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  1. Do we know anything about Alonzo Verge Jr situation?
  2. Apparently we are in on Aaron Cook the local guy from Gonzaga. Did he play much for the National Runner-ups?
  3. Ouch... What’s the bigger falloff OSU->UM-Columbia or UM-Columbia->Elon? Difficult to decide.
  4. There is nothing worse than walking into a store and being engulfed by black and Puke gold while beautiful Billiken blue is nowhere to be found. SLU should have a local presence in dept stores likes Penny’s (not sure still around) and Kohl’s just for the general fans. I purchased a Kwamain blue jersey several years ago and it I still love. Now I have kids, I cannot find any gear of quality to purchase for them. Very sad, but if we do not make a fuss, things won’t change.
  5. Sprinkle in a few under .500 P5 teams and slim pickings remain. (See Michigan St & Maryland).
  6. How about a power forward transfer? SLU still needs height and and length in that position. I know we’re looking at a few PF transfers and the signing would not hurt feelings on the team. I hope.
  7. Thank you Penny for being a sleeze bag liar...look out for the Billikens!!
  8. Jordan Goodwin is returning for his 5th season.
  9. Something happened... https://247sports.com/college/memphis/Article/Memphis-freshman-Jordan-Nesbitt-enters-NCAA-transfer-portal--163489814/Amp/
  10. I guess he isn’t going to be the next Penny
  11. Boogie Ellis leaving Memphis...1 down 4 to go.
  12. He was good in the 6th man role and there were times this season where he was on the floor at the end. He was one of 2 designated FT shouters at the end of the game. He got hurt and his season went to hell.
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