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  1. Title has an "R" and and "O" in it. What's the problem?
  2. @cheese --- I had heard same stories about Marque Perry (I think) where Romar had to re-recruit him. I get that. My counter is that it would be easier for anyone to re-recruit someone already on your campus as opposed to the backwoods of Arkansas or the mean streets of New York City.
  3. I agree with RU's assessment however that further demonstrates that the honeymoon is over for Coach Ford. I'll bet he knows it. He has to produce a winner this year I believe. And I think he is poised to do so. Success is tenuous at best. I happen to believe we are right there with Bonaventure. I think we are in a better place than Dayton with its youth, VCU with its injuries, and Davidson with its foreign imports. I am uncertain with Richmond as it is hard to really know if Sherrod's return makes them better what with losing Francis. But if Sherrod is back, they are no six deep counting Burton although I don't think Crabtree and Gustafson move their needle much. The bench remains weak and Sherrod has already blown both knees these past two years.
  4. We ran into Spoon at the team hotel during breakfast time at the CUSA tournament in Birmingham. He was all alone, looking forlorn. I think we had lost by then and were out of it. We tried to strike up a conversation but he was sullen and silent. Yes, he had lost and was likely on the way home but he looked worn out and beat. He resigned some time after that encounter (blame it on us!). I understand circumstances were what they were but there was no engagement left in the man. I remember a somewhat similar encounter the year prior whne we lost in the CUSA tournament in Cincinnati. Only two instances but the man was nothign like the newspapers described. So count me in with roy and HP.
  5. Charlie's history is mixed to me. He inherited Claggs and Hmark from the departing Grawer but he got Dobbs, Waldman, Robinson, and, of course, Hughes. Even after the great Legend podcast, I am not sure he did much to get Hughes or if it was Derek Thomas and the family situation. I'd also say hits on the plus side for Spoon included Marque Perry, Justin Love and Jeff Harris as well. But it my understanding that he became a lazy recruiter late, banking on recommendations from others rather than recruiting trips of his own. He brought in guys like Donnie Adkins, Eric Jones, Andrew Latimer, Ricky Cranford, Corey Grays, Sekue Barentine, Jeramy Biles, Tyrone Caswell, Drew Diener, Corey Frazier, Troy Robertson, and Larry Simmons. He had serviceable hits with Virgil Cobbin, Dave Fergerson, Carl Turner, Ryan Leucthtefeld, Carolos McCauley, Evan Pederson and Jamal Walker. But to me, Spoon's time here was defined by Grawer's leftovers and one season of Larry Hughes. Despite recruiting failures, the man could coach and it seemed we were in every game in 1993-94, 1994-95 and 1997-98. So Charlie was here seven years and had three years of success. Factor in the drought the program was in back then, Charlie's rep transcended reality ---- he took us to three NCAAs, a place we had only been to once before ... in 1956-57. I was born that year.
  6. @brian & 72 --- that's a standard, running joke with me, y'know. Kind of like SVU, Geedubya, YouDee, 50/50, tool, MBM, podcast, etc. Dayton has 8,644 students per a number from fall 2020. They all can't fit in the arena what with the big boosters and the like. They only get one end of the court under the basket for seating and that is not the biggest majority of seats. The bulk of attendees are graduates IMHO. My buddy (fellow SLU grad twice) has season tickets but he is a local doctor and well-connected with the influential. And this is where they go to be seen. I have sat at SLU games with him in his fifth row seats. I wear my blue in defiance. They are respectful ---- unlike Xavier and UC dregs who were condescending and then downright vicious should we have won. Daytonians are over the top when it come to expectations of their program. Not boisterous but expecting. They shake your hand after the game, win or lose. They don't get profane. I've been to a few places over time and it seems the most vocal, turn-on-you-if-we-lose fans were Cincinnati, Xavier, Temple and Louisville. St. Joe's fans are passionate, but like most Philly fans, they'll scream at their coach first. La Salle fans remind me of SLU fans. Ditto Fordham. Mason fans are hard to find. That beautiful arena is mostly empty. Ditto George Washington --- their international student body doesn't really support the team and Washington is too diverse and has too many schools well above Geedubya in the pecking order starting with Maryland and Georgetown. I'll see what Palumbo and Duquesne brings this year.
