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  1. Competition drives progress. Two of the biggest examples in sports/entertainment are the EASports vs 989, 2K or whoever else was in on the early sports video game scene and Pro Wrestling in the 90s with WWF vs WCW. You look at both of those now and fans of both complain constantly about stagnation with EA and WWF(E) being the only game in town in their respective market.
  2. Sorry NVM. I think I misunderstood. There has been a movement to being concerned for kids health with COVID after essentially ignoring them for the last year and a half. You weren’t necessarily saying that. I apologize but not for the Wu Tang Reference. That was solid.
  3. I don’t get the sudden “what about the kids?” attitude that has sprung up. Nobody gave a flying fuok about kids until everyone else could get vaxxed up. Now everyone is trying to be the Wu Tang Clan(you know because Wu Tang is for the kids)
  4. Who cayuhs how successful it is? The point of NIL is not to guarantee monetary compensation but give SA’s the opportunity to do so.
  5. Fine. I’ll say it: the rumor is that the Sansone’s took their money out of the Blues sponsorship. You’ve had an issue with me for a long time over nothing. Which also caused you to go back on your offer to buy a beer to whoever guessed where SLU would end up the preseason 144. Especially weird since I noticed you hadn’t logged in in months at one point and I checked in with Steve to make sure you were okay.
  6. Did you miss Fred Thatch’s very successful basketball camp in Sikeston? That was an NIL endeavor. Did you miss the Yuri Collins UNKNOWN T-shirt’s? That’s NIL. Did you miss TJ signing with a company to produce tshirts, which he recently teased a design for? That’s NIL.
  7. Look man nothing anyone says on a message board is gonna make you feel any safer I get that. I was in your position for a long time and I struggled hard with it emotionally. I have an aunt with every respiratory issue on the books. A mother who battled for her life and won leading up to the pandemic. I get it. But at the end of the day the vaccine is extremely effective at preventing serious illness and death. They’ve both been vaccinated and I’m happy for that. They don’t care much to go to sporting events anymore but I would have no issue taking them. I believe in the science involved with the vaccine that they are adequate protected by it, as am I.
  8. SLU Is currently following the City guidelines for large indoor gatherings. SLU is also not in the position of alienating any certain set of fans. There's more to be lost by going above and beyond "legal requirements" than there is to be gained. I've been told the Blues lost major local sponsorship $$$$ due to the policy. I'll let you in the on a little secret: the great majority of people attending the sporting events don't care if vaccination is required or not.
  9. Apparently every personal logo reminds you of every personal logo. I could give you 500 logos that use the formula, that doesn’t mean they look similar.
  10. This is a wild comparison. The only thing the two have in common is they have a T.
  11. There was also no significant usher presence haha. Last year there was at least one usher who was a complete hawk as far as mask policing.
  12. Exactly. People can frame this with all the outrage in the world but this is far from an example NCAA wrongdoing.
  13. I think Traore has a D1 college ready body. He certainly looks the part
  14. I don’t believe I ever specified the message board other than the troll Bonner89. More or less I felt like he was getting enough sh!t over there that there was no need to add on needlessly on any level.
  15. Were you in the YouTube chat? There’s no other description for it than abusive. No need to fire off at me. PG or not, my point remains we have a passionate Billiken alumni in the media and we’re gonna be excessively critical of him? I’ll say it over and over, this is the kind of thing that had Nate and Ben W. quit their work with BillikenReport.
  16. Outside of guessing before the home opener? Not a clue.
  17. Yes they are, not sure if authentic or replicas but they will mimic the jerseys on the court and not be that cheap sh!t in the team store recently
  18. I think you’re taking this a little too seriously. How many non-obsessed Billiken fans saw that they liked the tweet? My guess is that even if they did they didn’t think much about it after half a second.
  19. Twitter and YouTube comments were beyond brutal. I guess you also have Bonner on ignore and missed his brilliant assessment that “Chapley sucks” or whatever he said.
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