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  1. I would much rather have the dorm/baseball facility than what SLU has now.
  2. "We’re basically getting paid to play college basketball on full scholarship. So, we can’t come here and waste anyone’s time. We have a mission." Gotta like Collins' attitude.
  3. I believe Old guy said in an earlier post that he's an NBA Scout.
  4. I would prefer the board vote on a lower back tat for you, like you bet the board if we were to get both Jankovic and Jitoboh.
  5. Agreed. The only reason i mentioned it was his conversation with Frank on 590, saying he is looking to play a full year, whether it's this year or next.
  6. Or he doesn't get a waiver, redshirts next year because he can't play the entire season, and plays his final season in 20-21. Correct???
  7. Yes, better hope he doesn't have RK under his EAS wing, or we will never see him in Billiken Blue.
  8. It was a great review and call reversal!
  9. That's where the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame is located.
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