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  1. Well ..... seems aptly poetic ...... Mason draws the #1 seed Wake Forest Demon Deacons in their (brief) tournament endeavor. Would that have been the Bills?
  2. @thetorch: On May 22, in this thread, bottom of page four, you said "We threw around a quarter of a million dollars last year and this year Ford says we don't have even 6 figures to give a recruit?" My question remains .... where did you get a "quarter of a million dollars?" Without proper citations, statements like these become urban legends and are accepted as truth. Now, given your background, they very well may be truths but I'm asking for the source citations. Got any? In Brooklyn, I was told maybe two or three guys got about $7k apieces from some legit government program (which I doubt). And then Yuri got anywhere between $25k and $40k. That's a long way from a quarter of a million spent.
  3. @thetorch: still waiting on that quarter of a million acounting for this year's NIL payouts.
  4. I thought Davide Robinson and Donnie Campbell shared the five spot on the Dobbs' team. Of course, they were a stretch at maybe 6'6" each. Dobbs played the power forward spot on a team full of shooters in Claggs, Hmark, H, Carl Turner, and even Dobbs himself.
  5. The A10, in my view, continues to free fall into its Juan Bid status. I think our guards are okay, however we still need another proven point guard IMHO. I also think our bigs are unknowns and we still need a decent Euro-four on the roster. van Brusselsprout has half of that --- he's a Euro. Is he a shooting four? Don't know but doubt it. Until proven otherwise, he's Andre Lorentsson 2.0. Right now, the A10 appears to have the Bonnies and Joeys looking the best. Schmidt returns Banks, Luc, Venning, Flowers, Evans and Farrell. The Joeys have Reynolds, Greer, Brown, Klaczek, Winborne and seven-foot redshirt Christ Essandoko. The rest are in various pieces. Richmond has Quinn and Roche. Davidson is weak. VCU is a whole tesam of transfers. Mason lost English and everyone else to Providence. Fordham lost their two main guys in Quisenberry and Moore. Umass lost its whole backcourt in Fernandes, Weeks and Luis. La Salle lost everyone but Shepard. Duquesne could surprise on Grant and Clark alone. Dayton is okay provided Holmes returns. Loyola was and is a mess. Rhode Island continues to start over under Miller. Geedubya has a decent duo in Bishop and Edwards. I don't think it takes much to compete in this atmosphere next year. We need to parlay a relativelt decent OOC into some semblence of a team come conference time But it will remain a blood bath in Brooklyn as e all battle for Juan.
  6. Sounds like an "agent" to me. Thought that too was illegal ..... like pay for play was illegal too.
  7. Dayton eliminates Davidson. St. Joe's eliminates Richmond.
  8. One hour ago ----- Tyler Burton into the transfer portal.
  9. I see a slew of valid points in every post. With a lot of speculation thrown in. And abject opinion. We'll just never know.
  10. @Lord Elrond: if your post is directed at me over asking for accounting figures, I get it. The problem is that is a statement is left hanging out there without any challenge the statement, true or false, becomes true by default. I am sure @thetorchis a reputable and valued poster and has all his facts in perfect alignment to support his statement. I'd just like to see them as to solidify the statement's truth.
  11. Mason takes down Davidson 15 to 11. Nice. Davidson now has to play Dayton which means either #2 or #3 is going home. While the tournament is in Richmond, its being played at The Diamond, home of the Richmond Flying Squirrels, the Eastern League Double-A affiliate of the San Francisco Giants. The two-tiered stadium, visible from I-95 north of downtown, does not open its upper deck during the season unless needs dictate such. A cozy, yet half empty, environment.
  12. @thetorch- I don't discount your figures but am curious where "a quarter of million dollar" went? And the accounting source.
  13. The reference I believe is in the WestPineJunior linked line a few posts above.
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