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  1. Tried to tell them. Wait til I stay up til 12:01 on Monday morning to start the GDT
  2. Drink your Appletini and enjoy the win homie
  3. You’re welcome Billikens com. 3 wins in a row for basic GDTs
  4. Wings, fries and wobblies at Boo Coo before the game. See you guys there after a win.
  5. I probably will need to eat crow on the pod. I was very skeptical of this team’s front court presence but Brooke has been massive lately.
  6. So let me get this straight, you actually know nothing about volleyball, Kent Miller or his contract yet you continue to be confident in an assessment based on absolutely nothing but guesses and assumptions? I didn’t attend SLU Law but I’m confident that your case you just rested is fragile at best.
  7. Marilyn Nolan. Great older coach, they held their own in a tough CUSA(better than A10 obviously) and they were a competitive squad year in and year out I’m not asking for a top 10 program but for gods sake you have to win this conference every few years it’s that fuoking bad.
  8. You know nothing about SLU Volleyball but continue to tell me I’m wrong? Astounding! I don’t have a vendetta against Kent Miller. I spent a year with the program and saw what it can be up close and personal. Do you think the Volleyball budget has contracted since Anne left? That doesn’t seem likely. Anne made 2 NCAA’s recruiting to West Pine Gym. Find another slant other than money.
  9. Lot of bad vibes on this board. Can someone please close that other GDT?
  10. I don’t believe in Voodoo but it couldn’t hurt. Maybe I’ll get a little Grant Golden doll.
  11. I realize the excitement has tempered on this team but let’s go Billikens com. Get to talking sh!t about Richmond and their covid protocols or something!
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