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  1. We could be District 5 until a former soccer prodigy turned alcoholic lawyer takes over the dying team as a part of community service and then names us after his lawfirm
  2. Our best lineups will be with somebody other than Goodwin playing the point. I don't really mean that as a knock on Goodwin
  3. Hell I'd play Belmont in a home and home every year
  4. Practice %'s worry me. I feel like French and Ford always talked about how French made 60-70% of his free throws in practice
  5. I believe Ford would have gotten Tatum but would Rickma have gotten him?
  6. I think there's no doubt that SLU did something wrong in this situation but highly doubt it's as bad as the article makes it out to be. The problem is that SLU never speaks so public perception is solely based on the article.
  7. I'm torn on this one. We have to let the freshmen play and develop. That's how you build a perennial winner in the A10 I think. But having an extra, capable body is necessary since something always seems to happen to our roster. I don't think Weaver moves the needle and makes us a tourney team (outside of a run in Brooklyn again) so I would hope anything we do from here is a depth move only.
  8. From fear to freedom: The soccer journey of Saadiq Mohammed https://es.pn/2KYARF9 via @ESPN App http://espn.com/app SLU mentioned a lot
  9. I say kick 05 off the pod and give him a 3 month ban on the board. I have a baby at home!
  10. While I do think that assistant coaches' impact is often overstated, this is a big loss for us
  11. You know your other teams are really succeeding when the only team the city troll can attack is the baseball team
  12. The goal is to list every available grad transfer and say he'd be a good fit so then if he signs with us and has some big games, we can all say that we called it
  13. I know it's hard to win at Navy, but Lange went 93-113 in 7 seasons as the coach at Navy
  14. Mike Anderson out at Arkansas
  15. Yeah Kentucky, Michigan, Virginia, UNC, and Kansas are looking at him because he won his conference championship and they didn't
  16. Somewhat noteworthy although Jensen has been gone a while
  17. Mizzou will be a factor once he commits somewhere else
  18. Yeah I would be really concerned about Goodwin if he cared about the grade I gave him
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