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  1. You're entitled to your opinion. My opinion is that this is either recency bias or revisionist history.
  2. I mean none of them read this board. I’m sure of that. These teams stink
  3. Nice to see them beat another really bad team in the non-conference. Kent Miller well on his way to another average non-con record and 4th place finish in conference.
  4. Right, we're in agreement. I was confirming what Skip posited and then expanded on it by giving additional explanation for why they may be clearing first over passing out.
  5. I totally agree. I gotta think that it has to do with the first choice player for distribution being out of position or not knowing where that player is supposed to be.
  6. They certainly looked better, while SIUE may not be the quality of the first 4 opponents. The important aspect was that they played with cohesion both in possession and on defense. Definitely more poise with the ball.
  7. Jordon Kedrowski will likely be the grad assistant to replace Dziagwa. Added SLU to social profile and follows everyone on staff/vice versa.
  8. Nothing about this team makes any sense. Lose to one of the worst teams in D1. Beat a decent Va Tech team sans Mak Hill. Lose to a bad DePaul team.
  9. Sure, but wither roster turnover this offseason growing pains were to be expected. The preseason was all of two weeks. Competing for an at large bid/hanging near the top 25 would be nice, but being focused on the A10 Championship path isn't necessarily something to be surprised or disappointed by. If this team starts dropping games to average teams. Then you should worry, for now stand by.
  10. Billikens head to Chicago this weekend where they will play in a stacked MTE hosted by DePaul. Just kidding 2 of the 3 teams they will play are winless on the season. Va Tech is a good team. I don't see a set win in that match. Anything less than 2 wins should be unacceptable.
  11. That's fair. Although there's a really nice podcast that recaps fall/spring sports every week. Yes. This is the way.
  12. Lol this indicates nothing. They lost at HOME to one of the worst teams in the country. A team that jumped from D3 straight to D1 last year. A team that won 15 total sets last year. They won two(2) matches. Mens soccer and Womens soccer don’t deserve to be compared to this volleyball team. I hope nobody in the athletic department takes their lead as long as the current coaching regime is in place. if volleyball is setting the standard, Travis Ford and the Billikens have a low bar set for them.
  13. As much as I enjoy SLU Sports. I flat refuse to pay Flo Sports any amount of money.
  14. I would welcome Anne back with open arms. Besides the question if she wants to leave the club scene again, would Chris May swallow his pride on this one and bring her back? Her coaching/motivation style is not without criticism, those critiques may be a tougher hill to overcome in 2022.
  15. SLU's ESPN+ broadcasts are elite tier in all of NCAA IMO. We have a really great young broadcaster in Colin Suhre for non-soccer and Dan Bettlach for soccer with at least 3 cameras per broadcast. The only bummer is how locked in Bill McDermott is to PA announcing here. He's so good on color. By the way you haven't lived until you've spent quality time with Bill. A great soccer mind and an even better man.
  16. Volleyball dropped 2 straight in their own tournament this weekend. First to a team in their 2nd year of Division 1. A team who last year went 3-25 and won 15 of the games in that season. Second 3-0 to a Central Michigan team who went 13-17 a year ago. Let's forget the idea that SLU should spend more money on the volleyball program, can we all admit this is unacceptable for a program with the funding it does get and the fact that only 13 years ago was going to their 3rd NCAA Tournament in 4 years? There has to be a better head coaching option at the price SLU is willing to pay.
  17. I just refuse to believe this happened. It doesn't make any sense unless they were remodeling or something.
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