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  1. Richmond will go five deep again next year. They have added no one of note this year (Tyler Burton was inconsistent) and they have another PG and center lined up for next year along with Tulane transfer 6'6" guard Connor Crabtree who averaged 7.1 ppg in 30 games in his one year at Tulane. But as three-star notes, they did well enough this year.
  2. According to 24/7 Sports, Dayton's Jalen Crutcher has also declared for the draft. https://247sports.com/Article/NBA-Draft-2020-underclassmen-College-players-leaving-early-for-NBA-145243760/
  3. The only game set in Orlando is the first one. Then it all matters on who beats whom. We could meet Siena, we might not. We could play Boise or Belmont in the opener. Maybe even Xavier. In final kenpom stats this year it was Gonzaga (2), Michigan State (7), Auburn (33), Xavier (45), Saint Louis (62), Boise (83), Belmont (109) and Siena (145). In that 4/5 match up, it would be us vs. Xavier. Would be a good matchup.
  4. I was under the impression that declaring for the draft and then returning to school was doable only without hiring an agent and also was a one-and-done thing ---- in other words, you can do it once. Am I wrong with that assumption?
  5. As expected. This decimates Dayton's front line as Mikesell and Landers graduate. Only Jordy Tshimanga is left on the bench or starts. This leaves Dayton with two "forwards" on their entire roster, both of which redshirted this year ......6'7" four-star small forward Zimite Nwokeji and 6'8' three-star Moulaye Sissoko .... as it. The only other player over 6'6" is two-star commit RJ Blakney.
  6. Per Corey Evans and Verbal Commits: http://www.verbalcommits.com/players/obadiah-toppin
  7. I've always thought Martin was kind of a thug ...... in your face when things were going his way, moping and uninvolved when not. He had a putback dunk and was fouled by Perkins in our game and stood there posterizing in Javonte's face. He also threw the ball at Collins after a made layup same game. In their rematch against Dayton, he threw a forearm shiver into Obi Toppin after a Toppin dunk and Obi almost went after him. Kid originally from the Allentown, PA area. Something is way wrong in Kingston. Dana Tate announced his transfer like in December/January. Mekhi Long just after the season ended. Dowtin and Langevine are goners and I have heard Fatts won't be back either. I've long speculated that Jermaine Harris is about the worst four-star recruit I have ever witnessed and thought his time in Kingston would be short as well. That leaves Cox with a two-man roster right now in small forwards Antwan Walker and Jacob Toppin. Rhode Island appears meat for next year.
  8. As the last public address announcer for the Hockey Bills at the Checkerdome/Arena, hockey was indeed a very cool time (pun intended). The formation of the team was a direct result of the popularity of the Blues and the spill over of fans who could not get tickets to the NHL. The Blues were one of six expansion teams in the late 60s and all six were placed in one division. I believe the Blues won that division each time their first three years and then summarily went on and were shut out in three straight Cup finals, winning nary a game. But hockey was a hit. Sid Saloman owned the Blues and gave SLU a pretty good deal on playing our games at the Arena. We then had the largest college hockey venue at the time. But we didn't really have a league and we struggled to advance past NCAA qualifiers a few years running. I loved hockey but I was obviously biased; it was also my 'beat' for the UNews. Bill Selman's temperment, the only coach we ever had, rivaled that of Herb Brooks and Bill Belicheck. We had a few kids from St. Louis make the team but few rarely played; the pipeline was direct from Canada. When Ralston Purina purchased the team and the venue in the mid- to late-70s, the favorable lease went out the window and expenses grew. The team had no practice arena, holding practice at area venues like the Affton Ice Rink and others. Of course, overall, all our athletic facilities sucked. Student support for the program was weak despite constant Fireline runs to and from games. Ditto the basketball Bills at old Kiel. SLU students today have no idea. Games were two-game series; the visitors would come in for a Friday night game followed by a Sunday afternoon tilt. The largest crowds I ever got to see/PA were two games against the then #1 Bowling Green Falcons of Mike Liut and Ken Morrow. I think 11,000 came to the Friday game (I think we lost 4 to 1) and then 15,000 came to the Sunday game. It was that Saturday inbetween that then AD Joe McDonald announced hockey would be discontinued after that season. We won the rematch 4 to 3 on a Chuck Durocher goal late in the third. Hockey is an expensive sport just like football and if our BOT is somewhat reluctant to spend on its cashmaker (men's basketball), I can't see it taking a plunge into another unknown like hockey. A basketball 'mafia' seems highly unlikely; an anti-sports mafia seems more appropriate. Maybe roll in some NCAA basketball dough on a consistent basis and we can talk. Ditto if you throw in a niche sport like lacrosse. I find it funny when some talk about us being in an "East Coast Bus league" like the A10. Our hockey opponents included teams like Bowling Green, Lake Superior State, St. Lawrence (another SLU), Eastern/Western/Northern Michigan, Brown and Colorado College. You'd need a couple Dr. Richard Chaifetz' who were ice hockey buffs to pull this off.
