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  1. No mention of Diarra...does this mean anything?
  2. Isabell dressed but DNP—Coaches Decision.
  3. I like that we can matchup with those small A10 PGs that we couldn’t guard last year.
  4. If he is in TF’s pool, I would say it’s a done deal.
  5. TF get the job done again...welcome Madani. Now get the best player available.
  6. I am not sure...is anyone close to the DeSmut situation? From a Chaminade guy.
  7. You would think after last years choke job, he would have retired.
  8. Has anyone seen anything on Jimmy Bell’s signing today? I wasn’t invited to the party.
  9. Yes, he will play significant minutes at pg, which will help ease YC into the mix. You can’t have enough ball handlers at the end of the game especially one that shoots 80% from FT. How many times did JG or FT get fouled at the end of the game—I cringed.
  10. Let’s be true about his recruitment, he was over shadowed by Tatum, Cook and even Gladsen on that Red Devil team. Not enough balls to go around to truly show his talents. Even as a Chaminade alum, I didn’t believe he would be this good. He was going to be our guard shooters next year. If you were counting on FT & JG, you have higher expectations than me. They will improve, but by how much?
  11. Don’t compare him to McBroom...he went to Chaminade.
  12. Didn’t he verbal with NC State before deciding on Nebraska?
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