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  1. What section are you in, I may be interested?
  2. The most impressive big on the floor, by far, was Linssen. Nesbitt looked really good. Hargrove and Perkins looked noticeably bigger.
  3. I'm somewhere between Farley and Spade
  4. I wear a speedo when I swim for exercise...
  5. This should also count as a 50pt playoff game...
  6. I am assuming this was Jacobs and Perkins.
  7. #GrandyUpdate in case anyone was curious how his “hole” is doing
  8. Still have the souvenir cup from Chaifetz with these 5 on it. That was the best overall recruiting class I have ever seen at SLU.
  9. I wasn’t sure what would happen regarding televised games, with all the changing of events/venues and SLU backing out of Orlando.
  10. Hopefully we can find these aired on some tv station.
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