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  1. @rgbilliken That's incredible.
  2. is Old Guy an AI bot? This AI generated piece Ben Fred just posted reads oddly familiar
  3. I think McBr**m owns that title. Talk about an actual scammer.
  4. Interesting phrasing. In all seriousness, I am not sure what Grandy is doing is really a scam per se. Granted, I only got through 1:30 of the video referenced in the short vid JJU posted. More of a gay for pay thirst trap grift.
  5. New addition to 19Nine Billiken collection. I am not kidding when I say the last hoodie they put out is easily the most comfortable piece of clothing I own. https://19nine.com/collections/saint-louis-billikens/products/saint-louis-basketball
  6. I think D1 coaching is a tough lifestyle to fit in with fitness and proper diet. Lisa Stone was good at it, always saw her running down Market St.(probably the same route John Klein talked about frequenting). Late nights, long film sessions, living out of hotels often during the season. Stuen and Forte were/are good at finding gyms in the cities on the road, on Instagram Forte is an Orange Theory Fitness guy. But once you hit a certain age it’s gotta be hard to maintain proper fitness routine and decent diet in that lifestyle.
  7. That’s what I hope for. Anyone who gets upset over someone saying “we” when talking about their favorite sports team has a huge dump in their pants.
  8. Sorry if this came off as some sort of anti-non SLU alum thing, I certainly wasn't going for that. I mean I'm BARELY an alum and my all-time favorite thing is to meet others who just grew up Billiken fans.
  9. I would buy courtside seats for that one.
  10. He’s not all that off base. It’s just a shame he’s been a troll since he got here and this nobody is gonna take him seriously.
  11. I might actually entertain his BS if this were a pro sports forum. But seeing as a good amount of us attended SLU, you’re right.
  12. Depending on the month and dry air, it’s entirely possible to draw some blood clapping.
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