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  1. Need to check the urban dictionary. (and yes that is where this unhip 55 year old had to find it.)
  2. YOU TAKE THAT BACK!!!!!!! AND I MEAN RIGHT F-ING NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. If I have to spend March scouting new trails to hike and rivers to paddle and lakes to fish, I'll probably be happier than waiting to get further rooked by the power four or five or however many there are. When March Madness gets blown up, I may take in a women's game or two or maybe even a soccer game. Haven't been to a men's soccer game since my kids were on the field.....
  4. Damn he even looks a little like Jimerson......
  5. Yeah but the problem is that really, truly, diehard fans are prone to bouts of assholery and unrealistic expectations. Not saying this always the case or the case with 05 most of the time. Only takes an occasional bout of assholery before everyone gets butt-hurt.....
  6. I had no idea how many disabled folks were interested in Billiken Baseball! Sorry hard to see more baseball fans, much less paying fans, without a ton of changes and years of buildup. Again it's not a priority for hardly anybody. Still sucks but.........
  7. My Catholic highschool wasn't ada compliant and I used to carry a kid down the stairs everyday. Just saying, if your average crowd is under 100 for a free event......maybe, well, not highest priority.......
  8. If we were charging admission that might be a problem. Should we also make West Pine ADA compliant because I'd be shocked if it is.
  9. Wow! May did all the bad stuff and none of the good stuff Is he a member of Spectre too? If you're right, blaming May for not being in the Big East is laughable. Is he the small cog with no input on anything good that's happened or not?
  10. Jesus I'm tired of the Travis weave being discussed. The weave is used a ton in college basketball. As a reset or to get things moving, it's fine. The problem for Travis was always what happened after the weave. Usually our point guard, standing around looking at Jimerson or whoever in the corner, not moving, or running some screens that were so half-assed that I could guard through them. Then somebody has to go to the hoop one on three in desperation. Sure, the weave wasted time but the rest of the offense wasn't going to make things better with another 5 seconds. Especially in the last few years, the offense was shiit but the weave was not the cause it the problem.........
  11. That's me.......First Women's Soccer game and Women's Basketball games ever last year. The NCAA soccer game would've been fun and closer to my home at Soccer Park and the NIT was fun but.......well......fun enough at SIUE. If we have to upgrade this stuff for the Big East, so be it. Otherwise......
  12. Whadddabout Scottrade? Shiit, I can't remember anything anymore........
  13. Wow quick poll..........didn't get a chance to vote.....
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