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  1. I thought you could only do the letter of intent once and then it was a "financial aid agreement" which can really be done anytime (unless that like everything else has changed in the last year or two)
  2. If Crews or Soderberg were our coach I'd be extremely worried about recruiting.....still not worried
  3. Actually the hessians were on the British side so I cocked that up........although they did party a bit too much so we were able to kick their backsides pretty handily.......time to stop drinking and read some history.....
  4. mercenaries helped win this country's revolution. Ultimately, all of division one athletes will be mercenaries.........Yuri's a merc but he's our merc......
  5. I agree but damn dude.....you said some shee-it. You sounded like a Missouri fan dismissing our program.......you really sounded like Billiken Law back in the day talking about how much better Marquette was than the Bills. Just not cool.........
  6. Not me. I'm not on Twitter and not that big of an ass. I've been lurking and not signing in or posting for a good long while as it's better for my mental heath. Thanks and good bye again.
  7. It's a real in his armor...... I quit
  8. Can the Ghost of Majerus come back to teach us how to set and shoot off of a screen? Please
  9. I just texted my boss the same thing!
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