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  1. Hopefully not another lose to SIUE…sorry I couldn’t help myself
  2. When did SLU become SIUE’s b*tch? We should lose zero games in any sport to a low major school. Embarrassing.
  3. Dandridge would go to Michigan to back up Reed from Chaminade. You have to question this kids priority to play over money. What would Michigan pay for a backup big? Someone mentioned Bradford from K-St & G-Tech. I cannot find anything on what he is up to.
  4. Feel like this board needs some team bonding
  5. Is he better than Okoro? Not sure. Is he better than what we have? I hope so. So what is the issue peeps?
  6. Only issue I see is the step back 3…A10 refs will love to call traveling on that.
  7. Frank did say he was a “difference maker.”
  8. Frank mentioned we are close to signing an international combo guard…stay tuned.
  9. Don’t let him out of town until he commits and has a briefcase
  10. Where’s our local recruiting guru, Corey Tate. I haven’t heard any interest in local talent for awhile and that is his job. Is he now utterly useless with transfers and NIL now? It looks like our advantage having Tate on the staff has diminished.
  11. I really hate what has happened to the business of college basketball
  12. Interesting… https://twitter.com/theportalreport/status/1660612905526501382?s=46&t=CJiU9d3JNA8ueZD3sAKrZA
  13. Hmm…. https://twitter.com/kuany13/status/1658216461608026112?s=46&t=CJiU9d3JNA8ueZD3sAKrZA
  14. He spelled Billiken correctly so I am Team Ezewiro
  15. https://twitter.com/tobias_bass/status/1656828094118764544?s=46&t=CJiU9d3JNA8ueZD3sAKrZA New big just hit the portal
  16. https://twitter.com/jackgodar/status/1655624710317654017?s=46&t=CJiU9d3JNA8ueZD3sAKrZA A visitor today…get it closed TF
  17. Looks like we offered out of high school
  18. Haven’t found any video of dunks
  19. I like Jimmy but I can’t root for a P5 school who finished with a 7-11 conference record and a suspect nonconference schedule. How did they get in? I don’t count the Net as it’s absolutely biased.
  20. The A10 Commish has a lot of questions to be answered with this disaster of a season. This league is on the decline if they do not figure out the NET.
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