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  1. Thank you for elaborating my point. Maybe the grass isn’t greener in the Little Apple. K-State is poaching St Louis and is one of our main competitors for local talent. I honestly do not know anything about Williams, not sure why he wasn’t that highly thought of coming out of high school. Maybe cause we weren’t recruiting him, but I certainly do not condone him being a Priority. We need another big even if Diarra works out.
  2. Looking at the big picture, any STL player that fails at K-State is good for us.
  3. I thought Jontay’s Dad was great Xs and Os coach. Who knew?
  4. I have a feeling Has is going to hurt an Eagle in the 2nd
  5. They must of drew inspiration from Coach Poach from a few years ago... Who the F does he think he is to give a speech like this to program that is coming off 3 straight NCAA tournaments when Martin paid 13 million for 1?
  6. Glad you caught the reference. Still one of the biggest asinine move ever by Coach Poach. What a dick!!!
  7. Any word if TF went into Belmont’s locker room after the game and told them to keep their heads up?
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