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  1. Of the five guys that started for VCU lasdt year, Bones took 340 of the shots for a percentage of 34%. If you add in a sixth starter (because Ward did start more at the end of the season), Bones still took 30% of all shots. Tsohonis from Washington will need to step up his volume. He took 149 less shots than Bones last year. On the somewhat amazing side, he shot the same from the field and three, percentage-wise, as Bones.
  2. According to Adam Zagoria, the Orlando Invitational currently includes invites to Iona, Dayton, Kansas, Georgetown, Alabama and Miami.
  3. @courtside ---- now you are pontificating about topics which you must be an expert in ---- my feelings, my self worth, my need for popularity. And here I thought our sessions on your analysis couch were patient-to-doctor privileged. Silly me.
  4. @skip --- you obviously love soccer and I know that. I agree with you on baseball and football. I haven't seen a complete baseball game in likely a decade (in person or on TV) and football can be ignored easily ----- mowing the grass, playing with the grandkids, going to bed at a decent hour on Monday and Thursday nights. The NBA has been dead to me for at least two decades. I think a few of those teams should be contracted. I have long heard about the growing popularity of soccer in America. I remember when Pele played in NY and Franz Beckenbauer came over from Germany. Tha
  5. @courtside —- pomposity is your middle name. I make over the top statements and am wrong. You counter with over the top statements and are obviously right. I am sincere —- soccer is boring. And I know that is a damning statement if ever there was one on this board.
  6. To me, Hargrove is halfway up the mountain. If it is to be believed that his fundamentals were non-existent when he got here, seeing the floor and shooting 40% from three are definite positives. The next half of the mountain will be either starting or playing 20 to 25 minutes per game. That would be achieving the excelling rating. TO ME.
  7. I admit, I am the ugly American when it comes to soccer. Soccer is booooring and the only way I go or watch is if my kid or family member is playing. SLU is family. As I said, I enjoyed the women's game, watching the second half, mainly because they won, it's the alma mater ands it was Dayton. I turned on the men for the second half and was quickly reminded why I never went to those games as an undergrad. It's just not me and I hereby promise not to post on them anymore. I don't mean to troll any soccer fans. I do like the stands at Hermann and all the propaganda on them. But that, aga
  8. skip --- you know how I feel about soccer. You can't say my post is arshole-out-of-the-blue.
  9. You were there for Roder and Mimlitz, roy. Mimlitz was 1985 - 1987. He was above average for usual Billiken transfers, averaging 7.6 ppg and then 6.4 ppg over 63 games played in two years. Roder was there at the same time, averaging 6.3 and 6.4 ppg over 65 games played. Roder average 5.5 apg over his career running the point. Douglas and Gray were freshmen and sophs in his run and Bonner was a freshman as well their soph season. That is the Grawer revival time frame.
  10. Every game that was listed on Fox Sports Midwest lasy year, I got on ESPN+. I saw SIUE, LSU, UAPB, Central Arkansas, Indiana State, NC State, Minnesota and UMKC. I saw every game in the A10 schedule but they alternated between NBC SN, CBS SN, and the ESPN channels. So I saw every game this year. I have Comcast (w/Sports Package) and ESPN+. Peacock is currently free as well with Comcast.
  11. I enjoyed the women's game today. But a thrice-time undefeated champion in the A10 MUST move on or what does it matter? We are a girl's soccer power in the A10. Which could be seen as a big fish in a tiny pond. Shields and company now need to do more. First Davidson. The men need to give up the ghost as far as anything meaningful in the national consciousness. I don't care that Georgetown won a national title last year just like I don't care Umass won a Frozen Four this year. The sports don't matter to me. But that's me .... as we all know by now. If you can't beat Fordham, Georg
  12. If you are a soccer power, do you lose to Fordham? Or George Washington? They didn’t score all day.
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