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  1. JohnnyJumpUp

    Andre Craig Appreciation Thread

    We need a free bacon promotion. Those students are going crazy for that free bacon tonight.
  2. JohnnyJumpUp

    Recruiting - 2020 Class (Optimal Vision Class)

    Probably the JV game.
  3. JohnnyJumpUp

    OT: Midtown Development

    Maybe open it under a new name, Pestello's Pub
  4. JohnnyJumpUp

    Signed Recruit Thread 2018-19

    Yes he is. Same exact size that Kwamain was at SLU.
  5. JohnnyJumpUp

    Other MCBB games on TV '18-'19

    Memphis a candidate to beat SLU's record today.
  6. JohnnyJumpUp

    OT: Midtown Development

    https://tinyurl.com/y9ezrxm7 Just found this article on the Indy merger. Shows some expectations vs. results.
  7. JohnnyJumpUp

    2018-2019 Ticket Exchange

    If anyone needs tickets for the Dayton game Tuesday, I have several GA tickets available. Shoot me a DM and let me know how many you need.
  8. JohnnyJumpUp

    Conference Tourney or Bust

    Don't forget... if they can bank in 30' three pointers to tie games when time is expiring!
  9. JohnnyJumpUp

    The House That Rick Built Podcast

    "His decision not to stay around to do media interviews and his usual post game show on 101 ESPN" WHAT??? Ford stayed around, he did both media interviews and the post game show on 101 with Rammer and Earl.