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  1. In the current NBA Top 100 Players in the draft article, Goodwin comes in at ........ nowhere. There are 30 teams, two rounds, sixty picks. The top three are Cunningham (Okie State), Mobley (USC) and Green (G League). From the A10, Bones Hyland is the only player and he comes in at #30. Of guys we've played against, Cam Thomas (LSU) starts it off at #36. Then Trendon Watford (LSU) comes in at #64. Sandro Mamukelashvili (Seton Hall) is #68. Dacvid Duke (Providence) is #84. DJ Stewart Jr. (Mississippi State) is #88. DeJon Jarreau (Houston via Umass) is #89. And Javonte Smart (LSU) is #96. In the Top 100, the floowing schools have players listed. Many I've never heard of: Ohio University, Pepperdine, Loyola (MD), UNC Greensboro, and Boise State. I am rooting for Goodwin. Just don't see it.
  2. The story says the QB has done one tweet or whatever for something like Cash App or whatever. Saban’s blowing smoke.
  3. @almaman —- no. If SLU pays for billboards to advertise their product (basketball), who is giving the money to players? What sponsor is sending money in to split? And while I don’t believe the AL QB has made a million, Alabama fans might spend dumb money just because it’s a national champion program. The AL QB is currently unproven and unknown as Jones has left.
  4. No Bona colors. No Bona Unis. Nothing Bonaventure on here. This is how it will go —- most kids will have little recognition value. Read where Sean Clifford, QB at Penn State, is doing autograph sessions at events costing $50 to get in. He’ll get a cut. I see this as typical. Again, Jordair’s image with dreds on a t-shirt his senior year would have worked.
  5. If the traditional roles are dead (PG, SF, etc.) and the transfer portal is always open, the mid-year transfer scenario is also likely dead.
  6. Close the thread --- Harris to New Mexico State.
  7. Yea, I remember Edwin too. Ended at Kent State I think. In today's COVID-ravaged landscape, who really knows who qualifies as what anymore. As I said, I'm guessing.
  8. I loved Jimmy's potential. But what have we seen? He could shoot free throws, which is a breath of fresh air for our lineup sometimes. He wasn't powerful enough at 6'10" to dunk? He always brought the ball down to his waist instead of holding it high. He was slow in transition and didn't really rebound well for his size. I never saw any offensive game except for the two mentioned freshman year with Rhodey and Richmond. Okoro will start --- this year and next. Linssen took his mintues last year albeit it with a foot injury slowing Jimmy down. And when have we developed bigs? Bell. Diara. Remekun. Husak. Frericks. Baniak. Jon Smith. Heinrich. It seems like what you see come their freshman year is what you get come their senior year for the most part. The Bonnies have one big. Richmond maybe a half (Golden -- more a four). Dayton a few (all young except Camara). VCU maybe on in Ward. The Mitchell twins at Rhodey. Bigs aren't really that necessary in the A10. But IF Bell had developed ... WOW! Best of luck big man. Get a game.
  9. beef on weck with fresh horseradish!
  10. Speaking fo St. Joe's .... besides Daly there is no mention of Greg Foster Jr. Foster was a former 4-star recruit who transferred in from Gonzaga last year and was never seen. He played in three games, averaged almost 30 mpg in those three, and then disappeared. A lot of talk centered on "personal' problems although I have no idea just what they might have been. Tsohonis of VCU was a guard at Washington but only averaged 1.1 apg; seeing him as VCU's PG makes me wonder. Then @2G there is then 6'6" Vince WIlliams. Vince is not a guard. He's a scorer ala Javonte with less scoring. If this is indeed fact, happy to see Ibi Watson gone from Dayton. Weaver didn't impress me much and Kobe Elvis played unimpressively at DePaul. But don't pick us.
  11. Seems like a lot of you guys think some D1 college basketball player at all 300+ schools are worthy of NIL money. I think not. Who on our roster would have been able to gobble up the money you're talking about in the last four or so years. Jordan Goodwin? What about Situation 2? Sure, there will always be guys like the Miami booster giving $6k to every player on the Miami football team. And he'll get the school busted. If there were Georgia and Vandy boosters described as above, don't you think they would have thought of that by now? Still seems easier to drop the bag of money off in some secluded spot, no questions asked. Like box and skip do.
  12. I see a lot of folks talking about how schools are going to line up NIL possibilities for their players. As far as I can tell, this is completely wrong. Schools will be forced to monitor their kids to make sure whatever they are doing is within NCAA and school guidelines. You've seen the Dayton letter. Kids cannot use University of Dayton logos, game tapes, and what not. Steve Reed of the Associated Press, did an article on the NIL Compliance dilemma that I saw in Sunday's Harrisburg (PA) Patriot News. The AD at Davidson wrongfully said Seth Curry would have made millions at Davidson with Curry jerseys, Curry shoes, and Curry Chicken Sliders. Not necessarily so ---- what if Davidson applies Dayton rules and says no school logos? The jersey is out. Baylor University, under a Texas ruling, could not have a player sign an endorsement deal with a competitor against Baylor's Nike sponsorship. The University of Tennessee has ruled kids can sign with Under Armour and/or addidas ---- they just can't wear anything but Nike when on the filed of play. LaVarr Arrington said he'd be on the cover of NCAA College Football on PlayStation if he had the opportunity. Nope. Can't wear the blue and white; can't wear #11. These kids don't have a known persona that sells ---- Fred Thatch of Sikeston does. However local it would be. And don't forget about agents and loss of NCAA eligibility. A player can sign with someone who can help them market their NIL however the NFL has come out and said the NIL agent can never be the player agent should the kid go to the NFL. You want to be the agent that markets for annual peanuts or the contract of a lifetime? And we all know how trustworthy street agents are to do the right thing.
  13. Looks like a local kid (Thatch) in a local area (Sikeston) hitting up local folks where he is better known than most. Of course, good for him but he'll need a lot more notoriety going forward.
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