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  1. He's got us at 30; Richmond at 33. https://collegehoopstoday.com/index.php/rothstein-files/early-edition-preseason-45-for-20-21/?fbclid=IwAR3dXPYJHarMyBfwr-6e4HzlFouKuEvbXg21uFmMI292K1Li_BYvX26TfNY
  2. AB: You are the benevolent conscience of all mankind. Carry on with your underappreciated work.
  3. Davidson enters the Top 144 at #100. I don't have any issue with the write up. Alot of speculation here as well but the writers did note that with only Grady returning as a scorer, he will need the ball in his hands more. The writers says this is a good thing. This is where I'd disagree. Unless Mike Jones, Hyungjung Lee or Carter Collins all of a sudden become Grady-esque from three, scoring will be very hard to come by without JAG driving and dishing as he had done the last three years. JAG by the way is playing professionally in Germany. The front court remains extremely soft with Luka Brajkovic, Bates Jones, Nelson Boachie-Yiadom and David Czerapowicz. Very little mention was given to Kiwi Sam Mennenga , who some on A10 Talk believe is the incoming freshman of the year for the league. Outside of Mennenga, McKillop signed two guards and I sincerely doubt the Kiwi style will make Mennenga an additional banger on the front line although he is listed at 6'7". Adding two guards to a stable of Grady, Collins, Lee, and Mike Jones seems not a good balance of power especially when the front line needs serious help. JAG really did it all for the Wildcats last year and his production will be hard to replace: second in scoring at 14.5 ppg, leading rebounder on a soft rebounding team at 7.1 rpg, leading assists man at 4.3 apg and leader in steals at 1.2 pg. Frankly, without Grady, this team is Fordham-esque. And how good will Grady be without JAG providing some needed help and key ball deliveries? Of course, Grady went to Davidson to follow his idol Steph Curry and I do not recall if Steph had much help his senior year as well. Grady might have got what he wished for.
  4. You clicked on a "Gordon" thread on a message board, clicked reply on said thread, and followed that by typing a personal attack on a poster that had absolutely nothing to do about the subject matter titled in the thread. What's your point? Kettle or pot? Love you guys that can't see the forest for the trees.
  5. St. Joe's returns everyone from a 6 and 26 team with the exception of SF Lorenzo Edwards (College of Charleston). And they get the aforementioned Taylor Funk back from a redshirt year plus add transfers Foster (Gonzaga) and Bishop (Xavier) as well as Jack Forrest (Columbia). But there is nothing of note on the frontline as outside of Funk, they have Canadien Euro-big Anthony Longpre and 6'11" 230 redshirt freshman Anton Jansson. Given all that, the Joeys seemed destined to play a five-out offense and depend on Daly and compnay to beat you on mismatches with drive-and-dishes the main staple. Even Myles Douglas is more of a spot-up shooter than any interior banger. Smallest guy, however, will be 6'3".
  6. Daly coming back was kind of a no-brainer. The Joeys still have only one point guard on the roster, Gonzaga transfer Greg Foster. They also added Dahmir Bishop, a SG transfer from Xavier so the pedigrees are nice. This will likely move Daly to the three spot on the starting roster but as long as its Longpre and Funk on the front line, there is no real size or inside presence. The only unknowns at this point are does Jalen Crutcher (Dayton) stay in the draft and does KiShawn Pritchett (Davidson) get a sixth year. Right now Pritchett is not om the roster. The only unknowns at
  7. Frankly, I don't care about his Top Ten, only his top one.
  8. Interesting ..... Grambling lists Gordon as a 'walk-on.' He is also listed as a redshirt sophomore. He burned one year with us and DePaul. Then a second with the JUCO year. So he should be a junior if and whenhe comes eligible, right? What's his over/under for actual games played at Grambling?
  9. Not grumpy --- would just love to see what the rationale is/was. Hodge average 7.7 in 18 game for UL=Monroe. He's from O'Fallon, Illinois and going to James Madison. Mensah averaged 1.9 in 21 games for San Diego State. He's from Ghana and also going to Harrisonburg, VA. Morse averaged 10.8 in 30 games for the Mount. He's from DC and all three will be sophomores. Steere played in six games for St. John's and is downsizing down the coast to UNC - Wilmington. At least he is from North Carolina. Sturdivant played in 21 games for USC and scored 2 ppg. He is from Georgia. Like I said, just would love to see the rationale.
  10. Always love it when Brownie comes to visit .... The Bonnies have opportunity for more rivals than us. Canisius. Iona. Cornell. Binghamton. Albany. Sienna. Niagara. Buffalo. Of course, all of those schools would involve a step down in conference, something I thought the Bonnies were best doing until late. They’ll never run with Syracuse likely along the same lines why we won’t run with Mizzou. Overall, the Bonnies hope to be a blip on the collegiate landscape as most schools do. Ditto us. We’re not there yet but we’re in a much better spot than the Bonaventure BIPOCs.
  11. Not arguing but I'd love to see reasons for said permissions.
  12. Dayton saw Xavier as its biggest rival but X-ites turn their noses up at Dayton the same way Mizzou treats us. Right now, just by the very fact of the Arch Baron Cup, we are likely it for Dayton in the A10 although I don't think either side sees it as a rivalry in the deepest sense of the word. Georgetown doesn't play GeeDubya or Mason and is even rare with local UMd. Rumor has it that X will never agree to accepting Dayton in the Big East, should that boat ever sail again. Rumor also has it that Marquette is no fan of YouDee. I agree with HP. I also think like-minded institutions make for better rivals but locally all we have in D1 are Mizzou, MO State, and SIUC and that's stretching it. UMKC and SIUE aren't even close.
  13. Neither should get a waiver. For what? COVID? That has affected all and to me they are no different or in any way special. College is a guard's game and I don't see a Yuri type on their roster. Their returning guards barely neared 2 apg last year. I think it's a selfish bunch.
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