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  1. Says nothing about spectator or media facilities. Thanks for coming out hoosierbot.
  2. Are there plans out there? Probably. But have there are always "plans" out there and have been for a decade or more. Spearheaded 100% of the time by Hendo. You can. Baseball got a brand new hitting facility and softball did not. If a donor specifically donates something for baseball, softball is not entitle9 to the same. And vice versa. There is plenty of space between the baseball field and Olive Compton/walkways. I don't think anyone is expecting any upgrade to extend even to the outer red line below. Mostly just sit in the exact footprint as now, just with real amenities. Hell you could even mix in some dual purpose infrastructure for gameday ops for soccer. I don't think any upgrades would require the field to be moved. That would be excessive and unnecessary IMO. Why not? To avoid drumming up interest and/or donations?
  3. Well that would make sense then. Thanks for the information.
  4. Like @Littlebillsaid WPG is either already ADA accessible or absolutely should be. It's not really 1 to 1 situation either, you could easily access the court in a wheelchair. I can't believe you're arguing that because it's not legally required that we shouldn't have made it possible for people confined to wheelchairs to easily view Billiken Baseball games. Jesus F'in Christ.
  5. Of course he's only part of the Big East failure. However, the basketball program, the only thing I'm told matters to the Big East, did not reach a level suitable to the Big East. So yes, I'm sure there are some political behind the scenes BS with Biondi, the BoT whoever, but the one part of Billiken Athletics that needed to show out, sputtered for 10 years. We're just talking men's basketball because that's all that matters right? I’m not going to include Crews or Ford firing. Schertz Hire Champions Center Locker Room Upgrade Practice Court Renaming Multiple 20 win seasons 2 NCAA Tournaments for the Crews years. 1 NCAA Tournament in 2019. Feel free to add more Men's Basketball accomplishments.
  6. That’s the naming rights for the whole baseball/softball complex.
  7. No kidding. United States has really clung to the traditional aesthetics of the American professional sporting model. FA Carling Cup became a thing in 1993. 30 years later and we're just getting to conference naming rights when tournaments and games have been sponsored since before I was born... Conference realignment has made geographic conference brands obsolete. This was always coming. I think it's a great way to get your conference members some extra scratch. Neither Atlantic nor 10, Atlantic nor coast describe their conference. So why not call it the Barclay's 14 Conference and pull in a handful of million per school.
  8. Is it possible they did not have certain extraneous facilities? SLU as a home base perhaps offers some extra (somewhat secluded) space for non-soccer related leisure? SLU's outdoor pool and volleyball courts for instance.
  9. I think SK put up their facilities, maybe City just didn’t think it was worth the hassle. Got a good thing going.
  10. Here's the bottom line: The Billiken Baseball bleachers are not ADA Accessible. The only thing that needed to happen is a concrete walkway and a ramp. It's been this way since May arrived. If May is the decision maker, this should have been sorted at some point in the last 10-15 years. If May is not the decision maker and the BoT would not approve ADA Accessibility additions then what is May still doing here. They are making him look incompetent.
  11. You speak so surely about my feelings, yet so incorrectly. I haven't worked in sports in a decade. I have no interest in returning to sports. It's objectively true that Chris May's decision making regarding the direction of Billiken Basketball has been a net negative. He did not hire Majerus, he did not build Chaifetz. He hired Crews, he hired Ford, missed out on the Big East, watched the Billiken RPI drop to historic lows. That's 10 years of missed opportunities. There are a lot of people in here that say Basketball is the only thing that matters. So what now?
  12. Going to binge all of them at once to get extra torqued up before the exhibition?
  13. We know. You’ve only projecting that role all over May. He’ll keep giving you a couple belly scratches a year, tell you he’s done his best and you’ll keep believing that the BoT is the bad guy because you want to believe he can relate to you. Chris May is a DIRECTOR, not a middle manager. He is a decision maker. He decides what fundraising Billiken Athletics does and does not prioritize. You do not hire an athletics director and not give him autonomy to decide what projects are fundraised and what are not. Just like you don’t hire a basketball coach and not give them the autonomy to recruit the players and call the plays they want. So again, I’m asking if Chris May was hired as an athletics director and has been spinning his tires for 20 years to get things done, only to be beaten down over and over by the BoT, why has he not taken another job? Even a lowly middle manager such as yourself would have had enough of that work environment by now. Then again, maybe my assertion is correct that May is a great Assistant Athletics Director for Development and Fundraising but does not have the organizational chops for an AD role.
  14. His job is a sales job. He sold you didn’t he? He was touted as a fundraiser, that’s a sales job. Idk man, in your completely impossible hypothetical. Maybe they should just go to the Endowment ATM(you keep clamoring about) for the 250k, because that also doesn’t exist.
  15. It's his job to sell projects to the BoT, not recommend. To present them with all of the facts and figures as to why a facility addition is necessary. It's his job to convince the BoT of the projects worth. If they don't approve it, he then what throws up his hands and says oh well? Or does he look for a solution to rework the proposal? Regardless of this, the delay in installing the grass in the outfield and making a decision to source funds for lighting installations are not something the BoT is really concerned with. If Chris May/Darin Hendrickson wants to try to raise the rest of the installation cost through baseball alumni, why would the BoT or Pestello reject a project funded completely by private donations?
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