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  1. They’ve got to find a place to take Humphreys spot at the very least. If only because It looks like sh!t.
  2. Yeah that’s real my hang up with the foundry. It screams wealthy 25-40 year olds
  3. I agree on the 64s. Olympique is gonna take some more growing.
  4. All those students and nowhere to get a cheap beer within walking distance.
  5. XFL would be the WCW Monday Nitro to the NFL's WWE Monday Night RAW
  6. I appreciate your posts but there's a world out there besides your circle of acquaintances. I have heard from quite a few people that are interested, maybe as a gag. I don't know but even if they'll go ironically but they're still going. Is the XFL(The X is for Xtreme®) going to set the city on fire? Probably not but it's entertainment and people will at the very least be curious. I think the team needs to frame people supporting this team as an F U to Kroenke and the NFL. This city has enough hate for Kroenke to sell out every game just to spite him.
  7. It's time to stop trying to be like European leagues. I honestly think MLS going forward should accept and embrace US sports heritage, who cares if they have nicknames. I cringe every time someone calls it football or see FC, United etc. It all feels disingenuous to me.
  8. I've hated everything else except Bill McDermott's suggestion Legacy. It's a sneaky EPL style but doesn't pander to Euro style team names.
  9. I just want the Louligans to be pi$$ed off. They like to really pump themselves up when it comes to their importance
  10. Congratulations to Taylor Twellmann for getting through an entire speech without hopping up on his concussion soapbox.
  11. Well no, actually my point remains. If you cancel your cable and sign up for 3 streaming services you’re going to end up paying the same and therefore not changing a thing. Your internet price will go up because you’re not bundled probably 30-40 bucks and you’ll be paying around 10 bucks a month per streaming service. I’m guessing your cable was listed at around 60 bucks in the bundle. Cutting the cord is a meme, you’re not saving yourself anything.
  12. Splitting ATT NOW with someone is the move
  13. You drop the bundle they bump up your internet rate.
  14. You’re not cutting the cord if you’re subscribed to streaming services. Also probably not saving as much as you think.
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