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  1. Incredible stuff from Women's Soccer here. https://x.com/SLUWSoccer/status/1704977626543055243?s=20
  2. First half is spot on how I feel. I will probably make every game but like the non-D1 schools will be a coin flip.
  3. Imploring everyone on this board to get out to either tomorrow's 6pm match or Saturday's 2pm match.
  4. The only saving grace for Bills renewals is that CITY can't add season ticket holders. So if you were thinking about switching to CITY tickets this time around, that's not really an option.
  5. I'll be fine with 9th if it means we can turn the page on one, if not multiple, highly paid athletics employees. If you catch my drift. NCAA Tournament or New Direction. No in between, please.
  6. I don't think we will see Crews levels of apathy, attendance wise.
  7. The sorting hat never said that. Olivander said that, IIRC.
  8. The live resin hit right after Flynn's awful service right to the keeper late in the second. Woke up to the game over screen. Assumed we tied. By the way Flynn was completely out of control the entire game on his tackles. He was lucky to get through that game.
  9. Fans should be lucky to have the Billikens....or at least that's how May will sleep at night.
  10. As billikenbill says that's about right. I will be there as well.
  11. Chess isn't governed by the NCAA. It's a bit archaic but if you want to play NCAA Division 1 sports, you gotta play by their rules. I've always been of the mindset that the NCAA, while stinky, isn't the problem. It's the lack of alternative.
  12. St Vincent park is where the Billiken Cross Country meet was held.
  13. Whatever he said probably included 4 letter words. Totally out of character for him
  14. There were moments in this game where the Billikens were pinging Loyola all over the field. Then there were moments where they were content to just punt and high press. Very frustrating. I don't really know where the ref saw the offside on the Billikens waived off goal. I wish broadcasts would follow the KISS principal. SLU, for all the sh*t I give them, really doesn't try to do too much in their broadcasts and it works. Just give me a wide shot Mr. Half Field Camera Man.
  15. This isn't 'Nam, there are rules.... Look the ONLY thing being denied here is his ability to play in games (and I guess travel with the team?). The major point of his appeal was to come home and be close to his father. He gets to enroll at VCU, he gets to be on scholarship, practice with the team, the only thing he doesn't get to do is suit up for games. He will still get to play in a year. I'm not seeing where the pushback is against the NCAA on this one.
  16. December 16th vs Louisiana Tech https://x.com/MidtownMadPod/status/1702305240505110554?s=20
  17. It was on BIG 10+. Really a great game. A damn shame it was behind an extra paywall.
  18. I agree. But you have to play to the whistle. SMU had possession and it wasn't an apparent head injury. Players worried about the ref more than the game is a scourge on the game of soccer, I would say more so than the embellishments. It was also a great goal. This is the second straight match of just disconnected soccer that lacked any sort of threatening attack or purpose. This team is lost right now. Reminds me a lot of that 2020 season. Lotta talent, lacks cohesion.
  19. https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/22892e0a-2336-4a08-b819-a73cfb7416a1
  20. I'd be fine if they just said: putting together a schedule that will please all schools is impossible. We looked at options to give these games weekend dates, but could not find a way to give both teams weekend home games. In the spirit of competition balance we decided it best to play these during the week.
  21. You're correct, partially. Of course teams do not necessarily have say in conference scheduling. I hear you on taking a day off, I just wonder what the trade off would be re: TV revenue scheduling it for national TV vs the stadium revenue increasing traveling fan attendance. To me I think you have to take the hit and play it on Friday or Saturday, build your conference rivalries, especially in the second year of a downward trajectory among national competition.
  22. Many have speculated that the scheduling of the games with shorter distances on weeknights decreases the burden of long travel to play one game mid week.
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