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  1. We're going to need a bigger bed.....seriously.......we can go back and get a bigger bed.....
  2. This is getting silly. How many times last year and in passed years has a Billiken come to the line, hit the front of the rim, and had the universal "Billikens.com" epitaph spoken, "he looks gassed." Especially if we increase tempo and if our bench is as good as we think it will be, it would be near criminal to not spread the minutes around more.
  3. Run some cat6. Wired is the only way to fly.....
  4. I guess we have a different standard for a bad post tag. If you disagree with the reasoning or want to point out an error, saying so might be the way to go.
  5. I see you got the a-hole seal of approval on this post.....
  6. Thought that was just Fisher. I had no idea Love was a Pepperine recruit........
  7. He was in pretty good shape the last time I saw him a couple years back. He was crawling through our row after getting off the floor after some sort of presentation. I locked eyes with him and said "man do we miss you." He said, "yeah and I miss this place too."
  8. No more Dieners ever................Just say no to cankles too
  9. And making sarcastic comments about all of the players......
  10. I need to freebase a sick alley-opp from Yuri to Hargrove for the jam........
  11. Really?......you'd think he'd know what a pa announcer should sound like then......
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