  7. @72 ---- they love their YouDee Flyers. As pointed out many times, what else is there to do in Dayton Ohio in the dead of winter? I've seen this in a multitude of places. Sadly, I've never seen it for Saint Louis University
  8. So now that I've slept on this TyTy news, I think the NCAA is seeing the first case of opening a can of worms on this NIL stuff. Making chump change over t-shirts and jackets or getting a few followers on a social media site pales in comparison to an $80,000 vehicle. There is no change in this kid's pocket PLUS, he has to fill it with gas the price of which is rising like the late 70's OPEC crisis. I am sure someone can come along (Circle K) and do a NIL deal with the kid that guarantees him gas. But was this the NIL intent? There is nothing different in this car case than other instances of violations like Kentucky, Louisville, Ohio State and others. "TyTy Washington says buy a Porsche at Louisville Porsche" is meaningless outside the Commonwealth of Kentucky but so it goes. I am curious ..... how many of you think this is a valid NIL deal?
  9. TyTy Washington just signed a deal with a Louisville Porsche dealer. In the deal, he gets a brand new, $80k Cayenne SUV. Now that's interesting. But not the norm, I'm willing to bet. https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/32442440/kentucky-men-basketball-freshman-tyty-washington-gets-nil-deal-porsche-dealership
  10. Well I stand corrected. Thanks brian. What's the payout for such signature? Going back to my Sean Clifford example, he got $50/pop for an autograph. What's the pop for a birthday cameo? What's the pop for Kelsey Turnbow pushing ChilliBeds on social media? Anthony Richardson may have an attorney and a strategy, but what six- and seven-figure deals is he raking in? I still want to see proof in what Nick Saban said about his QB raking in millions. Just another MBM looking for the coin in that pot with the rainbow.
  11. Remains to be seen bauman. They didn't have a bench last year so ANYTHING will be an improvement. They signed a JUCO All-somethingsomewhere in Linton Brown. He should be better than Alejandro Vasquez who transferred to Tarleton State. They added a kid from Pitt and another from Wake Forest. Those are ACC pedigrees even if Coulibay only averaged 5.2 ppg games at Pitt and Adams only played in 9 games for Wake. They return everyone else from a title team. Not to be trivialized what experience can lead to. An injury or two is disheartening however.
  12. @Cowboy II --- I made that up but one has to believe there will be some sort of accounting done somewhere along the line. I can't see the NCAA saying 'here go make money" and then not police it in some way shape or form. Even if it's a simple accounting ledger. As for taking kids out to lunch and slipping them money .... that's like the old Eddie Sutton/FedEx story of years gone by. What part of "name, Image and likeness" are you buying for my nutrition lunch of White Castles, Imo's and Falstaff Lite? I also can't believe Littlebill when he says birthday messages are allowable. I can be convinced otherwise but again, what part of "name, image and likeness" is rendered in "Yo bay-bee, 'sdup. Happy Birthday. Peace Out." What I see Fred and Yuri doing is not only the letter of the law but the spirit of the law as well. Still, at most, chump change. But better than before. Again, time will tell. If I'm wrong on that Cameo stuff, please enlighten me. I remain curious.
  13. Now who cares if it's not successful? What about all the kids who are going to choose Big State U. over us little guys? I thought this was a brand new recruiting tool. Come to us where you can make a million bucks (Alabama QB) over Podunk U. where it is next to nothing? Maybe that is not your argument but it is out there. Kids should take advantages of all things available to them. I always thought that was a benefit of a free education and yet we always hear stories of kids who graduate but can't read or write or kids hidden away in bogus majors. My original thought --- that this NIL opportunity would be judged later in the cycle --- still stands. While I understand supply and demand, my jury is still out on demand.
  14. Didn't miss any of that. Show me the dollar figures and then we'll measure the success level. Sean Clifford, the Penn State QB, came to Harrisburg and did an autograph signing session for $50/pop. That was NIL and covered to death here locally as it was the first local case of NIL. If he's done it since, there has been no pub on it. Was it a success? Don't know, haven't seen the bottom line. I'm sure the goals were modest. When money is involved, the common denominator in success is the bottom line and if it supports the goals and objectives. If the goal and objective is to put a little free spending money in a player's pocket, success might be measured differently. If the goal and objective is to make a living, different measuring sticks. I'm not saying these efforts are more the latter than the former, but like any program, success is defined over the longevity of the program. Lots of well-intentioned start ups have crashing final acts. Again, only time and the bottom line will tell. I'm reminded of Bill Saigh, a marketing prof at SLU back in my days. He took a sabbatical in 1976 to test his theory to see if a health-oriented restaurant could survive and be profitable. Viola, he created "The Lettuce Leaf." By the time he was done he had five locations, four in St. Louis and one in KC. Longevity and financial success. I suspect NIL success woudl be much more short-lived but measurements are measurements.
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