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  1. We had 20k for a game with Austin Peay, opponents were not the factor.
  2. I’ve been doing a lot of research into 93-97 and I’m starting to understand why I have such a deep connection to the program. My gosh those teams were fun, even looking back on paper.
  3. It’s a part of a triple header. Dayton and the cult of Grand Canyon are also on the card edit: skimmed your post and missed where you acknowledged the other 2 games.
  4. Agree completely. We’re so far removed from that era in both time and staff. The locker room and practice area of chaifetz is covered in massive photos and murals of current and former athletes. I see no reason they can’t do this on the main concourse.
  5. What an awful call going to the monitor
  6. They can but it's not ideal. They chromecast using their public wifi. The womens NCAA soccer stream was ROUGH.
  7. Amazing they haven’t even come close to updating it in the last 20 years. Kind of a microcosm of the fan apathy.
  8. I'm about to make up some news to see what happens.
  9. Smooth at the free throw line, college ready body. Please deliver this kid to us.
  10. I was not aware of the assault allegations
  11. If rumors are to be believed the cramps are a byproduct of a bigger problem.
  12. In regards to Coach Shields all indications I’ve been given are that she really prefers a school like SLU. Smaller, academically rigorous and we take soccer, especially women’s seriously(having a former women’s player in Janet as asst AD helps). She played at Harvard, coached at Northwestern and Harvard. She’s already turned down at least one big school since taking our HC job.
  13. Sounds like it doesn’t involve a potential sexual crime.
  14. Just quote tweeting it to emphasis how stupid his detractors are
  15. SIU fans seem to think Ford was outcoached by Mullins?
  16. It’s a local rivalry. Throw the records and score expectations out.
  17. From a balcony in Mexico it looks like Mullins is chewing on that pu$$y Skoal
  18. Yeah nobody uses retard anymore man. Time to give it up.
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