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  1. You can disguise your hatred of all things May f05. We all know where you are at and why. It’s hard for children to let grudges go until they reach adulthood. Keep pluggin’.
  2. We all know f05's agenda ..... he wants a job in the AD and he won't get one as long as May is AD. In that regard, May is a failure and will continue to be one in f05's eyes.
  3. I think if you're going to rely on something like the Five-Out, you'd better have multiple options to shoot and make it somewhere around 40%. Last year, we had Jimerson but even he had off nights. Otherwise, there was no consistency on the perimeter. Hughes would make one maybe one per half. Thames was inconsistent. Medley was a non-factor most nights. Parker was injured and missed over half the games. Meadows was a wasted schollie. Dalger was not a shooter from the exterior. Ezewiro was out of shape and our only inside threat and between tiring and fouling, was inconsistent at best. Nobody averaged 3 made 3PTs per game. Then there was no ability to adapt to anything else. I think you can adapt as need be, unless you get guys dedicated to fitting your system. We saw this with Majerus. If Schertz is the second coming, I'm all for that. He's adpated from Division II to Division I. Let's see how he does from the MVC to the A10.
  4. @CenHudDude: c'mon, man. It's a cliche. Seriously, in most cases, you take the time to write a letter to just about any company, and you will more than likely get a response. Let's change 'fat, dumb, and happy' to 'content' and you likely don't bother to write a letter or drop a line if you are content because anger is the typical great motivator. Hell, I played baseball at SLU in the mid-70's and we had to practice in Forest Park, Carondolet and Tower Grove. I am in no position to offer any decent perspective based on that experience.
  5. In my previous life, we had a term we used for groups and individuals like this. "Issue publics." One group protested the overall issue focused on their specific concern. If it was an environmental problem, there was the air public, and the water public, and the jobs public, and the recreation public, the emissions public, and so on. That seems to what we have here. People have some issue with May and it branches off into baseball, volleyball, field hockey, scheduling, and many other sub-issues. Plus if you are fat, dumb and happy, you say nothing because only the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Frankly, the constant complaining is downright monotonous and boring but it is your right to practice free speech.
  6. Since Phil Jackson left, the average tenure of a Laker head coach is like 2 to 3 years. Of course, $70 million means you never have to work again so you weigh both sides. I wouldn't want LeBron at any time, especially now and with the draft stunt that is his kid.
  7. This just cements what we all knew was the next step ----- free agency and open markets. Joe Bamisile did this in going from Va Tech to Geedubya to Oklahoma and then VCU. I don't think for now you will see mid-season transfers because that will upset the balance of 13 scholarship players. But if you don't have 13, sure, why not throw one at the new guy. Of course, if you believe in team chemistry and cohesiveness, a new guy or gal might disrupt team chemistry and cohesiveness but in today's day and age never say never.
  8. That guy in St. Louis destroying Memphis State was amazing for sure.
  9. My disdain for Walton is all pretty much in the present. You are right .... announcer: hate him. End of discussion. Don't care much either way about his politics. Or his playing career. When I actually cared about NBA basketball, his Trailblzers took out my 76ers. Hated the Celtics always but them having Bill Walton did not move that needle one notch. Doesn't every player play to win? I dislike the schtick that has become collegiate broadcasting. Vitale. Gillen. Stephen A. Smith. Shannon Sharpe. We used to watch MNF with the sound off during the Cosell days. Mike Shannon was a mumble mouth idiot. Classic guys blend into the story, they don't become it. Vin Scully. Harry Kalas. Jack Buck. My dislike of Walton resides in the broadcast booth. Nowhere else. The focus would be on recency over primacy.
  10. Not a fan of the player, the person and especially the broadcaster. Found him to rank among the most annoying, rivaling Pete Gillen and Dick Vitale. Just in a different kind of way. Given who he was, not surprising.
  11. Momo Cisse commits to La Salle.
  12. Cart'are transferred out of Grambling almost a year ago (5/11/23) after 22 gp and 12.7 ppg. No sign of since.
  13. Going to be intersting to re-examine this list after next year's portal pillage. Both for us and against us.
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