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  1. Need another quality game still...keep working those phone TF.
  2. Speaking of, I didn’t see former SLU recruit Jason Jitoboh in the box score. I haven’t seen if he is redshirting or hurt.
  3. This a$$clown doesn’t even have Richmond ranked but still has Kentucky @ #17.
  4. I don’t see SLU being ranked since there has been very few teams losing in the Top 25 so far.
  5. Penny is an AAU booster, not a coach. Wonder what his 18 signed players feel about this stellar beiginning?
  6. Shame that the Penny’s lost...someone going to lose their scholarship over this.
  7. 9 rebounds already for JGood and 10 pts
  8. Trying to figure out which 5 guys Penny won’t be asking back next season since they will be over scholly in 2021.
  9. Would it be sour grapes to root against Memphis & Penny every game?
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