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  1. You can actually watch every team's film at any time. i'm blanking on the computer program but I believe every team in the country uploads all game film
  2. I agree with you and Pistol that just video would be fine. I tend to try to offer perspective especially when it comes to social media and gameday operations because I had experience in meetings where this kind of sh!t was discussed.
  3. Daryl Doran LEFT school early to play professional indoor soccer. I don't care if it was a go pro early deal or a school isn't my thing deal that's bananalands.
  4. I don't think this is as uncommon as you are making it out to be among big programs. It's not ideal and I'd like them to stream it but it's not an indication of program stature aspirations or lack thereof IMO.
  5. I enjoy it for what it is. You just have to accept it as something completely different from traditional outdoor soccer. It’s good entertainment especially on a budget.
  6. They aren’t “still around” so to speak. There’s been many incarnations of Indoor Soccer post it’s two big spikes in the 70s and 90s. The Steamers returned in the early to mid 2000s playing in the MISL and the Ambush were revived in 2013. Also initially playing in the MISL and currently MASL. I being indoor and A being Arena.
  7. Are we not remembering how many people were angry that we didn’t announce a big East invite when there was no indication that was what it would be? There will always be people complaining.
  8. On the flip side, you don't want to really cheapen the look of your internet streaming product. It was a terrible look for VCU to not have a PBP person for their game vs SLU Soccer a few weeks ago. My guess(and it is a guess) is that time/effort/money is not the main reason.
  9. @SluSignGuyis there anyway we can just get automated GDTs?
  10. How many times is the same question going to be asked?
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