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Recruiting - 2021


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6 minutes ago, SLURadioBoy said:

Nesbitt has his first crystal ball prediction from 247. I think everyone will like it...


There’s a fairly consistent pattern for local top 150 guys we land: (1) staff builds a strong relationship early; (2) local insiders, including a few on this board, begin publicizing the real possibility of the player choosing SLU; (3) national recruiting analysts join in to say SLU has a real chance; (4) player commits to SLU a few weeks later.


I like where this is headed...

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7 hours ago, TheChosenOne said:

I don’t care obviously, but I was kind of surprised how little attention Illinois basketball received locally this past winter. They were playing really well. A Billiken/Illini game as the varsity matchup with Mizzou/SIU as the junior varsity matchup would be fun this winter.

Several factors at least from a hoophead 

STL loves Bruce Weber and K St.  Still carrying an Illini grudge

Illini have had just 3 STL recruits since 09-10 Griffey, Hill, and Smith.  Griffey way underachieved, Hill was decent on bad teams and Smith left after a year.  

Growing bias against Illini locally.  They don't recruit STL, when they do they do wrong by the players, and they don't have any national cachet anymore.  

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