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  1. Ridiculous assessment -- focus on their weakness and ignore their outlier strengths. How many teams have depth, multiple leaders in rebounding, and a point guard that distributes like this team?
  2. I have focused on his defense every possession. He is doing fine. This idea that he cannot compete defensively has taken on a life of its own and is unfair to the kid.
  3. Goodwin will get a real shot at the NBA, probably after next season. Like Bess, he will have not problem getting workouts and displaying his skills to prospective teams. He will have a nice and profitable pro career. Whether that is ultimately in the NBA will be TBD. His limiting factors will likely be his size and shooting. He is a great athlete, but no more so than most NBA guards.
  4. There has been great misinformation communicated. The state owns and manages highway 64, including the complicated Chestnut/20th exit that was planned for demolition as part of the NGA project. The NGA project mandated that the 20th interchange be replaced with a new Jefferson interchange. This will result in nearly a mile of demolished concrete and ungraded land that is being turned over to the city. The state and city had an arrangement that the city would finance the cleanup, regrading, and site prep with a tax credit structure from the state. This would have been necessary regardless of the end use. It turns out that the end use will be the STL MLS site, but now the state is reneging on the deal.
  5. I would be shocked if French doesn't play Saturday. I don't know about Gibson.
  6. A player with rebounding position who uses his lower body leverage to drive backwards is not committing a foul.
  7. Kenpom is absolute nonsense right now. It has 5-4 Mizzou at 54th and 8-1 SLU at 102nd.
  8. Yuri has some big gaps that he will need to work on to address. First and foremost is his outside shooting. If teams can sage 7+ feet off him defensively, then it presents a problem for the whole team. Second is his tendency to always go right. Again, teams will scout his strong preference, so he needs to get equally comfortable driving both ways. Finally, he still needs to work on his decision making as the quality of the opponent improves. In the last couple weeks, he has learned that what work against Eastern Washington won't work against everyone. He is a great player with some rare and unique abilities, but his upside is much higher if he focuses on improving in these areas.
  9. I suspect we will win at least 2 of the next 3.
  10. His defense looked very good at times tonight. If you can play D and score, then you aren't a one trick pony.
  11. My biggest concern with Yuri is that he rarely goes left or uses his left dribble. The scouting reports will figure that out real quick.
  12. Has was amazing. I told my son that he probably just witnessed the best individual performance he will ever see in a D1 basketball game. I also observed that Gibson’s, and to a lesser extent, Weaver’s presence on the wing has created the spacing that enabled Has to dominant the paint.
  13. I am finding it enjoyable to watch Jacobs''s offensive game slowly developing. He is still cautious and looking for his spots to contribute, but his outside shooting stroke is smooth and when he does slash his strength and athleticism allows him to finish around the rim. He is only going to get better as he finds his comfort level putting the ball on the floor and looking to dribble with purpose toward the basket. I expect a few more big offensive games from him this year.
  14. I agree with you. He was not a consensus 4* recruit, and I don't believe ESPN bumped up his ranking until well after the recruiting season was complete.
  15. There is this little site called espn: http://www.espn.com/college-sports/basketball/recruiting/player/_/id/235144/terrence-hargrove-jr
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