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  1. Yes you're correct in that comparison. I did not do enough looking into his social media behavior.
  2. "BG's schtick (same that made you guys want him on the show initially)" I didn't do my homework on his schtick. However, I wouldn't compare the content he had been putting out with his big guard series in the same realm as McBroom. McBroom is a lifestyle youtuber, and alleged scam artist. All I knew is he was putting out quality Youtube content featuring Yuri breaking down game film. I assumed his motive was to continue on that path, not become some sort of handler/street agent. My assumption that his motives were on the up and up was a poor one. That's on me.
  3. And I feel personally responsible about it. I feel sh*tty as fuok about giving him any platform. He showed his true colors eventually. Yuri was also doing free sandwich coupon giveaway on campus, so I'm sure there was a bit more than just a single event. Now this is going to be a bit of mild goalpost moving, but when I say "make a buck" it isn't just money. It's using Yuri and his connection to him to further whatever his agenda or end goal is. Is it to make connections with college coaches to get access for his show? Is it purely clout? Maybe BG was just hungry and wanted some free sandwiches courtesy of Yuri. I don't have any insight on the deal. But again, when you associate with a person who is on twitter sh*tposting about your team, coach, program etc. It might be time to cut that relationship off.
  4. Like I said, presented by Big Guard. So, yeah I find it a little friggin' irritating when your start PG is being "represented" by a guy who is actively trash talking the program and it's boosters on twitter.
  5. Yes, I can't find a screenshot. But he tweeted either @ Rich Chaifetz or a reply to Ross (I can't remember exactly which) in the middle of the season, claiming that they promised Yuri Collins 200k in NIL money and didn't pay him.
  6. Colluding? I would agree they aren't colluding, but I firmly believe BG was influencing Yuri's decisions based on his personal financial gain. Look at the deal with Snarfs, it was advertised as being brokered by BG.
  7. I mean, i was going to. I am very happy he's sticking with the pro route (would have been happy for him if he had stuck it out in the draft process last spring to be honest, bummed for sure but not resentful) instead of listening to people who only care about how they can make a buck.
  8. I think the heat on Yuri is more than fair considering the last 16 months. Aligning himself with a guy like BG, hitting the portal, coming back acting like everything is good, BG then working on behalf of Yuri including taking shots on twitter at our largest booster with complete falsehoods. Most Billiken fans seem to have just wanted him to step away from the street agent and stop jerking everyone around.
  9. Yes, field hockey at SLU is not very good comparatively but St Louis is a really good FH city for being in the Midwest. And that's the thing, it's a good bet that even if you switch the lacrosse you're going to run into the exact same issue being a Midwest school in an east coast sport. The biggest difference is being able to play on campus.
  10. To be clear, I would feel terrible for field hockey. But like, at the end of the day, if we're going to be bare competitive at a sport lets not have to rent out practice and game fields upto 30 minutes away from campus. Sh!t who knows, if you have a sport based on campus, maybe you get more support for it from students and fans.
  11. Golf is dumb for a small AD like SLU. They were right to drop it. If SLU is in the market to make big changes, the move would be dropping field hockey for women’s lacrosse. It’s essentially the same sport financially but they can host on campus.
  12. Fuok, now that you ask….that’s a great question.
  13. Spent 2 hours and 22 minutes going on and on about Game 2 on commentary but did not once mention when it could possibly start until right before signing off....This fuokin' league...
  14. Oh look Brighton comes back with nothing but negativity. Go touch some grass dude.
  15. Up until 2012, they didn't have a facility on campus....Not all that surprising, if I'm being honest. It's also not a situation where the 'conference champion' makes the regional automatically. They've had regional qualifiers throughout the year.
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