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  1. It warms my heart knowing you still think of me.
  2. It becomes less valuable every year.
  3. That's not how I feel, but that certainly seems to be how things are at SLU. That's not how it is at every university, however. I suspect the sentiment about SLU basketball among the students stems from the fact that if we're really honest with ourselves, the program has yet to experience genuinely memorable success. We have made exactly zero sweet 16s, a level of success most of us would mark as the bare minimum of a successful program. The Majerus era was exciting and memorable for folks that frequent this message board but not really for casual fans and students. @JMM28 hit the nail on the head. SLU fancies itself an elite academic institution that is above surrendering any of its so-called academic integrity for athletic success. Every year SLU becomes less and less relevant to the average American. Since I graduated, I watched our US News ranking drop lower and lower. We can't even crack the top 100 anymore. It's incredibly frustrating as an alumnus knowing that my Saint Louis University diploma becomes less valuable every year. Playing the game, the way schools like Marquette, Xavier, and Creighton do would be far more profitable for the University and its students and alumni than continuing to pretend that SLU is some elite institution. When in reality, Saint Louis University is nothing more than a very expensive and average school that exists as a buffer between childhood and the real world for privileged children.
  4. Man, that student section is depressing. SLU students just don't care about basketball. I'll never understand it.
  5. I hate playing Dayton. Always reminds me of what we could be but aren't. The energy in that arena fuels their players.
  6. Anyone know what the coaches were jawing about?
  7. I just hope the girls are having fun.
  8. Come on dude. The Texas Longhorns logo is as identifiable as the Yankees "NY" or the Green Bay Packers "G". Sure there are other schools on UT's level but that's a massive American brand. I promise you can find Texas gear in St. Louis. Try Dick's or Champs.
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