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  1. He lost Jimmy Bell, Momo Cisse and Lassina Traore. All guys that could, if nothing else protect the rim. I know it's a ridiculous thing to say, but IMO that's the difference between 14th and 6th place and maybe a debate of the heat of his seat, it would still be very hot, but you could have an honest conversation with either outcome being a possibility.
  2. Completely wrong. This isn’t wether or not you’d storm the beaches knowing how much Dutch a$$ you’d get if you make it out alive. I’d take 3 more NCAA tournaments in a row in the same exact scenario without question. We’ll deal with finding a new coach when it comes around with 3 years of NCAA credits on the books.
  3. This is my question. Guys, how many times have we talked about SLU Athletics running with the secrecy of North Korea. So are we not going to question why "Ahearn is the favorite" seems like the worst kept secret in Billiken History?
  4. Anyone know what's going on with the students
  5. Alexa Datt makes this broadcast unwatchable. I literally can't listen to her non-PBP and dead air.
  6. "Who cares, we already got their tuition money" - Chris May
  7. IT IS CHRIS MAY'S JOB TO DO THIS. Pot calling the kettle black if I've ever heard it. Keep getting those belly scratches from Chris May. Does he bite his nails or is he a manicure guy?
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