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  1. After 18 straight years with U Verse, I made the switch to Charter High Speed Internet and youtubetv.com back in February. Best home service decision ever. My internet is way faster, I have every channel I need and can watch anywhere on my phone or ipad, and I am saving over $100/month!!!!!! Separately, I also pay less than $15/month for the additional streaming package of ESPN+, Disney+ and Hulu and have Netflix and Amazon Prime. I use Amazon Fire sticks to on all my TVs to access everything. I cannot fathom needing any other media at this point.
  2. The feeds of the media who cover slu are auto linked to the front page. If you don’t want to see all the content, then don’t read it and link straight to the message board. I reviewed his tweets, and he isn’t saying anything inappropriate even if not everyone agrees win him. I am going to lock this thread to preempt a political discussion.
  3. https://www.stltoday.com/sports/college/slu/billiken-beat/goodwin-announces-return-to-slu-french-expected-to-follow/article_af5f81d0-1e0d-554b-8be9-1b62bb216202.html “Additionally, a source said that SLU expects Hasahn French to follow soon by announcing he will return after both entered their names early in the NBA draft.”
  4. Fats Russell just announced he is removing his name from the draft and coming back to school next year.
  5. Who said that the schools won't have the ability to assess the relative difficulty and academic strength of the individual high schools or the student's specific classes? Is that part of the admissions department's job?
  6. I think the test has changed, but the historical verbal section of the SAT was one of the most absurdly biased and irrelevant tests created. A student's success on it was largely determine by whether they studied Latin roots extensively and/or came from a household that spoke the American version of "Old English." Poor kids had zero chance to get a decent score on it, and it had nothing to due with their intelligence or academic capacity.
  7. I suspect it is a blend of (i) a genuine goal to diversity the student population by recruiting smart, hard-working kids who don't necessary test well--perhaps due to socio-economic bias--and (ii) improving SLU's objective ranking metrics. How would improve the objective metrics? Presumably, the kids with good GPAs who don't provide test scores will have their GPAs factored into the averages without dragging down the university's average ACT and SAT scores. Kids with high test scores will certainly want to submit them, and those will comprise the university's average test scores.
  8. I have read that guys in Euroleague teams typically make between $60k and $100k/season but may also have housing cost covered depending upon the team. G League guys make under $20k. If I were advising a kid, I would tell him to finish the last year of college and get the degree, which between the cost of room/board/tuition plus the value of the degree is going to greatly exceed the net money after taxes and expenses from one season in Europe.
  9. The low 6-figure money in Europe will be there even if they wait a year. If they have a big senior year, they both increase the likelihood of making an NBA team and likely increase their earning power in Europe. Presumably, they also get a college degree. Leaving after your junior year to play in Europe only makes sense if you have some kind of family situation that requires immediate money and/or you have no interest in your education or the college experience.
  10. I think what posters are referring to here is the pipeline of talent across all classes and expected from future classes. When SLU has had success in the past, they tended to ride one or two strong classes and then filled things out with role players. Rarely, has SLU had depth on the bench or a pipeline to replace the current stars. For the first time ever, Ford appears to have built a program that can be sustained due to the consistent high-level recruiting across all classes. This is the Gonzaga/Villanova/Xavier model that allows them to maintain their high level.
  11. Here is the aggregate rankings referenced in today's PD column: https://hoopshype.com/2020/04/04/2020-aggregate-nba-mock-draft-5-0-international-prospects-are-rising/ Here is Ben Fred's article: https://www.stltoday.com/sports/columns/ben-frederickson/benfred-now-is-not-the-time-for-areas-underclassmen-to-risk-nba-draft-disappointment/article_e62af66d-0fb4-5be4-9c68-6a4934763d36.html I just read his article, but he came to the same conclusions I described above.
  12. Yesterday, I looked at all of the recently updated major NBA draft prospect rankings that are not behind firewalls. There are 60 spots, and most rankings list 100 prospects. I found about a half dozen different rankings, and not a single one listed Goodwin or French in the top 60 or 100. I am certain there are confidential lists held by teams and scouts that may list one or both in the bottom half of their rankings, but right now it doesn't look like either player is generally considered a likely draft pick by the experts associated with the major online media outlets and blogs. Just looking at raw metrics (i.e., size, weight, and position), it appears to me that both players' biggest challenge is being undersized for their ideal position, which is further exacerbated by their shared opportunity to improve their outside shooting.
  13. Nick, do you realize 2 of the biggest stars--Durant and Klay Thompson--were out this entire season by playing through injury risks during last year's playoffs?
  14. My 14-year old son and his friends certainly favor the NBA over the other sports. They don't really watch baseball. It seems like NBA and Euro Soccer is what the kids follow. The popularity of FIFA Soccer and NBA2K certainly help fuel their interest.
  15. I have had to travel the world the last decade for my job, and I am always amazed at how visible the NBA is throughout the world. I see billboards, shoes, jerseys, etc. for NBA stars in China, India, Spain, and even Germany and the UK. It is everywhere, and sports fans all over the world know the NBA stars. Perhaps only the English Premier League is more prominent. Ironically, the NBA felt more visible in Shanghai, China than St. Louis.
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