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  1. Who said anything about straight and white? You are assuming facts not in evidence professor--in the most arrogant and pompous way possible.
  2. Sexism: characterized by or showing prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, on the basis of sex. Sorry professor but it's 2023 and sexism can go multiple different ways.......
  3. Speaking of KFNS, how's ole Kevin Slaten working out there on his 6th or 7th time through? Don't listen to sports radio but I'm surprised he hasn't generated a major shitstorm since he came back
  4. Any gig that doesn't include a car and driver for him probably shouldn't happen.
  5. I had Apple TV until I ran out of Ted Lasso. Not going to pay more for soccer. I would probably check it out on broadcast or ESPN+........so there........
  6. I just spit coffee on my desk. Thanks a bunch Zach!
  7. That's been our experience with juco players since at least Maurice Jeffers.........
  8. Probably a mistake to take your sister to the prom.....
  9. I just had a thought while reading your post: WORLD ENDING TOMORROW! non-P6 schools effected the most! I know that NIL/transfer portal/conference realignment will affect the lower level conferences more. The haves have always had and the have-nots haven't. It doesn't look much different today. With the squelching of the free two time transfer, and us having any kind of NIL program, I'm not crazy worried anymore.........
  10. 44 is the BEST. Highway 70 is just horrific.......
  11. Hate to clutter up a soccer thread with actual soccer discussion but has NIL made an appearance at all, with elite level programs?
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