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  1. Yeah but that doesn't get people pissed off about their so called freedom
  2. Perkins. Most believe he can be A10 POY but I think he can have an Obi Toppin type season and be in National POY conversation if we can be a top 20 team
  3. Since geography doesn't matter at this point, I'd actually prefer to add a Texas school to the A10 as my top choice. Even if not a huge name/program
  4. I think the location of our campus can be a selling point depending on the kid. I think it's 1/1,000,000 who care that we have professional sports teams in our town. The lack of a NBA team maybe but the Cardinals and Blues don't mean much in a recruiting pitch. Maybe it means something once they get here
  5. As we did last year, there just needs to be a thread dedicated to the covid discussion. I actually think it's very relevant to our season, even right now, but clogging up existing threads isn't the approach.
  6. Goodwin did flex after a basket down 25 points in the 2nd half in our game against Dayton. I was ready to drive to Ohio and take him out of the game myself at that point. Other than that one moment, I am totally in favor of all showboating and partly wish our guys would do it even more.
  7. The most interesting thing for me will be the combination of players on the court. My biggest criticism of Ford over the years has been that there always seems to be a 8-10 minute stretch in the 2nd half where he puts 5 really good defenders on the court together but the lineup is 1) limited offensively and/or 2) repetitive offensively. We only give up like 6 points in that entire stretch but only score 5 points ourselves. As many have said, Perkins, Collins, and Okoro seem like shoe-ins for big minutes. I think Nesbitt is knocking on that door as well. Jimerson actually used a pump fake/pull-up jumper very successfully early in the season (and in his first year). That stopped in the back-half of the season. He's not a very good defender either. There are some rumors that he hit a wall post covid because 1) lingering effects from covid and 2) his "freshman" season was cut short with an injury and he hit a fatigue wall with this being his first full-season of D1 basketball. I think he's slightly misused when he is just asked to stand in the corner and wait for a pass. To me, he is a 20 min/game type of guy on average who can play huge minutes if he's hot from 3 and can play less if he's struggling with his shot. But shooters need to be given a chance so I hope he doesn't get buried on the bench like he did late last year. Also he needs to be on the court with other good defenders. Thatch is a little foul-prone and I actually think at times he is an overrated defender. But I also think he's an underrated offensive player and I still have confidence in him defending the opposing team's best player. He's a good rebounder as well which is a staple for Ford's SLU teams. I think Thatch will get big minutes but a lineup of Collins, Nesbitt, Thatch, Perkins, Okoro seems a little too similar to the offensively challenged lineups of last year although I think Nesbitt will offer more offensively than Goodwin (not trying to knock JG) Hargrove I think needs to be similar to Jimerson in the sense that he could play 8-10 minutes one game and then 30 minutes the next just depending on how the game is flowing. Maybe both average 20 mpg but they never both play 20 minutes in the same game. I do think teams will respect Hargrove's shooting ability a little more this season but I also think Hargrove will continue to develop his game and be able to respond to more of a half-court, offensive flow. I would like to see him become a better defender. He's more of a pest defender rather than one who locks you up. Not to knock anyone on here but I don't get much out of his offseason shooting %'s. I would take about 200 3's/day in high school and would shoot it at about a 65% clip. It's good practice to develop mechanics which is important but it just doesn't translate to games consistently. It's definitely encouraging though. Strickland may still be a year away. I hope I'm wrong but he seemed pretty unpolished last year outside of dunking. I love his ceiling though. Williams will be really interesting to me. His skillset fits in but I haven't seen enough of him to guess where he actually falls in the rotation. Linssen obviously has a big role backing up Okoro and potentially playing some minutes together (although I'm not sure I want to see a lot of that).
  8. The no uniform or team logo rule isn't an NCAA rule. UNC just unveiled a program where their athletes can profit while wearing UNC gear. Expect many schools to follow.
  9. Even if he doesn't stick in the NBA beyond a year or two, having him drafted and getting minutes would be a nice win for Ford and SLU.
  10. SLU and Mizzou fans are really obsessed with each other for 2 programs that never play and neither have made a sweet 16 in the last decade
  11. As always, special thanks/shout-out to @Box and Won and @slufanskip for making this happen
  12. It looks like Jimerson has secured a deal with Barstool (per his instagram bio)
  13. I'll take you up in the arch this summer
  14. If Larson blew out her knee, I am guessing she'd miss next season since it starts in 4-5 months?
  15. Bad luck with Larson out and had some chances and more bad luck in the overtimes. We had a great team. The A10 being so weak does us no favors in getting ready for these games but we proved we could compete with the non conference schedule this year. Just didn't go our way tonight. Excited for next year.
  16. Looks like Stuen was put on life support. Hesitant to share this but if his wife made it public then I think we can do our part by sending thoughts and prayers. https://www.instagram.com/p/CNn6mToD__P/?igshid=1p9h6ckagh7jh
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