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  1. I'll say it again: SO glad we have the best recruiting Billiken coach in my life time at the helm in this crazy time
  2. 46-18 when Jolly jacked that quality shot......
  3. Saw that....glad it's still happening
  4. Yeah and fun fact, she brought John Stamos to his first Billiken game.
  5. It's not really fair but I have this tendency to assume people look like their avatar. Just hoping you're more fit than Farley.......
  6. Add no-penalty transfers to all this mess and you've got.........a bigger mess.......
  7. Man shorts ARE getting shorter.......
  8. Never underestimate the stupidity or the lack of interest and professionalism of Guy "correction" Phillips.......
  9. Yeah and have we had a "rim protector" since Grandy Glaze?
  10. Ca he shoot free throws???? (sorry Has)
  11. I'll stick to the janky pirate feeds. I don't know that I'd pay 20-30 cents a month to watch the 2021 Cardinals......
  12. Dallas would be dream. The heir to Novacek and Witten and (I still can't get over it Jackie Smith)
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