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  1. ESPN+ does replays. Don't know if they have that one since it was on NBC SN.
  2. I'm on their radar due to a personal connection with Meg, John Edwards, May, Oberle, Hayden and a few others. I show up at alumni parties in DC, Fordham, Brooklyn, Seton Hall, Philly, Dayton and elsewhere. Dating back to MCC, CUSA Aand Metro days. I make mt contributions, just not in the Billiken Club. But willie is right ....... time to take care of the oversight.
  3. True. One thing I will say -- the level of snobbery on hawk Hill is pretty high. And you really haven't done anything nationally since 2004.
  4. I got two emails from SLU --- and I am not a Billiken Club member --- one for season ticket packages for next year and another for I think an alumni watch party in St. Louis Friday night.
  5. Only two former Joeys are current head coaches out there .... Kevin Baggett at Rider and Joh Gallagher at Hartford. Both has associations with Martelli as players since he goes back 35 years. The rest are pretty unimpressive. I'm just going to assume the current assistants have no chance either .... each has been with Martelli for at least a decade.
  6. Wow! Many of the Hawk Hillers will say "about time" since it's been relatively dry since 2004. I kind of expected it if he didn't win this year. And he has everybody back for next year. Porter Moser is a Chicago guy. I don't know how the heat turns up in Chicago but I do know all about Philly. Ashley Howard is a Philly guy and went from Nova to La Salle. The issue with that connection in Philly is that St. Joe's despises anything Villanova and vice-a-versa. I can't see an assistant on GQ Jay's staff going down the main line to Hagan. St. Joe's seems quite parochial -- they will want one of their "own" only I don't know who that would be. I don't follow the trail that closely and it would be a long trail to uncover given how long Phil has been there. At least his dad didn't live long enough to see him fired. Phil's a dinosaur in the mold of [dead]. Ought to be interesting. Philly is rich in talent and St. Joe's is at least the #3 school in town for that talent behind Nova (D1 titles) and Temple (D1 football). They aren't really that much above La Salle, Drexel or Penn. Brown is from Philly and so is Kimble but the rest are from all over. Bynum is from DC. Bembre was from North Carolina.
  7. This picture is huge ....... for all of us who lived through Albrecht and Coleman and Ekker and the rise and fall of Rich Grawer ...... these moments are grateful healing to a many-and-oft injured fan base. I had this moment in 2013 when we won this same event for the first time. Me and the other "79 Idiot" (stationed to BAB's left/picture right) actually cried when 2013 came and went. I know many of you were ecstatic and on cloud nine in Columbus that year but it is in these confetti-strewn moments that the healing is heart-felt. We still lost in Columbus that year so the disappointment in that moment is tainting. But this one says it all. I heard Rammer described this as "best picture ever!"
  8. Hand raised high -- NOT a fan of the GT route. But I understand. We cannot go with five returnees augmented by 8 total D1 newbies. But I don't want a Tramaine Isabell type to come in and then restrict the learning curve of a Yuri Collins. A part-time supplement is nice but not a total takeover. On the flip side, I also do not want a Rashed Anthony -- great teammate, great practice fodder, no real contributions come game time. Ditto oft-injured Wiley. And transfers that have to sit out are a little different as well. We get nothing from them next year. I will watch with great interest what happens at Dayton. Dayton just had a bench season like we did in Ford Year One. Sitting out were four-year transfers Rodney Chatman, a PG from Chattanooga; Ibi Watson, a SG from Michigan; Jordy Tishmanga, a C from Nebraska; and Chase Johnson, a SF from Florida. None except Chatman were real contributors at their former schools but of course the SVU denizens are ooh and ahhing because well, Michigan, Big Ten; Nebraska, Big Ten; and Florida, SEC ---- those schools (and their transfers) are going to chew up the little ol' A10. I asm hearing how the best team in Dayton is the one on the bench. Plus their all-NE JUCO recruit Jhery Matos went down this year as well. Based on this, Davis, Mikesell and landers --- all starters once this year --- will ride the pine come next year. That's not always akin to a great season. I'd love to see Tyler Cook graduate and come home. But he is in the big dance too so he may opt out like last year but stay in the draft. Who knows. In my mind, I'm better with guy sliek Cook, Jamal Johnson, Evan Pederson -- guys who come home to St. Louis to play --- better than the real mercenary type. We can only wait and see.
  9. Dayton and Davidson to NIT. Daytites upset that #1) they have toplay away from Dayton and it's guaranteed sell out, and #2) have to play on same night as first four. Poor staff will be stretched so thin.
  10. Sometimes you are the windshield ------- I was there in 2014 when the Bunnie player hit the game ending three from the top of the key. I think it was Gaithers if memory serves. We were the #1 seed. Had built a ten point halftime lead. Were cruising in the last year of the Majerus players under [dead]. Jett was POY. And the clock expired when that shot went it. Little did we know that [dead] had run the team into the ground by then and that loss was telling. Plus I ate the full package of tickets I bought for that tournament by losing the =first game so yeah, I harbor extreme dislike for them Bunnies. After losign eight in a rwo to them, they can enjoy being the bug. Did they make any other tournament? I haven't looked.
  11. Thank you, RaG. But I'm okay. I will not stop, however, from pointing out the clueless.
  12. Hey, DoctorFraud ------ tons of work might improve 1-for-5 from three and 1-of-3 from the free throw line (according to Pistol's stats). Plus his ballhandling skills (which are shown needy only when pressed which the Bunnies didn't do until late and at that point we are going to Bess and Isabell). Mid-range shooting. Three Point shooting. Free throw shooting. Ballhandling. Tons. Tons. Tons. Tons. Kid did what he had to do and what he does best. He scored in different ways despite suspect shooting. And that is, as Pistol noted, strange basketball. But it happens. You keep flaunting that Kmart PhD around. You're blowing me away.
  13. Had other grandparental commitments. Taped game and did so doing a social media and regular media blackout. Only thing i was told was 'don't watch the first half.' So despite all the bad, I felt something good was coming. And it did. A horrible start and a horrible close but we are dancing. Lots of guts. Revenge tour. Redemption. Ford coached extremely well all weekend. Guys stepped up when we needed it. We held Davidson to 15 in the second half, the Bunnies to 19. Massive. Without Stockard, they do nothing. Lofton 6, Welch 3, Osunniyi 4. Yeah I'll take our seniors any day. Goodwin saved us. And Wiley was key late. Sending Dayton home was my season ---- the rest is gravy!!!
  14. Tons of senior leadership. And sophomores too. This team ---- including Coach Ford ---- has figured out who they are. Redeeming.
  15. .... I'm taking it. Seniors over freshmen.
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