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  1. Well to me that also speaks to Ford trying to control the narrative. Like I said if he stretches the truth or spins the truth on one thing you have to take everything with at least a little skepticism. The fact is that we laid an egg to HP and if it wasn’t for Gibson and Goodwin we lose. Just because he scored when we needed doesn’t equate leadership. You gotta help rally your guys to work harder for rebounds and be tougher.
  2. Congrats @Billikenbooster, you deserve it!
  3. They appeal greatly to students. I like to collect them, don’t really wear them all that much. Wore my Kwamain for senior day this past year, we kept winning so I wore it when I went to BKLN. I do like wearing them in the summer especially on vacation. I don’t see a reason to question how someone likes to dress to be honest. As long as nobody’s getting hurt, no need to be a poopy pants. Edit: I’m curious if you feel the same about all jerseys/uniforms/kits.
  4. Yeah I really don’t know. The dude who runs the shop makes so many fuoking excuses, it’s ridiculous.
  5. So we’ve said on this board that Travis likes to bend the truth in the media with coach speak. How can you take this at face value but not other things.
  6. It’s actually time to talk about our leaders. Where are they? Nobody has stepped up to replace Javon
  7. I really don’t care what they wear on the court as long as we can buy legit Nike replicas of them.
  8. You wanna go knee to knee with Bell, see how you feel afterwards?
  9. Is The Perfect Score the best heist movie of all time?
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