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  1. The risk in football isn't necessarily caused by concussions. CTE is caused by small, repeated banging in the head. Helmets actually enable this problem. Lineman are at the biggest risk.The longer a kid plays, the greater the risk regardless of level. https://www.bumc.bu.edu/busm/2018/01/18/study-hits-not-concussions-cause-cte/
  2. I just reviewed the roster. I don't have any practice insights, but i was speculating what our starting lineup might look like on day 1. We can be almost certain it will include Goodwin, French, and Thatch. I am guessing Perkins takes the 4th starting spot. So who gets the last spot? My 1st guess is Gibson, to add shooting. My 2nd guess is Hargrove, for all around athleticism. My 3rd guess is Bell, to add size and strength. Then again, I wouldn't really be surprised if it is Jacobs or Yuri. I am assuming Weaver, Hankton, and Diari will come off the bench. I cannot wait to see this unfold.
  3. I am all for wine bars, and beer bars, and whiskey bars, and any other bar, but you cannot have a winery inside a college basketball arena. It just isn't technically possible.
  4. I remember the good 'ole days when a winery actually meant a place at which grapes were grown and harvested and wine was made.
  5. As soon as the CTE studies starting getting released, my wife and I agreed there was zero chance we would let our boys play football. (Not that either of them have the right build and attitude for it anyway.) When I was a freshman at SLUH over 30 years ago, we had about 55 kids on the freshmen football team, and a similar number on each of the JV and Varsity teams. Now, there is no freshmen team, and they have to find players to ensure they have enough freshmen and sophomores for the JV team. I know that a number of the schools can now only field Varsity teams, and smaller schools have dropped football all together.
  6. I saw this tweet as well. Unless their is a reasonable plan to update the actual stadium portions of the dome and an owner willing to support the team here, I don't see how this would work. I don't see any scenario whether there is public support for a new football stadium.
  7. I had no awareness of this article, but my comments were certainly well timed.
  8. I spent a week in Atlanta last month for work, and I absolutely loved what the Atlanta United brand has become for that city. In the urban Atlanta core, the brand was everywhere -- on sides of buildings, t-shirts, fire hydrants, bars and restaurants, flags flying from apartments, etc. The brand represents more than just a soccer team and has come to represent the best of Atlanta coming together in what feels very grassroots and authentic. The "united" stands for locals and transplants and people of all ages, races, and backgrounds. It effectively, equates for inclusion and diversity. By contrast, the Braves were hardly present in the city and portray a very dated brand. I would love a St. Louis United/St. Louis Confluence-like name that becomes a brand for inclusion, diversity, and St. Louis coming together.
  9. Wow does this upcoming season intrigue me. I look at this roster, and I see infinite lineup scenarios and such a range of skill sets. Do you play and prefer the quick playmaker Yuri at point or the physical Goodwin? Do you play them together with Goodwin on the wing? Do you play the lights our shooter Gibson on the wing or the super strong defender Thatch or raw scorer Perkins? How do you combine those minutes? Does French man the middle or do you pair him with the hyper athletic Hargrove or big and strong Bell? Where do Hankton and Jacobs fit in? Will Diarra earn minutes? We could actually go with some outside shooters in a lineup or run and gunners or pound it inside. Ford has his chess pieces, and i cannot wait to see how he plays them.
  10. We scored on a corner with 6 seconds left In the 2nd OT.
  11. As long as you are having tough conversations, do you happen to know the Zardes parents?
  12. To be fair, a business and driver of economic activity downtown has a dramatically different impact on the view and perception of the city from the perspective of most tourists, transplants, media, and out-of-town investors. Nobody in the world judges the viability and quality of a major city from its suburbs--they are largely the same throughout North America. The revitalization of "St. Louis" needs to begin with the core and work its way outward. Plus, a strong central core provides opportunities for a more efficient and sustainable public transportation system, even without old white guys from the suburbs who falsely believe they will put their lives at risk. For these reasons, it is foolish to exclude Build a Bear's relocation from the renaissance.
  13. This is such great news not only for soccer and sports fans, but also fans of St. Louis. The project will help re-develop a huge vacant space between downtown proper and midtown and will provide another attraction that will make the region more attractive to future generations. For those who are not aware, the stadium will actually be built in the vacant lots and vacated highway site north of Market, not in the frequently cited Union Station lot south of it. (The Union Station lot and vacated highway ramp south of Market will become a plaza and related development connected to the stadium by a tunnel.) The theoretically site plan proposed by this blogger a few years ago will be more akin to the final plan. http://www.urbanreviewstl.com/2016/02/a-great-site-for-a-major-league-soccer-mls-stadium-in-downtown-st-louis/ Martin Kilcoyne tweeted the same last night.
  14. The military’s model is to break you down and belittle you to nothing so that you are completely reliant on the chain of command for success. It may keep a military unit aligned during battle, but it is terrible for the individuals and personal development. It is also a terribly antiquated model.
  15. Apparently, McBroom broke the Paul George stuff on Instagram walking with him at an airport.
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