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  1. Doesn’t this remind us of last season and what could have been? Last year we hammer StB last game of regular season and likely would have played them 1st after double bye. Same thing this year with UMASS.
  2. Pulling for The Wolverines tonight, I guess.
  3. Night couldn’t have gone any better for the Bills
  4. Do you think the committee would put Duke in over other teams just for name value? See Syracuse every other year.
  5. Do we want Duke to win over GT? I can’t root for them...they should be dq’d anyway for quitting scheduled games when teams like SLU were begging to play. Great message by The Count.
  6. Don’t flatter ourselves...the SEC is supposed to get 7 teams when the A10 pounded them in non conference. .500 SEC teams are seeded 4th in some projections. Does that make sense?
  7. Why is A10 moving the tournament up again? Some teams need games still. SLU can be playing StB or VCU again to help their resume. Have we heard an explanation?
  8. Especially after what they posted about us on Power Mizzou.
  9. LSU wins...need NC St to beat Duke. Could be a good day for the Bills
  10. This almost happened at Semester break so I could definitely see him here with an opening in the back court next season.
  11. Can someone steal the StB bus? Seems like transportation issues only happen to SLU.
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