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  1. 16 FT attempts by JAG is a joke. This isn’t the NBA.
  2. How many points did Goodwin have at half?
  3. Coaching against Potter has been tons poor tonight. Imagine when we play someone good.
  4. Let’s keep fouling an 88% FT shooter
  5. This team is borderline dumb
  6. Last 8 points from GW from FT line...you’re welcome
  7. Basket IQ on this team...
  8. Can’t hide behind Bess and his FT shooting this year. It’s an absolute killer.
  9. When was the last time your previous games leading scorer was a DNP in the next game?
  10. Every time they spin they hit the shot
  11. Thank you for elaborating my point. Maybe the grass isn’t greener in the Little Apple. K-State is poaching St Louis and is one of our main competitors for local talent. I honestly do not know anything about Williams, not sure why he wasn’t that highly thought of coming out of high school. Maybe cause we weren’t recruiting him, but I certainly do not condone him being a Priority. We need another big even if Diarra works out.
  12. Looking at the big picture, any STL player that fails at K-State is good for us.
  13. I thought Jontay’s Dad was great Xs and Os coach. Who knew?
  14. I have a feeling Has is going to hurt an Eagle in the 2nd
  15. They must of drew inspiration from Coach Poach from a few years ago... Who the F does he think he is to give a speech like this to program that is coming off 3 straight NCAA tournaments when Martin paid 13 million for 1?
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