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  1. All I remember is Chaminade and Billy Coby defeating Hughes/Tatum and Parker/Decker to win districts.
  2. Verbal Commits says we offered both
  3. Is anyone tired of K-State invading St Louis?
  4. Getting tired of the Illini...is there a program that gets less out of it’s talent than them?
  5. Thought it was interesting that Ford didn’t know he was announcing his commitment and then Okoro called him 10 minutes before the announcement. That was why the reports were everywhere.
  6. And this one too...wouldn’t this fire you up as a local recruit to stay home?
  7. Let not forget the contribution Brad Beal and his organization contributed to develop these young men so they can contribute to local schools like SLU. Beal has been a great ambassador for STL. I believe we now have a pipeline. Esto Vir!!!
  8. Uh no...if he can play, don’t insult him with an academic scholly. There is pressure to play college hoops, either be able to play or move on.
  9. Frank said he heard from SLU officials not the Russell camp so maybe we are nudging him
  10. Frank Cusumano just said that Phil Russell will be taking our final scholarship.
  11. I believe he has been discussed previously on this board
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