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  1. Saturday's game is a key indicator ----- can we win on the road in Pittsburgh where we traditionally don't do well against a PIG-level team in Duquesne?
  2. Saw the whole affair. The oen thing missed in all the computations is Fordham has always been a decent defensive team. They have had to be. Without offense, they relied on defense and still do. Dayton is a young team, we all know that. Smith is a true freshman. Elvis played little at DePaul. Ditto Brea. I'm telling you that short of dunking, Holmes hasn't shown much in terms of overall ball skills but still you don't want your 6'10" center playing point guard. Neither Amzil nor Blakeney nor even Camari are ballhandlers as bigs. But Fordham pressed and forced him to do it. Weaver didn't play a minute last night; don't know why. With that youth in the backcourt, Fordham forced 18 turnovers. Therein lies the recipe for beating Dayton. Fordham won the turnover battle 18 to 10. Fordham got hammered on fouls 17 to 8. Fordham made six more threes than Dayton. Dayton buried them on the boards 44 to 24. Elvis and Brea, who had career games against us and the Bonnies, tallied 4 and 5. Smith was dreadful from three going 1 of 4. Even the color guy pointed out that Fordham was letting him drive because he needs to develop a shot. Holmes made 8 shots but all were dunks/layups again. My buddy was in Aruba at the casino. He had Dayton -13.5. Loser.
  3. I can't see Fordham avoiding another PIG. They are always short players and lost Daye to transfer. Now Chuba Ohams is out having missed the Dayton and Davidson games. They have two wins and even if Ohams comes back, their only "winnable" games left appear to be hoe games against La Salle and Geedubya, assuming losses on all road contests. That gives them 4 wins in conference. They are currently tied with St. Joe's and Geedubya but the Joeys have looked extremely better overall and Geedubya has more talent with Linmdo, Bamisile and Bishop. They are one game ahead of Duquesne, Umass and La Salle. Can't see them doing it.
  4. @NH —— what do you do when Collins, Thatch, Hargrove, Williams, Nesbit, Jones, and, yes, even Jimerson pull up for a jumper? Personally, I cringe and pray. Do they go in? Yes, on occasion. Are there games like yesterday where Gibby hits 7 of 10? No —— they are rare. He’s had two , yesterday and two years ago against Tulane. Like I said, yesterday meant little going forward. It put us back on track but pushed my focus to next Saturday: another putrid A10 team in Duquesne. But it’s at their place. Which SLU team shows up? The one that beat Umass and Boise State? Or the one that lost on the road to Dayton and Umass? And don’t sleep on Geedubya in the meantime.
  5. SLU --- where jump shots come to die. Jimerson was 7 for 10, the rest of the team 2 for 20 from three. In the first half, Collns put up an 0-for overall and finished 1 for 6 from three. Hargrove was zip for six. Williams went 1 for 6. Nesbitt was 0 for 2. In that case, thank gawd for Gibson Jimerson. It was nice to have a laugher to get things fixed. Geedubya is not to be slept on but they should be a laugher as well. Guard Bamisile and Bishop. Bishop is the opposite of Malachi Smith in that he only likes to go to his left and is lefthanded. Bamisile is likely a guy you're going to love to hate.
  6. Gibson Jimerson, first team all A10.
  7. This game means nothing. We kicked the crap out of a bad team at our place. Will be real curious next Saturday.
  8. 3 of 18 from three. We make 4 or 5 of those and we’re up by 20+
  9. SLU —— where jump shots come to die.
  10. SLU —— where jump shots come to die.
  11. Warranted but vindictive sub Okoro for Linssen. Christ, talk to the kid.
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