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  1. From the article: Advice on how to live a mediocre life from Jim's Mom..... "When I was a little bit younger than you guys ...," he added, looking toward the players. "... my mom told me, 'Just get lost in the middle of a lot of good people. Wherever that pack of people goes — and I don't know where it's going to go — you'll be fine.'" I do agree that Crews wasn't a bad guy while he was here and I'd have most likely taken the money too. It would've been better for all concerned If he'd have retired "on top" after the first tourney run. He had to know pretty quick that this ship was sinking based on his lack of recruiting.....
  2. You need to relax dude. time for a soma...…..
  3. Bunch of drama queens. This country (and board) used to be tougher.....
  4. You may be right but how the heck do you know Willie's financial situation? It seems like you are stereotyping, based on almost nothing......
  5. Jolly was in excellent shape. He just had no discernible talent for the game of basketball.
  6. Yeah I forgot about his weight loss. In that last pic he looks like he could put on some bulk...
  7. OMG did you see the new book about Audrey Hepbern? I've always loved her as an actress but she was working with the Dutch resistance in WWII when she was 10. Speaking of Sabrina…….Humphrey Bogart > Harrison Ford and Audrey Hebern > Julia Ormond. Not even the same ball park....
  8. The long and the short of it for me is that anything that makes it harder for lower level programs to compete is problematic. In my opinion there is no fair way to players to get paid differently by different schools. Maybe some sort of revenue sharing split among all D1 players based on total revenue could work. We've got enough problems as it is with sleazy coaches and street agents and shoe companies and bogus classes and greedy hangers on . Throw a bunch of cash in that dumpster fire and count me out.....
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