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  1. LaSalle volleyball didn’t have a full time assistant coach as of 2010. When they would visit Anne Kordes Billiken teams you’d be in and out of the gym in an hour. this was their head coach for 10 years who went 71-281 https://goexplorers.com/sports/womens-volleyball/roster/coaches/dave-stever/654
  2. There’s talk in this thread about a plane owned by Parks, there’s a really funny story in the Chris Sloan episode of THTRB about the team using the private plane that was owned by parks at one time.
  3. By themselves nothing. This is the combination of sweaty obese alcoholics in shmediums
  4. Honestly I can’t wait for the Louligans full heel turn when another group of people who don’t wa to be surrounded by obese alcoholics sweating through their shmedium jerseys and the Louligans get territorial.
  5. This is a prevailing belief as far as I can tell from their twitter account and accounts they retweet.
  6. A lot of the things you mention are spot on. My first impression of one of their top members was a sodomy joke. to expand on the soccer fandom authority: they are extremely self important. They think they are essential to St Louis Soccer.
  7. I spent the entirety of the inaugural game as a gameday volunteer being a liaison to that group. That was the last time I ever considered supporting them as a group.
  8. Does this mean we don’t have to hear from the Louligans until then? Sign me up.
  9. Interesting that they’d go with City in the name after their campaign to include metro cities and towns. Maybe they are compensating for potential backlash that it isn’t an inclusive name?
  10. You really wanted to pay for that cheap jersey they gave away?
  11. Holy sh!t they spelled Billikens wrong in the listing when it’s right there in the logo.
  12. They turned out okay. Kind of cheaply made if I’m being honest.
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