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  1. Maybe not so unpopular…trend setter Me
  2. Unpopular opinion…Miller is a bust. He passed maybe twice and tried to dribble through the defense every time. At the end, he would not pass the ball hoping to get fouled. He has something coming to him. That being said, we have a scholarship open.
  3. Interesting that he played at Link…could build a relationship with that scam program.
  4. Fun game between our newest recruits.
  5. I heard SLU is recruiting over Turnbull.
  6. Someone mentioned he visited SLU 28th and he committed to Butler on the 1st...so we quit recruiting him during the week he visited. Seems incorrect...I could be wrong, but I am not.
  7. Plus we have a track record of stealing players from Illinois...Goodwin & Nesbitt.
  8. Don’t forget musical chairs and piñata practice
  9. Absolute joke...no one leaves Chaminade early unless you are a Tkachuk or Stastny. My guess is he couldn’t handle our challenging curriculum. Does this mean SLU is out now?
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