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  1. In addition to his good size and build, I liked how Diarra got up and down the floor in his very limited minutes. We have no idea whether he will develop into a solid D1 player, but there is enough there to justify patience as long as he has a good attitude and work ethic.
  2. Without question, this was the most fun Billiken team ever. I loved Spoonball. I loved the gritty Majerus teams. However, nothing compares to dunk and alley-oop city created by this group. I don't know if there were any teams in the country that could put out a lineup as strong and athletic as our lineup with French, Goodwin, Hargrove, Perkins, and Collins. Plus, Thatch and Jacobs could match the athleticism.
  3. The only reason we wouldn't be top 25 going into next season is because the so-called experts aren't actually paying attention.
  4. There is not going to be an NCAA tournament guys. I will be surprised if SLU plays another game this season. On the bright side, at least we aren't Dayton. Could you imagine have your best team every by a massive margin and having the postseason cancelled?!?!?!?
  5. So it isn't a big deal if 1 in 200 young people die or a significant number of our parents and grandparents die?
  6. A loss in the championship would put as at 24-9 with a NET ranking likely in the 30s and a win over a top 5 team on a neutral court. We also would have won 7 of our last 8. Nothing is certain, but that should put us in the dance.
  7. The situation is simple for SLU. Win the next 2 and NCAA bound. Lose either and say hello to the NIT.
  8. 57 https://www.ncaa.com/rankings/basketball-men/d1/ncaa-mens-basketball-net-rankings
  9. I guess is is a matter of perspective. I obviously love sports, but sports stadiums are now costing in the billions for large football (or futball) stadiums and close to half a billion for our much smaller soccer stadium. At their core, sports stadiums are ultimately about entertainment and amenities.
  10. The Wheel is way more impressive than I expected. I found the Aquarium to be massively underwhelming, particularly for the cost. I have been to several of the major aquariums in other cities, and the one at Union Station is like Single A minor league ball compared to the Majors. It would literally need to increase its exhibits by at least 5 fold to compete with other urban aquariums. The good news is that there is plenty of space to expand it if they have the capital and desire to do so.
  11. Does the athletic department have a ticket allotment for the game at Dayton that they make available for purchase to season ticket holders?
  12. Ridiculous assessment -- focus on their weakness and ignore their outlier strengths. How many teams have depth, multiple leaders in rebounding, and a point guard that distributes like this team?
  13. I have focused on his defense every possession. He is doing fine. This idea that he cannot compete defensively has taken on a life of its own and is unfair to the kid.
  14. Goodwin will get a real shot at the NBA, probably after next season. Like Bess, he will have not problem getting workouts and displaying his skills to prospective teams. He will have a nice and profitable pro career. Whether that is ultimately in the NBA will be TBD. His limiting factors will likely be his size and shooting. He is a great athlete, but no more so than most NBA guards.
  15. There has been great misinformation communicated. The state owns and manages highway 64, including the complicated Chestnut/20th exit that was planned for demolition as part of the NGA project. The NGA project mandated that the 20th interchange be replaced with a new Jefferson interchange. This will result in nearly a mile of demolished concrete and ungraded land that is being turned over to the city. The state and city had an arrangement that the city would finance the cleanup, regrading, and site prep with a tax credit structure from the state. This would have been necessary regardless of the end use. It turns out that the end use will be the STL MLS site, but now the state is reneging on the deal.
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