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  1. Bell and Hargrove both killed us while they were on the court against Davidson.
  2. I get what your saying but he needs to touch the ball in those 5-6 minutes. He was left wide open a couple times in Dayton game and then pulled with zero attempts, that can't happen. Get him minutes and get him shots, he has shown he produces points and we need the outside threat.
  3. When Weaver gets minutes, he produces. In the 4 games that he has played 20+ minutes he is shooting 53.8%(14/26) from 3. There are 5 games he has zero or one attempt from 3, which can't happen. He needs minutes and the team needs to find him for shots. He will help fill the Jimerson void, and open the lane up for others. Why he didn't get time against Dayton is crazy.
  4. He looked like a different shooter from 3 tonight. Hoping that continues. Hope they get Weaver some more touches moving forward too.
  5. If it wasnt a jump ball it was a foul for that Conner McGregor shoulder he threw at Perkins.
  6. This second half will show what kind of coach Ford is, with the changes he makes.
  7. How is that not a foul against Perkins on that drive???
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