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  1. He carried that over to his coaching career where's hes apparently good at torching bridges.
  2. What about the ones in Native American Casinos outside Wichita?
  3. And if there's more room, pile as many fuoking people as you can into whatever vehicle they are taking.
  4. He asked about expecting it, not thinking it could happen.
  5. Not the athletic department but whoever the person is who handles Pestello's interviews just told Cusumano to wait because he was talking to channel 2 first. KSDK has had the most local billiken coverage from jump street. Making Cusumano wait is a mistake.
  6. We’re going to turn Saint Joseph’s California to Saint Louis, California
  7. Add hundreds of students to the roll call list
  8. Fanatics(and millennials) is killing official sports team merchandise. Ok everyone carry on
  9. It’s stll a student. Whoever is doing it now is probably the best I’ve seen at being the Billiken
  10. Yeah and that’s why it’s such a bummer that they don’t have Nike stuff. It’d be so sick
  11. I've probably posted this before but watching a game at a bar, unless its the ONLY thing they are showing and are playing the sound is a terrible experience, IMO
  12. The Jersey section is just sad if I’m being honest
  13. It’s new. I posted about this right before the season or after last season. I don’t think it’s completely rolled out yet. It’s great to have a ton options but Nike is conspicuously absent and that is a bummer
  14. Going to the A10 tournament was honestly the best decision I’ve made to this day. If you’re on the fence. GO!
  15. Bonnie fans are having a real sh*t fit over the officiating which is hilarious because their screeners kicked their hips out every time.
  16. It's interesting though with all of the times the basketball got stuck between the rim and the backboard
  17. Getting in 11ish Thursday night - Monday
  18. I refuse to drive more than 30 minutes anywhere after the last 36 hours
  19. http://www.espn.com/video/clip?id=26290399 here you go
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