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  1. It's real sad, but I think I got more joy out of them getting blown out then us being in the tournament. Can't think of a more unjustifiably arrogant fan base.
  2. They were a better team and they were clearly prepared. Just a year ago we beat them in MSG on ESPN. The players remembered that. Revenge is a heck of a motivator. At least we put up a fight. Can't wait for next year.
  3. We upset this exact team last year. They were ready for us. Plus, they watched 3 other teams get upset. A lot of game left to be played.
  4. Jimmy Fallon has us in the sweet 16! Getting some love.
  5. This is how you start to build a strong, young fan base. An unexpected run in the tournament and all of a sudden the students start to care. Very cool.
  6. Dude. You're just as clueless as everyone else on this board. Get over yourself and stop acting like you're some kind of superior intellectual sent by god to "call out the clueless". What an exciting win. Go Billikens!
  7. If were down 10 or less at half and no one has more than 2 fouls we're in good shape.
  8. When we are a 3 point threat we are a totally different team. Amazing. The SLU fanbase is due for some joy. Can't wait for tomorrow.
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