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  1. Another opportunity to blow a double digit lead.
  2. Just can't afford to lose these type of games. Youth is not an excuse this late in the season.
  3. How many big leads has this team given up this year
  4. Make sure we beat those we should-no more clunkers!
  5. One of the real problems is that the three point defense has turned to crap.
  6. Get physical with Daly! Defense is too soft on him.
  7. Daily needs his elbow broke the way he pushes off
  8. This team is seriously lacking on team defense. We can score all the points but have to keep other team from scoring. The second half last night was one of the worst defensive efforts in quite awhile. Too many drives to the hoop with no opposition.
  9. Has anybody heard anything on him? Hurt, considering transfer, etc.
  10. Pretty sad when there is no set station for the Bills. Everyone does not have access to streaming. Are they still on 101.1 when the Blues are not playing?
  11. Where will the Bills air when a conflict with a Blues game?
  12. What is the alternate radio for the games on 101.1 when there is a conflict with the Blues?
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