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  1. I agree. I have noticed my nips don’t stand at attention as much in the softness of a Homefield shirt. It’s nice not being objectified by all the women I encounter on a daily basis.
  2. Damn. We obviously have had Uncle Jesse in the fold for a long time now, but great to hear he's brought Aunt Becky on board too. I hope Stephanie can make a game or two this year, maybe stand in with the cheer squad.
  3. I’d have to think if it were any sort of Big East announcement, something would have leaked already.
  4. The A10 is a good spot, right now, for men's basketball. The A10 is not great for the other sports for travel and some competition reasons. Ideally you'd have basketball in a league like or better than the A10 with the non-revenue sports in a more regional league like the MVC. The Big East, besides its obvious financial benefits, would be better for non-revenue sports as well because there are more bus-able spots - Indy, Chicago, Omaha, Milwaukee, Cincinnati - plus the remaining league schools are serviced by major airports with direct flight availability mostly.
  5. I’ll be curious if they can top the Spirit of St Louis/NBA/ABA merger deal in the hall of great sports settlements.
  6. Sad news. Lots of great posters have gone much too soon around here.
  7. https://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g45963-d601417-Reviews-Knights_Inn_Las_Vegas-Las_Vegas_Nevada.html
  8. Home field t shirts are really nice. I have a Bradley one that is very comfortable. Size fits average my somewhat overweight, tall, dadbod frame nicely.
  9. I’d fight Austin McBroom too.
  10. Absolutely terrible. That is just crazy. Feel for his wife, kid, other kids, and Uncle Travis. Just awful.
  11. You fail to count all the NLIs already signed that took those senior spots. That leaves a lot less than 1600 spots. It’s closer to 900.
  12. No. Guys using a 5th year of playing eligibility did not leave that spot behind.
  13. Yeah. Vetoing development bills that cost $0 to the city doesn’t seem very sensible.
  14. There are close to 1600 names in the portal now. Spoiler alert - there aren't even 1000 spots for guys to land at in D1. There will be some value to be found in July and even August.
  15. Here is another thing that it will do. Illinois started allowing gaming machines in bars a handful of years ago. A lot of bars were already paying out on their "for entertainment purposes only" machines for many decades before it was technically legal. The law changed and all of the sudden every bar in Illinois has a handful of machines and rakes in thousands a month because people aren't worried about getting caught. Right now there is a ton of money circulated under the table to recruits and players. This will make a lot of it come out to the light. Guys will get $10,000 for a "commercial" when in reality it was just a pre-arranged deal to go to that school. After the new rules are passed or legislated into existence, there will be a lot more money out there that coaches and/or boosters were too scared to offer in fear of getting caught.
  16. You've had a lot of good posts but this might be the best one yet. Congratulations sir.
  17. I would assume that it will be no Billiken name or logo. Maybe a "From St Louis's favorite hometown team" type of line...
  18. Yeah a lot of schools have hired firms to handle this stuff. I wouldn't be surprised, and it could make sense, for an operation like Learfield to get into this stuff. They are already having the conversations with outside companies about sponsorships.
  19. It’s really annoying to click on a thread called “Coaching Carousel” and have to read a bunch of posts about “how is this relevant to SLU?” Its relevant because it’s the carousel. It’s relevant to every school in D1. Enough with the inferiority complex when someone brings up UIUC or Marquette or whatever.
  20. Somebody is going to remember this. What was the Majerus number for recruiting shooters? The sum of their FG%/3P%/FT% that he talked about. I can't remember it for the life of me. Was it like 180?
  21. Holy that is terrible. I hope he makes a full recovery. He is 29...wow.
  22. I don't understand why schools are so adamant about hiring alums. The success stories are few and far between. You wind up alienating a chunk of the fan base when you inevitably have to fire them.
  23. Or I would think there are going to be some underrecruited high school seniors out there. A project type that might typically be a redshirt candidate would be nice to add to give a bit of balance.
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