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  1. He is saying that playing his final year at SLU cost him a year of earnings as a pro basketball player, because he had to use his first year post-SLU to recover from his injuries.
  2. If that is Jimmy, he lost another 50 lbs from last year...
  3. https://dixlitle.com/product/ncaa-saint-louis-billikens-flag-face-scarf-unisex-sports-neck-gaiter-bandanas-t2004-246/
  4. I thought Thatch was announced already but not Jimerson.
  5. It appears Grandy misses playing ball.
  6. Well, Disney may be out of the equation, https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.marketwatch.com/amp/story/guid/64F5AC60-830B-11EA-9D9F-1F7ABF6144BC
  7. Good things happen when you mix SLU basketball, Thanksgiving and Disney!
  8. Agree with LeGrands, Adrianas, and Gioias. Some sandwiches that are really good from non-sandwich shop places in StL, Peacemaker's Buffalo Crawfish Po'Boy and Southern's Catfish Po'Boy. Both are great sandwiches.
  9. Need Rammer to learn "Jam Time!" in German for the next two seasons.
  10. I've been to Fine Swine in New Baden IL and it was great bbq. I have to disagree on Mann's in Florissant, not a fan of the food. I will be stopping by F&B at some point now to try their burger.
  11. McGraugh's is my favorite in the StL area. Great sauce, great wings.
  12. I thought someone mentioned Gak as a grad transfer interest of SLU, at some point. Gak was originally recruited by Ford at OSU, backed out of his commitment when Ford left, going to Florida, but been injured the last couple years, and now picked up as a grad transfer at Cal Baptist.
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