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  1. looks like Thatch’s scholarship is spoken for.
  2. I think dead in the water is a little harsh given that we still only go 2 deep in the front court without him.
  3. Recording with Majerus walk on Brian Daly tonight. Any questions?
  4. My whole point was that WVBilliken was labeling our foray into international recruiting to be littered with busts when our experience with international recruits has not been anywhere close to a failure.
  5. I would disqualify Glaze from the list of "busts". I could make a case for Neufeld transferring due to coaching change. Psmitis is a walk on. The other greek walk on.
  6. What are you talking about? Latimer, Vouyoukas, Izik, Ellis, Loe, Christian, Agbeko(?), Glaze, Ingvi I'd only say Salecich and Ingvi are the only players who transferred out due to PT.
  7. I hate to be the self promoting type but we’ve covered a lot of the moments listed here in depth with the guys that lived it. Cassity, Ellis, Evans, Drejaj, Harris, Conklin. We should be adding at least 3 new interviews in the next month and hopefully one is another spoonball alum who played with Larry Hughes. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-house-that-rick-built/id1450098755
  8. Kwamain’s 3 didn’t beat UD it tied the game.
  9. You should listen to THTRB. Chapley explained that French’s mom just came and picked him up. French is here to stay.
  10. I, and I think alot of people, forget Kwamain absolutely carried us that night. You always remember your first and man I can still remember everything from that weekend like it was yesterday.
  11. I flew in to Columbus, one way, no hotel room.
  12. That KC party after the game was crazy. We tore down McFaddens like we beat KU. I tried to replicate it this year with mixed results. Right @Westy03? Wait what?
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