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  1. I would think, if the number of people tested daily has not decreased but has remained constant, the confirmed numbers continuing to decrease is a good sign.
  2. Basically the daily total confirmed cases over the last few days were 78, 70, 32, 17.
  3. Total confirmed cases just in the last 24 hours in St. Louis County were down 47% from the total confirmed cases for the previous 24 hr period, which was down 54% from the previous 24 hr period.
  4. More good news, StL County has had a 47% decrease in total confirmed cases over the last 24hr period, that makes 4 straight days of decline in the area.
  5. I prefer a white russian and the Evening Whirl.
  6. Good news all, StL County has had a 54% decrease in total confirmed cases over the last 24 hours, that is the 3rd straight day with a decrease. Also calls into area coronavirus health lines have decreased by 58% over the last 24 hours, that is the 4th straight day with a decrease.
  7. That's great, significantly down from the possible millions of deaths he predicted two weeks ago. Sounds like we are moving in the right direction.
  8. Would like to see 2 games series with Texas and North Carolina State. Maybe getting Ramey and Hellems in their hometown before they graduate could help seal the deal with these two teams.
  9. Bishop is declaring for NBA draft. Somehow still has one year of eligibility left.
  10. I'd love to Ford get a two year deal with Iowa set up.
  11. I understand what you are saying and I would prefer he stay and be successful at SLU. Looking at the last 30 years of NCAA Champions, 28 are from P5 schools, with 1990 UNLV and 2014 UCONN(1st year in AAC) being the two non-P5 schools to win it. You are not guaranteed championships in P5, but if that is what Ford's ultimate goal is, it seems to make sense he would make the jump to a P5 school, if he was offered the right job.
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