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  1. Well ..... thank you for that perspective. I never thought of 'Escape from New York' but there is some sense there. Of course, that would shut down college basketball for all of NYC if everyone is going to think that way. Maybe guys could transfer every week or month if hotspots pop up here and there around the country.
  2. I won't speak for slu72 but I understand your comment NH. Schools pulling this shite ought to get sanctions for their efforts but we all know the NCAA is just a joke on enforcement all around. And as I say that, I know there will be others who will comment that the NCAA is making millions off these poor, underpaid kids and that's criminal too. Yet room and board and books gets ignored. But they can't get a decent stipend to take their girls out on dates. I know, I know, the whole thing needs reworking from top to bottom so spare me all the moans an groans. I get it. But this "transfer due to COVID-19" crap I want so see. Juzang went home to LA. Call me placated. Figueroa going anywhere other than Northeast of hsi current location is pure garbage. Unless, of course, he has a sick grandma in Texas and he's related to Mickey Pearson.
  3. True ..... however, if you are going to use “COVID-19” and “I want to transfer to be closer to home” and, oh yeah, “I want to play immediately” all in the same application sentence, then at least get the fuoking geography right! Otherwise, this Figueroa punk is making the system a joke. Shut the fuok up and go G League already. His list is atrocious.
  4. Because Amherst is all the way across state. Here isthe lis Figueroa has as of now: Memphis, Texas Tech, Arkansas, Dayton, Ohio State, Oregon, Georgia Tech, Samford, UCLA and Auburn. COVID-19 my sizable arse.
  5. Anybody know why Johnny Juzang was given an immediate waiver to go from Kentucky to UCLA? Other than he went home.
  6. Figueroa is from Lawrence, Mass. That makes only Boston College as the likely 'closer to home/COVID-19' landing spot. Or Northeastern. Or UMass-Lowell. Boston U. or Harvard. Let the games begin. Anything else is pure bullshite.
  7. Jalen Crutcher and Ryan Daly are the only two A10ers left in the pool besides our guys. Plus Obi.
  8. My early A10 POY list ...... Crutcher; Goodwin; Tre Mitchell (Umass); Ryan Daly (St. Joes); Kyle Lofton (Bonaventure); Kellan Grady (Davidson); Jacob Gilyard and Nick Sherrod (Richmond).
  9. If only there was a local Billiken alum, marketing savvy, still in the area who we could pay upwards of six figures to run a top notch program through the schools' athletic department to do marketing of Billiken apparel correctly. How come we have no guys like that. Alas, poor Yorick.......
  10. Crutcher was the ONLY PG on Dayton's roster his first two years. His freshman year he played over 31 mpg, and then did 36.5 mpg his sophomore year. He was the only guy truly capable of passing the rock on both those rosters so his assist totals don't surprise me. They had one guy on those teams average over 2 apg once other than Crutcher. Last year, Chatman distributed 3.2 apg and overall, the team shared the ball so weel, that five guys averaged tow assists per game making Crutcher's total lower. Crutcher could be A10 POY but he'll be a marked man. With an unproven inside game (even if Chase Johnson somehow comes back) Dayton will need the bulk of their points to come from Watson and Crutcher. Dayton's offense was a joy for basketball purists to watch lastyear. Will it be the same without Toppin, Mikesell and Landers? I think Crutcher's apg numbers will go down next year given he will have fewer options to pass to.
  11. Chatman was Dayton's starting PG ..... although Crutcher did more ballhandling in crunch time and against VCU's press. Crutcher was really a 1/2, starting at the 2 while moving into the 1 when Watson came in off the bench as the 2. Crutcher was pretty darn good but I'd place both JAG and Dowtin ahead of him as a floor coach. Only slightly. Crutcher will be back at the 2 this year with Watson a likely 3 for Dayton. Chatman is okay but he's a distributor and defender, not a known scorer at this point. Cohill was more a defensive guy too. There is a lot of good youth across the A10 at the point led by Yuri Collins. It would have been even deeper had Sean East stayed. You have Collins, Nelson, Jr., Hikim, Cobb, Fernandez, Hyland and Weeks in that group. Lofton at Bonaventure and Carry at Duquesne are seasoned vets. It will be interesting to see how the Gonzaga transfer does as the PG at St. Joe's. If he's decent, Daly should be even more of a threat seeing as he's not the primary ballhandler any more.
  12. As most saw, Elijah Weaver, 6'6" PG/SG is transferring to Dayton from USC. Weaver was a four-star recruit; will sit a year and have two remaining. On another front, former four-star recruit Chase Johnson, who left school last December with recurring concussion and mental health issues, is rumored to be returning to the team this semester. I don't know how they will count the 6'9" PFs time ---- he spent 1.5 years at Florida, transferred to Dayton where the sat for the transfer year, and then played last year some before leaving. Might be a junior I guess. If true, that would give Dayton some help on their depleted front line. Jalen Crutcher remains in the NBA draft right now; Ibi Watson returned to YouDee.
  13. A10 Talk is pretty much a bunch of homers. I don't know who Jake Lieberman is but given this is his first article on A10 Talk, I'll give him the benefit of the early doubt. Chris Pyle is a Dayton homer. Very little objectivity or analysis. Ditto Austin Daisey for Richmond, He had them winning every game last year and he tried to use A10 Talk the same way we use GDTs for individual games. Go over to a Spider board for that. Anthony Morelli is a St.Joe's grad. Guess who he writes about? Grant Labedz seems to be the only one who can jump between teams. Everyone else is locked in and limited. Lieberman is off as you all have noted on games played by Jimmmerson before the injury which was ten not five. Yet he quotes Jimmmmerson's stats for those entire 10 games getting the ppg and 3FG% correct. He talks about a "foot injury" but then says coming back from a "broken leg" will be difficult. Well, I'm no doctor but maybe the ol' shin bone is connected to the collarbone, what do I know? And the Billiken record for most threes in a game is indeed 8 by TLIII ....but there have been 8 other instances of seven threes in a game so the writer's facts aren't even close. Create your own blog and start writing any old gibberish and suddenly you are a credentialed media member. The only good thing with A10 Talk is you can get links to other, more interesting information and tweets.
  14. A little late for the transfer portal, isn't it? Given what they got at UR, why leave now? Can't see that happening. This is it for Francis and Sherrod in getting five years to play four. This will be Golden and Gilyard's fourth year as well so they are done.
  15. I don’t recall Stockard being a guy who would run the floor half as well as Santos-Silva. Does he really fit well at VCU? He didn’t strike me as all that mobile. I think he rides a lot of pine while Ward, the Coppin 7-footer and others develop.
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