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  1. I have answered that question numerous times.
  2. Give us more concession options... Bring in a Hot Box cookie stand, a Pappy's stand with pulled pork & brisket sandwiches, a Cane's Chicken Tender stand.... BRING IT!
  3. I don't believe moving a student section in Chaifetz will entice better student attendance, unless it is to an all inclusive suite. The one factor I do believe would entice better attendance is a consistent winning program that participates in the NCAA Tournament nearly every year.
  4. I think the point gobillsgo was making was that our walk-on spot could essentially be filled by a starter, who is given an NIL deal, if by chance we have all the scholarships used up and a stud becomes available.
  5. I would definitely take another shooter like Kasubke...
  6. Any chance SLU is in on Manny Bates? Big man with 2 years remaining...
  7. Hunter was a HS sophomore during Calbert Cheaney's last season at SLU, so it's possible they were on him before Ford came in, but I don't see anyting on rivals or other sites.
  8. Not saying this is who TC is talking about, but Grad Transfer Eric Hunter Jr. is being followed by our coaching staff on social media. 6pts/2ast and Big10 All Defense last season. Would be nice to add a lock down perimeter defender.
  9. Maybe I got them mixed up but I thought it was @cgeldmacher who said he didn't get a call back after inquiring, and Ross was surprised and disappointed in his response to hearing this?
  10. I agree Roy, I was just saying that Traore will be just another player who has come and gone and a name forgotten similar to Gillman.
  11. Traore has potential, not saying that he doesn't. I am just saying Nesbitt is more of a what could have been type player, vs Traore who will be just another player who has come and gone.
  12. This makes no sense to me, not sure if you are joking with this post or not. Nesbitt showed significantly more talent and potential when compared to Traore. Nesbitt will be a huge loss for this team, Traore is just the next Austin Gillman.
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