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Hometown hero: Jayson Tatum

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As I watch the Eastern Conference Finals, I'm really starting to dislike Jayson Tatum. Between spurning the Billikens, the constant whining, and the fact that he's the the new ESPN golden boy without

No doubt in my mind he would be be a billiken with Ford. Regardless he is doing a great job on all ends in the Playoffs and for the Celtics. Some have him picked for rookie of the year.   

Because his Dad played at SLU. Because his godfather is Larry Legend. Because potential 2022 SLU recruit Larry Hughes Jr is close with him. Because every big name recruit from STL looks up to him. Thi

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1 minute ago, Billboy1 said:

Who is this Tatum guy?

A guy who, had he chosen to play for Jim Crews, would have locked SLU fans into following mediocrity for several more seasons, kind of like what Mizzou fans are likely looking at right now after the Porter fiasco netted them little.

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7 minutes ago, billikenfan05 said:

Ok? Doesn’t make it a worthwhile thread. 

That's what I meant.

The thread is basically the online equivalent of "How about that Jayson Tatum, eh?" 

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2 hours ago, Billboy1 said:

Yes-he really loves Saint Louis.

But not as much as Durham, NC. I'm going w/ Taj Mahal 79 thoughts on Tatum at SLU. In the long run it would have been bad for the program. One year and poof he's a Celtic. He would not have got us a dance bid w/ the surrounding talent of that season's team. Plus, it would have extended Dead's time here at SLU, and we would have missed out on Travis Ford.

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