and 15 in talent. Expansion will have zero dilution on talent as it is a global market and there are over 30,000 global registered soccer players, so the talent pool is almost limitless. The level of talent will only be limited by MLS salary rules. The US almost certainly has the fastest growing youth talent pool in the world fueled by the increased popularity and growing development academies. Over half the players in MLS are not American or Canadian.
  9. The said they will be figuring out the supporters’ section in the coming months. It is not yet accounted for in these designs.
  10. The design is excellent. I have been to multiple new MLS stadiums in the last year (and have been in a few major European stadiums), and this design is absolutely perfect for the targeted size. The square design will allow it to open to concourses and will better integrate with the surrounding neighborhood and the street level (as opposed to the above-street level boxy designs which stand apart from their surroundings). The views and angles in these stadiums is so much better than most other American sports. It is actually similar to the approach at Chaifetz. I also have good reason to believe the specific site plan for this stadium will be a little different than the old plan and, as a result, will better enable development and connectivity into adjoining downtown areas. They will likely re-use some of the existing ramps/tunnels in an effective way. Regarding the suggested and staff, this team and league doesn't need the sentimental local tricks and sideshows. MLS is quickly becoming a legitimate league in the global soccer world, with highly competitive team and players being developed and sold to top teams in the world. (e.g. Tyler Adams, Davies, and Miguel A.). The last thing the local team needs to do is treat this as a gimmick sport and parade out washed up players or unqualified personnel just because they have local ties. We need to quit selling our city and region short and get comfortable with this being a cosmopolitan game that can help make our region more attractive to transplants, immigrants, recent grads, and those beyond the parochial local crowd. This doesn't mean we need to alienate the traditional local base, but we need to strategize and market much more broadly. I am fine bringing in Bosnian players, but they better be U-23 prospects who are highly rated and potential international starters. I also would like to see us develop top young Americans through the academy and sign top Mexicans, South Americans, and anyone else who can help us field the best team. I am downright ecstatic about this team!
  11. I don't believe Perkins is on Twitter.
  12. Bump -- now that our season is over we need to fill a few more spots. Who do we have left on the list?
  13. I will go on record that the marketing and promotions by the current athletic administration are far and away the best it has ever been at SLU. Their in-game production is outstanding, they do a great job of giving away and discounting tickets to get people to the games, and they have the best local media coverage and relationships we have had since Spoon was a national story. Plus, we don't have the same patronizing tone to our coverage that we used to have under Spoon. All this without fielding a top 25 team or playing in a major conference.
  14. As someone who has suffered through achilles tendinitis on multiple occasions due to running overuse injuries, I can tell you it requires time where you rest the injury and a whole lot of toe drop stretches to keep the calves loose. A week off with a good stretching routine would likely make a big difference.
  15. Agree. I am certain their is no statistical correlation between size of a school's endowment and the 3 point shooting percentages of its basketball players.
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