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  1. Whozyerdouche .. I added his three point attempts into the FG attempts and came up with 31. A simple math error. So yeah, I made the whole thing up. I've seen Taylor Funk and Lorenzo Edwards disappear before. Often over these three or so years. Rahmir Moore is a freshman. Short of an unexplainable upset of UConn, they are six points on the plus side of a zero win season to date. Thank god Lafayette and St. Francis loom on the schedule. I see a 7 and 23 season for the Hawks. They are that good.
  2. Duquesne up 1 with 17 ticks. And wins 74 to 71. Daly is all the Joeys got. He put up 31 of their 66 shots today. On that kind of volume .....That's all I'm saying.
  3. Duquesne down three at the under 8 to Indiana State in he JunkanooJam ---- whatever that is!
  4. Ryan was 0-for-11 (I think) in his first two Joey games. Today, he was 1 for 5. Four joeys played about 34 minutes each. They won't last.
  5. Just a minor point glazed ----- when I said "when it counted" I meant in the stretch run that was an A10 title. I should have been more clear in my meaning. But that is what I meant. In hindsight, those games you mention, while wins, would have meant nothing that week in Brooklyn one way or the other.
  6. We have one forward -- French. And he has to slow the fuok down when he goes to finish. He's been rushing things -- understandable against Seton Hall, not High Point. We got nothing out of Gordon when it counted and even less out of Santos because of his dismissal. What the heck are you trying to compare here? Bess was our third forward. So we need to see who or what can replace Foreman and Bess with. Bell a project. That's all he's going to be this year. Diarra is even more of a project. I don't advocate two projects at the sam eposition at the same time but Ford must know what he's doing, no? Perkins is the wild card --- can he play well enough? And hankton remains an enigma. Another injury for KC prior to the High Point game which he could ill afford to lose the potential court development time. And just what are you looking at for the fear of the A10? Who has this fearful frontcourt? At best, maybe Dayton with Toppin, Landers, Mikesell, Tshimanga and Johnson. The rest isn't that great. VCU has Santos-Silva. Duquesne has Michael Hughes and Baylee the Beanpole. Davidson has no front line but a bunch of exterior shooters, Brajokivic included. Geedubya? Meh. The Joey's? Meh. La Salle starts four guards and has two guards first off their bench. Rhodey is Langevine and pray for rain. The Bonnies has an offensively-challenged Ossunniyi. Umass is too young. Fordham is, well, Fordham. Mason tends to go brain dead with Wilson and Calixte. In the A10, we can start French, Perkins, Goodwin, Collins and Jimmmmerson and be pretty fine. Relax. It's early. Belmont is a key test. I had that marked as such in the very beinning. So too will be Auburn, KState and BC. Seven newcomers. Relax. This is what the OCC is all about.
  7. It got uncomfortable but not areal challenge all in all. I think we need to scrap the helter-skelter D and just go lock down man on man. Giving Belmont open looks will kill us Saturday.
  8. We went into party mode on the bench and their 3s are equalizers.
  9. Goodwin forgot to wake up on re-entry.
  10. French is rushing it. which was understandable against the Hall. Not tonight.
  11. The sideline out of bounds calls are attributed to the moved line. Less room on the side --- Hmark.
  12. Say what you want but Tubby is coaching his ass off.
  13. Hung with Jeff in AC at Boardwalk Hall tournament. Class guy.
  14. Umass crushing Rider; will remain undefeated as well.
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