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  1. "I was in the military, Beverage Ops." always makes me laugh.
  2. I believe it was barely streamed. I remember us getting our a$$ handed to us by BYU.
  3. Justin Bieber would beg to differ. I feel like you could have asked this question without being snarky. When you play soccer you tend to wear soccer shorts and a soccer shirt, when you play basketball you wear basketball shorts and a basketball tank top. If you wear plane shorts you're going to have a numb penis(probably have that anyway with bike shorts), then a sore pair of testicles. If you wear a regular shirt with bike shorts you looks fuoking weirder than in a full cycling kit.
  4. This is good. I can't believe these slipped by me.
  5. I don't want this to come off snarky but I haven't seen a fitted New Era hat in at least 5 years.
  6. What do you know about John Duff's daughter Mackenzie who's headed to Clemson?
  7. That's all time 100% 3 point shooting Reggie Agbeko to you.
  8. McBroom vs Kristo already happened in the moment
  9. Don’t ask me how I now this but Nick has a restraining order against Aaron
  10. Who has the pirate stream for the McBroom slap fight tonight?
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