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  1. I really hate what has happened to the business of college basketball
  2. Interesting… https://twitter.com/theportalreport/status/1660612905526501382?s=46&t=CJiU9d3JNA8ueZD3sAKrZA
  3. Hmm…. https://twitter.com/kuany13/status/1658216461608026112?s=46&t=CJiU9d3JNA8ueZD3sAKrZA
  4. He spelled Billiken correctly so I am Team Ezewiro
  5. https://twitter.com/tobias_bass/status/1656828094118764544?s=46&t=CJiU9d3JNA8ueZD3sAKrZA New big just hit the portal
  6. https://twitter.com/jackgodar/status/1655624710317654017?s=46&t=CJiU9d3JNA8ueZD3sAKrZA A visitor today…get it closed TF
  7. Looks like we offered out of high school
  8. Haven’t found any video of dunks
  9. I like Jimmy but I can’t root for a P5 school who finished with a 7-11 conference record and a suspect nonconference schedule. How did they get in? I don’t count the Net as it’s absolutely biased.
  10. The A10 Commish has a lot of questions to be answered with this disaster of a season. This league is on the decline if they do not figure out the NET.
  11. Defense has been poor most of season and continues to get exposed by average offenses. Go Bills!! Maybe we can host a game in the NIT.
  12. WTF just happened. I know TF sucks at halftime adjustments but this takes the cake.
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