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  1. How does the Ivy League tell teams they can’t play ooc games
  2. If the only reason you’re in the United States is a student visa and you’re not allowed to be on campus at your school it’s not unreasonable to say you no longer need to be in the country especially during a pandemic. It’s unfortunate to be sure and obviously I’d like for schools to have in person classes and international students like Linssen and Lorentsson with the Billikens. I don’t know maybe I’m crazy and my take isn’t a reasonable one.
  3. I don’t even know who you were arguing with in the first place. The only scenario being suggested was a season(operated under normal circumstances) or no season. It wasn’t a discussion of capacity for spectators. The athletic department will operate as if there will be a normal season with contingency plans for obvious reasons.
  4. If they are following public health codes they aren’t liable for anything.
  5. I bought 4 of these. They are of average to above average quality. The connecting stitch from ear strap to face covering was a bit scratchy on my upper cheek. Other than that I recommend. They’ll take about 4 weeks to arrive, so understand that.
  6. You’ve posted this twice now. I’m going to tell you again. The decision makers in the athletic department don’t give a fuok. It’s the same reason anytime you see an ad for some neat item online and you click on it only to find out that SLU isn’t available. Have you seen the trash merchandise in the team store? The bookstore is 1000 times better.
  7. ATT TV especially if you can split it with someone.
  8. 15-20,000 per game for about 5 years was great. A top 10 team visiting at least once a year.
  9. Call me a skeptic but this poster shows up out of nowhere to post about a controversial topic. He's actually advocated for SLU to the AAC. News flash: Nobody gives a fuok about what conference SLU could be in outside of SLU fans and SLU haters. Curious where he lands on that spectrum.
  10. Thorpe was a senior member of the staff.
  11. Nope not falling for this. Not gonna do it. Lock this thing
  12. Just listen to Ford Stuen talk about recruiting on the podcast. This generation of players care about that stuff. It’s about giving them a p5 experience from the best food, the best gear, the best activities on the road and having their names correctly announced goes with that.
  13. I’m trying to remember the last 13 that wasn’t a walk on...
  14. It appears that players are getting Covid tests right now. TJ posted a humorous reaction to having a swab jammed in his nose on his Instagram story.
  15. Let’s not hold Jeff Reid against Majerus. Freak concussion issues.
  16. HAHA I can see this. Felt good to get some insight into his personality. But when you add in his Majerus level answers it did go long.
  17. Bonner is celebrated. Douglass and Gray are greats but how often do people bring them up compared to Bonner.
  18. Ah yes the Saint Louis Team Blues.
  19. Leuchtefelds should probably be considered the First Family of Billiken Athletics
  20. Stay tuned for some more fun. I don’t want to jinx it but I’m working on something else.
  21. https://www.redbubble.com/i/mask/Saint-Louis-Billikens-by-Afino/47995255.9G0D8?ref=product-image i can’t verify quality yet but I ordered 4.
  22. A little surprise coming for you guys tomorrow. Make sure you check https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsvJmviAdNdku6QWWu8J-xw/ tomorrow morning.
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