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  1. Has anybody heard anything on him? Hurt, considering transfer, etc.
  2. Pretty sad when there is no set station for the Bills. Everyone does not have access to streaming. Are they still on 101.1 when the Blues are not playing?
  3. Where will the Bills air when a conflict with a Blues game?
  4. What is the alternate radio for the games on 101.1 when there is a conflict with the Blues?
  5. Couldn't happen to a nicer person!
  6. Adversity will make him stronger-best of luck in the future
  7. How about starting to play a lot more physical against Golden. If he gets a basket he should get some pain.
  8. This show is all fluff. Only take twitter questions which they control. Who cares about what song he likes. Let's talk real basketball.
  9. That is part of the reason we are where we are at
  10. Correct the problem and you won't have to hear about it
  11. Most of the losses resulted from poor FT shooting.
  12. Very seldom does a player miss two. In this instance it seems there was a choke.
  13. How do you not make at least one of two free throws.
  14. No excuse for missing two free throws. Doubt NIT or any other tourney. This team struggles way too much on offense.
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