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  1. I think we can go undefeated in the A10. Last I remember we were close but fell short at the end. So factually we can do better. Also get past the 2nd round in the A10. Also we lost the A10 tourney in the first round that year as well and I think we can do better than that and I think you would agree. Your anti everything I say is obnoxious
  2. I think we will receive far more hype from more outlets. Thought it would be nice to organize the ones from all different outlets into one thread to look at later
  3. Would Jacobs be considered a freshmen if he came from prep still? I know he would scholarship wise.
  4. Package commitments in my opinion work better for schools like SLU who will take away a scholarship for someone they might not need in order to grab someone as highly sought after as Liddel. (Remember the rumor of Tatum and his teammate). If my understanding is correct, once you give a scholarship to a player you have to have a good reason to take it away. So if Liddel went to duke with his friend then goes to the nba 1 or 2 years later, they are stuck with the player they might not have wanted. Duke doesn’t need a package deal to sign a recruit.
  5. Any team in the ACC or B12 could easily compete
  6. Funny i had this same arguement last year this time but everyone here had to tell me about Majerus’ quote
  7. We haven’t had this much talent in our entire history. We have 6 guys who can be starters on p5 programs
  8. But that would mean either bess, Goodwin or Isabel isn’t starting
  9. Your stats deceive you i believe. While I’m paper jj’s 3’s look great but he never was a play maker. Johnson took open 3’s. He struggled in highly contested games and rarely made plays. I think our GT and incoming players will provide much better scoring options than what he brought. Nice kid though
  10. Johnson would be the bottom player on this roster. He played last year out of necessity
  11. Jacobs seems to be the smallest on the court
  12. Kmox is a joke. Is their job that hard?
  13. You win the A10 in recruiting almost exclusively. If you can outrecruit the A10, you win the league. You see that with RI and VCU when that stopped, they fell. We have the top class 2 years in a row not including transfers. Ford will do fine in the A10 and push us to the BEAsT.
  14. They probably wouldnt put more than 2 players in all A10 unless we made it to the elite 8 or something. They usually go by stats and good players on bad teams can really stand out
  15. https://www.ksdk.com/mobile/video/sports/college/slu/basketball/ford-lands-east-st-louis-hargrove/63-8177612
  16. I was about to post that as well. My guess is Frank is upright and Hargrove is leaning down. Basketball heights can be tricky because they often post their height in their shoes
  17. Looking forward to Hargrove’s interview with Frank tonight
  18. Seems ford wants to wrap up 2019 recruiting soon and focus on the season. Contract extension would be very nice for Ford
  19. I don’t know why I am getting auto bad posts from anonoymous users. Anyways he is close with EJ liddel. Mizzou thought he was a lock since him and Tilmon are almost family. I think East STL to Stl is a much easier transition than to Columbia. If Slu wins big next year and mizzou does mediocre I think we lock down the state recruitment. Next up is EJ liddel or Okoro on my wish list
  20. Top 150 rising 2019 recruit. Nice get. Hopefully this helps bringing in EJ liddel
  21. Is Jon from Stl? Isn’t he a national guy? He gives better gauge than our local writers sometimes. He loved Slu this year
  22. False. I said best wishes to him. I never started the hate train that ensued.
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