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  1. Not a single chance Amzil is 6’10. I would liken Amzil’s game to a Cody Ellis without the baby fat.
  2. flowers finally with a breakout performance. This team will have a fine season if she’s playing well. Otherwise it’s just MST up front.
  3. LaSalle is better than Dayton. Richmond also not that good.
  4. Most of them will probably end up on peacock. Streaming services were great until they weren’t
  5. Coach Stone received a T early in the game, she kicked the air and her shoe flew onto the court.
  6. You in a glass house, homie.I’m not saying we’re not allowed to talk about scoring futility, but we’re really not allowed.
  7. Democrat or Republican I think we can all agree that you don't need to ask if anyone knows when the Billikens will return because I can guarantee as soon as someone knows it will be posted here without prompting.
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