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  1. Don't forget those who would be pissed they missed the video of the acrobatic dancers because of replays of snoop tossing money into the crowd!
  2. If you are chosen, please just hand the ball off to another fan for the shot. My kids will be there and i don't want them to think that's how you shoot a ball. Thanks.
  3. But he identifies as a 6'8" stretch 4, so.....
  4. More than that, when all is said and done, I really want to see him in heaven.
  5. How old was Mickey Pearson when he committed and decommitted?
  6. TC telling him he is ready to go professional.
  7. I would much rather have the dorm/baseball facility than what SLU has now.
  8. "We’re basically getting paid to play college basketball on full scholarship. So, we can’t come here and waste anyone’s time. We have a mission." Gotta like Collins' attitude.
  9. I believe Old guy said in an earlier post that he's an NBA Scout.
  10. I would prefer the board vote on a lower back tat for you, like you bet the board if we were to get both Jankovic and Jitoboh.
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