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  1. We and Charlotte left CUSA for the A10 in 2005-06 right as Louisville, DePaul, Marquette, South Florida and Cincinnati left for the Big East; TCU joined the Mountain West and Army went back to independent in football. We've never been "kicked out" of a conference to my recollection.
  2. Smart move. Not a good player all in all.
  3. Coach say. Is that the new coachspeak? Can I use that from now on? Some didn't like my use of coachspeak but if coach say is a-okay, I'm in. Everything is preseason babble right now. From Ford to Bracketology to Top 144 and so on. Just generating interest. But again I am happier knowing Ford at least knows the issue might be there and he might believe he has it licked. I will always think back to a home game against Northern Iowa and the complete collapse we had without Collins in there. Good thing it was our last game of the season to find out Deandre wasn't it.
  4. Sounded to me that Coach is quite happy with Kellen Thames and LHJ as potential PG subs for when Yuri is in need of a rest or in foul trouble. Hearing that makes me think the need for a backup PG is not as crucial as some of us believe.
  5. Almost 13,000 students currently call SLU home. We can't get 7% of them to come fill the student section at Chaifetz each night? Almost 4,000 live on campus. So 75% of them have better things to do than go down the street to a free basketball game on most given nights.
  6. Right now, Lunardi has the Aq10 as a two bid league with Loyola the first four out. Dayton is a 5 and we are a 7. VCU was in that projected group out but have now disappeared. Which means all four of our preseason top four are in the running. This is far from a Juan Bid League but you have to perform and rack up wins. Yes, you coudl argue another game gets you another win. But what if #1 loses to #16? I think 5 through 16 can play and then bring the top four in to face the leftovers. I like a reward for winning the league and then some.
  7. SIU-E was 11 and 21 and 5 and 13 in their league last year and now they are rated #1??????? How far has that conference dropped?????
  8. Why not do something like Dayton and "The Red Scare?" Not all Dayton students sit behind the one baseline. The pilot and the flight attendants and the red painted boys are all members of "the Red Scare." They have to join that their freshman year and move into the section or move downward when seniors and the like graduate. And that section only goes up 20 or 25 rows. Students still get in but they are relegated so the 300 and 400 sections where Dayton puts us visiting fans when we come to town. As we all know, Dayton fans show up no matter the opponent. Not much else to do in Dayton, Ohio. But there is a lot of money in those seats close in. I know --- I sit there at midcourt, five rows up when I go, right behind Earl and Rammer, This is because my frat buddy is a season ticket holder there and buys extra seats for us around him when we show for that one game. As much as it pains me to say, those Dayton fans are courteous and kind and very knowledgeable about their basketball. Nothing like being blue in a sea of red. At Maryland, when they built the new Comcast Center and moved out of Cole Field House, they designed the student section behind the one basket to be steeper and higher to accommodate more students and force the opposing team to shoot the second half into a more antagonistic setting. Such a setting would work fine for me but that is up to the students showing up and not leaving at halftime. You really need them after halftime if the game is close and they CAN become a factor. Our students seem to have been fickle since the days of Ron Ekker. And earlier. I personally think they should be there all the time but they are not.
  9. It takes two to tango. It is getting more and more difficult to get premier Q1 opponents like Purdue or Alabama or Duke to come to your place for a home-and-home or even a two-for-one. Look at Auburn. We had to go there and Birmingham to get them to come to us. Purdue will go to Indianapolis --- not so much Davidson, North Carolina. Alabama has played Dayton in Cincinnati. Purdue played Dayton also in Indy a few years back. Dayton got Kansas' number but that was at an MTE in Orlando. No one will go to YouDee arena, ditto Chaifetz. The Bonnies got Clemson in Charleston, SC. Duke will play you at Barclays or MSG. Yes, we all want better competition but sometimes it just doesn't work out that way. Maryland, Providence and Miami won't come here but they will meet us in Uncasville, CT. I don't really want the Evansvilles and Central Arkansases and UA-Pine Bluff's of the world either but I understand the difficulty of scheduling. I'd like to play Mizzou and Illinois every year but that won't happen. I think we have too many Mo Valley teams right now but that's better than Eastern Illinois or IUPUI in my book.
  10. Emory Lanier of Davidson into transfer portal. Not a big loss; infrequent contributor. Nice hair.
  11. Fernandes and Weeks are a good start in the backcourt with an unknown presence in Diggins from Uconn. Cross will likely be one of the forwards. Leveque, Thompson and Woodley all essentially play the same position with Thompson maybe being a stretch four more than a five although all four transfers are listed a power forwards. Maretin will have a decent time trying to piece together a cohesive lineup here in the long run.
  12. I like it. You really couldn't get any better IMHO. Loyola and Dayton are no-brainers. VCU will pump up the SOS. Davidson has always been hard on us at Davidson so payback time is coming. We avoid the great white north. We get a potential riser in Rhodey at home. Mason, Duquesne, and La Salle at home are likely wins. The only away game of contest is likely Umass. Fordham, Geedubya, St. Joe's and Richmond are all rebuilding. I don't see how it could have broke any better. Fordham, St. Joes anmd Geedubya are on the early travle schedule for me. I hope Fordham is a weekend.
  13. So Archie has reeled in two former four-stars in Harris and Tschikou. Can they perform?
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