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  1. Two tilts tonight ..... Richmond (-12) at St. Joes on ESPN+ at 6 EST/5 CST and then us hosting Dasyton (+9) on CBS Sports network at 8:30/7:30.
  2. lquarels wants to compare Goodwin, a star on a loaded team, to Crutcher, a star on a one- or two-man team? Fine by me. The issue for VCU remains, who will score to help Hyland? I'll bet even Mike Rhoades doesn't know and it's about February right now.
  3. HP doing some great work as this thread bops along. I find the tier system interesting. I don't have much of a dispute with any of it except to say that just about every team has a distinct weakness based on observations to this point. But as usual, cannibalism is always rampant around the A10 so any team (with a few exceptions) can rise up on a given night and 'get lucky.' What I've seen to date .... Bonaventure ... will win with defense and Lofton. They play in-your-face man-to-man and funnel everything down into the shot blocker Osunniyi. They play ugly. On offense, Adaway likes
  4. Davidson takes out Umass in Amherst. Tre Mitchell left with a shoulder injury with about 3 to go. Of all people, Nelson Boachie-Yiadin shut him down in the second half. Umass seems to quit when facing adversity. Final with two late 3s from Umass was 69 to 60. Weeks and Pierre do the shooting for Umass but they are really challenged if Mitchell is cooled. They don’t have a real second option unless the threes are falling. Davidson schooled Umass in terms of patience, schemes and changing defenses. McKillop schooled McCall like he did us last year. Grady and Lee showed up in the seco
  5. Make no mistake, Tuesday game will be difficult for us. #1) first game back after a month. #2) Dayton just got embarrassed at VCU. #3) Arch Baron 'rivalry.' #4) We are ranked so we will be everyone's Super Bowl. I experct some hiccups comign back; if we avoid them, how good are we then? Let it play out. Yesterday, as noted, Mason beat the Joeys again teice in three or so days. Nothing to note other than what was said above. La Salle beat Richmond which was a surprise although La Salle did also beat Dayton in Dayton earlier. La Salle is a team of ten guys, all ranging between
  6. Mason beats the Joeys twice this week. The Joeys have little to nothing. They launch threes which can work if Funk, Forrest or Bishop is hitting. Problem is none of the three can do it with any consistency. Jordan Hall as a 6'8" point forward just doesn't work because he is slow. Nice passes but slow on execution. Still no Ryan Daly and I assume Foster has left team at this point. The Joeys won't come close to last year's six wins. Mason is same old Mason --- will only go as far as Greene and Miller carry them. Oduro has two good games against the Joeys but I'd write that off beca
  7. Watched the Bonnies dismantle VCU the other night. With slight reservations for the VCU crowd, VCU sucks, They scored 14 points THE ENTIRE SECOND HALF! And it wasn't for the lack of trying. Short of Bones Hyland ---- they can't shoot. Vince Williams can make a few, a little less than Bones (who ain't that great overall either) but that is it. Baldwin doesn't shoot. Stockard never did even at KState. Douglas has no shot. Ward is raw. As is everyone else. They will fade; tonight's game against Dayton will be interesting. The Bunnies remain limited in my mind. Osunniyi can only d
  8. We will not get back up on the horse just like that when we resume playing. It is silly to assume such a thing. I'd much rather come back and play Dayton then to pick up again and try to play Bonaventure and/or Umass. All these teams have been playing games and are in much better positions than we are. This is going to be like the OOC all over again ... remember those nights we'd sweat our arses off trying to put away NE Directional State U? I think that is what we're looking at here. In late January no less. I have watched a lot of (bad0 A10 basketball what with the Bills down and out
  9. La Salle taking it to the Joeys at Gola Mausoleum. 67 to 54 with 11 to go. I don’t care what the announcers say, there is not so much parity in the A10 as there is really mediocre basketball. Ryan Daly expected back @some time in January” according to Billy Lange. Greg Foster still no where to be seen. La Salle just a bunch of mediocre guys. Today, Jared Kimbrough is shooting 10 of 11 for his first double digit game of his career. Both teams incredibly short in basketball talent.
  10. Watched Duq vs. Bona. Duq is a wreck. There is a reason they barely score 50 a game. They have NO offense. Weathers is far and out of shape but remains their only guy. Dunn-Martin is NOT a PG. He’s a three-pointe catch-n-shoot guy who can’t do so passing to himself. Michael Hughes appears to do what he wants aka senioritis; he did get “up” to play Osunniyi. Chad Baker adds nothing. Toby Omani little. Austin Rotriff zip. Weathers can work the low post but can’t shoot FTs this year. Murphy has added little and Kelly wasn’t much before the redshirt year. They are dropping to PIG stat
  11. Nothing of notes yesterday in three games —— Richmond handled Mason; Umass destroyed La Salle and depleted Duquesne hung on to beat Fordham. Rhodey handled VCU in Richmond quite easily. Problem for VCU remains that only Bones Hyland is a consistent scorer. This is really a head scratcher for me but it does show that on any given night ..... you going to again have to earn every win out there. Hopefully, if we ever get back, we come back we’ll and ready. If our first game back is at Umass, that will be extremely tough. Umass doesn’t really defend but Mitchell is a true load.
  12. Davidson Dayton last night was the Grady vs. Cruthcher show. Crutcher with a new career high of 29, Grady with 27. Game went to OT on a Grady tying three with about 4 ticks left. The key to the game was Dayton shutting Davidson leading scorer Lee out ---- averaging like 17 ppg he scored NOTHING. Watson added 24 for Dayton and Elijah Weaver looked very nice with 11. New kid Amzil added 12 and that's about it .... 76 of 89 points from four guys. Tshimanga might have scored all six of hi sin a row early in the game but was then history. Sissoko is a walking foul machine waiting to happen.
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