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  1. Obviously I want the Terrapins to leave the Illini wallowing in freakish misery after a savage beating but I am interested to see them play a higher ranked team.......
  2. Your buddy old guy really seems to be implying we could do better. I'd ask the haters (not you) for some examples of where we could go for a better coach. Majerus over Brad was a no brainer though poorly executed......Zombie Wooden? Tell me. I might agree. Otherwise..............................
  3. I'm looking for two tickets to the birthday party.....
  4. At least as good as zombie Majerus and his decaying junk!
  5. They taste like grapes! You could probably ferment them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In reality take your heirloom veggies and you patchouli stink and GTFO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Just look at the women's basketball team. If you dump your coach the results aren't necessarily guaranteed. Who would you rather have than Travis (that will actually come here long term?) Piss and moan all you want about Travis' shortcomings but tell me who you want instead or stow it and enjoy the ride.............
  7. Our screens have traditionally sucked since Rick Majerus died. We don't use them properly. Lastly, we could've been fouled out by our dancing screen-work last night too.
  8. We could also set a real freaking screen for Jimerson once in a while. Dig up zombie Majerus to whip out his decaying junk and show'em how close they need to be to set it.....
  9. Chivalry? Maybe we should have more female refs.....
  10. I agree but I thought we had enough shooters this year to work around taking away one of our guys.
  11. That is spooky. Spookier than our late freethrow shooting at Auburn. Dead legs? Jimerson have a snooty girlfriend? Perkins have a hitch in his giddyup? Parker not used to arenas with an upper deck? Whatever the reason it's freaking spooky.....
  12. Marc Antony's speech after Caesar was murdered in Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar." Yes my dad the SLU grad was an English teacher....
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