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  1. Furman brought Auburn to OT, Georgia Southern played them close, and lowly South Alabama lost by 1....all 3 lesser teams than SLU. I won't be surprised if we beat this overrated SEC team and you bet your ass we cover those 10 points. IF we do not win, it won't be because of foul trouble or turnovers, it will be because of missed free throws.
  2. They could be worse if Tilmon did not decommit and move on to Mizzou.
  3. Sounds like Thatch may be out for a little bit. Ford told Danny Mac that he is dealing with "cramping things" and thinks he's going to need to take some time off and be out for awhile.
  4. Starting 5 by conference play... French Goodwin Jimerson Collins Jacobs/Perkins
  5. Ben Franklin was not just a great President, he was a genius and one of the greatest minds America has seen, creating electricity, the $100 bill, and he was the first to ever deep fry a turkey. I hope Ford set up a nice Thanksgiving spread for the boys!
  6. Gibson at 30+ seems fine. I completely agree with Weaver needing an increase in minutes.
  7. I like to wear mine as a swim suit cover-up at the pool or beach.
  8. Learning D1 ball and putting your body in a spot to get a rebound are two different things. Travis said some guys lacked toughness yesterday, and he was clearly one of them.
  9. I know this, but it helps once you put your big ass in position. Thats my point, use your body, position yourself, and get rebounds. He's the biggest guy on the court, use your size. 6'10" 270 and played like bantamweight yesterday.
  10. I do not expect him to play 30+ minutes or score 10+ points a game, but he needs to put that big ass in a position to get some boards.
  11. Exactly...he's 6'10" 270, he should be dominating the glass when he is in there
  12. I'll add Bell to that list, he needs to use his weight inside, knock some motherfockers around.
  13. Maybe we should give Hasahn the Willie Treatment, when he's at the line. Can't hurt.
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