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  1. Oh........it's like taint island......had to look it up......
  2. http://links.engage.ticketmaster.com/ctt?m=8656413&r=LTIzODA1NTkyMjQS1&b=0&j=MTY4MDE2Mjk3MQS2&k=Link3072431-1&kx=1&kt=1&kd=https%3A%2F%2Fam.ticketmaster.com%2Fslu%2Fism%2FTUJCMTUyMw%3D%3D%3FpromoCode%3DRlJFRQ%3D%3D Can get up to 6......
  3. Lots o' tix floating around for this game......another free offer from the Billikens too.....
  4. That was the whole point behind letting someone else bring up the ball against the press, to keep Yuri fresh. It may not have worked and the offense isn't great without Yuri running it but that was the point.
  5. Ah.....no......I object to your characterization of the Mormon faith as a cult. I'm not Mormon but I'd be hard pressed to say which religion does more for humanity if comparing......oh say......the Catholic Church and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  6. Fordham could have been called for a foul with the right refs every time they got a steal. I'm not saying that's what I wanted merely that it is true. If we get a tight-azz crew that decides everything is a foul, VCU is screwed........
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