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  1. Hargrave Military academy, famous in Billiken circles for Tommie Liddell.
  2. BRILLIANT FINALE! It accomplished everything I'd hoped for and more in terms of pi$$ing everyone off. Beautifully done!
  3. http://www.slubillikens.com/SportSelect.dbml?&DB_OEM_ID=27200&SPID=93215&SPSID=632633
  4. Cody is also working for his dad's company that deals in school supplies I believe. I think he mentioned it on the podcast but I can't recall for sure.
  5. Drejaj is being inducted into his high schools hall of fame.
  6. I believe there’s a company that has two seats behind the Sharks bench that wear volt cooor shirts with the company logo on it. Sharks tried to make them move awhile back
  7. Hahahaha ironic that the lead singer of a band called tool is wearing a mcbroom Jersey. Or is it fitting?
  8. Have you seen some of the tweets complaining about the show? There's a ton of "It's still real to me dammit" people out there.
  9. I'm in the camp that thought the Dany-mad queen heel turn didn't really make sense. It could have, if they would have set it up more, but I guess there wasn't really time to show her descent into madness. The closest they came on this was her (correct) paranoia about Sansa, her stupidly just going down to King's Landing like, the day after losing half her army, and her anger at losing another dragon and Missandei. She was temperamental the whole time but had the eunuch to slow her roll. Is that *really* how Cersei dies? I'm surprised if so. Still think there is a chance that Jamie saves her life by sacrificing his own body so she won't be crushed. I never believe someone is dead on TV unless they physically show them dying. This is Game of Thrones. Would they really miss a chance to show one of the most-hated villains of all time be gratuitously crushed? The city she loved and tried so desperately to control and she was ultimately crushed by it. It's also just a show so who gives a fuok.
  10. Which will be vacated after an investigation into Penny.
  11. Just caught up with the series. Needs more sex.
  12. Hugo's in midtown will close. https://www.stltoday.com/entertainment/dining/restaurants/off-the-menu/hugo-s-pizzeria-in-midtown-to-close-may/article_4d7651d3-8a72-530e-b3c4-55de529f135c.html#tracking-source=home-the-latest
  13. He posted another teams a few days prior. It appears he’s been attending NBA workouts
  14. These kids are all getting over recruited. Teams are placing a high value on experience over talent/production.
  15. I completely understand and appreciate the feedback. We are consciously trying to remove swearing from our normal episodes, I get fired up sometimes but I’ll try to keep it at worst to the mild swears and maybe having hosts refrain from swearing on interview episodes but I think letting our guests use colorful language when telling stories is an important part of getting their honest account of things and that’s kind of a hardline stance for me personally.
  16. I'm going to bump this. Even if you aren't huge podcast people make sure you're subscribing, rating the pod and make sure you're engaging with us on twitter. The more likes, retweets, replies, etc the more we can ask from potential sponsors and the more content we can post not only on the pod but blogs, videos, etc. Thanks again for everyone's support! Here’s our twitter, please follow if you haven’t already. We really want to expand our coverage of Billiken athletics and your support helps us do that.
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