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  1. JohnnyJumpUp

    Other MCBB games on TV '18-'19

    Pitt loses at home to the Purple Eagles 71-70
  2. JohnnyJumpUp

    Other MCBB games on TV '18-'19

    Pitt losing at home to Niagara Purple Eagles(2-4) by 7 with 10 minutes left
  3. JohnnyJumpUp

    2018-19 season

    And if it progresses through the season like it had the last couple years we should be in very good shape by January.
  4. JohnnyJumpUp

    Signed Recruit Thread 2018-19

    Hey @Slu Let The Dogs Out, I think I ran into you in Forest Park this past weekend....
  5. JohnnyJumpUp

    GDT vs Buttler

    It didn't appear to be an ankle injury, looked like his right knee.
  6. JohnnyJumpUp

    GDT vs Buttler

  7. JohnnyJumpUp

    2018-2019 Ticket Exchange

    Anyone need a ticket for today's game, DM me. Got one. I'll be there around 3.
  8. JohnnyJumpUp

    Houston Roll Call/DFW Alumni Club

    BUMP..............Seats 4&5
  9. JohnnyJumpUp

    Butler Game

    For those asking for towels all year, your wishes have been granted. Is there a pregame tailgate planned? Weather looks to be mid 50s.
  10. JohnnyJumpUp

    Around the A10 Composite

    UMASS hung with them for 25 minutes. They have a senior center, Holloway, who they list as 6'11" 310lbs, I would bet he's closer to 375. Gotta be one of the biggest guys I've ever seen in college ball. I don't remember him from the last few years.
  11. JohnnyJumpUp

    GDT vs Pittsburgh in Brooklyn

  12. JohnnyJumpUp

    2018-2019 Men's Basketball Media Information

    This link on a desktop shows the game on ACCN Extra and says "Your event is about to begin, standby" http://www.espn.com/watch/
  13. JohnnyJumpUp

    Recruiting - 2020 Class (Optimal Vision Class)

    SLU should have several billboards on 70 from StL to Columbia.
  14. JohnnyJumpUp

    The Bills over Pitt by 1

    It appears that is Hankton. Can't see his face.