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  1. Maybe play for a national championship. Play his games on national tv. Play for a top 5 program. National champion football & basketball coaches. Unlimited strippers.
  2. More of an FU to the NCAA...I have no problem with that. Good for Self.
  3. Not sure what relation Tomi has to him, but she posted some nice things on her twitter about the visit.
  4. Clock Tower, you couldn’t be further from the truth. I attended many Billiken games with TJHawk last season and the last few years. He actually agrees to attend a game with my 5 year old daughter who is certainly no picnic to deal with to make sure she is Billiken Blue all the way through. I can testify that he has been a special guest of the University for his contributions to the school and its programs to give back to the City of St Louis. He in fact was a major factor in closing a major financial contribution recently. Yes, he is a KU alum but he is also a major contributor to SLU. What do you contribute other than berating people on a message board? Kind of makes you look like an A$$HAT, doesn’t it?
  5. https://twitter.com/wearedepaul/status/1166860171433467906?s=21
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