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  1. Yeah I think at this point in SLU WBB history your non-con schedule only serves as an extra benchmark for year in year out improvement. Assuming WBB continues on a steady upward trajectory it will be a few more years before at-large bids are realistically on the table at the beginning of seasons and even then, as LE said, it's kind of up to the A10 to do its part as well. If they would have gone 2 for 2 in Hawaii, I think it would have been squarely on the table.
  2. I maintain that we're a good three point shooting team, we don't a. shoot enough and b. run enough action to get good looks
  3. I don't agree. I also wouldn't be too sure that it's still going on. The AD was already dishonest about Bruce, hard to trust that they are being upfront about anything else. Seems like we're at the point where if he's going to be cleared at all it'll be a blanket "half-season" and he's cleared January 1.
  4. Spoiler: we won’t. Everyone is stuck in traffic, find another slant.
  5. Mindy should have had her diploma revoked for Velma.
  6. If anyone has an extra tonight, I would be appreciative and I promise I won't sit next to you.
  7. Nah I came to a conclusion in my post.
  8. Likely he would just be taken to the local hospital if it was really necessary. Only reason to rush would be if they thought surgery would be needed to start the recovery. Care for it is as a worst case break, healing starts regardless.
  9. It's really a funny feeling on this game for me. I really don't feel screwed or hard done, but like the officiating was actually embarrassing. The strangest part was that no matter how bad this ref sucked, none of her bad calls really directly affected the outcome. Just off the top of my head. Two straight baffling free throw direction mistakes early. Multiple times the foul was given the wrong way on 50/50 balls. There were two straight contact plays. A foul wasn't called benefiting PSU and then was called benefiting PSU. The phantom PK PSU lost the ball over the endline and the missed it. I know there were misses both ways the entire game, but as a homer the SLU one's stick out. I thought both fouls for the free kick goals were fair.
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