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  1. As long as you are having tough conversations, do you happen to know the Zardes parents?
  2. To be fair, a business and driver of economic activity downtown has a dramatically different impact on the view and perception of the city from the perspective of most tourists, transplants, media, and out-of-town investors. Nobody in the world judges the viability and quality of a major city from its suburbs--they are largely the same throughout North America. The revitalization of "St. Louis" needs to begin with the core and work its way outward. Plus, a strong central core provides opportunities for a more efficient and sustainable public transportation system, even without old white guys from the suburbs who falsely believe they will put their lives at risk. For these reasons, it is foolish to exclude Build a Bear's relocation from the renaissance.
  3. This is such great news not only for soccer and sports fans, but also fans of St. Louis. The project will help re-develop a huge vacant space between downtown proper and midtown and will provide another attraction that will make the region more attractive to future generations. For those who are not aware, the stadium will actually be built in the vacant lots and vacated highway site north of Market, not in the frequently cited Union Station lot south of it. (The Union Station lot and vacated highway ramp south of Market will become a plaza and related development connected to the stadium by a tunnel.) The theoretically site plan proposed by this blogger a few years ago will be more akin to the final plan. http://www.urbanreviewstl.com/2016/02/a-great-site-for-a-major-league-soccer-mls-stadium-in-downtown-st-louis/ Martin Kilcoyne tweeted the same last night.
  4. The military’s model is to break you down and belittle you to nothing so that you are completely reliant on the chain of command for success. It may keep a military unit aligned during battle, but it is terrible for the individuals and personal development. It is also a terribly antiquated model.
  5. Apparently, McBroom broke the Paul George stuff on Instagram walking with him at an airport.
  6. I agree that Ream has been fine. He has played a key role as a defender in a back line that hasn't given up a goal, and his distribution from the left back spot is good. He isn't flashy, but he has been solid. He isn't a good long-term solution for the MNT, but he is fine for this tournament.
  7. Sargent needs to solve his playing time issues with Werner this season. I think the bigger issue is whether Paxton--who has been a far better MLS midfielder than Bradley this season--gets the minutes going forward with the USMNT.
  8. Weston is a great young star, but he killed our possession last night, and Boyd was many factors worse. I am not a huge Bradley fan, but I think he is still OK in the 6 role. The biggest problem last night was being sloppy, outhustled, and outworked the last 65 minutes of the game. I watched every minute of our U-20s earlier this summer, and I can think of at least 5 of those guys who should be getting playing time for the senior team right now. I would take Sargent (who didn't play for them this time) or Soto over Zardes. Weah could already give Boyd a run for his money. Paxton P. should start over Bradley in the midfield and Weston could slide to the 6. Mendez would be the best shooter from range on this team right now and would be a nice offensive option off the bench. Gloster could certainly compete for the left back spot. I think the challenge is that Berhalter is a "system" manager, so he will always favor guys who know and can play in the system he is trying to run. For the USMNT, that means Zardes and Trap will have advantages over everyone else.
  9. I had heard the same, but I was told it was focused on eliminating resources committed to unpopular or outdated degree programs. The athletic department has its own financial backers, and I would be surprised the men's basketball team faced cuts.
  10. Well, when the Foundry project is complete, there will be a whole complex with bars and other entertainment just a block from campus.
  11. He played half of a season with a brace that went from his ankle to his thigh. It is kind of impressive he played at all. The question is what is the prospect for a full recovery in the next year or two?
  12. The reason he is available for a mid to semi-high major program like SLU to sign late in the spring is because he has been injured for effectively his last two seasons. With his size and body, if he hadn't been injured he most certainly would have had multiple major program offers last fall. We should have little to no expectations for him next season, but the upside opportunity is significant, and we should embrace these kind of opportunities that have the potential for high upside for both SLU and the player.
  13. Seems like a long-overdue move. I don't understand why there isn't a standard distance for the line for D1, International, and the NBA.
  14. Yep, there are, and I think it may be noteworthy.
  15. Indy's odds are probably as good or better than Charlotte and R-D. The good money is on Phoenix or Detroit.
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