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  1. The Cowboys are SO frustrating the last 20 years the I'd support the St Louis Chargers. Sounds SO much better than the St Louis Rams.....
  2. This thread was started before the commit but there's still no excuse for it
  3. My point was that the type of grad transfer big we were likely to land was not a game changer. Obviously that was the fact since we didn't land one.
  4. I'm again shocked that you have such negative views of the athletic dept it's so out of character for you...….
  5. Some of us cheap bastiges still do...……….. Thanks go bills...………..
  6. I'd rather have Bell and Diarra get some minutes rather than Rashid Anthony 2.0
  7. I never saw the kid play but Hargrove looks like he could play power forward.....
  8. Those are kind of mesmerizing.......I wonder if you could do some sort of active or passive camouflage that would make it harder to determine the direction you are moving?
  9. I'm shocked that you have something negative to say about the athletic department........
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