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  1. Billiesby40: Thanks. Interesting read and I obviously didn't know that.
  2. So how did the Mets go to Florida and play the Marlins and Yankees did the same to play the Rays? Because MLB tested them on return?
  3. I guess starting allows you to do that hocus-pocus stuff at the end of the huddle/runway when coming onto the court. Plus the lights. And the announcing. That's got to me something to some.
  4. I don't have a problem with Perkins starting.I also don't have a problem with Perkins being sixth man. The article points out the problem we all know ... free throws .... so who finishes is a bigger issue to me. If Goodwin has improved as much as he says, the finishers should be Collins, Jimerson, Perkins, Goodwin and a selection from Thatch, Bell, Hargrove and Jacobs. If Linsson can shoot free throws, that's nine guys. If French improves so much ..... well, but three years of history suggests otherwise. I expect a lot of offense-for-defense subs closing close games this year. Unless we don't have many of those.
  5. Hey, thanks guys. I was kind of being sarcastic back without knowing the intended sarcasm. So all good here.
  6. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/29951459/georgia-disputes-ex-safety-otis-reese-claim-racial-insensitivity I make no judgement here but this is an interesting read on an NCAA waiver case being made on the football side of the house. It also shows a perspective from a conference point of view, namely the SEC. Interesting that Mississippi is more racially-sensitive than Georgia. From an NCAA perspective and the current modus operandi, I'd give the kid a waiver ..... he says he doesn't feel safe,he's notsafe.
  7. Your definition of "traditional power" seems a little off from my definition of traditional power. Mizzou vacated all wins from their 2013-14 season and Frank Haith was let go. Short of catching lightning in the Porter family bottle, they've been relatively irrelevant since. It is not unfathomable for a #95 team to exceed expectations and go higher (or lower). Time will tell but Cuonzo hasn't done much outside of the Porter hire to instill confidence (in me) that they will rise again any time shortly.
  8. Northern Iowa indeed is it for the Valley coming in today at #50. Top 50 will now include us and Richmond as we all knew. Teams already listed include Marquette, Maryland, Cincinnati, SMU, Ole Miss,Xavier, Auburn and Syracuse. We will be ahead of some pretty traditional powers.
  9. Well, you could be negative and say the waiver process is a crock or be positive and say the A10 appears to be playing by all the rules everyone else is. Whatever. So let's change the listing ......who's still getting screwed/awaiting a waiver decision out there that we know of? Davidson/Duquesne/Fordham/Mason/La Salle/Umass/Richmond/Saint Louis/: none. Dayton: Elijah Weaver George Washington: Ricky Lindo Rhode Island: Allen Betrand St. Joes: Dahmir Bishop, Jack Forrest Bonaventure: Anthony Roberts VCU: Brendan Medley-Bacon
  10. Loyola is 2, Bradley 3 and Indiana State is 4. Was Northern Iowa listed? If yes, maybe Illinois State? EDIT: It's got to be Northern Iowa. Illinois State was 10 - 21 last year while UNI is the defending regular season champs.
  11. They've hit the top 60 what with Bona's listing with 2 left in the A10. That means 8 in the PAC-12, 4 in the American, 1 in the Valley, 7 in the Big East, 1 in the Mountain West, 8 in the SEC, 9 in the ACC, and 10 in the Big Ten for a total of 50 of the 59 remaining spots.
  12. GeeDubya gets better if PF Ricky Lindo, transfer from Maryland, gets a waiver. Both he and Bishop only averaged about 3 pg last year at UMd and LSU respectively so they'll need to do more. Moyer only averaged 2 ppg/rpg at Vandy last year so more room for improvement. Both Bishop and Moyer are former four-star recruits. Jack is a distance gunner as is Battle. Potter was their PGand he isgone leaving the PG to Nelson, who struck me as more a 2G than anything else. They can surprise however with the talent upgrade. You can't take anyone lightly.
  13. Another write-up telling us what we already know. No surprises here. Semantics here and while Welch may be a prolific "shooter" I don't see 12 ppg as a prolific or more importantly a consistent scorer. To call Osunniyi a "complete" big man is a bit of a stretch., But if hehas developed a more consistent offensive game,look out. The bench remains an unknown. Much like Richmond, they only go five deep right now. Good spot for them I guess. Cincinnati comes in at #59.
  14. Interesting question over on the A10 talk board. If you could pick a team of one player from each A10 team (14 players), who's on your team? There are the usual loonies .... one guy said only one guy from Geedubya on his team because no one else matter .....another asked if excluding Fordham was possible .... another said Tre Mitchell and 13 guards ..... and so on. But I'll play along on here, anyone else? SLU - Goodwin (tough to leave off French and Perkins and Collins) Richmond: Nick Sherrod. Bonaventure: Osun Osunniyi Dayton: Jalen Crutcher Duquesne: Marcus Weathers Umass: Tre Mitchell VCU: Bones Hyland URI: Fatts Russell Davidson: Kellan Grady Mason: Javon Greene St. Joes: Ryan Daly La Salle: Scott Spencer GWU: Jamison Battle Fordham: Chuna Ohams Any other takers?
  15. Watson could go off this year, true. I saw him as purely a jump shooter last year. Dayton has a decent recent history in bringing in sit-out transfers like Watson. Probably the A10's most consistent team in doing so. Chase Johnson (Florida), Rodney Chatman (Chattanooga), Charles Cooke (James Madison), , Jordan Sibert (OSU), and Kevin Dillard (SIU). Weaver, from USC is next. In case you missed it, Malachi Smith, younger brother of Scoochie, committed verbally to Dayton last week. He's a 3-star PG out of NYC.
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