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  1. Agreed. The only reason i mentioned it was his conversation with Frank on 590, saying he is looking to play a full year, whether it's this year or next.
  2. Or he doesn't get a waiver, redshirts next year because he can't play the entire season, and plays his final season in 20-21. Correct???
  3. Yes, better hope he doesn't have RK under his EAS wing, or we will never see him in Billiken Blue.
  4. It was a great review and call reversal!
  5. That's where the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame is located.
  6. Stuffed meatballs at Cugino's/Narrow Gauge Brewing Co are the best fμcking meatballs in the United States of America!
  7. Could be ready anywhere Aug-Dec. I know it's a risk, but that may be a reason we could grab him. 6'8" 255 big man who can move well with the ball and shoot the 3. I'd take the risk.
  8. I'm positive Porter's was there over 10 years ago, I was a frequent flyer. Maybe they moved locations in Maplewood.
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