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  1. A few thoughts before back to hibernation - this team goes as Yuri goes. Which is normal for a non power conference team to have one guy who is the engine. He has had some insanely good games but too many clunkers - Nesbitt has to be the backup PG when Yuri sits. Jones had some moments but Nesbitt is flat out better even if he isn't totally ready. We are only talking about 2 minutes per half where he's needed most games - I want Jimerson taking 6+ 3s every game. I'll take my chances. I understand the "big shot" concern but ill still give him the ball in any situation given the current roster - We need Linssen back desperately - Grant can really coach. He had some clunkers this year with a young team but I like him and the way Dayton plays
  2. This is not an anti Ford post so the homers can relax but Grant is a good coach
  3. Will do. Any board with you and NH on it is not worth my time.
  4. Thou must not criticize Yuri Collins Thou must not criticize the SLU covid policies Got it. This board sucks
  5. https://umassathletics.com/news/2021/12/28/mens-basketball-mens-basketball-game-against-saint-louis-postponed.aspx AMHERST, Mass. - The University of Massachusetts men's basketball game against Saint Louis on Thursday has been postponed due to COVID-19 protocol within Saint Louis' program. The Atlantic 10's revised policy on COVID-19 forfeiture policy can be found here. The Minutemen now open Atlantic 10 play on Sunday, Jan. 2 at 2 p.m. at Fordham. Print Friendly Version
  6. It was reported that the team practiced on December 23rd. So I'm really not sure why we couldn't play Drake. All signs point to the University fumbling another thing with Athletics
  7. As I've said numerous times on this board, I'm pretty set on being overly safe and "trusting the science" especially since Covid has impacted my family directly from my 8 month old son to my 91 year old grandpa. But if pre-vaccine rules are going to be in place in a post-vaccine world, then you are not "trusting the science". Let's hope this is a one game pause and we just get some extra rest before A10 play
  8. Looks like tickets are no longer available for purchase for this game. Maybe that's been the case for a while but it's not looking good.
  9. Player by player thoughts Yuri: 6 turnovers but he was incredible. His defense in our 2nd half run was the best on ball defense I've seen from a Billiken Nesbitt: He's going to be a superstar and he showed it last night. Had one big blown defensive assignment and thought he missed a couple opportunities to pass to an open man but he was great Jimerson: Watched him closely for 5 minutes straight. He was pushed, pulled, bumped, held the entire time. He talked to the refs a few times about it. The 3 he hit from the corner was one of the quickest releases I've ever seen. He needs more than 6 shots though. I actually thought his defense was solid and that he played well considering how overmatched he usually is against more athletic teams. We tried to get him open but Auburn took him away. Want to see more of a killer mentality though. He's one of those guys where any shot he takes is a good one. Needs to be more assertive. I can live with his misses. Hargrove: I've doubted him but he is just good. Shot was a little off last night but love his aggression. Okoro: He was gassed. Blew defensive assignments and gotta make free throws. But he worked hard and showed he can play with the SEC big boys in the paint Linssen: We win that game if he doesn't get hurt. He wasn't great but having him and Okoro would have been the difference Jones: He looked overwhelmed although it was very limited minutes. Thatch: Nothing really of note. A few bad offensive possessions but he defended decently well. Pretty much who he is Ford: He had a good gameplan. He got the team fired up to play. But man how many times is this team going to make the same 2nd half mistake. Auburn adjusted just like all teams do against us and made Yuri work to even get the ball across half court. We never adjusted We are a good team. But too many opportunities have slipped away
  10. A few semi off topic points - That was an incredible college basketball game - Credit to the Auburn fans. They had more fans that I expected and could be heard at times. - Auburn is good. We collapsed defending the pick and roll and took our foot off the pedal but they still made big time shots - I want to play them every year. To me, SLU/Auburn could be one of those fun/competitive rivalries that doesn't rally make sense on paper
  11. I'm not concerned about anyone. Some guys had some bad stretches but that happens against top 15 teams. Overall we played well especially our top 6 rotation guys. We took our foot off the pedal (again) and we lost (again).
  12. Walking the ball up the court too much
  13. I personally can't see a scenario where we lose this game
  14. If next year SLU (and others) require a flu vaccine, we can all get pissed. But I don't see why we're worried about that now. But let's definitely talk about it on a message board
  15. This is who Ford is and always has been. I'm not saying he's a good or bad coach. But what we've seen from him this season is what fans of his teams at other schools have said about him
  16. The double teamed fall away 3 that Jimerson hit with under 2 minutes to play to cut the lead to 2 is the type of shot that opposing teams always seem to hit against us. It was an incredible shot and at that point I thought we would win. We scored 1 point the rest of the way despite being gifted the ball 3 times by Belmont
  17. How bad must Rashad Williams be in practice if a guy with his resume can't crack this rotation?
  18. Outside of Nesbitt and Jimerson, our energy level seemed subzero today
  19. I've been a big fan of him this season but Hargrove was awful tonight
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