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  1. Namely the A10 Tournament Final
  2. For real? I would like to think that’s true.
  3. Fantastic…now to sign 2 bigs
  4. I personally know TJHawk and I know he has been volunteered his time and money to raise money for the athletic department at SLU even though he is a KU grad. What have you done other than be a crotchety nuisance and sit in your seat with your arms crossed in your sockless pennyloafers?
  5. Glad his clothing line wasn’t called “Transfer”
  6. Probably still remedial and impossible to read
  7. Maybe Pickett was what Thornton was referring to.
  8. There must be a big coming in over Traore…Bradford?
  9. Not sure he would sit a year out.
  10. Why would Ford call any post up plays…he truly is a puzzling coach
  11. 22 three point attempts 1st half…I don’t think I have ever seen that.
  12. I could see UMC moving to the Valley. I like Bob Sunvold or Kim Anderson for the coaching job.
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