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  1. Last year any game that was on FSMW was also on ESPN+. Anyone know if that will be the case again this year?
  2. Unreal watching Loe against Giannis.
  3. "Cord cutters" are getting just as bad a vegans or vegetarians.
  4. Nah I have YoutubeTV currently. It freezes all the time. YoutubeTV and internet cost me $100 per month. I could get more channels plus a landline (I don't know why I need that but I could have it) for the same price. All of these companies are fleecing you, man.
  5. Cable is still the better deal. More channels and more reliable service.
  6. Mad props to @rgbilliken for reaching out to the university. I may have gotten my panties in a bunch over nothing.
  7. I appreciate the insight on the soccer scholarships. I did not know any of that, and just assumed most players were getting full rides. Even so, SLU was in a position to act on their motto, to help a human being in need, and "they" (whoever they are) chose not to. This was an opportunity to show the world the type of institution Saint Louis University is, and in my opinion, they did just that.
  8. SLU is CONSTANTLY doing something that is perceived to be wrong and instead of clearing the air, they go radio silent making perception reality.
  9. All of those people did allow for this to happen, though. Or are you suggesting all of these folks are just as surprised as we are reading this article?
  10. Reading that article made me feel genuinely ashamed for supporting Saint Louis University. That said, I'm not shocked. All I could think about while I read the article was how that mother [email protected]#*er Richard Chaifetz got a free education. What made his situation more spectacular than Saadiq Mohammed's? SLU once again was in a position to live their brand identity, "Higher Purpose. Greater Good.", and chose to, for whatever reason, do the exact opposite. I agree with @cheeseman and hopefully there is more to the story than is being told in the article. Unfortunately, my gut says there isn't. The worst part is we'll never know because SLU will just stay silent and wait for the backlash to die down... Until the Saint Louis University administration makes its next scummy move.
  11. It's real sad, but I think I got more joy out of them getting blown out then us being in the tournament. Can't think of a more unjustifiably arrogant fan base.
  12. They were a better team and they were clearly prepared. Just a year ago we beat them in MSG on ESPN. The players remembered that. Revenge is a heck of a motivator. At least we put up a fight. Can't wait for next year.
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