  9. Thanks dennis,skip, willie. As for the official statistician, isn't that the "official scorer," like the guy you report to at the scorer's table to sub in? I always thought that person was indeed provided by the home team but served in an official capacity just like the three blind guys on the court.
  10. Skip: I don’t think so. I played in the 70’s and if you threw a pass to a guy open at half court and he drove uncontested to a basket, that was not an assist because he had to improve his position substantially to score. In Yuri’s video, there are multiple great passes to French who then dribbles three or four times, improving his positioning and distancing himself from Yuri’s set up. Is that then an assist? I don’t think so but I am asking anyone in the know. The assists to TJ and Perkins I certainly get. I’d appreciate someone setting the record straight, recognizing it can be interpretive.
  11. Is Ed Croswell (La Salle) too old news?
  12. Old dog learns new tricks category: I was always under the impression that an assist was awarded if and only if the pass received led to a direct basket. If the receiving player dribbled or improved his position before the basket, the assist was not awarded. Now i see where the definition of an assist is such that it is discretionary. Not sure I agree but I was surprised to know this had changed. It went with the caveat that it is now harder to compare assist totals across generations due to this change. Also, FIBA awards assists to players who pass into a situation that results in two made free throws. Interesting. In any case, Yuri is certainly a pure, pass-first PG. On the way to challenging H Waldman for best ever in Billiken lore.
  13. The only item hard to find in these here parts is hand sanitizer. Have no fear ---- the local Patapsco Distillery is suspending alcohol distilling operations to step into the breach and will devote the next week to making hand sanitizer. Supplies are expected to hit the shelves next week. Some will be for sale until costs are met and then the rest will be given away.
  14. @Old guy: The NBA has operated on a standard cycle for the last few years. Without getting into it too deeply, it is usually schedule based so kids can declare, go to the pre-draft workouts and get evaluated.. At that point, they can decide to return to school providing they didn't sign with an agent. Or stay in the draft. Everything is now skewed what with COVID-19 so who knows what will happen, if it will happen and when. That is essentially what Hasahn said ---- all we can do is wait and see. With the NBA shut down, travel shut down, groups of ten shut down, this ain't happening any time in what used to be normal. And i agree with R310 ---- Perkins should go too.
  15. Both he and Goodwin should go and declare or whatever the formal step is just so they can get into a pre-draft camp and get evaluated by the pros as to their next steps. Personally, I can't see either coming out of the camp with the evaluation that their games are ready for the next level. Obi Toppin declared, went to the camps, got feedback and then came back and developed into a likely lottery pick. We have all watched our two stars grow but I, for one, don't see either as a draft selection. This time last year I said Jordan Goodwin's game needed work. Took a slightbit of heat for that but that still stands. Goodwin got better .... but NBA good? I don't think so. Goodwin still needs a better shooting game. We have all lamented Hasahn's inability to shoot free throws and i still think he needs some sort of offensive game from 10 feet in. He reminds me a lot of Juvonte Reddic from VCU who got increasingly better his senior year at VCU. Reddic was never drafted and has spent the last six years bouncing around teams in Europe with a short stint in Canton with the G League. He also reminds me of another VCU product, Mo Alie-Cox, who finished last year as a tight end with the Indy Colts. I'm all for our guys exploring all their options. But ultimately returning. Given our team's play over our last five games, i saw Brooklyn evolving as an exciting time for Billiken basketball. They were robbed of that but next year is even brighter.
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